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  1. Okay, previously I posted some Jojo's Bizarre Adventure loops on the misc. loop thread, but then I realized that I'd probably be posting nothing BUT Jojo loops there. With all the anchors, characters, and crossovers of the series, I thought it would be best to give it its own loop.

    Loop mechanics (general) (as explained by Saphroneth):

    One person in a Loop, often the main character, is an Anchor. They are the person who first starts time looping.
    There is always at least one Anchor present in a given Time Loop snippet, though it may not be the local one.
    The standard pattern for a loop is that the Anchor (and whoever else is Looping there) come to awareness in a loop at a particular point in the story. From there, events will play out as influenced by the Loopers present, acting with the benefit of their foreknowledge, until either a predetermined end point is reached or all the Loopers have copped it.

    To be Awake is to be aware of the time loops (that is, to have gone back in time this time.)

    The Anchor is the only character guaranteed to be Awake. Even after others have started looping, it is mostly random as to whether they will be Awake this particular loop.

    Crossovers, fusions, and alternate pasts can also take place. It is perfectly possible, for example, to have the characters Awaken into a loop which conforms to a fanfic universe rather than reality.

    Loops do not have to be in chronological order, but it is strongly preferred that they not require a mutually contradictory order (where A must be before B and B must be before A.)

    Just about every Looper is very, very stir crazy.

    Tvtropes page:

    Wiki page:

    Loop Specifics:

    Since Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is split into 8 parts, with a separate protagonist of each part, each part has its own loop with the protagonist being the local anchor.

    The Anchors are as follows.

    Part 1/Phantom Blood- Jonathan Joestar
    Part 2/Battle Tendency- Joseph Joestar
    Part 3/Stardust Crusaders- Jotaro Kujo
    Part 4/Diamonds Are Unbreakable- Josuke Higashikata
    Part 5/Vento Auero- Giorno Giovanna
    Part 6/Stone Ocean- Jolyne Cujo
    Part 7/Steel Ball Run- Johnny Joestar
    Part 8/Jojolion- 'Josuke Higashikata'/Jojolion!Josuke/Jo2uke/Gappy

    Other loopers from the Jojo 'parts' may also come about, however the most frequent side-Loopers are Gyro Zeppeli (Part 7) and Kishibe Rohan (Part 4).

    The Admins of the loop are the Moirai, the three greek goddesses of destiny/fate. They each have a specific task. Clotho manages Jonathan to Jolyne's loops, Lachesis manages Johnny and Jo2uke's loops, and Atropos makes sure that none of the villains' Stands that are related to time do not unintentionally bring about a paradox.

    A big thing to set apart the Jojo loopers from others is that no matter how many times they repeat their lives, they never take advantage, abuse, or loose interest in their friends. They aren't just cardboard cutouts after many, many loops. No matter what, each Jojo still treasures their friendships. Will they find new ways to spice up friendships? Sure. Will they teach new tricks and even train their friends in stuff they hadn't known when they first met from time to time? Yep. Will they sometimes have their friend become the 'hero' of the Loop thanks to training? Yes. But they would never loose sight that their friends are people, majorly contrasting them from other loopers.

    Others are welcome to contribute towards making these Jojo loops! Also, feel free to comment on any and all loops posted onto here!

    Snippet Index for the JoJo Loops can be found here.
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    Giogio GERs the meteor. GG loops ggnr.


    Jousuke punches the Universe back into shape with Crazy Diamond. gg loops no re
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    Josuke's going to be wondering how Kira isn't dead.
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  4. Might as well post the snippets I put on the Misc. Loop Thread.

    This one stars our quintessential British Gentleman & Protagonist of Part 1: Jonathan Joestar.


    Jonathan watched as Dio Brando jumped out of his carriage, landing onto the dirt road below him and looking at him with a haughty smirk.

    Jonathan gave an kind smile back, but inside his mind he was watching Dio's every action.

    For several times now, after his fateful honeymoon with Erina and his death on that boat with the severed head of Dio, he had been stuck in what appeared to be 'time loops' (As that Ranma lad told him in one such loop.) He would always come to this day, the day when Dio first arrived at the Joestar estate, albeit in some loops he would be in a school of Hogwarts or an oriental village called Konoha.

    Jonathan had attempted to use several of these loops to bring a better relationship between him and Dio. However that never really worked. It always ended with Dio putting on that accursed Stone Mask in one way or another. However Jonathan was usually able to save his father and have Dio only scratch them, as well as prevent Danny from being burned alive. Yet he never seemed to act fast enough to stop Dio from becoming a vampire.

    Jonathan was a gentleman, but he wasn't stupid. If he didn't do something, Dio would attempt to make another one of his many childhoods a living hell in some way or another.

    So, now it was time for Jonathan to give what he considered LONG overdue payback to his brother.

    "You must be Dio Brando!" Jonathan exclaimed with a smile. Dio only smirked back at him.

    "And you must be Jonathan Joestar." Dio replied back, his voice polite.

    "Woof!" Danny barked out as he began running towards Jonathan and Dio, obviously happy to see his owner and a newcomer.

    Jonathan smiled as he waved at his dog. "That's Danny! He's very smart and friendly, so you have nothing to worry about!"

    Dio huffed and began walking forward, and Jonathan knew what was going to happen next. Dio was going to kick Danny for nothing more than being a dog and something Jonathan loves.

    But this time Jonathan was prepared.

    Turning around, Jonathan 'accidentally' allowed his left foot to knock against Dio's partially lifted left leg. Dio let out a gasp of surprise as he tripped and fell right onto his face.

    "Over there is a river that I..." Jonathan let out a gasp of surprise as he looked to the now down Dio. "Oh no! I'm terribly sorry Dio! You see, I'm a bit clumsy. Father has been scolding me so much over it..."

    Dio fumed as he picked himself off the ground, humiliated and furious. However, he could not do anything. The coach driver was now looking towards him. If he did anything to retaliate against Jonathan, the driver would likely report to George Joestar.

    No. He would put Jonathan in his place later. Right now, he needed to appear as the good son...


    "Come along Dio, I'll show you to your room!" George declared as he began climbing up the stairs, leaving the two boys alone together.

    Dio saw Jonathan reach down for his bag. This was it! This was his chance! He would show Jonathan the pecking order in the household with a few well-placed blows, and begin his quest to utterly humiliate and degrade Jonathan in the eyes of society and his father. Only he, Dio, will be the heir of the Joestar fortune!

    Dio's left hand shot out and grabbed Jonathan's right wrist and squeezed hard, bringing it upwards. However, for some reason, extra force was being applied from Jonathan! What's worse, it was changing direction!

    Jonathan's hand impacted with Dio's left eye hard, making Dio gasp out in pain and drop Jonathan's arm. "Oh no Dio! I am so very sorry!" Jonathan cried out in embarrassment. "You see, I also practice boxing, so my reflexes kicked in. Luckily I didn't hit you too hard..." Jonathan then grabbed Dio's luggage and began climbing up the steps as Dio covered his eye. "It won't show any bruising though, you'll be fine in a minute or so!"

    "T-that bastard..." Dio hissed out in anger and pain. "Just you wait Jonathan... soon I'll make you pay!"


    "Hm?" Dio muttered out as a small cake was brought before him.

    "Well to welcome you into the family, I worked with the servants to make you this cake Dio!" Jonathan exclaimed with a happy smile. "I hope that's alright father."

    "Of course it is Jonathan. After all, Dio is now your brother as well as my son." George then turned to Dio. "Go ahead, you may eat it."

    "I thank you both for your kindness." Dio said in a low tone before using his fork to take a piece out of the cake. Although he utterly despised it being made by the hands of Jonathan, he needed to keep up appearances. He took a bite out of the piece and chewed for a bit. The cake was chocolate, and loath he admitted it but it tasted pretty good.

    "So Dio, does it taste good?" Jonathan asked, making Dio clench his fork for only a second before putting it down and wiping his mouth with his napkin.

    "It is deli-"

    Dio's 'compliment' was interrupted by the grumble of his stomach, causing him to pause. A sinking feeling was now occurring within his bowls, and Dio's eyes widened as he fidgeted in place. No way, this was not happening!

    "E-Excuse me!" Dio cried out as he stood up from his seat and began running to the direction of the bathroom. The sinking feeling was now becoming worse every single second! "Jonathan, you bastard!!!"

    It took everything Jonathan had not to burst out laughing. He had slipped a laxative into Dio's cake, and Dio would have bowel problems for the rest of the night. "Thank you wherever you may now be, Mister Uzumaki."

    Now what to do? It would take several years before Dio tried to use the Stone Mask or meet Mr. Zeppeli. "Perhaps I should sneak out to Ogre Street at night and find Speedwagon?" He sorely missed his friend, and becoming childhood friends with Speedwagon for this loop might be an interesting experience. "Perhaps I should teach him the Ripple as well..." It could prove useful later on, because although Jonathan never liked to admit it, Speedwagon was a bit useless when they ran against zombies or vampires.

    Jonathan allowed a bright smile to appear on his face. Things were already looking up in this loop.


    Hope you all liked that.
  5. Stands can only do so much. Even with all their experience, Gold Experience Requiem will ONLY protect Giorno. Rest of the universe can go screw itself in the Stand's opinion.

    Josuke can only work on living things like humans or animals. An entire universe is above his pay grade.

    You mean Gappy right?
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    Turn the universe into a girl and get it punched. Problem solved. Shitty loop stories ends.

    not this one in particular, but those ones where it always devolves into lol sex.
  7. Here's another Jojo loop, a Fusion Loop with Evangelion starring protagonist of Part 4 Josuke Higashikata.


    Shinji could not help but blink as the teacher (Who's name still escaped him despite countless loops) introduced a new student."Great. A Fused Loop?" It was a teenager around his age, albeit a bit taller than the rest of the class by a couple of inches. He wore their school uniform, but it was unbuttoned a bit to show his dark green undershirt. His collar had the emblem of a gold anchor on the left side and three small hearts on the right. Not to mention the gold bands he had on his wrists

    But what stood out most was the ridiculous hair-style he had for his black hair. It was a freaking pompadour for crying out loud.

    "Class, this is our recent transfer student." The teacher then nodded at the student. "Please, introduce yourself.

    "Uh, yo." The guy said, looking slightly unsure of himself. "Name's Josuke Higashikata. It's nice to meet all of you."

    The teacher nodded, obviously appreciating the polite greeting. "Why don't you sit behind Ikari-kun so that we may begin our lesson Higashikata-kun?"

    "Sure." With a shrug, Josuke went to the desk behind Shinji and sat down in it. While the teacher continued to lecture on and on about pre-Impact Japan, Shinji glanced back at Josuke who just seemed to stare out the window with a bored expression on his face.

    If this guy was a looper, he did a damn good job acting normal. Shinji knew that most loopers couldn't act this... well... relaxed."Is this guy really a newbie? Never saw him before..."

    The bell for the next class suddenly rang, making their 'teacher' stop his lesson and go outside to go to the bathroom or something. The students began talking amongst themselves, and while they were busy Shinji turned to Josuke and whispered, "Hey, you a Looper?"

    "That's what it's called huh?" Josuke muttered while scratching the back of his neck. "Yeah, guess I am. Why the hell am I here? This isn't Morioh..."

    "Ah, great. You're a newbie." Shinji gave a sigh as he began explaining, "Look, right now you're in a fused loop. Instead of restarting the loop in your reality, you restarted here. Usually, you take someone's place or in a looper like Naruto's universe, one of his teammates. But here, you just became a student."

    "Man, this sucks..." Josuke groaned out. "Wish Okuyasu or Koichi were here... Hell, I'd even be fine with Rohan."

    "Huh, he still cares about his friends..." Expected of a newbie. Kept their tight bonds with their friends in the beginning. But how long would that keep up before he got bored?

    "Hey! Ikari!" Asuka's voice shouted out, breaking Shinji's train of thought as he turned to see Asuke looking down at him. "You didn't prep my lunch, again!"

    "I'm not your maid Asuka. Just make it yourself." Shinji then gave a sly smirk. "I can make it up to you later on though, if you want."

    Asuka's face then turned beet red as she shouted, "I-I told you that was a one time thing you perverted freak!" She then turned to Josuke. "Hey, you're the new transfer student right? What's with that ridiculous hairstyle? It's forty years out of style!"

    Suddenly, a dangerous and oppressive force filled the air. Despite going against many life-threatening situations and even stopped caring about death, Shinji felt fear for the first time in a while. "The hell?" He turned to Josuke to see the normally friendly teenager's entire attitude change.

    Josuke's eyes were now fully open, showing utter fury as he stood up and towered over the now uncertain Asuka. "What the fuck did you say about my hair!?!"

    Shinji's eyes widened in shock. "Well... shit."

    It wasn't that much of a problem for Shinji to put up an AT Field to defend himself from the flying desks, debris, and shrapnel that came soon after Josuke's outburst. He was too late to put one around Asuka however. The smack down the newbie looper put on the Second Child stuck the pilot in the hospital for a day, before Josuke came around and used his power (Stand) called 'Crazy Diamond' to heal her while apologizing. Apparently, this happened a lot whenever someone insulted his hair.

    At least he got to kill time with Rei, as well as spend some time with the newbie Looper himself.

    Now Asuka shivered uncontrollably whenever she saw Josuke, even going into panic attacks whenever the guy was ten feet from her muttering out 'His hair's totally fine... It's so cool...'

    Josuke wasn't a bad guy, but when he beat the crap out of something it made a lasting impression. "Still, for a newbie to just go off like that..."

    Shinji sighed. This was going to be a long loop.


    Don't make fun of Josuke's awesome hair. Not unless you want your body to meet Crazy Diamond's many, many punches.

    Tell me what you guys think.
  8. Now for a more heartfelt loop, with the paraplegic Jojo: Johnny Joestar.


    Johnny could not help but give out a low sigh as he rode on top of Slow Dancer next to Gyro, who was going to talk about the Cheese Song very soon.

    The loops started almost immediately after he died to save his son from his wife's disease. He died because he was selfish for the first time in years and asked the Corpse to pass his wife's illness to a stranger in order to save her life. Unfortunately, his son was technically a stranger, since he was just born. So, in order to atone for his selfish desire, he begged the Corpse to pass the disease to himself instead of his son.

    It complied, and soon after he died. Leaving his son and wife alone in the world.

    However, the darkness of death was only momentary. He awoke, completely unharmed and in his room, still crippled, on the day that he first met Gyro Zeppeli. The day before the Steel Ball Run race.

    At first he thought that he was dreaming, or it was like that rumor that your life flashed before your eyes before you died. But Johnny learned that he was actually back. Back to the very beginning. Back where his adventure first started.

    He still had Tusk in its Fourth Stage for some reason, but unfortunately could not walk. His body was still crippled from the waist down, just like it had been on that day. And when he tried to meet Gyro again, the man would not give him the time of day since he didn't impress him with his drive.

    When that happened, he woke up in the same bed, on the same morning that day.

    It didn't take Johnny long to figure out he was in some sort of loop, where he would continue to wake up on that same day in that same location should he die or fail to meet Gyro correctly.

    So, Johnny was forced to repeat motions with his first meeting with Gyro. After that, Johnny tried to change things. Like make sure Pocoloco died in the forest, using Tusk in an attempt to make sure the branches snapped his neck instead of just knocking him down. But he was too lucky and STILL lived. He even made sure Gyro's steel ball didn't disrupt Sandman's path so he wouldn't be demoted to 21st place. He tried to take routes that would allow him and Gyro to avoid both terrorists and the President's hit men. And when it came down to it, Johnny tried everything to make sure Diego and Valentine died when he and Gyro first encountered them.

    But it didn't really matter. Sometimes Johnny would die from some stupid mistake. Sometimes it was Diego's dinosaur form biting through his neck, other times it was contacting with his own copy brought by Valentine's Stand. Sometimes he and Gyro both survived the race, sometimes it was only Johnny. Sometimes Johnny won the Steel Ball Run in first place, and sometimes it was Gyro in first and him in second. Sometimes, neither of them won.

    In the end, Johnny would die and eventually return to that same room on that same morning. Sure, sometimes there were people he never saw before. Some even claimed that they were 'loopers' like himself. But in the end, he would always return to the beginning.

    Sometimes Johnny hated his situation. Why couldn't he be brought earlier? So that he could prevent Nicholas' death? To try and make peace with his father? To stop himself from being such an idiot and getting crippled in the first place?

    "Hey! Johnny!" Gyro shouted, snapping Johnny out of his musings. "You listening to me?"

    "Oh, totally." Johnny lied through his teeth. "It was about something cheesy right?"

    "It's the Cheese Song!" Gyro corrected with a scowl on his face. And trust me, it's great. You see, it goes like this..." Gyro then cleaned his throat and began singing, "Pizza mozzarella~! Pizza mozzarella~! Rella, rella, rella, rella~! Rella, rella, rella, rella~! Rella, rella, rella, rella~! Pizza mozzarella~!" He then grinned at Johnny. "That's how it goes! What do you think? The second verse repeats with 'Gorgonzola~! Zola, zola, zola, zola~!'."

    Johnny knew it was a horrible song. Just like its name, it was incredibly cheesy. When he first heard it, Johnny sarcastically replied that it was great and they should start a band.

    Now however...

    "It's awesome Gyro!" Johnny exclaimed full-heartedly with a grin. "Man, it's got a cool beat. I'm gonna try it too!" Johnny cleared his own throat and sang out, "Pizza mozzarella~! Pizza mozzarella~! Rella, rella, rella, rella~! Rella, rella, rella, rella~! Rella, rella, rella, rella~! Pizza mozzarella~!"

    Gyro's grin grew extra wide as he shouted, "I know right! Say, we should write out a score for this as soon as we can! Nyo ho~!"

    Both Gyro and Johnny laughed as their horses continued forward, riding forward in their journey.

    The life of a looper was a difficult one. But Johnny was thankful for his situation for one reason.

    He got to be with his best friend again.


    Hope it pulled on your heartstrings as much as it did with mine. Gyro's death hit me hard, even harder than Caesar's. He was a great friend to Johnny, and really his best and only one. The feeling was mutual to Johnny, as he almost gave up everything just to see him again, despite it being an alternate universe version

    Tell me what you guys think.
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    What protagonist's who return in later parts of the series like joseph and jotaro, did they loop and some how escape or something?

    What the fuck does Made in Heaven do to the loops?

    Bites the dust is a loop within in a loop...
  10. Their usually confined to their own parts, or they're the only loopers from that point on forward. However sometimes they bleed into other Loopers' sections. Like say, Looper Joseph with Looper Jotaro. It's usually pretty awkward and full of badassery/snark.

    It technically just restarts the loop. The Loop universe restarts, just not the entire multiverse itself. Really, all Pucci is doing is just starting up the loop again, only he's technically 'awake'. Its more or less contained by the Admins so that the Stand does not cause any extreme damage to the system.

    Yeah, discussed it with Chaos and he said that it was fine. Technically, that is a pocket loop, since it can be disrupted should Kira call it off and the loop continues as normal.
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    Hey its a Jojo Loop thread! It'll be awesome reading the snippets posted here.
  12. Oh yeah. Jojo needs more love in the fanfic community that isn't yaoi fangirl love. Hope to come out with more good loops, and for others to post loops of their own on this thread.
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    I would post my own, but... I'm not a good writer. Though yeah Jojo needs more love in the fanfic community!
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    I'm not crying, I just have all these tears in my eyes.
  15. It's okay. They were manly tears.
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    Wouldn't parts 1, 2, 4 and 6 be total cakewalks with time looping? 3, 5 and 7 would be harder, but far easier than they were originally. Don't you normally need some sort of nigh-insurmountable goal to make these time loops work?
  17. The Ero-Sennin

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    Part 2 is no cakewalk, oh God I feel bad for anyone who has to loop Part 2 over and over again. Because if it goes wrong, it goes HELLA wrong.
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    Imagine is Emporio had to loop.
  19. Part 4 & 6 aren't cakewalks. Specifically because of Kira and Pucci. Kira would notice someone is watching him due to his paranoia and hide, and there's no guarantee he'll take Kosaku's place again. And Pucci is a very slippery bastard, and his Stands powers can cause a ton of problems.
  20. Rolands

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    If they can get to the site of the Pillar Men before they awaken then they could just douse them in oil or something and conduct the ripple through all 3 of them the instant they get out. That does admittedly have a chance of going wrong...but assuming they take the canon route it would be easy enough to save Caesar, and with forewarning Cars can't get his powerup either.

    All he has to do is forewarn Jolyne (and by extension Jotaro) about Jongalli A and Pucci. Maybe drag Jolyne into his room or something? The point is, all he has to do is save Jolyne from that one attack, then Jotaro kills Pucci at the first opportunity.

    I don't think he stands much of a chance. Jotaro just has to stroll over to his house (with Josuke for backup), use timestop, then destroy him.
  21. Not really. Remember oil isn't really a conduit for the Ripple. And it was the Nazis who woke up the Pillar Men. If Joseph were to kill Santana early, they would mess with their resting place and release them sooner. Plus, Kars, Wham, and AC/DC aren't stupid enough to fall for a ploy that would kill them all at once.

    Jotaro CAN in his own Loop, but if Jotaro were to show he knows something, there's the potential Pucci changes his strategy.

    If Kira were to notice a couple of people go to his house, he would bolt. Remember he kept to himself, so he would be instantly suspicious and paranoid of any strange people heading to his home and to his front door to boot.
  22. Rolands

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    It wasn't? There's some sort of liquid that's a conduit for ripple anyway. And there can't be too much need for conductive material if Joseph used a rope on ACDC.

    They woke up Santana, and only Santana. It's possible for Joseph to get to the rest of the Pillar Men ahead of time.

    It has a pretty good chance of succeeding if it's when they're first waking up. And in any case, the Pillar Men will only present a lesser challenge the second time around. There are several obvious ways that foreknowledge complete destroys them.

    The point is that Pucci was THIS close to being offed by Jotaro near the start of part 6. The protagonists are smart, I'm sure they could figure a way to take out Pucci on their second or third try.

    Even serial killers have to sleep.
  23. Croaker

    Croaker I must get out of here.

    Vegetable oil is a conductor for Ripple, but the Pillar Men are sealed in thick enough stone to prevent the oil from dripping onto their flesh.
    The Speedwagon Expedition are not made of Nazis. The Nazis were monitoring the Speedwagon Foundation, and were already studying the Pillar Men in Rome.
    That is, if they don't adapt their tactics to Hamon users more powerful than the previous generations popping up.
  24. It is, but it's tricky to use. Remember, it's a bit difficult to explain how the Ripple actually works since it's not really explained that well.

    They were already studying the Pillar Men at Rome. So yeah, it would still happen if one of the guards/scientists got stupid and walked to Wham...

    Pretty Much would only happen in Jotaro's loops. Joylene could get close, but White Snake is definitely a tricky Stand, and it only gets trickier if Pucci were to somehow get his hands on the Green Kid again...

    Paranoid serial killers are light sleepers.

    He can be a side looper, should someone write a snippet with him.
  25. Rolands

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    No, you set it up in such a way that they encounter it as soon as they get out. Like soaking a bunch of chains and wrapping them over the stone.

    But they weren't going to wake the Rome Pillar Men up anytime soon. They woke up on their own.

    What, you think they were holding back?

    Very true.

    Believe what you like, but I still think you're selling them short.
    You put too much stock in Kira. It's not like he'd be woken up by footsteps on the pavement outside his house. He might be able to notice them when they're right outside his house, but then what? They'll stop him if he tries to get in his car. He can't get very far on foot, and even if he somehow did manage to get away Josuke would just cover the back entrance the next time over. Kira also wouldn't want to abandon his comfortable life: he'd be more likely to engage 2 suspicious strangers instead of running from them. And he has no chance there: he lost to Josuke, and he lost to Jotaro when Jotaro was half-dead.