Infinite Time Loops: Miscellaneous Section Part 2

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  1. Slightly out of date, and will no longer update.

    This is the Miscellaneous Section (Part 2) of the infinite loops. Part 1 starts here. In progress compilation of thread two here.

    Here are the basics, as per tradition they are copied from the MLP loops thread.

    Loop mechanics (general):

    • One person in a Loop, often the main character, is an Anchor. They are the person who first starts time looping.
    • There is always at least one Anchor present in a given Time Loop snippet, though it may not be the local one.
    • The standard pattern for a loop is that the Anchor (and whoever else is Looping there) come to awareness in a loop at a particular point in the story. From there, events will play out as influenced by the Loopers present, acting with the benefit of their foreknowledge, until either a predetermined end point is reached or all the Loopers have copped it.
    • To be Awake is to be aware of the time loops (that is, to have gone back in time this time.)
    • The Anchor is the only character guaranteed to be Awake. Even after others have started looping, it is mostly random as to whether they will be Awake this particular loop.
    • Crossovers, fusions, and alternate pasts can also take place. It is perfectly possible, for example, to have the characters Awaken into a loop which conforms to a fanfic universe rather than reality.
    • Loops do not have to be in chronological order, but it is strongly preferred that they not require a mutually contradictory order (where A must be before B and B must be before A.)
    • Just about every Looper is very, very stir crazy.
    Compiled Links
    (The numbering system goes 1.X to the 1st thread, 2.X is 2nd, ect. The series name goes in front of that.)

    Valdemar 1.1

    Admin Shenanigans 1.1
    Admin Shenanigans 1.2
    Admin Shenanigans 1.3
    Admin Shenanigans 1.4
    Admin Shenanigans 1.5
    Admin Shenanigans 1.6
    Admin Shenanigans 1.7
    Admin Shenanigans 1.8
    Admin Shenanigans 1.9a
    Admin Shenanigans 1.9b
    Admin Shenanigans 1.10
    Admin Shenanigans 1.11
    Admin Shenanigans 1.12

    Inuyasha 1.1

    Gurren Lagann 1.1a
    Gurren Lagann 1.1b
    Gurren Lagann 1.2

    Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo 1.1
    Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo 1.2

    Avatar: The Last Airbender 1.1
    Avatar: The Last Airbender 1.2

    Bartender 1.1
    Bartender 1.2a
    Bartender 1.2b
    Bartender 1.3a
    Bartender 1.3b
    Bartender 1.4

    Sly Cooper 1.1

    Haruhi Suzumiya 1.1
    Haruhi Suzumiya 1.2
    Haruhi Suzumiya 1.3

    Naruto 1.1

    Harry Potter 1.1
    Harry Potter 1.2
    Harry Potter 1.3a
    Harry Potter 1.3b
    Harry Potter 1.4

    Eureka 7 1.1

    Tolkien 1.1

    Persona 1.1
    Persona 1.2
    Persona 1.3a
    Persona 1.3b
    Persona 1.3c
    Persona 1.4a
    Persona 1.4b
    Persona 1.4c

    TMNT 1.1
    TMNT 1.2

    Cars 1.1

    Labyrinth 1.1

    Terminator 1.1

    Dragonball 1.1
    Dragonball 1.2

    The Stanley Parallel 1.1
    The Stanley Parallel 1.2

    TGWTG 1.1

    Sailor Moon 1.1

    Detective Conan 1.1

    Frozen 1.1
    Frozen 1.2

    Kill la Kill 1.1

    Star Wars 1.1

    Fillmore! 1.1

    The West Wing 1.1

    Code Lyoko 1.1

    Sword Art Online 1.1
    Sword Art Online 1.2

    Cat's Don't Dance 1.1
    Cat's Don't Dance 1.2

    Major links to get more information:

    The Infinite Loops TvTropes page: Go here for the basic overview of what the infinite loops are like, as well as for the links to the threads and compilations are currently part of the Infinite Loops.

    The Spreadsheet: This is a place for viewing all current Loops, Anchors, and Loopers of the Infinite Loops. If they have a designated thread, it is linked here as well.

    The Form: Use this for submitting new Loops, Anchors, and Loopers. The multiverse is always expanding, but their are rules for everyones convenience.

    Rules for submitting new Loops:
    • Check the Spreadsheet first. If the Loop you want to submit is already there, you can update it by submitting it again with the changes you need made. Please be reasonable and don't make updates until after writing a Snippet that requires said update.
    • Don't submit new Loops unless you write or plan to write a loop to justify it. Someone else might have an idea that is different than yours, and a written Loop will almost always win over a theoretical one.
    • When submitting using the Form to submit a new loop or update an old one, keep in mind the following:
    • What Loop is this For?
    • Who is the Anchor?
    • Additional Loopers From That Universe
    • Who is the Admin for that Universe?
    • Is There a Thread For It?
    • If so, What Is the Thread URL?

    • If you plan to make a new Loop thread, please test the water here first. Many new threads have trouble getting started due to lack of input. Gather interest here first to stoke our collective muses. Then when there is enough interest from other people who intend to write or have written for that loop, you may make the new Loop thread and post a link here so we can find it.


    Certain series, due to various factors such as an overabundance of time and Multiversal travel, are Read only and Thus do not have anchors or loops. These series can still have fused loops, but nothing from them can leave their universe. This is because trying to fit these series into the already developed mechanics of the loops is extremely complicated, and has been judged by general consensuses to simply not work. If you feel you can come you with a way to make them work, feel free to try. Just know that you should know the source material extremely well. You will be critiqued and judged rather harshly due to the intense debate some read only loops - Doctor Who for example – have generated.

    Many series have some form of time travel, but it is for the most part fairly linear. Loop with a more linear form of time travel can loop without breaking or damaging the Infinite loops. Anything more complex than “A is does B, B causes C to go back in time to make A do B” is likely to get Read-Only slapped on it. If it makes people’s heads hurt trying to figure it out, it is too complex for the current writers to want to deal with.

    The in story jargon to explain why time travel doesn’t break the universe is as follows:

    • Ouroboros Patch - Standard predestination paradox protection that allows time travel which results in a stable time loop. Basically, you time travel because you already time traveled.
    • Nesting Doll Protection Law - You can't damage a greater Loop while in a local one. If you're in a loop within a loop, then the 'smaller' one (ex. your standard 'Groundhog Day' setup) acts as a buffer preventing you from damaging the 'larger' one (ex. the Infinite Loops). Note that this does not guarantee any protection for the mental stability of any looper caught in such a situation.

    Read-Only loops
    1. Doctor Who (Overabundance of Time Travel): Please note that the Timey-Wimey ball that is Doctor Who's Baseline is above and beyond what the Ouroboros Patch and the Nesting Doll Protection Law is capable of handling. We would require a full, in depth, professional analyses of the way time travel in Doctor Who works to begin to think about including it in the loops proper. The cannon techno-babble on how time travel works is literally baby talk. Do the math.
    2. Once Upon a Time (Overabundance of Multiversal travel):


    To put it simply, a quarantined loop is a danger to the multiverse. The rational for quarantining a loop varies: whether it is naturally unstable; home to nothings but potential MLEs; dangerous for loopers to the degree that they would become a MLE; or simply some kind of fridge horror scenario.

    Some series involve the creation and and destruction of entire universes on a regular basis. Even fewer have this happening due to the actions of mortals without any restrictions. This would be a bad thing if it happened in the loops, because it would completely overload Yggdrasil (and our ability to keep relative track of what's going on). When a universe is like this it is declared quarantined; due to it being an extension of the Skaia Protocol.

    • Skaia Protocol - A very potentially dangerous universe generation protocol using what seems to be portions (or more) of Yggdrasil's own universe generation protocols. Possibly a manifestation or copy - partial or otherwise - of whatever subroutines allow Yggdrasil to 'grow'. The good news is that all of the universes generated by the protocol were undamaged enough that they could be stabilized without needing Anchors, even if that would have been the easier option in some cases. The bad news is that universes generated by the protocol tend to 'drift' which means that the Yggdrasil operators can't quite get it locked down completely and thus sometimes have to deal with loopers who encounter it. The gods closely monitor any contact with the Skaia protocol and will readily confiscate anything dangerous to the Loops.

    Quarantined Loops
    1. Homestuck (Exposed Yggdrasil Interface: Skaia Protocol): This is just a flat out NO for the loops. It is to unstable to loop, with no potential anchor candidates within acceptable parameters. Has been declared a no go read-only, and locked down with a combination of the Ouroboros Patch and Nesting Doll Protection Law. This means the entire loop is stuck in a permanent groundhog day scenario, where universe A1 rewrites it self to become universe A2, A2 destroys itself in making universe B1, B1 rewrites itself to become universe B2, and B2 destroys itself in making universe A1. Rinse and repeat. Homestuck hasn't even finished it's first Loop yet, and the admins are working hard at keeping it that way.
    2. Uzumaki (Heavy virus infection): The unadulterated viral contamination of the Loop, manifesting as a community of mind-raping eldritch abominations, has already resulted in the near-permanent corruption of an Anchor (Simon of Gurenn Lagann) who looped in by accident. How such a hole in the quarantine protocols occurred is still being investigated.

    Divinity Within The Loops

    This is a touchy subject, but, the basics are 'Don't'.

    While Innortal's Loops handwaved that a being may be able to perceive in 4-dimensional space safely and cannot be allowed to perceive much further without permission of their admin, due to some of the loopers being Nth-dimensional beings canonically, this cannot remain the status quo.

    The basic degrees of divinity -

    Mortal -
    You, me, your neighbours, my neighbours, etc, hopefully anyway.
    If anyone does have a non-mortal neighbour, or isn't mortal themselves, please, don't announce it to everyone. Most Anchors are at this level naturally.

    Ascendant Being -
    Alicorns in My Little Pony, The Watchers and Nifhelm in the Marvel-verse, Super Sayjins in Dragonball, Super Sonic forms in Sonic the Hedgehog...
    Quite literally, while they're not immortal, they are definitely not mortal either. They also often have problems with thinking mortals are like lab experiments or ants. Ranma is at this level, due to a minor 'accident' by Skuld.

    LOCAL Pantheon Gods and Goddesses -
    Cybertron, a.k.a Primus, Unicron, Galactus, Marvel's Odin, The Emperor Of All Mankind, Slannesh, Nurgle...
    To them, you are an ant. You piss them off, they will squish you into your component pieces. This is the upper level of what you're permitted for ascending someone. And only if they're not an Anchor. It's not good to have an Anchor who knows the rest of the loopers are beneath him.
    And no, David Xanatos isn't anything above Mortal. Yet.

    The Admins and Multiversal Gods and Goddesses -
    Everyone who is listed in the Admins column on the table...

    Unless you have a really really really REALLY good excuse, please, Do not EVER ascend someone this high.

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    First! ...I kid. :p
    So, what new madness shall we come up with now?
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    Might want to remove the underlined sections of the dictionary.
  4. If anyone wanted a good picture for Sakura Syndrome

  5. Does the Doctor have Setsuna Syndrome?
  6. DrTempo

    DrTempo The Doc of XOvers

  7. No. Yes.
    maybe? Depends on how you want to write him at the time. But please don't write him too much, as that's a timey wimey filled Pandora's box we don't want to open.
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    Sorry about asking multiple times..never got a decisive answer, IIRC.

    I figured as such.
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    No, because Dr. Who is Read-only, though he has figured out about the Loops on his own during Fused Loops.
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    1. As I understand Loops Iterations in Stable Branchs still need an Anchor. It may need to be noted in the Stable Branchs deffinition.

    2. This is the first time I've read either here or Innortal loops, the term Co-Loopers. Please expand, give an example with lnk and then I may change my comment of "it doesn't exist, remove it".

    3. If by "Replacements" you mean what I hink you mean (for exampe, in fused Loops), it can happen with non-Looper characters too (for either replacees and replacements). Of course, as they are Unawake they think this has been always their only life.
  13. Crisis

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    1) It probably should.

    2) The Co-Looper phenomenon is exactly like the Co-Anchor phenomenon, except neither party is an Anchor. Two beings, soul-bonded to each other. One starts looping and the other is dragged along for the ride as a result of the bond.

    3) Yes it can, but loopers replacing tends to be the most noticeable manifestation as well as the one most often written.
  14. 1) if either of you are willing to write up something for me too add or change to that definition, I will be happy to do so.

    2) I'm not sure if there are any Co-loopers. I certainly can't think of any. However, if no one can come up with a valid reason that the phenomenon can't happen, I will just leave it there to be safe.

    3) maybe something could be added at the end of the definition, mentioning that it can happen with una wake or non looping people.
  15. What about some of the effectively side characters with dragons from the HTTYD loops, or the CMC and their devices/the founders.
  16. OathToOblivion


    Net Navis and their Operators.
  17. SeasideCharizard

    SeasideCharizard Here, There, Everywhere

    Also any YGO! Loopers with Millennium Items that contain separate personalities.
    To be honest, Co-Loopers have been around for a long, long time. We just don't use the term often.

    EDIT: And the ninja above me
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    The CMC and the Founders in MLP are examples of Co-Loopers.
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    Almost every existing Digimon looper probably falls into that category. *Looks above* Wow, check out all the ninjas.

    And here's the adjusted entries:

    • Stable Branch: A branch of Yggdrasil undamaged enough that it requires no native Anchor (though an Anchor is still needed to run an iteration of it). Several are used as Safe-Mode servers.
    • Replacement: A relatively common phenomenon where a looper, or even an Unawake being, takes the place of someone other than themselves either in their home Loop or in a different Loop. Sometimes the one they replace ends up replacing them as well, but not always. Unawake beings of course have no knowledge of a different life when this happens to them.
    And the first snippet of the new thread! The one I promised Shay Guy way back when he decoded the Crash Loop. Also posted in the Sailor Moon thread.

    Hotaru Tomoe, also known as Sailor Saturn most Loops, Awoke in her home.

    Or rather, some massive Darth Vaderesque iron lung type thing that she supposed was some kind of life support meant to aid her typical baseline health problems. Fortunately she'd gotten over the general health thing many Loops ago and after having a Nerima Loop, she was actually pretty fit for once.

    'Okay, let's get out of this thing and see if I can't go have a life,' she thought to herself. Sure, she'd 'had a life' regularly for quite a few Loops, but given that her baseline teetered between a sickly host of an eldritch abomination's herald and the messiah of the apocalypse with no time for proper socializing, the novelty of being able to act like a normal girl hadn't really worn off yet. She didn't think it ever would.

    First things first, check on her father and then go find Usagi. Maybe have her come cleanse her dad of daimon poisoning.


    Right after she took care of the gas Mistress Nine kept giving her whenever she was in her native Loop.


    "And I'm not sure, but I think my mom might be my dad's lab assistant Kaolinite," Hotaru continued.

    "No worries," Usagi shrugged. "Naru's mom tends to be Beryl in these variants and we still get along just fine."

    "What exactly's different about this variant?" Hotaru asked. Usagi had told her that it looked like it was just the two of them and Mamoru this time. And like many of the times they looped together, Usagi was happy to let her dictate how events progressed. Hotaru sometimes wondered how lonely it got for Usagi that letting her take charge was considered entertaining.

    "Well, Rei's a hot latina bombshell who peppers her speech with Spanish and likes to solve problems with fire," Usagi counted off her fingers, "Ami's a power gamer who likes to beat up the bad guys, with her wand if necessary, and tends to hook up with Makoto later on. Speaking of Makoto, she's even more of a badass in these variants than usual, a real heavy hitter. And Minako's ditziness is how she relieves stress from having been a lone tactical warrior for so long. She's really good though, so don't let it fool you. Oh, and Luna and Artemis tend to freak people out by talking in front of them. Plus monsters drop money and items like in an RPG. It's really kind of neat."

    Hotaru blinked for a bit as she digested all of that.

    "So how do you want to play it?" Usagi asked her.

    "Well," Hotaru began, "I finally mastered how to use my powers without accidentally blowing up half the city, or worse the planet, so I'd like to be more than the super weapon this time around. See what it's like fighting 'normally', you know?"

    "Okay!" Usagi chirped readily.

    "Just like that?" the senshi of death blinked.

    "Hey, I've been waiting for this a long time!" Usagi protested. "You're a great Sailor Scout! You should be able to fight alongside the rest of us and not worry about causing armageddon!"


    Luna wondered why her spotty memories kept insisting Usagi's newest friend and fellow sailor scout was dangerous.

    Sure, she'd gotten her henshin wand from an unspecified source, and Luna didn't recall a 'Sailor Saturn' supposedly being needed to find the princess, but the girl was about as much of a threat to the safety of the world as the tuna she kept bringing with her to these meetings.

    Speaking of which, she really should finish eating.


    Hotaru laughed out loud as the plane crashed into Jadeite. Sure, fighting on the same level as the others was hard, but at the same time it was oh so rewarding. The aches of her muscles and the adrenaline as she actually fought for her life instead of just obliterating everything in her path made her feel alive in a way she just couldn't get enough of.


    At the Gates of Time, Sailor Pluto scowled. This would not do.


    "Thank you for worrying about me!" Tuxedo mask appeared, dripping wet from his trip into the bay. "But I do not die so easily. You may each ask one question."

    "Why do you always come to our rescue?" Mercury inquired tactically.

    "¿Who are you, really?" Mars demanded.

    "Do you like like me, or just like me?" Moon decided what the heck and stuck to the Loop's script like her boyfriend.

    "...You're not actually going to answer any of these questions, are you?" Saturn posited rather insightfully.

    "And that's all the time we have!" Tuxedo Mask proceeded to prove Saturn right as he turned to fly off into the setting moon. "Believe in yourselves! Hi-yo, Silver, away!"

    "Called it," Saturn nodded sagely as Mercury and Mars sulked.


    "Wait," Hotaru interrupted Usagi's breakdown of Ami's relationship with Ryo in the current style of variants, "if they're so in love now, why does Ami hook up with Makoto later?"

    "Well, you know how after I beat Beryl I kind of rewind time?" Usagi began, "Well, in this variant, Ryo forgets about Ami and moves away. And this version of Ami decides not to pursue it."

    "Right..." Hotaru pretended that made sense. "I guess I'm just surprised Ami's bi."

    "Oh, I'm pretty sure everyone's bi to some extent in these variants," Usagi replied casually. "Heck, you should be too if you weren't already."

    "I was," Hotaru admitted. "'Growing up' with Haruka and Michiru as 'parents' tends to make one open-minded about such things."

    "I didn't know that," Usagi blinked.

    "Oh, yes," Hotaru smiled slightly. "In fact, I think my first kiss was your future daughter that Loop she came back closer to my age."

    "And now I don't want to talk about this anymore..."

    Hotaru giggled inwardly as her friend and princess sweatdropped.


    "Artemis," Luna hissed at the male moon cat before he could say anything regarding Sailor Saturn's presence as said senshi was introduced to Venus, "if you say anything that causes Saturn, the bringer of tuna, to be removed from this team, I will gut you like a fish."

    "Yes, ma'am," Artemis shivered. He knew better to get between Luna and her favorite foods.


    "Fire Glaive!" Saturn yelled as she cleaved the youma-of-the-week in twain with a blazing energy wave from the weapon Mars had ignited for her.

    "Okay," Artemis allowed, "I admit she's a good addition to the team. I'm puzzled as to why I thought otherwise."

    "Told you," Luna smirked.


    "HOLY DIVINE CRAP IT'S FREAKING COLD HERE!" Moon yelled as the six Sailor Senshi stepped into a polar blizzard. "Don't these uniforms come in winter versions?! With trousers! Trousers and a jacket! And a hat! A pretty beret would fit the theme. I decree hats for everyone! Because it's freaking cold here!"

    Saturn would have said something, but she was too busy trying not to think about the cold, and her princess wasn't making that task any easier.

    "Of course it's cold, princesa," Mars rolled her eyes, "it's a blizzard at the North Pole. We're all cold."

    'Thank you, Mars,' Saturn sniped mentally and ceded her resistance to her need to shiver.

    "South Pole!" Moon insisted. "Santa Claus wouldn't let the Dark Kingdom set up shop at the North Pole! Mercury, help me out here!"

    "Right!" Mercury scanned the surrounding area. "I think I've located the Dark Kingdom's base. As well as something I can't seem to get a firm reading on..."

    "I thought your tricorder could detect everything?" Jupiter questioned.

    Mercury tapped something on her visor. "It can, but I haven't managed to analyze some of the more esoteric things it scans for. The manual's pretty thick, even for me. Here it comes..."

    Out of the blizzard stepped a tanned woman in a sailor outfit like theirs. Black was the color of the skirt and bows and her long forest green hair cascaded down her back in waves. Held in her hands was a staff shaped suspiciously like a key at one end and with a garnet orb set into a heart shape at the other.

    "Who...?" Venus blinked in confusion.

    "¿Are you another sailor here to help?" Mars questioned the newcomer while Moon seemed to gape comically.

    "With the Dark Kingdom, no," the woman declared. "Beryl and her forces are foes you are Destined to face alone. I am instead here to set right the course of History by purging the grave danger within your own ranks."

    "What?" Jupiter recoiled as if slapped. "But none of us–"

    "She means me," Saturn interrupted with a sigh as she stepped forward.

    "Indeed," the mystery sailor known as Pluto to only the two loopers present declared. "You were never meant to awaken to your powers Saturn. Time itself has been twisted and your status with the team is one of the symptoms that must be corrected if it is to be put back on its proper course. Every moment you remain a member of the senshi places all of reality in grave danger."

    "¡Like hell!" Mars yelled defiantly. "¡She's our friend and ally, mujer demonio! ¡If you want her, you have to go through us!"

    "Agreed!" Mercury took up a fighting stance along with Venus and Jupiter. "Saturn is no more a threat to reality than any of us!"

    "No," Saturn refused sadly. "All of you are needed to rescue Endymion and defeat Beryl. Besides, I knew something like this was coming. I've been getting memories of my past life too, and they support what she's saying. I was supposed to be a weapon of last resort, hopefully never needing to be activated. Even now I can feel a dark and dangerous power sleeping beneath the surface of my soul. I knew that, eventually, someone would come to deal with me."

    It was true in a way. She'd spent pretty much every Loop up to this point learning how to limit the power she had so that she could actually fight at the level most battles the senshi engaged in were at. And then training her body up so that she neither collapsed from the strain or felt the temptation to 'up the ante'. And in several of her Loops where she decided to try and come forth as a sailor early, Pluto would show up like this and try to make her go back to being the Hotaru who was an unwitting pawn of the Daimons in the name of preserving the timeline.

    Those versions of Sailor Pluto were the worst kind of Loop Aware entity. The kind who believed in a singular progression of events and could justify any act in the name of 'preserving the timeline'. The term 'Setsuna Syndrome' which described such behavior was coined after the woman's civilian identity after all. But even though Saturn had expected that something like this could happen, that didn't mean she liked it.

    "Saturn..." Moon began sympathetically, and the senshi in question was heartened that none of her Unawake friends seemed frightened or in any way repulsed by her. If anything, it looked like their resolve to fight Pluto in her defense was even stronger than before.

    "I've had a great time fighting alongside all of you," she continued. "Hanging out, playing games, even studying despite the fact that you're all older and a few grades ahead. You're the best friends I could hope for. In any lifetime."

    Saturn could see unshed tears in the eyes of the others even as Pluto gazed on impassionately.

    "But this is my fight," she declared firmly. "Yours is ahead. Go on. I'll catch up with you. Promise."

    Moon looked ready to insist otherwise, and she wasn't the only one, but Saturn met her Anchor's gaze and tried to convey silently how important this was to her.

    "If you're sure....." Moon finally relented. "Just... be safe and come back to us."

    The other four sailors nodded and followed Moon past Pluto and into the blizzard.

    "It is good to see that you accept the way things must be," Pluto nodded. "Rest assured that your friends will not suffer painful memories of their time with you. When I am finished, it will be as if you never met."

    Saturn took a battle stance that Cologne had drilled into her last Loop during her time in Nerima and brandished the Silence Glaive threateningly.

    "I never said I was coming quietly, Pu," she glared, and managed to suppress a smirk as Pluto winced at the nickname.

    "Where did you hear that name?" Pluto looked furious.

    "Nowhere," Saturn insisted. "You just look like a 'Pu'."

    "Soon it won't matter," Pluto took her own battle stance.

    "Hey, we agree on something," Saturn smirked in a way Ranma-sempai would approve of.

    "Dead Scream."


    "I changed my mind," Moon spoke up suddenly. She hated this part of the baseline. No matter how many times it happened, or how often she made it better afterwards, it never really stopped hurting any less and she'd been hoping that bringing Saturn along would let a less painful variant of baseline events play out. And then miss 'I'm just preserving the timeline' Pluto had to go and mess it all up. "We shouldn't have left her. I need to go ba–"

    "INCOMING!" Mercury warned as she picked up multiple strong hostiles, cutting off further debate.

    'Damnit Hotaru!' Moon cursed mentally. 'Why did you have to make me and Mamoru promise to stick to baseline powers?!'


    The battle was surprisingly even. Pluto was more powerful and more experienced than the other senshi of this time, and she had put together a proper contingency in case Saturn unleashed the fullness of her power in response to her 'request'.

    But Saturn was refusing to play by the book. Instead she was bounding around with a level of martial skill that Pluto would have scarcely believed possible for any of the younger senshi, especially not one who had received formal training in neither her past incarnation nor her current one.

    "You are dangerous," Pluto told her adversary again as they clashed weapon-to-weapon. "Your power is not meant to be activated lightly. Any use of it could potentially destroy the world. You cannot battle at this level. Why do you insist on doing so?"

    Pluto blocked another melee strike from the Silence Glaive with her Garnet Rod, and idly wondered how her weapon was managing to stand up to the more destructive artifact. She kicked Saturn off of her and prepared to send another Dead Scream her way, only for Saturn to flip over in the air and land on her feet, battle ready.

    "Because when I was made to be Saturn, your precious Silver Millenium scientists made sure I had only three options in battle!" Saturn returned hotly, what seemed to be repressed ire boiling over. "Punch, kick, and blow up the damn planet!"

    "Dead Scream," Pluto retorted, firing the orb of entropic wind energy.

    "Cutting Glaive!" Saturn responded with a vacuum blade from her weapon that cancelled out Pluto's attack.

    "Why do you limit yourself to such a weak offense?" Pluto inquired. It was bugging her, really. This 'Cutting Glaive' assault was multiple orders of magnitude below what Saturn's weakest attack should be capable of. "You were made to level armadas that spanned the solar system and slay foes the size of planets. You should not be struggling this much against a single opponent like myself."

    "Because I hate being the superweapon that's always kept under lock and key and only brought out when all other hope is lost," Saturn glared back, breathing heavily. "I hate it so much that I taught myself how to hold it all back and not let go unless I want to. I learned how to tame the Silence. Every battle, every blow, I've held back the end of the world by sheer force of will, and it gets easier every time. You're right, my power wants to wipe you off the face of the planet, but that's not what I want."

    "What you want is irrelevant," Pluto declared. "Time is broken and you must be returned to your proper place in coming events if it is to be repaired. Accept your fate. Dead Scream."

    Instead of retaliating, Saturn flung her arms wide as if to embrace the attack instead and let it strike her, sending her flying across the ice to impact against a convenient protrusion.

    Pluto stared in utter disbelief. That... had been way too easy. She walked over cautiously to look at the fallen senshi, wary of some sort of trick. As she approached, Saturn coughed up blood, but did not rise. She opened her senses and could tell... this was no illusion.

    "I do not understand your sudden change of opinion," Pluto said to her fallen foe, "but I am glad you have accepted your place in things."

    "I haven't," Saturn coughed. "Just proving a point."

    "And what point would that be?" Pluto asked, genuinely curious.

    "First, that I really can control the power I was given," Saturn wheezed. "If there was any chance I could lose control and give in to the destructive urges then this would be it. Second, that you're so unreasonable this is the only way you'd ever listen."

    "I am the guardian of time," Pluto replied.

    "That's not a 'no'," Saturn smiled weakly. "You see, you're not the only one with foreknowledge. I and Moon both knew how events would play out."

    "But the princess has shown no knowledge of–" Pluto began.

    "Because I asked her not to," Saturn cut her off. "Nor to otherwise forestall events. Because I knew that she and the other senshi would come here and all but her would die."

    Pluto's eyes widened. "How...?"

    "You were right, time is broken," Saturn told her quietly as she bled onto the ice, "but you can't fix it. This isn't the first time I've gone through events and it won't be the last. The princess has been going longer than I have. Much longer. She told me about everything, including that you sometimes get like this and try to force things to go the way you think they should. You've even succeeded a few times, but time remains broken. The Loop remains in place."

    "Yet I must do all in my power to repair it," Pluto told her fallen adversary. "Eventually I will succeed."

    "The version of you that remembers, the one who's Awake, would slap you for your arrogance," Saturn's words startled her. "That's right, you're caught up in this too. The infinite Loops of a broken multiverse, with final repairs nowhere in sight. I'll even remember this the next time I'm Awake. You won't."

    "Say I believe you," Pluto turned the girl's words over in her mind. No hint of deceit. She believed what she said. "It does not explain why you would willingly die this time."

    "Haven't I said?" Saturn coughed weakly, clearly nearing her end. "I'm quitting the outers. This is my resignation."

    Pluto went rigid as her veins felt like they'd been filled with the ice surrounding them both.

    "I should thank you, I suppose. I was uncertain of how I'd pull it off believably. You know as well as I that the inners bonded over this event, more closely than anyone else could manage. They all died for the princess and were later restored by her with the Silver Crystal. They bonded over their sacrifice. The only way to be a part of that was to die alongside them as well, buying time for the princess to make it to Beryl."

    "I can still place you back in your proper role," Pluto told her.

    "You're welcome to try," Saturn smiled as the pain receded and she stopped holding on to life so tightly, "But you'll fail. I'll still remember and so will she. I have to go now. I promised to catch up with a friend after all."


    Moon stumbled and collapsed as she felt the last of her friends fade from life out in the icy wastes.

    'Even Saturn?' echoed through her mind. She'd been counting on Hotaru to help stop this from happening, and now even she'd fallen?

    She hated this part of her baseline. It was the one thing she derailed the most in the Loops. The only thing she hated more was breaking a promise to a friend, and Saturn had been so insistent that she stick to baseline abilities for the variant.

    "Why?" she asked the air around her, and felt a hand touch her shoulder. Funny, Makoto was taller than that...

    "Because I wanted to be a part of this," she heard Hotaru's voice and turned to see the girl in full Saturn garb standing, transparent over her.

    "Damnit! I didn't give you permission to die!" Moon yelled at the apparition.

    "So you didn't," the spectre of Hotaru smiled serenely. "But here I am. Just like any of the inners."

    "Not bad," Makoto manifested next to Hotaru in her Jupiter form, "though you could have just submitted an application."

    "Hey Usagi," Ami as Mercury grinned next to Rei and Minako in their Mars and Venus garb, just as spectral as the other two. "Guess who just Woke Up."

    "Great, another variant with a thick spanish accent," Rei grumbled. She'd never managed to suppress that.

    "I'm trying to have an emotional breakdown here!" Moon huffed.

    "Aww..." Minako hugged her princess. "Don't be sad. We all know you'll put us back to rights again. Hopefully without the memory suppression."

    "Actually..." Hotaru cut in.

    "¡¿You want to have your memory erased?!" Rei shouted incredulously.

    "I want to be one of you," Hotaru told them. "I want to be a defender of Love and Justice instead of the doomsday superweapon. And I want to do it properly, which means the whole baseline inner senshi package. Dying at D-Point, losing my memories of the year where we fought the Dark Kingdom, and–"

    "And getting them back with the rest of us because we can't stay away from this life," Ami finished for her with a grin.

    "I like this plan!" Minako cheered. "It's been a while since we went baseline, and we've got a new member to induct!"

    Rei looked at Makoto who shrugged amicably before responding. "Eh, ¿why not?"

    "You're all insane," Moon smiled as she ran towards her showdown with Beryl. Hotaru wanted the full baseline inner senshi package? She'd get it, and full membership in perpetuity.


    "…¿Have we met?" Rei asked suddenly. These other girls seemed so familiar.

    "…I… I don't think so," the blue-haired girl replied, looking uncertain.

    "We must have met somewhere before," the blonde insisted. "Same class or something."

    "Then how do I fit in?" the petite girl with the short purple hair asked. It was a good question since she was clearly younger than the others.

    "I'm not sure... Hotaru, Right?" the tall brunette asked, getting a nod before turning to Rei. "And you're Rei?"

    "Hola," the priestess replied. "And you're– I want to say, ¿Matoko?"

    "Makoto," the brunette corrected.

    "And you'd be Mina...?" Hotaru asked the blonde girl.

    "Minako," the blonde replied absently before turning to the last girl. "And you're Ami."

    "Yes…" the bluenette looked surprised.

    "I'm finding this freaky," Hotaru declared. "And my dad likes to laugh like a mad scientist for fun."

    "¿Fate?" Rei questioned.

    "I'm with the squirt," Makoto jerked her thumb at the younger Hotaru as an uneasy silence fell over the group.

    "'You all meet in a tavern,'" Ami suddenly piped up.

    "Ha!" Minako barked. "Everyone watch out for a mysterious old man with a map."

    "He'll probably be hanging out in a shadowy corner under a full-body cloak," Hotaru nodded.

    Rei and Makoto traded confused looks. Made all the more confused by the fact that they felt certain they should know what the others were talking about.


    Rei looked at her finger in confusion. Had she just tried to blast the monster with a finger pistol?

    "Looks like you four would have figured it out without my interference," a voice interjected, "so I might as well–"

    "TALKING CAT! TALKING CAT!" Minako freaked.

    "…God, give me strength," a black cat with a crescent moon mark on its head sighed.

    "What's going on, kitty?" Hotaru asked, trying to suppress the urge to cuddle the feline. Deal with mortal danger first, then give into the cuteness.

    "You're all about to get a big headache, and then save Sailor Moon's tuckus," the cat told them. "LOOK INTO MY EYES."

    They looked, and were blindsided as their memories returned. All of them. It was a good thing those memories hadn't technically been removed or their heads might have exploded instead of just feeling like they had.


    "You didn't have to throw me a party," Hotaru blinked at the streamers and decorations declaring her an official member of the inner senshi.

    "Sure we did!" Minako exclaimed. "What else am I supposed to do with these party munitions I got from Pinkie?"

    "Who?" Hotaru asked.

    "We've got to get you into an Equestria Loop at some point," Minako nodded sagely. "You'd make a good pony."

    Hotaru's eyes went big and shiny as she processed that and realized there was a whole Loop of ponies somewhere out in the multiverse.


    "Wow, I don't remember Chibi-Usa being such a brat..." Hotaru blinked at what she was seeing.

    "You don't usually meet her around Usagi," Rei confirmed, "plus she tends to mellow a bit after the whole Wiseman aventura."

    "Right," Hotaru nodded. "I'm used to hiding from Pluto during this section."

    All the rest gave her a look.

    "What?" she defended herself. "I like her too, but she's usually not very friendly with me until after I've been proven innocent of being the harbinger of the end times. I'm still a little confused as to why she hasn't tried to railroad me again this Loop."

    "Probably because Chibi-Usa still exists," Ami offered. "We've found that a lot of what she does to 'preserve the timeline' is really to ensure that Chibi-Usa is born in the future. Which is kind of silly if you ask me. She manages to get born even in the variants where Usagi doesn't marry Mamoru."


    "Yes! Critical success!" Saturn cheered as the showdown against Wiseman, aka Death Phantom, happened a short distance away.

    "Wow," Mercury blinked. "And with that, the eldritch abomination's head is parted from its body and dissolves into harmless shadows, the poison infecting the land going along with it."

    "Huh," Jupiter grunted. "I was half expecting Venus to end everything in an epic botch." 'Again.'



    "Hotaru?" Usagi asked. "I cleansed your parents of daimon infection, right? Both timelines?"

    "That's what I remember," Hotaru replied. "Though I think they're still trying to locate the Grail anyway, just to stop the invasion instead of help it. They'd apparently already formed the Death Busters though, and I couldn't tell you who's in charge."

    "Okay," Usagi nodded. "I was just wondering why the daimons were still showing up, but that explains it."


    "Entrusting the future to the next generation," Michiru sighed melancholily. "I suppose that's one way to live."

    "But we have no time left," Haruka moped next to her sort-of-maybe-not-really-but-actually-really-for-real-but-we'll-deny-it love. "The silence is coming…"

    "Hi there!" Hotaru popped up between the two very suddenly, causing the civilian identities of Uranus and Neptune to fall over in shock.

    Hotaru giggled to herself. Giving those two a near heart attack wasn't very nice, but how was she supposed to ignore a cue like that? Besides, whether or not they raised her after she reincarnated in the baseline, she still owed those two a number of good pranks for trying to kill her.


    "Wait, you're giving the Grail to me?" Saturn looked incredulous as the rift to Pharaoh 90's dimension pulsed ominously above.

    "You wanted the full inner package, right?" Moon asked. "Well, I've given the Grail and the resultant Crisis Make Up super modes to the other inners over the course of the Loops, so it's your turn. Besides, unlike the others you really are the messiah."

    "The messiah of Silence," Saturn reminded her. "You know, the destroyer of all?"

    "That was then," Usagi insisted. "This is now. I believe in you. You can do this."

    Saturn stared back at her princess before taking a deep breath and accepting the empowering artifact and holding it aloft as she spoke the activation phrase.


    Pharaoh 90 never stood a chance.
  20. The changes have been made to the dictionary.
    Wow. I am very very impressed. This was the perfect kind of Loop to have as the first loop of the thread. Thank you!
  21. LordCirce

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    I agree and support this decision!
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  22. Time for a random loop idea:

    *Stargate loop*

    "Colonel, what the hell is this," General Hammond asked of the commander of SG-1. The premiere stargate team was sitting in the briefing room just above the gate room. Scattered across the table were countless papers. One was earth Co-ordinates with a drawing of a stargate and a rough sketch of a buried outpost beneath the ice. Another held the mathematical equation for the revolutionary method of calculating distances between planets. Rare as it was, every now and then he awoke just after having the memories of the ancients shoved in his fraun...

    He shook his head,'s already happening.

    He spoke a second later, "I have no idea. When I woke up, I just started writing things down."

    A big lie by all accounts. He made plans several loops ago that if this were to happen, he'd use it to give Earth an early advantage. The ancient outpost and stargate buried in Antarctica would give Earth a huge advantage. Carter looked over the pages several times, blinked, and pulled one out, her mouth dropping in confusion. She looked to her commanding officer, "Colonel, these look like designs for a space engine revolving around inducing lowered mass fields and firing them across the galaxy from one end to another."

    This time, O'Neill looked confused. He didn't have any equations like that in his subspace pocket. Those papers he gave included a design for 'big honking space guns' he acquired from the time Stargate command became XSGCOM, Rotary Staff cannons, and even the molecular composition of Elerium and the means to produce it quickly and cheaply. Then he caught Carter hiding a grin and almost gave a burst of laughter. He shrugged, "If you say so. I couldn't make frauns or tails from it."

    Major Carter was awake. It would be interesting to see if she brought any new inventions to play with this time.

    *End Loop*

    Now for the loop preceding it:

    "Colonel, what the hell is this," General Hammond asked of the commander of SG-1. The premiere stargate team was sitting in the briefing room just above the gate room. Scattered across the table were countless papers. One was earth Co-ordinates with a drawing of a stargate and a rough sketch of a buried outpost beneath the ice. Another held the mathematical equation for the revolutionary method of calculating distances between planets. Rare as it was, every now and then he awoke just after having the memories of the ancients shoved in his fraun...

    He shook his head,'s already happening.

    He spoke a second later, "I have no idea. When I woke up, I just started writing things down."

    A big lie by all accounts. He made plans several loops ago that if this were to happen, he'd use it to give Earth an early advantage. The ancient outpost and stargate buried in Antarctica would give Earth a huge advantage. Carter looked over the pages several times, and blinked several times in rapid succession. She looked to her commanding officer, "Colonel, these are all in my handwriting."

    O'Neill's eyes went wide as everyone in the room looked to him. He put his hands on his head and sighed, "Doh!"
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    I'm considering starting a D. Grey-man thread. If there is enough interest, I will.
    Here's a starting snippet for it.

    Allen was moving boxes from the old Headquarters to the ARK when suddenly-
    He was in the old church, chasing that cat, with the old version of his Innocence. Again.

    It had just started out with a feeling of Deja-vu... that never went away. Now he was back at the church.

    Allen grinned. He'd save the policelady's partner this time.
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  24. just to clarify, what I meant by enough interest was at least 1 to 3 people willing to semi regularly right snips that would go in that thread. if they do so, and start cluttering up the miscellaneous thread with the them, then we should split off the thread.

    Just FYI.
  25. on a complete non sequitur, my computer is fixed! I'll start posting snippets myself in a couple of days, once I have the chance to figure out what survived the crash and what didn't.

    yay me! :D
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