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    One or the Other Just Won't Do
    Souichirou slammed his fist against the wall.

    My daughter is dead, he thought, we never even named her.

    The look on Ragyo’s face the moment she’d died… not of anguish, nor of pain, merely disappointment, quickly forgotten and dismissed as she’d pushed the button that had dumped the tiny body down a chute and into… into…

    He felt a wave of sickness, sorrow, anger and rage wash over him.

    My daughter was thrown away like a piece of trash by her own mother… who… what have I married?!

    His mind refused to cease tormenting him. An image of his eldest daughter, Satsuki, still in the crawling stage, popped into his brain, being dumped into a mountain of trash just as callously as-

    Souichirou threw up. His stomach retched until it had nothing left. He dry heaved when he still could not put aside his disgust at his wife and the soul crippling sorrow at the fate he, their father, had unwittingly dealt them, until tears of pain flowed like rivers from his eyes.

    And when at last he’d run out of tears and heaves to give, he simply lay there twitching on the ground, lying in his own sick in the fetal position, unable and unwilling to move. He didn’t know how long he stayed like that. Time no longer meant anything to him.

    But in his mind he could not forgive himself. He tortured himself with the future that should have been; the future he’d envisioned for his daughters, the life he was looking forward to, and he contrasted that with the image of the tiny rotting corpse of the unnamed baby he’d failed to protect.

    I couldn’t protect her life, he reasoned, but at the very least I can be a father to her in death.

    He nodded, convincing himself. He could do that at least. And Satsuki would still need him. This… fiasco had been a revelation for him. Ragyo… there was something fundamentally wrong with her. He’d been blind to it before, had excused it as her eccentricities, had forgotten it in the excitement of the research and the implications it would bring.

    Now it was all ash in his mouth. He’d bury his dead daughter and would try to be the best father he could be to his surviving one. It was the least he could do.


    Souichirou rummaged through the trash like a man possessed. He was frantic. He had to find her. He flung the refuse of the Kiryuuin household carelessly aside as he dug and searched to no avail, screaming with anguish and pain.

    Where are you!? His mind frantically thought, You should be here! You only just… just…

    The sorrow and the pain re-emerged. The hopeful respite of burying his daughter was fading fast as he sobbed.

    I failed you again, didn’t I? he thought, Even in death I can’t be a father to you…

    The thought trailed off, unfinished, when he noticed he wasn’t the only one in the Kiryuuin trash crying. He blinked back his tears and suppressed his sobbing to make sure it wasn’t an echo. He dared not hope…

    It couldn’t be…

    He surged through the rubbish, homing in on the sound of his baby crying. There were only two possibilities to him. Either he’d gone mad with grief, or his daughter, against all odds, was alive.

    He just about had a heart attack of relief when he saw her, tiny, naked, and dirty, crying in an isolated mountain of filth. He scooped her up gently and held her, so tiny, so fragile, as her little hands gripped him reflexively. She calmed down considerably in his hands, making annoyed burbles at her treatment, not knowing how so very close to death she had been.

    For his part, Souichirou continued to cry,this time with tears of happiness, this time with tears of hope.

    My daughter is alive, he thought, And the least I can do… isn’t enough. You get nothing but my all now, Ryuuko, Satsuki, I need to be both your father and the parent your mother could never be.


    Secreting away Ryuuko had been simple enough. Nobody was looking for a dead baby and she was thriving in Kinue’s care for now. It was Satsuki that was proving to be problematic. The maids of the Kiryuuin household were protective to a fault, to say the least, and Soroi, the butler, most of all.

    They can’t protect her from Ragyo, he thought, If I could trust them to just keep their mouths shut, I could bring them in…

    He shut off the thought before it could grow.

    The less people involved the better.

    “Here to see your daughter again, Souichirou-sama?” asked Soroi politely with a deep bow.

    “She is the dawn to my darkness in this time,” sighed Souichirou.

    “Yes, her younger sister’s death was most unexpected,” sighed the butler, “I would have most enjoyed attending to both their needs.”

    “All that I can do now is mourn and try to move on. Little Satsuki… helps me greatly with that.”

    “Is that why you’re hiding a syringe?” asked Soroi coldly.

    Souichirou froze.

    Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit!

    “Grief can do many things,” said Soroi, “Turn back and leave, I may forgive this, but I shan’t forget.”

    “You don’t understand!” hissed Souichirou.

    “I do understand!” snapped Soroi, “When my wife died I too wanted to end it. The thought that my nephew, Iori, needed an uncle to look up to kept me from that. I won’t begrudge what you’re willing to do to yourself, but leave Lady Satsuki out of this.”

    “It’s not poison,” explained Souichirou desperately, “You’ve seen what’s been happening to Ragyo, haven’t you?”

    “It is not my place to comment on the Mistress of the house,” said Soroi tersely.

    “You’ve seen it, haven’t you? Stop hiding behind that butler’s façade and see with your own damned eyes! Ragyo is insane! She threw her unnamed daughter away like trash, like it was nothing to her! She’d do the same to Satsuki in a heartbeat!”

    “Sir! If you keep disparaging the Mistress of the house I will have to-”

    “Satsuki is not safe here!” snapped Souichirou, “You can protect her from her enemies, you can protect her from disease and even the harshness of this life, but you can’t protect her from Ragyo’s madness!”

    Soroi glared at Souichirou, his nostrils flaring in rage but his posture was tightly controlled, breathing heavy at Souichirou’s words.

    “I know,” said Soroi fatefully, “I know I can’t protect her from that… nobody can… Satsuki… Satsuki will-”

    Not grow up here at all,” finished Souichirou.

    Soroi blinked back his surprise and rapidly reassessed the situation.

    “You have a plan?” he asked hopefully.

    “I have a plan,” he said, drawing forth a syringe containing the chickenpox virus.
    “Satsuki is dead,” said Ragyo matter-of-factly to her shell-shocked husband as a thunderstorm raged outside.

    Souichirou merely nodded. Not in agreement, merely in acknowledgment. The death of their youngest had hit the fragile human hard; this second blow had crushed him utterly. She could see it in him, the weakness, the softness. With such a pathetic man as a husband it was no wonder that they’d failed to produce viable progeny. His faulty genes had failed her for a second time

    For the last time, she thought, Still, it’s annoying. That a mere childhood disease would besmirch even half of my superior genes?

    She paused, considering.

    I can probably turn this into an advantage, she thought, There must be a charity for children who develop complications due to chickenpox. I could write it off on tax and Hououmaru is always onto me about good public relations too… yes, this definitely works…

    “She’s dead,” mumbled Souichirou.

    “Yes, that’s what I said,” replied Ragyo.

    Souichirou ripped off his jacket and threw it across the room with rage and sorrow.

    “WHY?!” he roared to the heavens. He threw open the door and stormed off down the hall.

    “Souichirou?” she asked more out of curiosity than concern.

    “WHY?!” he roared again, tearing his shirt off with a popping of buttons and throwing it into the face of a nearby maid and toppling a mantelpiece in his rage.

    “Souichirou!” she chastised. She’d probably have to pay the maid more now.

    “WHY?!” he screamed, kicking his left shoe off, “WHY?!” he repeated with his right shoe, “WHY?!” he tore off is belt and flung it at Soroi, who ducked in the nick of time.

    He’s gone mad, she thought as he screamed “WHY?!” over and over whilst shucking his pants, following him out of a morbid curiosity.

    By the time they’d reached the front door of the Kiryuuin Manor, he’d stripped down to his boxers.

    “WHY?!” he raged, and with a mighty effort he tore off his own boxers and threw them at the ground, “WHY AM I ALIVE?! WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY DEAD!? WHY?! WHY?!”

    This is getting boring, she thought, Completely uninteresting. Perhaps it would be best to divest myself of this creature before he taints me, she thought.

    “WHY?!” he roared to the heavens as he strode naked and alone in the thunderstorm, “WHY GOD DAMN YOU! WHY?!”

    Divorce papers in the morning, murder him later when events have suitably cooled down, she thought, I’ll have Hououmaru arrange it. Such an annoying man. Eliminating his weak genes will be doing the species a favour.

    “I think you rather overdid things, personally,” said Kinue Kinigase in her usual cool manner.

    “I needed her to believe that I was insane with grief,” replied Souichirou.

    “Are you sure it worked?” she asked.

    “If it didn’t then, showing up to the divorce proceedings naked and demanding they address me by my proper title as ‘King of the Potato People’ certainly sealed the deal,” said Souichirou with a grin.

    “Oh I personally think that was a bit of spite on your part. The more insane you are, the worse Ragyo looks just for having married you,” said Kinue.

    “Why not both?” grinned Souichirou, “Besides that, how’s little Satsuki doing?”

    “She’s recovering fine. I must admit I was worried when you wanted to infect your own child with chicken pox,” said Kinue.

    “I needed a real illness to get her out of the house and into a hospital where she could develop ‘complications’, to say nothing of a Doctor who would lie for me, fake the death certificate, supply a lookalike corpse, and keep their mouth shut. Soroi really came through for me there, Doctor Mankanshoku was phenomenal,” he mused, “Besides, some parents try to infect their own children with chicken pox early on to protect them from it later. That makes me no different from any other parent, really.”

    “So, what now? You know Ragyo’s coming for you sooner or later once the divorce is over,” asked Kinue.

    “For now, keep showing up to court naked and keep developing those contacts we’ve been working on. We need to know more about life fibers, even working with Ragyo I was only given so much information and it’s high time we started filling in the gaps. As for when Ragyo sends her goons after me… I’ve already got contingencies underway for that,” he said.

    “Oh? Do tell,” asked Kinue.

    “Just call me Isshin Matoi,” he said.

    “Only on one condition,” said Kinue.

    “Name it,” said Isshin.

    “Put some damn clothes on,” said Kinue.

    “Only when you can find me something that wasn’t made by Revocs.”

    A/N - Updated the flow and language in places, cut some gratuitous language, repetitions, etc. It's mostly the same as the one I put up in the Ideas thread, but with slight improvements.
    I'm experimenting with a new writing method here. Normally I do whole chapters, then post. That's been a little... slow lately. So I'm going to be trying out quick snippets instead and then pasting them all together as a large chapter to see how that works out for me. The idea is to pump out a snippet a day, barring recap nights.​
    Prologue - This Post​
    Chapter 1 - The Best Father You Could Be​
    Chapter 2 - Daughters of Fire and Ice​
    Chapter 3 - Burn Your Sorrows Down​
    Chapter 4 - Underneath the Radar​
    [Snippet 15] - ​
    [Snippet 16] - ​
    [Snippet 17] - ​
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    Chapter 1
    The Best Father You Could Be
    Isshin Matoi stroked his beard thoughtfully. It had only been a few short years and already his daughters had grown. Souichiro, the man he had once been, was dead, just as he’d intended. The life fiber scientist had now fully adopted his new name and identity, along with his daughters, Ryuuko Matoi and Satsuki Matoi.

    He’d erased any trace or link back to their Kiryuuin heritage, he’d even altered the kanji used to spell Satsuki’s name and kept her hair cropped relatively short to make doubly certain. He couldn’t allow a single remaining thread to trace back to Ragyo. The risk of discovery was too great, the consequences of failure too dire.

    In the interim, his daughters had become quite the handful. Changing nappies, feeding, constantly being hounded by crying in the middle of the night… he had no idea how he’d gotten through it. It was every bit as hard as his university days minus the sex, drugs, alcohol and fun.

    And then they’d grown up just that little bit more and learned how to walk and talk. Little Satsuki was incessantly asking questions that ended in ‘But why?’ while little Ryuuko had developed a feisty and adventurous spirit untempered by caution, resulting in more than a few near misses.

    Kindergarten had been both a godsend and a pain. Seeing his daughters playing with other children was a wonderful thing for the two, while also serving to give him a small respite from the constant worry and stress of single parenting. The pain had come however when it came to the other parents. He’d easily been the most eccentric person there, the long beard, clog sandals, hunched back and cantankerous attitude hadn’t won him many friends, and being one of the few father’s there, and the only single father at that, had made the other parents wary and untrustworthy.

    Much to his pain, that had consequences for Ryuuko and Satsuki. The other children sensed their parents mistrust and taken it out on Ryuuko and Satsuki. The disruption had caused friction between himself and the other parents, which in turn flowed back to their children… a vicious cycle that he couldn’t resolve.

    It hadn’t gotten serious enough for him to remove his girls from kindergarten. As long as they were together the other children tended to exclude them and leave them be… but if either was alone, they tended to be more aggressive, pulling their hair or ruining their fingerpainting. By the time Satsuki was ready to move on to school he’d already made arrangements to pull Ryuuko from the class and keep her at home until she was ready for school herself.

    All the while his research had suffered. Tending to the needs of two growing daughters had taxed his time something fierce. Each night he went to bed more and more tired, with fewer ideas and motivation than the night before. The fledgling Nudist Beach was coming along well thanks to Kinue, Aikuro and Tsumugu, but only because they were carrying a good portion of his weight.

    Everything will get better when they’re at school, he mused.

    Isshin pored over the patterns he’d been tracing, rubbing out a line here, redrawing it there, adjusting by a few millimeters like so. The design was intricate. Exotic. No modern tailor or seamstress would recognise exactly what he was doing despite the familiar way in which he was doing it. Kamui never worked the way one expected them to. They weren’t clothing so much as living beings masquerading as clothing, and that demanded an entirely new and entirely different technique.

    They’d need to test the prototype he was working on sooner or later but-


    The phone? Now? Who could… oh… he thought.


    “Mr. Matoi? I’m going to have to ask you to come to school right away, it’s your daughters. Again,” said the voice at the other end.

    “I’ll be right there,” he said tersely, grabbing one of his more intimidating labcoats on the way out.

    “It’s simply unacceptable behaviour!” insisted the teacher.

    “Let me get this straight,” said Isshin as he beheld his daughters, one of them muddy, the other bruised, and both looking quite chastised, “You mean to say one of the boys pushed Ryuuko, Satsuki pushed him back and Ryuuko tripped him?”

    “They started a fight on school grounds,” replied the teacher.

    “It sounds like they were defending themselves,” retorted Isshin.

    “Maybe when Satsuki pushed back, but not when Ryuuko tripped him, and certainly not when Satsuki began kicking him,”

    “You kicked him?” asked Isshin directly to Satsuki.

    “He called Ryuuko a poopy head,” said Satsuki, “And he always tries to steal her lunch when I’m not around!”

    “You need to tell us when that happens, Satsuki,” said the teacher.

    The girl rolled her eyes contemptuously, “Why? So you can do nothing about it like every other time?”

    “Satsuki!” snapped Isshin.

    “You see?” said the teacher, “That’s not the first time she’s spoken with disrespect to other students and teachers either.”

    “Yes, I see,” said Isshin gravely, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to take my daughters home.”

    The teacher caught his meaning and, satisfied the girls would at least be punished, left them in their father’s care.


    The trio walked back to the car, the two girls sullenly, Isshin gravely. The moment the doors had closed he turned around in the driver’s seat to address the two in the back.

    “Both of you listen to me very carefully,” he said, pointing a finger at them both, “You did nothing wrong, either of you.”

    The two girls sat silently, shocked at the telling off they weren’t getting.

    “Both of you have every right to defend yourselves when bullies come trying to push you around,” he pointed his finger at them as though he were telling them off severely, “But next time, try fighting back a little smarter. Ryuuko, when does that boy try stealing your lunch?”

    “Tuesdays?” she answered, unsure of where her father was going with this.

    “Excellent. I’ll make him a lunch he won’t soon forget, and Satsuki, I know you love your sister, but patience is a virtue. If he can get away with pushing Ryuuko around, you can get away with pushing him around, just do it when no one’s looking.”

    The two sisters looked at each other incredulously.

    “Uh, Daddy?”

    “Yes Satsuki?”

    “Are we being told off?” she asked.

    “Yes. If you’re going to fight, and you’ll need to in life, fight smarter, not harder,” said Isshin.

    “So we’re not in trouble?” asked Ryuuko.

    “Only with school,” said Isshin, “Now, let’s get you home and cleaned up and then…” he paused for dramatic effect, “Ice cream!”

    The peals of joy made the entire affair more than worth interrupting his work.

    A/N - This post brought to you by my newborn nephew who is, as of this post, 29 hours old, and my niece, who is sleeping in her cot at the end of the hall. Can Isshin continue being Best Father?
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    Oh. Oh this has promise.

    Alright, you have my attention. Show me where this rabbit hole goes.
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    I'll watch this

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    Best dad.
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    In case you need to visualize it.

    Also, I am so watching this.
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    I like this story! It's enjoyable!
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    Ahhh, this Matoi is just like my dad! Only with less nasal bone spear braining teaching.
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    Oh yes, this is off to a wonderful start. Exactly why i love fan fiction, and very well written to boot!

    Really looking forward to seeing where this goes, oh and of course the havok that Ryuko and Satsuki will unleash :D
  10. ...Satsuki and Ryuuko grow up together...

    I Will Watch This!-

    -From a Safe Distance!
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    Hmm... Where's Soroi now? Admittedly, it wouldn't be as easy for him to slip out from Ragyo's eye, but I doubt that he'd want to be completely in the dark about the girls' lives.
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    Interesting. This is going to change a lot down the line, like the lives of the Elite Four, the existence of Satsuki's academy, etc etc.
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    Probably not too much about Souichiro's death sadly, since that's what sets everything in motion :(
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    Hmm...Satsuki needs to meet an adorable pink haired little girl who asks to follow her with her life..and the Dosh King when he was the Dosh Prince.
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    Question... why are you picturing this Satsuki as Kenpachi Zaraki, of all people?

    Addendum: ...unless I'm completely misinterpreting the reference.
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    ...I wasn't...until now that is.
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    Well, it wouldn't because I haven't seen any changes that make him better hidden, so that has logical as well as narrative reasons.
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    Came in expecting Nui. I am perfectly fine with how things turned out though. Watched.
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    Auntie Kinue was dead.

    Satsuki only understood that they would never see Auntie Kinue again. They’d never get another present and never endure one of her spinning tackle hugs that they pretended to hate but secretly loved. She didn’t truly comprehend death; only that it was a thing that stopped Auntie Kinue from ever visiting.

    That made her sad. She could see that it made other people sad too. Uncle Tsumugu was so sad he hadn’t even come to the funeral with the black clothing that everyone else was wearing, just some daggy shorts and a t-shirt that he looked like he was itching to take off.

    Papa is the most sad of all, she mused, His hunch has gotten worse, and he hasn’t smiled since the accident.

    She knew that something bad had happened to Auntie Kinue. She’d watched on TV how they did funerals, they always let you say goodbye to the person who’d died. But here the casket was closed and nobody was allowed to say goodbye. That seemed to make everyone even sadder, and the priest babbling on about ashes and dust didn’t seem to be even trying to life the mood.

    She felt her eyes watering as they lowered the casket. This was the last memory of Auntie Kinue she would ever have; a wooden box being lowered into the ground. There would be no Auntie Kinue to congratulate her on solving a math problem, there would be no Auntie Kinue to help her bake a cake, there would be no Auntie Kinue to teach her where to aim on boys ‘where it hurts’ or anything like that ever again. Auntie Kinue was gone. Forever.

    She looked to her father for comfort, and in a single bleak moment realised something.

    That could have been papa, she thought, No, that will be papa one day.

    She sobbed as she understood death for the first time.

    Isshin walked numbly back to the car. He held Ryuuko by the hand while carrying a sleeping Satsuki with the other. She was almost too heavy for it by this point, but the aging scientist persevered for his eldest daughter’s uninterrupted sleep.

    “Papa, are you gonna die one day?” asked a red eyed Ryuuko.

    Isshin stiffened. He hadn’t prepared himself for this question. He could only nod stiffly in response. He laid Satsuki down in the back seat and hopped in the car, only to find Ryuuko had taken the front passenger seat for the first time.

    “You shouldn’t be afraid, Papa,” said Ryuuko with a steel he heard only when it involved chocolate or supporting her older sister, “Death is just a jerk in a black robe with a silly sword that takes people away,”

    She furrowed her brow angrily. The entire car seemed to boil with her new demeanor.

    “I won’t let him take you away Papa,” she declared, “When he comes for you I’ll… I’ll beat him up! I’ll snap his silly sword and then I’ll make him bring Auntie Kinue back!”

    Isshin grinned with equal parts happiness and sorrow.

    She still thinks that death is what happens to other people, he mused, no need to rob her of that fantasy.

    He tussled her hair playfully, “You’ll need to stop losing to your sister in fights if you’re gonna beat up death kiddo.”

    Losing Kinue had been a bad blow for Isshin Matoi. She’d been there to help him out when the girls had become more than the handful he could handle alone. The girls had loved her, and it had allowed him to make progress, real progress in his research on Kamui’s.

    It was Kinue that had insisted on the human trials. Kinue that had volunteered to try on the prototype Kamui. Kinue who had begged him with her dying breath to continue the experiments.

    I was such an idiot, he thought.

    He glared at the source of all his recent pains and sorrows as it ravenously writhed against its pins, trying to rip free and consume.

    But you will never hurt anyone again!

    He pulled out his tailors’ dagger, holding it aloft so the prototype Kamui could see exactly what he held and exactly what that entailed. It only writhed in a greater and more frenzied bloodlust, its bestial snarls audible even to him. He quivered with rage before bringing it down on his own creation, rending and tearing it apart as life fibers came apart under his fury. He’d already severed it at the Banshin, the central supporting fiber that imbued the clothing with will and purpose, it was already dead for all intents and purposes, but Isshin Matoi’s rage and anguish could not be satiated by just this. He hacked and slashed until every last scrap of cloth was little more than frayed threads and then he burned the threads.

    I’m such a damned fool! He cursed himself again.

    The Kamui he’d created to be worn by a human had worked exactly as had been intended… by Ragyo. It had recognised a food source and consumed it. It didn’t matter how intelligent he had made it. Once it tasted human it would crave for more than any one person could give.

    What I need to do… he collected his thoughts, the kernel of an idea percolating in his mind, What I need to do is trick the Kamui into recognising humans as something that isn’t food.

    He paused for a moment when another idea struck him.

    Ryuuko had once had the bad habit of sucking her thumb wherever she went. He knew he had to stop her, but also knew she would pop it right back in the moment his back was turned… so he’d started rubbing hot peppers on her thumbs. She’d quickly learned to stop sucking on her thumbs after the first few times.

    It’s not quite the same approach. If humans ‘taste’ bad to life fibers they’ll just spit them out… no… what I need to do is change the Kamui’s sense of taste to not recognise human’s as food, strictly speaking…

    His thoughts raced faster and faster as he went straight back to the drawing board. Changing the way a Kamui perceived a human would require some finesse and original thinking.

    And time I don’t have… he thought sadly, I need more time, or else my daughters won’t have a future.

    A/N - Even Best Father can't protect you from death forever. Or bullies.
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    Aww~ I figured that having both sisters would have much bigger changes to canon :( poor Kinue.
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    Spinning Tackle Hugs sound terrifying.

    Also i got a great laugh out of Isshin's...unorthodox way of stopping Ryuuko from sucking her thumb :D
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    Later, it should be huge. For example, maybe Ragyo's taken another husband to give her new heirs, maybe Nui's much different, definitely there's no Honnoji Academy. But there's a lot of early stuff it shouldn't affect, like this.
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    Assuming that Ragyo now treats Nui like her daughter (because presumably she used her own genetic material for at least part of Nui's human side), I'm not sure if that would make Nui less, more or just differently crazy.

    The Elite Four, on the other hand, are going to be different. Nonon most of all, then Gamagoori, then Sanageyama. Inumuta... Inumuta will have changed the least, I think, but there's also a decent chance that Nudist Beach would recruit him without Satsuki there to beat them to the punch.

    Ryūko will also be quite different, since she won't be so alone all the time.
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    Watching this so hard.

    Isshin Matoi will be Best Dad™.
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    Something that bothered me in Kill la Kill canon is that Dr. Matoi never seemed to prepare an information package for Ryuuko in case of his death. With two daughters to worry about, not working up such a package would be irresponsible on his part.
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