Is Evolution true?

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    Wikipedia Definition.
    We all know about the Darwinian Theory of evolution, But is it real? or a crackpot theory from the 20th century?

    A great many people on the site seem to think so, but many others are not convinced.

    What is the scientific evidence for evolution, and don't say look in the mirror, or something stupid like that.

    Is there any evidence against it?

    I don't want any religious debates here, no mocking of a religion because you think it's stupid. That goes for Atheism as well.


    Basically can onse species change into another different one?
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    Eagerly anticipating where this thread is going.
  3. If you want an easy example of evolution you should look up bacteria becoming immune to antibiotics.
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    How so?
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    Palentological evidence, studies in labs that show that it's a thing that happens today...

    Do I HAVE to go web-trawling for something like this?
  7. I'm a conservative voting Christian and yes it is true.

    In fact it is pretty fucking obviously true.
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    Question: Do you believe in animal breeding?
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    Just note that real life evolution is nothing like Pokemon evolution. :p
  10. Well clearly all those unique species created through selective breeding were made by praying to god for more efficient cows/dogs/warthogs.

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    Yes it's real, for real world examples look at the Galapagos Islands
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    Well, 65 millions of years ago Lavos crashed into the Earth accidentally wiping out the Dinosaurs and their fledgling civilization. He's been tinkering with the genome of all living things ever since, setting one creature against another in an endless cycle of violence so that only the strongest survive. Evolution is the process Great Lavos guides, and when enough species have enough traits he finds desirable, he'll wake up, absorb the desirable DNA, rain fire from the heavens and kill us all.

    Mayans predicted the Times of Harvest for 2012, but I guess they were off by a few years.
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    With that out of the way.

    Yes. It's true.

    The fossil record pretty much 100% supports gradual changes in creatures biological structures, with the most extreme changes corresponding to notable and measurable environmental changes. And most of the discrepancies in such have proven, time and time again, to merely be missing one or two points of data.

    . . .

    That might not make as much sense as I hope it does, it's a bit late, and I've been taking pain pills to deal with a headache.
  14. Of course not. "Evolution" is just a clever way of explaining the balance changes between major patches.
  15. Indeed, no matter how many times they were nerfed the dinosaurs were simply to hax which is why they were eventually removed when a new release came out.
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    Yes but there is a difference between growing a pig to have long legs, and turning a pig into a giraffe:D

    I'm changing the OP to add a summary of what it's about. One species changing into another.
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    As true as can be proven with current science.
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    Given enough time and assuming the conditions are optimal for it to do so, yes one species can evolve into another.
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    And that means?

    (More informmation needed than just Science!)
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    All the evidence that we have points to Evolution being true, but it is not one hundred percent confirm-able because it is a theory.
    Edit: Scientific Theory, thank you Someone
  21. No, it's false. It's an absurd piece of propaganda constructed by neo-luddite illuminati grand wizards in an attempt to steer us clear of religious and spiritual influences. It's the principle weapon the elites use to disseminate their influence via mass media.

    Do you really believe we came from monkeys? Do you really believe this piece of rock we call home has the ability to mutate one animal into another? Occam's razor people. Life came about as result of micro-meteroids carrying seedlings from Proxima Centauri which grew into the lizard pod people who control politics and mass media today.

    WAKE UP!
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    Information that confirms this?
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    I don't want to sound like a high school science student but scientific theory =/= theory.
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    What are you, a broken record?

    What are you looking for here?