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    There is also the fact that in this case the Terrans can fight the Minbari on their own level. Its not Earth being curb stomped for 2 years before being they bother to attack the homeworld. Earth can and does hurt them. Badly.

    Basically if they join on earth's side, not only are they replaying a debt but they're tipping the scales and have the potental to reap the benefits of victory both technologically and in relation to their gains.
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    PsyckoSama, you're post isn't showing up for some reason.

    Edit: Nevermind.
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    God dammed SB going down. Again.

    I can't see a vote for war taking place here without something else being added to the mix. The Rangers fired first, the other ship defended itself from what it perceived to be an unexpected attack and it left at the first opportunity it could. Unless the Rangers can fully convince the council, the same group that had been ignoring the Rangers and considering them as being annoying idiots as of late, I see major sanctions coming down on the Rangers for bringing about this incident. Now, should the EA consider this attack premediated and go on an offensive against the Minbari, then it makes sense for the Minbari to make a vote for war right.

    So, this isn't the decision of 'passion' as it was in the OTL, but more along the lines of misunderstandings in combination with a clusterfuck on both sides escalating into full blown war.
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  4. IIRC the Drazi attempted to send a fleet to help the EA fight the Minbari in canon. It disappeared in hyperspace the Minbari 'suggested' they not send any more ships.
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    Well that was an interesting trip, sorry for the delay, I'll try and sneak out a double feature tonight, but I actually have a question for you guys. Outside of Delenn, dose anyone know the names of the counsel members? It's being well over a decade since I've last seen the show, so I have forgotten much of what little information was given on the nine. The almighty Wiki has failed me, and while I can dance around it, or use names I've found in various other fanfics, I'd rather have a set of confirmed individuals to work with.


    Additionally the league might become a bit more involved this time. For both the above stated reasons and more. Keep in mind in raw technological ability the EA is technically the meanest kids on the block short of first ones... however they are also one of the smallest. One EA ship is worth several of most races, but is while still more capable then a Minbari warship of the same equivalence, not as far off. All in all one EA ship can take something it's weight in addition to the escorts of anything the Minbari can chuck at it on it's own, and still have around a fifty fifty shot.

    The main issue the EA faces however is that in raw numbers, the Minbari got them over ten to one in hull count.

    However... the LONAW has a lot more hulls to chuck out there. And it wouldn't take major upgrades to make then effective enough to effectively combat Minbari capital craft, and tradeing technology is a basic part of any military alliance.

    (Edit end)
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    If no-one here can answer, PM Lightning_Count.
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    + The Markab were only stopped from aligned themself fully to earths course becourse they had a treaty whit the Mimbari that predatet their relationship whit LonaW, their relationship whit the Mimbari had been a codial one before the Earth - Mimbari war (They were the only race that had regular connection whit the Mimbari of the younger races) but during and after the war in changed into a total rejection of the Mimbari by the Markab becourse the Markab saw the Mimbari as a fallen race. their relationship never got better since the Markab were all or nothing in their relationships incl their treaties.
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  8. WAR


    I can think of at least one in the Religious Caste and that was Jenimer. Then there are Morann and Coplann but I am unsure of which Caste they belong too.
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    This should help.

    This gives us Codroni (whom Delenn was standing in for, so likely Religious), Coplann (Warrior), Hedronn (caste unknown, possibly Worker), and Morann (Warrior). The rest on that page aren't known to be Satai at the time of the Earth-Minbari War.
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    Not sure if you can find a list of names the closest I can find simply calls a guy playing the part Grey Council 1 or Grey Council 2. Heres the link, you will have to scroll down to H to see it.
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    The Man himself said that if it hadn't been for Minbari stealth the EA could have won.
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  12. Canon EA, which was built up larger for the Dilgar War. OTOH I suspect that the JBoM is smaller, at least tonnage wise, given how they went through Dilgar ships, to quote Patton, 'like crap through a goose'.
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    Thank you, those links while not giving me all the names I wanted, gave me enough to function, I've managed to snag about five active counsel member's ID's including the Caste they represented, it should prove sufficient.
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    I see the JBoM Earth-Minbari war being a brutal savaging on both sides until the Minbari sue for peace before their economy collapses.

    I'm not the author though, so I could be very wrong.
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    Canon advantages beside stealth Mimbari possesed are.

    1) Deadly longranged insta kill energy weapons

    2) MUCH more preceise *jump* capabillites, to a degree were it can be used as a weapon.

    3) Better longranged sensors.

    4) Faster and tougher fighters than everbody else, whit weapons to match + the best ECM suite any young race fighter had. (IE the Starfuries were more manuverable and their Centauri equlivants were maybe more powerful in firepower but also bigger sizewise than anyother)
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  16. On the other hand Earth has a huge advantage; they can phase into knife fighting distance behind the Minbari ships; as far as I can tell almost all Minbari weaponry faces forward! Phase in, destroy the fin, and phase out before they can turn, and everything else doesn't matter.
    And there is little the Minbari can do to defend against that short of a major refit of their whole fleet!

    Of course once they see how effective this Earth tactic is, the religious caste at least will shit their pants - if Earth can devastate the vaunted fleet like that, what will the Shadows do when they return?
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    Oh, and on wellis' question (sorry I missed yours) There are two points worth note, the first is that the entire EA went though a massive refit post the Dilgar war, and that these are SF's with a anti-capital load out. Rather then being armed with several rapid firing pulser guns designed to box in agile enemy fighters, there loaded out with a single overpowered Heavy laser designed to work together to punch though much thicker capital class armor. If these fliers had being caring anti fighter load outs, it would actually have ended faster.

    Ok now starting into parts two and three of chap three. I'll post them as they form.
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    Earth Alliance Space: July/02/2245

    Captain Michael Jankowski did another mental overview of Achilles' status as they phased back into normal space, 'safe' back in Alliance territory. He had not dared send any transmission back to command while running. Fortunately those giant ships had gone defensive seconds after a lucky hit from a Stiletto, they were apparently more interested in defending there wounded flag then chasing after his little cruiser, and the slimmer counterpart that had apparently being holding them long enough for the heavies to show up, had gone dead in the water the moment they clipped it's drive fin.

    Unfortunately this had the side effect of eliminating any gravic emanations from the craft, and with out those ripples to narrow there other scans, they had swiftly lost track of it to the wild eddy's of hyperspace.

    Running over the internal status report he frowned again, there armor had regenerated for the most part, as had the lost weapons mount, though they had yet to come back online, the FTL array was quite obviously working fine, but a third of there mass stores for repairs had being consumed in the process. Anansi somehow generated mater from raw energy, but it was a process that EA had yet to replicate. Though from the looks of things that particular project was going to get a lot more funding in the future. Casualty had being suffered, Lieutenant Anderson, along with crewmen Michaels, Hiroshi, and Smith were all lost when the deck they were operating on was opened to hyperspace. His only consultation to there families was that it would have being so fast they wouldn't even have time to register what had happened. Other members of the crew had being injured while Achilles had been tossed around like a rag doll, but they had all at this point being restored to full health by a combination of rapid medical response, and there own military augments regenerative powers.

    Wings Deta eight and Sigma one had finally docked back into there hanger. They had pulled an 'all nighter' in the cockpit as an active escort to there sole capital, even for the fighter jocks that was all kinds of unplesent. The only reason he had yet to here a compliant is that everyone saw the reason to be on edge.

    “Achilles to Earth Forces Command. Priory alert, respond.” he growled into com-line. Heads would roll for this.

    “This is Earth Forces Command. Your reporting in late commander, your last status report was just before you left Allied space.” came the polite, but mildly scolding reply.

    The Captain scowled “Then Outpost forty three is gone. We were using it as our relay. We walked right into a trap. Three heavy of unknown class out massing our own Nova's nearly caught us when we were ambushed by a cruiser analog. Sending sensory data now. Warbook gives a good match to 'Minbari' construction, and they had a lot of the bastards scouts and fighters with them.” his aggravation was evident as he transmitted the sensor logs. “I need someone high up Now. I think we have a lamprey situation.”

    lamprey was the current code word for an intelligence leak. It was the only thing that Michael could think of that would lead to such a cluster frak.

    The man at the other end went very quite for a moment. “Understood sir, patching you though now.”

    There was a slight delay before “This is Vice Admiral McFarland, Captain you are reporting a possible code Lamprey.” it was a statement not a question.

    “Confirmed.” snapped out Jankowski, he was in no mood to be polite, even to a senior officer. “I just nearly waltzed into a situation that can only be considered FUBAR. There were Three, unconfirmed Dreadnot class vessels waiting for my 'minimal risk' capture mission. I've had suspicions since I first got the order, leaving EA space with out escort is against protocol but it's being done before. However the fact that shortly there after I ran into a trio of heavies waiting for me, with a cruiser on my rear, combined with what appeared to be a heavy escort group leads me to believe me 'basic capture mission' was intended for the enemy from the start. I barely managed to sniff the trap in the first place, they were very good at luring us right into there jaws.” taking a calming breath he continued “The only thing I can think of that could have caused this is someone feeding information to the Minbari.”

    Amanda frowned. She had being flying a desk for several decades now, Earth Forces heavily favoring her for contact missions since first contact back at one fifty five with the Centauri. It had only being the apparently more aggressive nature of the Minbari that had kept her from this particular project. Never the less she had held a strong advisory roll. The idea that one of her cohorts could have being selling information to an outside source... it was unsettling at the least. Still the theory had merit, things were Lining up in ways that suggested a traitor. “Understood. Report back to Command for personal debrief.”

    Jankowski nodded “Understood.” closing the communications line he allowed himself to lean back further into his chair. Another war was coming... He could feel it in his bones.

    Minbar: July/02/2245

    Nine figures gathered in a darkened room, near each was a small burning flame.

    “Summoned, I take the place that has being prepared for me. I am Grey. I stand between the candle and the star. We are the Grey. We stand between the Darkness and the Light.” the group chanted almost in prayer, though six of the eight would take offense to such a statement. “One of our number is missing. Struck down by the weapons of an impudent race.” spoke one member with a soft spoken rage.

    “Calm yourself Morann, if anyone has right to damn Delenn's attackers, it would be us of the religious caste. I personally do not hold the humans at fault. It was a defensive strike, from a damaged and retreating ship. One we struck the first blow to I will remind you.” spoke on of the figures representing the religious caste.

    “Jemmier,” spoke the other religious counsel member “if the Rangers are to be believed it was a preemptive strike. The Human ship was approaching silently, and at great speed. I know that we have dismissed there words in the past, but it may have being folly to do so. It is not just there sensor data we are viewing now. It is our own, from our own flagship! These Earthers... they remind me much of what I have read on the Shadows.”

    “Additionally, it was not only the religious caste that felt the blow of there 'vengeful' strike.” Morann spat. “Dukhat lays in a coma along side Delenn, and with wounds far greater. Even if he awakens, the healers are unaware if he will still be himself. He was the best of us, both of Warriors and of Minbar! This action can not be allowed to stand!”

    “Even excluding this... altercation, we should have considered imposingly ourself long before this.” spoke one another, this time of the workers. “The younger races are flocking to the humans, despite them being the youngest of there kin. The humans are advancing both politically and technologically at a pace that is unnatural...” he let that comment sink in. “If there pace continues, the Minbari may no longer be considered the strongest of the younger races, though means natural or not.” pausing again he added his final blow. “Shadow gifted or not. It is obvious that they are filling the roll of the dark ones. Perhaps we should take a page from the rangers, and strike now while we still have the ability?”

    The second warrior spoke swiftly and with force “Enough of your play of words Hedronn. The Rangers were fools, striking at an unknown. Still there assumption of an assassination attempt on our lives gives me pause. The fact still remains that we have lost one ship, hundreds of Minbari have being released to the universe, and the counsel itself assaulted. This is an insult we can not bare. A strike on the humans for penance in invading our space is justified at the least.”

    “I disagree.” spoke another of the workers. “We struck the first blow. Any further action was defensive from a desperate crew. The Humans were encroaching on our space, but they had shown no signs of aggression.”

    “No signs of aggression?” laughed the third warrior. “That was a Warship. The only reason you send a war ship to another's space is to make war with them. Enough of this talk, let us take it to vote.”

    The response was swift, with little wait for contemplation. Apparently most had arrived with there decision already made.

    Jemmier sighed “It is decided then. We make war on the humans.” he could not help but feel this was all some terrible mistake.
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    “That was a Warship. The only reason you send a war ship to another's space is to make war with them."

    Pfft. Simplistic to the point of idiocy, and just as abrupt. Morons, the lot of them.:rolleyes:
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    I liked how the Rangers with held the fact that they have been Raiding the Earth Alliance's broader for Months trying to lure a EA Warship out so they could ambush it.
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  21. Cool update! I wonder what the Minbari will feel once they fighting against an opponent on a warfooting with even technology? Mizuki, will we get to see any ground battles? What is JBoM's Earth Force GROPOS armed with, and what kind of vehicles and armor do they have?
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  22. "Arrogance is not solely a human trait. No, it travels between the stars, like the solar wind." Londo Mollari, 'In the Beginning'
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    And so it begins.
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  24. What was that phrase by Kosh Naranak, one about pebbles?
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    Isn't something like, "When the avalanche has begun, the pebbles can no longer vote."?
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