Iron Hands Army List. NEW SM codex list.

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  1. Medusa shall not fall! Warriors of Iron! Upward and Onward! For Ferrus Manus! etc. etc.

    I now present my 750pt army/xmas :p list.



    Iron Father Exentero Agamemnon
    Servo Harness, Scion of Mars upgrade, Signum, Auspex, Bionics, Iron Halo (AKA Mechanicus Protectiva), power weapon, bolter

    Venerable Dreadnaught Gdolkin
    Lascannon, Dread CCW, storm bolter


    Techmarine Xerxes AKA 'I fix the dreadnaught!'
    Signum, Auspex, Servo arm, power weapon, bolter, Two Technical Servitors


    10 Iron Hands Space Marines 185
    8 bolters, 1 Missile launcher, Sarge with term. honours power weapon and bolt pistol.

    10 Iron Hands Space Marines 185
    8 bolters, 1 Missile launcher, Sarge with term. honours power weapon and bolt pistol.

    Total = 750 points

    Done without army builder as the datafile hasn't been released yet. Hoping to do an army with minimum conversion work on excess minis, that's why I'm using full 10 man SM squads.

    So, how is it? Do you think it stands a chance against:

    a. Necrons that field about two res orbs or something
    b. Dark Eldar that usually field a cheesed out Archon with huge retinue
    c. Chaos Word Bearers that usually field a DP with dreadaxe, Defiler and Dreadnaught
    d. The humble guard who field 'too many heavy weapons'.
    e is for EDIT: And armoured company, due to Rogue's request.

    Out of them, the guard are the only ones I don't go 'urgh, i hate your army list. Can you for once take something ELSE other then a shadowfield/res orb/warscythe/dread axe/agoniser?' Mainly cause they are small and he plays like real guard, commander leading the army and stuff, leading charges and getting holed by Tau Pulse rifles. Tau kill Guard.

    But suffer against Crons and chaos, well, my list does. Since I don't see anything that catches my eye at the moment for my Tau I've finally got a look at the new SM codex. That and so I have a fighting chance against the evil silver robots.

    And since the all in one 40k thread was getting too cluttered I decided to post this in a new thread.

  2. Falkenhayn

    Falkenhayn Gives a shit about the rules

    You've made some solid, fluffy selections there. A very good core for a 1,500 point Iron Hands list.

    Psst: You will find in the 4th Edition rules and FAQ's, that Monstrous Creatures with weapons that render a special ability in close combat ignore the monstrous creature rules for CC. Your friends DP now ignores your (I) save, but not your mundane one, nor does he get 2d6 AP.

    So no more Dreadaxe+Stature Princes O' death.
  3. KICK-ASS!!!

    Yes! Thank you, Games Workshop!!!
  4. H.B.M.C.

    H.B.M.C. Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes... "Special"

    Not impossible, but iladvised at 750 points. I wouldn't worry about it.

    I doubt they'd have the points at 750, but even if they did what are they going to do to the Dread?

    At 750?

    There's no such thing as "too many" heavy weapons. Besides, Guard don't work at anything less than 1250 points IMO. 1000 is passable, but when basic choices (1 HQ, 2 Troops) is, at minimum, before any upgrades, 280 points, you haven't got much to worry about.

    For 755 you can get a Command Russ w/Lascannon, an Ace Vanquisher w/HB and 2 Troop Russes w/HBs. That's nasty, but I seriously doubt anyone would try AC at that points level. How would they win objective missions?

    I'd suggest an Assault Cannon for the Dread.

  5. 'At 750?'

    Yes. Yes he does.

    'I doubt they'd have the points at 750, but even if they did what are they going to do to the Dread?'


    I've got a las cannon on the dread as a third anti-vehicle/heavy target weapon.

  6. OOOOOH, I wanna play that army. :drevil:

    Heh, you should see my anti-armor 1000pt list
  7. Auregnas

    Auregnas Ghostriding the Ronald

    Hey, I am slowly getting off of the whole superpower thing. I actually HAVE the models to support an army that does not include a DP w/DreadAxe, Dread and Defiler now... :p
  8. Havock

    Havock #remove swan

    looks solid.
    little bit too shooty for my liking, but, solid.
    Perhaps take a veteran squad when you can spare the points for some hard hitting CC (counter)offense?
    dump a pimped out techmarine with that and you have quite a nasty CC squad...
  9. Well, here's my second list. 1050 points. Uses a homegrown chapter, Enclave Knights. Enjoy.

    Enclave Knights 1050pts

    Trust your battle brothers. - Courageous
    Uphold the Honour of the Emperor. -Zealous

    Eye to Eye
    Have Pride in your colours!

    Master Fordeth Aronum, High Master of the Enclave.
    75+30+20+15 = 140pts
    Master Crafted Power sword (Master's Blade), Bolt Pistol, Artificer Armour (Mantle of the Enclave), Terminator Honours.

    Command Squad:
    Sergeant with Term. Honours, bolt pistol and chainsword. 15+15
    Battle-Brother ,flamer. 15+6.
    Battle-Brother ,bearer of the company standard. close combat weapon, bolt pistol, company standard. 15+25
    Battle-Brother ,Priest of the Emperor. close combat weapon, bolt pistol, narthecium, reductor, terminator honours. 15+25+15.
    Battle-Brother ,Sword of the Enclave. Power sword, combat shield and bolt pistol, terminator honours. 15+20+15.

    Special Rules: Uphold the Honour of the Emperor! 6+ inv save.

    Venerable Dreadnaught
    155pts TL-Lascannon, Venerable, Tank Hunter

    HQ = 476pts

    Close Assault Squad.
    Sergeant + 9 Battle Brothers. = 195 points. Sarge has termie honours, bolter and chainsword. Squad has bolters and chainswords. All have true grit and counter attack. They have a Rhino. +50pts = 245

    Firepower Support Squad.
    Sergeant + 5 Battle Brothers = 90. Sarge has Bolter, 3 Battle-Brothers have bolters, 1 Battle Brother has plasma gun, 1 battle brother has missile launcher. Squad rides in a Razorback with TL-Lascannon. +90, +10, +10 = 200

    Assault Squad
    Sergeant + 4 Battle Brothers = 110 + 15 = 125 All have chainswords and bolt pistols, sarge has termie honours as a bonus.
  10. Havock

    Havock #remove swan

    I'd lift them amount of peeps in that squad to about 7 or 8, unless you strictly use them as a "stalling unit".

    and the "uphold the word of the emperor" is a fluff choice?
  11. Auregnas

    Auregnas Ghostriding the Ronald

    Apparently it giveth the Battle Brothers a 6+ Invulnerable save.
  12. Havock

    Havock #remove swan

    Are you going to deploy the Gehenna? :p

    @ auregnas, it is only for command squads and veteran squads.

    there are better traits available ;)
  13. Pfft. A free inv. save? What can I lose? It's not like I need it for much, barring lascannons or plasmacannons.

    I couldn't be bothered finding better traits. Corageous and Zealous chapter, yup, awesome.

    Uphold the honour of the emperor is a trait choice. I would have taken Scions of Mars, but then I can't use anything from the commander HQ choice. :(
  14. Havock

    Havock #remove swan

    but you cans till use chaplains :)

    and what about cleanse and purify?

    always nice to have another plasma gun in your squad :p
  15. Note: I LIKE the commander option, chaplains are allright, but I don't use them as a main like everyone else.

    cleanse and purify would be good and was even on my list before the 6+ inv. save caught my eye.