Klingon War (A Star Trek AU timeline)

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    They have, it is's called the Centaur-class it was seen in DS9 but it doesn't have the rollbar
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    I think it's also implied that disruptors are inherently painful whether they're used to wound or simply disintegrate. Phasers on the other hand are portrayed as relatively painless outside of a few anomalous instances where someone has a headache after being stunned...and that just might be from when they hit their head on the ground after crumpling like a puppet with its strings cut.
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    Theres a variant that might count, the Centaur Class from DS9 it's been called both a kitbash and a conventional ship both so YMMV. It could be the Excelsior version of the Miranda.

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    Point being the Federation will need combat hulls. They will need them quickly , like in ADBverse. The 'war cruiser' was the result. Every race had one. It was a ship with a large percentage of the combat potential of a full cruiser but could be built using destroyer slips.
  5. I've heard that "Reliant class" specifically covers the post-Constitution-refit era Miranda class, with Miranda also covering [never seen on-screen] pre-refit variants (with the same components as the TOS Enterprise), with "Enterprise class" used for the refit Constitution class itself.
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    TOS is the Anton Class, Miranda is the Refit version with Reliant possibly being the Heavy Armament version we see in TWOK.
  7. Kirk was the perfect commander for the wolfpack fleet...before he became captain, he was in command of a fleet of Avenger and Predator class ships...the Feds still has the hulls for them but they were the backbone of Starfleet's forces against the Klingons before the Organians intervened...those hulls just needs their weapons and shields upgraded...each of the Predator and Avenger has about a 100hulls built...imagine the Feds rebuilding them and equipping them with cloaks...

    IMHO, the Avengers were the Feds version of the Klingon Bird of Prey...with access to Klingon tech from the captured ships, Starfleet should start installing their versions of the Romulan plasma torpedo launchers on their ships...the rest of the local powers use the Romulan plasma torpedoes, the Gorn and Breen uses them from reverse engineered captured Romulan ships...my new design for the Avenger is that it's delta shaped like the Sovereign or Intrepid hulls but has a Fed version of the Romulan Plasma Torpedo launcher just above the main deflector dish and a couple of phaser lances with front and aft photon torpedo launchers...
  8. I haven't seen anything that implies that the Feds choose to use plasma torps as part of their doctrine (other than a star trek game). But the power of the latest version of the photon torpedo should do nicely. But of course, fanfiction lets you use some "author's liberty" and make a few changes. Unlike the disruptor, the plasma torp does seem to have some advantages over photon torps. Some disadvantages too, but with a cloaking device to let you slip into range...
  9. In some star trek books, there were some heavily armored war ships designs that were never used, so whole new fleet.
    Like there is the engineers section, will starfleet have their own fleet dedicated for defence. SO aimed at dealing with raiders and pirates. THey would also garrison the borders, near hostile powers.
    WIth the big change of fighter ships, will we see carriers mixed into the fleet. Also will they creat ships that have purely energy weapon, or torpedo ships.
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    2300 - The 4th, 6th and 9th Fleets repaired, rearmed and reinforced by a number of the new Argonaut-class heavy destroyers cross into Klingon territory. Despite fierce resistance from some of the house fleets the outer Klingon colonies and 'protectorates' space defences are quickly overwhelmed. The axial assault phaser cannons carried by the Argonauts especially prove devastating capable of destroying even a K'Tinga-class cruiser with three shots.

    On the ground the battles prove to be far more difficult for the Federation with the Klingons putting up fierce resistance and in some cases being willing to fight to the last man. On the protectorate worlds the Starfleet Marines are assisted by gurilla forces of the native, long oppressed populations who are now ceasing the chance of freedom from decades or centuries of brutal Klingon rule. Eventually the defences are worn down and the final Klingon garrison reluctantly accepts the inevitable and surrenders however significant casualties are sustained by all sides.

    With the outermost Klingon colonies and protectorates fallen the Federation reinforces its beachhead and begins constructing the forward military bases and supply facilities necessary to support an advance deeper into the Klingon Empire. Meanwhile on Quo'nos the High Council and High Command reels from the loss of the colonies and the fall of a number of house fleets. Chancellor Ja'arod desperate to secure the empire orders the Defence Force to fortify all sectors around the Federation beachhead and to prepare a counter-attack to reclaim the area. To reinforce the regions around the beachhead the Klingon High Command draws some of its forces away from the Romulan border - leaving the area protected solely by the individual house fleets based in the region. Unknown to the Klingons this is exactly what the Romulan Empire has been waiting for and the Tal Shair begins to execute a plan that will in galactic politics give legitimacy to a Romulan attack on the Klingons.

    2301 - The Klingon Imperial Fleet launches a counterattack on the Federation beachhead positions. The Klingons surprise Starfleet by fielding their own one-man attack craft the Gre'thor-class assault fighter developed in response to the Federation Valkyrie. While formidable and well armed the Gre'thor is slightly slower and less agile than its Starfleet counterpart but still proves a formidable foe. The Klingons manage to push the Federation forces back to their first line of supply bases but are unable to martial sufficient strength to drive them all the way out of the empire as additional Federation forces in the form of the 10th and 11th Fleets arrive at the beachhead.

    Ships of apparent Klingon make attack the Romulan outpost of Talik'var causing considerable damage. Publically the Romulan Senate reacts with outrage at the 'unprovoked attack' and the 'invasion of Romulan sovereignty' by the Klingon aggressors. In response the Romulan Empire formally declares war against the Klingons and fleets of warbirds cross into Klingon space and quickly conquer three border colonies. The speed at which the Romulans were able to dispatch such large fleets of warbirds leads some in Starfleet Intelligence to believe that the ships that attacked Talik'var weren't Klingon at all but Romulan Tal Shiar vessels made to look Klingon. However it remains only a suspecision as the Tal Shiar has covered its tracks well.

    With the Star Empire now at war with the Klingons Romulan Ambassador Nanclus approaches President Ra'gothri with a proposal from Praetor Turann. The proposal is for a temporary military alliance between the Romulan Empire and the Federation against their common Klingon foe. Though weary of trusting the Romulans Ra'gothri, the Council and Starfleet Command agree to the alliance as it will only hasten the final defeat of the Klingon Empire.

    As the year ends representatives of the Romulan military and government meet with representatives of the Federation Council and Starfleet Command to plan out a joint stratergy to defeat the Klingons and decide the fate of the Klingon territories after the war.

    2302 - The Federation and the Romulans launch major offensives against the Klingons with the Romulans aiming to capture the dilithium mines on the penal planetoid of Rura Panthe while Starfleet aims for the Klingon colony of N'Gat one of the largest industrial planets in the whole of the empire and the sight of the largest shipyard in the empire now with the loss of Quo'nos orbital shipyards due to debris from the destruction of Praxis. The Klingons rush forces from all over their territory to try and stop the offensives knowing that if either or both worlds fall to the enemy then the total defeat of the empire would become inevitable.

    After a series of extremely pitched and desperate space battles the Klingons are able to halt the advance of both groups just shy of their intended targets. However in doing so the bulk of the Imperial Fleets remaining heavy warships - including all of its K'Tinga-class cruisers - are either lost or severely damaged. Many of the generals in the Klingon High Command realise that if the Federation and the Romulans are able to regroup, reinforce their forces and renew their offensives the Imperial Klingon Defence Force would not have the strength left in space forces to stop them. While Starfleet and the Romulan Imperial Fleet lick their wounds the Klingons send what reinforcements they can and begin fortifying as best as they can, determined to hold onto both systems for as long as possible.

    After bringing up fresh ships and crews to replace those lost, destroyed or injured as well as reinforcements the Federation and the Romulans renew there offensives. Both break through the Klingon lines and reach their destinations. While the Romulans begin landing Reman shock troops and elite Centurion units on Rura Panthe Starfleet obliterates the shipyards and industrial stations over N'Gat before bombarding the planets main power plants, communications and military facilities from orbit. When the bombardment ends Starfleet sends in its marines to take the colony. As 2302 enters its closing hours fierce battles erupt across N'Gat as the Klingons fight with fanatical tenacity to hold onto every mile of the planets surface despite the immense amounts of firepower and manpower being brought to bare against them by the Starfleet Marine Corps.
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    Sweet update and nice concept too. And I'm glad you didn't turn Starfleet into the proverbial punching bag either.

    Just a couple of questions, does the Argonaut class destroyers resemble the Yamato class from Klingon Academy?

    And in the future, do you plan to make some sort of appendix detailing the new military and technical capabilities of Starfleet post war, such as ship specs, weapons, troop equipment etc.?
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    And the death knell of the Klingon empire sounds. In hindsight, it was really stupid of the Klingons to start a war with the Feds at a time when they lost their homeworld and major Shipyard, along with their best source of Dilithium. Any logical species would sue for peace then.

    Klingons are not logical though. They are aggression given intelligence.
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  13. They wouldn't need to modify any spacecraft to resemble Klingon units as during the TOS years the Klingon and Romulan empires had signed a mutual defence pact in which they exchanged technology. The Romulans for example gave the Klingons their cloaking shield tech and in return got Klingon disuptor tech along with D-7 heavy cruisers; it was off of a D-7 that Kirk stole a cloaking shield generator from the Romulans.
  14. Klingons was always liking wars. I guess, after this one they won't be so found to them any longer.
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    The Duplicity of the Romulan Star Empire... :eek::eek:;7

    Wonders when Section 31 will 'investigate' this 'incident' ...

    Also wonders whether the House of Duras still exist as a powerful House Fleet or were they taken 'advantage' of by their Romulan 'sponsers' .... :drevil::drevil:
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    Nice little war that's exposing the Klingon Empire to be a paper tiger.

    Will the Federation field their dreadnought starships?

    A few nitpicks:

    weary means tired. You mean "wary"

    cease means stop. You mean "seize" or "seizing"

    The Klingon homeworld's name is Qo'noS.

    In the film script, the Federation president's name is Ra'ghoratrei, but Ra'gothri is close.
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    Good stuff, will be curious to see how far the TL continues.
  18. SAy starfleet doesnt attempt to take command of lots of planets, simply secure a really good border, possibly get the romulans to agree that the native and conquered races of the area are left in peace, the feds could help organise them so they are more independant. THen when the romluans attempt to take on klingon space, they get legions of angry klingons raiding and attacking their empire. ANd starfleet could use this, fuelling supplies to the klingons to attack the romulans, bog them down for years.

    Qu'nos is still dieing correct, i wonder if they will force them to peace but use this as a way to gain favor.

    WIll the house of mogh become the new emporer.
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    Not yet.... I suspect.

    There is still the other Klingon Clan House's Fleets facing the other borders of the Klingon Empire...

    Say... did the Federation and Star Fleet even noticed that Gorkon was ... deleted ... by his foes in the Klingon High Council???
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  20. Hm, question: wouldnt the Gorn be looking at this mite wearily? From what I remember the Romulans have been the Gorn's enemy for damn near forever (correct me if I'm wrong). With the Klingons rapidly being put out of the picture the Gorn will be pressed even harder by the Romulans who no longer have to be weary of the Klingons.
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    What is preventing the Klingons from surrendering to StarFleet or for StarFleet to demand their surrender when the Romulans attacked? It was clearly an impossible situation that would only end with the Empire's total destruction.
  22. Out of curiosity, what happened to the Bird of Prey that could fire while cloaked?
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    I think it was destroyed at Archer IV. I believe it was the Dakronah, General Chang's ship.
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    By this point in time, the Gorn already had contact with the Federation, so it's not a stretch to believe that they can use the Federation as a replacement for the Klingons as a deterrent to the Romulans. And it is at this time I believe that first contact with the Cardassians should be happening.
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    I believe the Klingons may want to go the German route and attempt to throw forces at the Romulan Forces over the Feds. The Feds will be much more benevolent than the Romulans...I mean if you had to choose who to fall too...
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