Just how fast is Hyperspace (sw)

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    Heir to the Empire, chapter 4, page 39, first sentence first paragraph.

    It took the Chimaera nearly five days at it's point four cruising speed to cover the three hundred fifty light years between Myrkr and Wayland.

    Heir to the Empire, chapter 17, page 187, paragraph 6, sentence 2 and 3.

    Luke's reverse-triggering of the acceleration compensator had caused an unanticipated feedback surge into both hyperdrive motivators-not enough to fry them on the spot, but scorching them badly enough to cause sudden failure ten minutes into their escape. At point four the ship had been doing at the time, that translated into approxmayel half a light-year of distance.

    So...... Just how fast is hyerdrive again? And anyone mind telling me why two seperate .4 hyperdrives went DIFFERENT speeds? It seemed to drescribe .4 as a speed, but its obvious one was faster then the other.
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    Ohhh hell!

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  3. I dunno. :D

    Point four? Ooh, fast!

    But being nitpicky, lightyears are NOT the unit to measure space distances despite every sci-fi supposedly using them (bar IMB :D). It is actually a parsec (Pc) that is best used, 3.26Ly. :p
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    .4 could be how much force or energy is behind it. And since an X-wing and a ISD have different masses that could account for the different speeds. Also the X-wing in that case had an unanticipated problem, that could of affected the preformace of the hyperdrive. Or the ISD's could of been more efficent.

    Besides that, Hyperdrive speed's also depends on the route it takes doesn't it? So in anycase that doesn't exactly bring into doubt the speed of hyperdrive. As that would only affect the .4 speed of it anyway. As I recall the falcon was .2 so the closer you get to zero the faster the ship is prehapes?

    And the high end estimates come from Maul's trip to tatoonie from coruscant in a few days.

    So in other words, nice try Alyeska.
  5. Falcon had a point five, the best in the galaxy alledgedly second best was Dash Rendar's Outrider or YT-2400 with a point seven-five.

    Imp ships tend to be a grade two or three.

    A point five is twice as fast as a class one and so on.
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    24 hours in a day *5 days = 120 hours
    350lightyears / 120hours = 2.9 Ly/hr

    60 minutes in an hour
    .5 ly traveled
    (.5 / 10min) = .05 LightYears/Minute
    .05 LY/M * 60 M = 3 Ly/Hour

    There isn't a whole lot of error between 2.9 LY/H and 3LY/H. The 350 LY in the first paragraph was probably rounded from closer to 360LY.
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    Ah crap, I made a damned math error.

    Yeah, it does seem that the two are fairly close.

    But I still do have a few questions. No it is merely a comparison question. We seem to have a base that says the average high grade SW hyper drive systems can move at about 3 light years an hour. How many light years an hour can ST and B5 ships make? And I am talking about Federation/Klingon/Dominion/etc... and Earth Alliance/Minbari/First Ones/etc.. Basically how does the high end (not Falcon, Whitestar, Sovereign types) FTL drives in each universe compare? We got a nice base for SW right now, so anyone got good ST and B5 numbers?
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    Lets think about this, you want to say 3 ly. I say BS. We also know that Darth Maul went 80,000 light years in 3 days (at most).

    266,667 lightyears a day (the seven coming from, that the actualy number is 266666.6 with a repeating six.)

    1111 lightyears per hour.

    Thats with Darthmauls ship. I'm using figures off the top of my head for the size of the starwars galaxy. It's 160,000 Across right? And coruscant is near the center, Tatoonie near the edge. With the possibilty of a diagonaly trip, or that coruscant is on teh oppiste side of the center than tatoonie. 80,000 ly's seems fair.

    So that gives hyperdrive 1111 ly/hour. or 3 ly/hour. So in other words, compare trek and B5 to a figure of close to 560 ly/hr for wars, and not 3 ly/hr.

    Also considering that the wayland is very rarely visited area. and the routes are probobably complicated and lengthy, and prehapes not as fast as the others. I seem to have the imperrsion that wars hyperdrive relys on the route as much as the speed. But I'm not sure where I'm getting it from.
  9. The SW Galaxy is 120,000ly in diameter. Shield of Lies page 39. Dark Force Rising gives a speed of 127ly/h. Page 212.
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    Yes but I believe slave ship gives a larger number. I own the book and will see if I can A: Find the book. B: find the qoute.

    But'll redo it for a 60,000 ly travel distance.

    20,000 ly per day
    833 ly per hour
    average taken from the now 3 sources
    321 ly per hour.

    That would mean a low end of 3, mid range 321, high end 833.

    Since we have seen several preformaces above 3, It should be more along the lines of
    100 low, 321 mid, 833 high.
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    For the Warp Drive speeds, warp 8 was calculated to be one lightyear per hour. Basicaly, the ship detected a distress signal that was stated to be originating two lightyears from the ship, and Janeway set course at Warp 8. According to her log, the ship arrived two hours later to find no survivors.
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  13. Dark Primus


    I read something in on a website many years ago concerning how fast B5 hyperdrive works. Either it was 12 lightyears for 48 hours or 48 lightyears for 12 hours i don't belive any of them is correct tough and it also depends how fast ships travels inside hyperspace, they have varius speeds, specialy between an Omega and a Whitestar, the Whitestar is much faster then the Omega so it probably romove a few hours or so in a long trip.
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    There is a hyperspace trade(ie. Hydian Way) route near Myrkr and Wayland...

    Chimaera may take the direct route and bypass Hydian Way.

    Check out the insider cover of Vector prime, you will see the hyperspace trade routes, it passes near Tatooine. Trade route name is "Corellian run".

    Hyperspace trade routes reduces time spent in hyperspace since those trade routes are deemed to be safe.

    A "good star charts" are needed to create those trade routes....
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    Exactly. Some routes are faster than others. You can take the old sailing ships for example. The european traders went straight across the atlantic for all of their voyages. But the Americans, went straight across towards europe, then down to africa, then to America. The americans way was faster becuase of the winds and tides.

    There might be something similiar in principle for Starwars hyperdrive. As it seems that along certain routes speeds are much faster than along other ones. That could explain the 5 days at .4 for the chimera. Afterall it was heading to a completly and totaly unknown, un exploited, un developed world. There might not be any charts good enough to find the fastest way there. Or maybe Wayland just was in a bad hyperspace area.
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    I suppose, but when you get down to it, what is more meaningful. A distance based off of a unit of time that is likely to be semi-standard across colonized space, or a distance based of the parallax of a single planet? Although they both sound silly, really.
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    I have my doubts about that figure.
    Darth Maul was already on his way to Naboo when the transmission that supposedly pinpointed their position was recieved, iut is entirely possible that the location of Tatooine was transmitted to Maul while he was en route.
    Another point to suggest is that it took Amidalas ship long enough to reach Tatooine so that the population of Naboo were starting to starve. IMO this would take about a week before serious food shortages would start to show.
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    It's possible that hyperdrive happens to fit my theory of warp drive...

    The more often a particular route is travelled, the more local space-time is altered, making it more conducive to FTL travel.

    In ST, this is backed up by episodes like "Force of Nature", which indicates that warp travel has a cumulative effect on space-time. Additionally, this would explain a lot of warp travel inconsistancies, including TOS warp-speeds, and why even though at the 1,500c speeds they seem to average outside UFP borders, they can traverse the entire 10,000 LY bredth of the UFP in something less than 10 years at high warp.

    In SW, the effect appears to be similar. "Standard" hyperdrive in rarely travelled areas is around 3 LY/hr. However, on "routes", where ships have been travelling for thousands of years on a regular basis, speeds in the millions of times c are not unknown, as local space-time curvature is made more pronounced.

    Of course, the effects this would have on ST/SW debates are obvious, and controversial, so I never posted this theory till now, when I see some evidence of the same in SW...
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    Based on events in the movies, hyperdrive runs up around 10 million times the speed of light.

    I've met Timothy Zahn at SF conventions, he ain't all that. :p
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    Correllian Run doesn't go to Tatooine.Consider the foggy scale of the map.

    Also,Heir to the Empire hyperdrive rating is controversial to standard Hyperdrive rating.Timothy uses a bigger is better system,whereas all other refernece materials use a smaller is better syndrome.

    Frankly,in my opinion,the rating is just a fuel/acceleration system.How much fuel you burn for how fast you go.Its explains the speed difference for ships like Darth Maul infiltrator quite well.


    Darth Maul was on Coruscant at that moment in time.Screen anaylsis has shown similar details on the balcony to the same balcony that Amidala was in,mainly,Palpy quarters.

    He says he tracked the tranmission to Tatooine,then flys off.Back to Tatooine,where Qui gon and company is trying to find spare parts.

    The race is the "next day".Tomorrow.Darth Maul arrives after the race.Thus,1 day transit only.

    Besides,starving can mean a lot of things.It won't take more than 1 day to starve a person.Remember,the people were rounded up in concentration camps.

    Also,the TPM novelisation tells us that the councillers were leading the people in a hunger strike.Go try again.
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    Centre of universe is not well-travelled,{if so,GOd would have escaped by now}Warp speed is faster than norm.
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    PainRack: That was the center of the GALAXY, silly....

    Anyway, the uberwarp trails followed by the Enterprise in the movies and TOS may well have been left by any one of the dozens of really ancient races we've seen....
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    And god wouldn't have captured any of those really ancient races ships and let havoc loose on the universe?Wait,maybe he did.After all,he did get Mary pregnant.
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    Given that he was beaten by Kirk on foot, and how advanced many of those ancient races are, I doubt he got the chance...

    Unless you count the novels as being worth more than the paper they're written on, in which case, He apparently did escape once, where He appeared as a pillar of fire to Moses and the Egytians, and laid out the Ten Commandments (He invented monotheism after all). Apparently the Q noticed, and put Him back after stripping most of His power.
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    B5 Hyperspace varies.
    "No, what I said was that *time* works about the same way in
    hyperspace, not distance, nor that there was necessarily a proportional
    1-1 corrolation between realspace and hyperspace. There's still some
    distance involved in hyperspace, yes, though again there isn't always a
    1-1 corrolation. It takes 3 days to get to Earth. It takes 4 days to
    get to Centauri Prime, even though CP is almost twice the distance from
    B5. It's *extremely* confusing to navigate hyperspace, which is why
    you need the beacons and transfer points, or it's extremely easy to get
    permanently lost.


    However, a Whitestar can cross the MW galaxy in a week.