King Kong vs Anaconda

Discussion in 'Vs. Debates' started by Jedi Matt, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Jedi Matt

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    King Kong from the movie vs... The Anaconda from the Anaconda movie and the movie Anacondas!

    Who wins?
  2. Theocrass

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    I'm fairly certain Anaconda isn't much more threatening to King Kong than a rattler sized, non venomous snake would be to us. Sure, it's big. Can it strangle us when that small?

    Nope, not really.
  3. mackon

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    I think there's a high end (or bad special effects having it way out of proportion so one is about twenty times the size of every other shot of them) Anaconda that KK wouldn't be able to just step on .... but since I'm never going to watch those films again we'll never know.
  4. which Anaconda? the big red one from the last part of the movie that seemed to be about the size of a damn sperm whale?

    or the yellow bastard that was stalking them for most of the film?

    cause Kong baby shakes the yellow bastard but the other one literally required J-lo and ice cube blowing up a factory to put down

    the sequels are terrible but IIRC one had..hundred footers that moved really fast and i think where immortal or something

    shitty sequel is shitty
  5. Jedi Matt

    Jedi Matt Retired Evil Cardinal

    All of them. The one near the end was freakin huge. (First Movie)
  6. seriously what was that like 80 feet or so?

    the one near the probably large enough to get a hold of kong and tough enough to kill most versions of kong from the classic to the jeff Bridges one..but I remain iffy on the peter Jackson kong any guy who can fight multiple T rexes like that..and come off okay the King Kong from king Kong vs Goszilla would rape him though that fucker had the Raikages Raiton armor

    i mean the BRA (big red anaconda) was f*(king tough though and huge and fast

    is this jacksons kong?
  7. Jedi Matt

    Jedi Matt Retired Evil Cardinal

    Yes from the latest movie
  8. big Red might be a problem for him but i can't imagine the yellow one being too much trouble

    sequel condas should do him in as well since they where all basically big red knock offs
  9. Daniel2112

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    King Kong fought a giant snake in the '76 movie. The snake didn't survive the experience.