Inheritence; A Mass Effect crossover.

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    Nah. That's too easy. We have to guess harder! :p
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    I wonder what the maverick virus does with Geth Platforms like Legion. Would it infect all the programs at once, or would it take time and cause him some confusion since he wouldn't be able to reach a consensus quite so easily?
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    hey man, you're not supposed to commit necromantic acts if you're not the author
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    Alright then folks, bring out the torches and pitchforks. :mad:
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    And the Type 7 rifles...
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    My pitchfork has an intergrated torch for pitching in the far it has had mixed results, but one mustn't give up.
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    While I love a good mob as much as the next guy, it was only 16 days between the last post (mine) and the rez. That's well within the 'verbal warning' step.
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    I would say it would be a gradual process. Not immediate infection, but more a slow takeover.
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    Oh... Whoops. Sorry about that. Won't happen again. I apologize.

    Thanks for the answer, Gregg. That had been bugging me for a while.
  10. Very interesting story.

    Also, given the presence of Harbinger, this is somewhat appropriate.
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    why'd you dig up a two month old thread sonic?
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    Damn you! I thought it was an update!!!

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    Ah, "Necromancy". We have dismissed these claims.

    More seriously, I'd actually missed this, so I'm kind of grateful for the necro. A little. Almost.
  15. Son of a bitch. THough it did bring this to my attention so yay?
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    Hello, I am posting this review in Laryna6's stead, as her internet will not permit her to stay connected well enough to send.


    My apologies for necro, but I thought I should say that this is an awesome fic and I love it - I was linked to it and the other one, and I have linked more people to it.

    A couple notes -

    While Zero is canonically depicted with five (possibly six) different eye colors (green, blue, yellow, red, black and maybe purple), making him fall under the Kaliedoscope Eyes trope and making me joke that Dr. Wily intentionally built himself a Gary Stu (because Gary Stus have the power to overcome canon characters, make them look like chumps and hijack series, after all~), X has green eyes.

    From the tropes page: "They can mean a character possesses an innate, natural magic, more witchlike than wizardly. Nature spirits often have green eyes."

    I find it interesting that Dr. Light would choose to give an android the nature-related eye color, and as for innate natural magic that is more chaotic/natural potential than rules magic... Especially in Zero series, where he's a spirit for most of it. It amuses me that the reality-warping magitech is canon. His body is also sealed in the Sanctum of Yggdrasil.

    According to what Haruna Rei has dug up, X's designed physical age is 14. Yes: he was constructed to look like a middle-schooler. No wonder no one takes him seriously in X series. They've probably never watched any Shounen. (And they rarely live to regret it~)

    While it's up to you if you want to age his physical design up a bit, I do think that was likely a conscious design on Dr. Light's part. Rock/Mega Man is pure weapons-grade Adorable, and since he was worried that X would be killed by people who were worried that he'd decide to take over the world and such, it would be to X's advantage to not just remind people of the legendary hero, but look too young and helpless to possibly be a danger to anyone/too cute to hurt.

    That's likely why the incredibly powerful armors weren't included in the package.

    X, like the humans the original android was made to emulate, is only Mostly Harmless~

    So I really like that you've focused on the whole, 'Dr. Light's child/close to a human's capabilities (less than a cyborg's)/innocent/harmless' bit, and that this is basically why they're letting him live.

    Once they, and perhaps the enemy, have been lulled into complacency by the outward appearance, I very much do hope Ultimate Armors will show up (like the fic where you're using the Hyper Force armor, which I also like) and the infinite potential system will kick in. Apparently they think he's not as dangerous as the Geth because he won't evolve like they did? I would love to see your take on the massive Oh Crap that would result from them ever figuring out how far he can evolve.

    I have to wonder if part of the prejudice against AI in this universe is because the bad guys don't want any competition - deliberate social engineering, since they have been messing with people. A potentially-godlike reality warper AI that takes it personally when someone attacks humanity would be a massive Oh Crap, and it's to their advantage if the species they're farming never build any AI defenders (like Rock/Mega Man himself) and/or destroy them for them.
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    As a person who linked fics to Laryna6, I feel responsible for this review.
    I do not know should I be awed, happy or in fear.
    But I want to share any possible consequences.
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    Middle schoolers look surprisingly grown up. I've always seen X as being a late teenager/young adult, myself. He's considerably more adult looking than Rock is, at any rate.
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    I agree: that was my assessment of his age too. I was surprised when Haruna turned up that info (just as it surprised me that as of 9/10, Rock still doesn't know that Blues is his brother. However, it does kind of make sense. Take a look at Bleach - there are tons of anime where the main characters not only are handling things they wouldn't be handling at that age, but they're drawn looking much older than they are. X series was meant to be Darker and Edgier (older fits with that) and then there's Zero series, where they look very, very boyish by comparison and yet according to Word of God it's not because their actual appearances changed, it's just because the art style did and they're being drawn differently. And Zero series' X is a waif.

    Ah, Capcom. I'd complain that that have so many plotholes and make so little sense, but it's kind of hard to when such excellent crack pours forth from those holes in their constructed realities.

    Also, X is the commander of a military unit, so he probably does make an active effort to look older. I mean, if he looked any younger, he'd have women coming up to him to ask if he was lost and needed help finding his mommy.

    I have a scene in my head where he's disguised as a human in order to walk around somewhere like a mall or something to evaluate the security without causing alarm. All he has to do is be wide-eyed and wear human clothes that aren't blue, and absolutely no one will recognize him as Commander X.

    Which is a little depressing, when you think about it.

    Hmm, the Mass Effect tropes page's listing for Spanner In The Works seems to bear out my theory that the Geth (Sentient AI) are something the Reapers wouldn't like much:

    "Spanner in the Works: Shepard obviously serves as one for the Reapers. It is also discussed that the Geth as a race are this as well, as they are both unique among sentient species and are developing technology outside of the Reapers' usual technological plans."

    Also, the "Beings of Light" thing. We've found one ancient Lightbot, or rather they have... And that description would fit cyber-elves, too, and there's time travel in the Mega Man 'verse... Although if the guy the Reapers kidnapped to use as an agent was Dr. Wily, that's all kind of bad, because the time travel tech (and the realty warping tech) are both his inventions. Along with the teleportation technology (which is definitely Wily's invention in Ariga's universe, don't know if it's specified in canon).

    Meanwhile, the only example of that tech potentially in friendly hands would be Zero, if he exists at all. Of course, they eventually managed to reverse-engineer the reality warping tech from Zero in canon, with a much smaller and lower tech base during an ongoing genocidal war, so all of council space would have much better odds of coming up with something in a reasonable timeframe. Of course, X was eventually able to evolve reality-warping capabilities, but that was after well over a century of war forcing the infinite potential system to make him evolve/giving him pressure to.

    A war where one side can teleport, time-travel and reality warp and the other can't would play out like most of the Reapers' harvests, except much faster since it wouldn't take centuries to do the whole galaxy anymore.
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    Well, it's because of the necro that I decided to give this fic another try... It was worth it :)
  21. this is awesome. Thanks for the necro
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    [head explodes]

  23. Why isn't this an update?!:(
  24. This fic was pretty awesome, so yay for Necro! :D

    Obviously you can't have Mega Man without Wily. It's just too bad that he's working for the Reapers, though I would not be surprised if he double crosses them...
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    Completely missed this fic before. Very nice. With that said, the necro actually did a bit of good. :D

    Don't Let It Happen Again. :drevil: