Korra Vs Aang

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    Scenario 1: Season 1 Aang.

    Scenario 2: Season 2 Aang.

    Scenario 3: Season 3 Aang.

    No Avatar State in any of the scenarios.
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  2. Season 1 and 2 Korra wins because she has mastered 3 elements, is older, and has super strength.

    Season 3 Aang wins.
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    In all three scenarios the answer is the same: Aang runs away.
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    Or try to solve the situation peacefully before running away, but either way, Korra would win.

    But, let's say for the sake of the thread that Aang decides to fight Korra despite his pacifistic nature. In the first two situations, Korra would light Aang up or bury his ass because she has mastered three of the four elements and on her way to mastering airbending. There's really no contest in these two duels.

    In the final situation however, it might be a bit tougher to call. They'd be roughly equal in power, but Aang would have the advantage by being able to airbend, which Korra has yet to master, which puts the odds of winning the final situation in Aang's favour.
  5. Unfortunately, it's not so cut and dried as 'Korra knows this many elements and Aang knows that many'. As opposed to just implying power levels, one should actually compare what both have been shown to be capable off.

    While it is true that Korra appears to have some low level super strength going on... she has no real bending feats that match up to Aang's, even in season one.

    Air bending is a strong element, and specializes in controlling the fight. It would be (if he chose to stand and fight), Aang that decides how the fight will unfold. Even in season one, he's got the speed and mobility advantages, and experience fighting fire, earth and water benders, so insinuating 'she would light him up or bury him' is pretty silly, especially considering how weak her bending is in comparison to the people that Aang fought in the original series.

    This is especially telling, since Korra is four years older, yet seems far less adept (so far) when it comes to bending. Part of this might be caused by the Pro-Bending, which seems to focus on mediocre, low level bending which limits the fighters in ways that would get them laughed at on the battle field. If she were to get away from that and start showing more of what she can actually do, then I might be more tempted to give her a chance against Aang.

    As it stands, though, at the moment her only advantage, in any scenario, is her strength... and that doesn't help at all against Aang, as his style is pretty much built to outmaneuver bigger, stronger opponents.

    As the creators themselves said, Aang, Katara and the other main characters are pretty much super heroes in the bending world, easily out doing grown benders. Korra seems to be the 'Gritty Reboot' Dark Knight style hero, brought back down to earth to be more in line with the people around her.

    At only 6 episodes in and with no really impressive feats so far, I would go with Aang in all three scenarios, with the first one being the most even.
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    Korra wins 2/3.
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    From what LoK has shown so far, the impression isn't really that Pro-Bending specifically goes for low-level bending so much as in general the series has shown that in that era people tend to be more conservative with their bending. The facts that 1) They are (for the most part) in a densely populated city and 2) just seem to be more efficient. I get the impression that Korra-era benders can just do more with less, while Aang-era benders tend to be more flashy, yet (in the series) easily-beatable mooks.
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    This. Most of the Legend of Korra martial arts we see are based on more modern styles like kick boxing and muy thai. Styles that are based on taking down opponents as fast as possible while using as little energy as possible. The Metalbending police use metal "whips" while Toph would basically use metalbending like earthbending with a non-shatterable material. The fire bender gangster in the first episode threw a small frisbee sized flame while someone from the first series would use a huge fireball. And that's not even getting into pro-bending, and how they use bending, even if it's not a real fight.

    Korra's main problem is that she lacks the control Aang possesses. She's exceedingly quick to go to those "flashy" moves. See the main title, where she bends a massive wave of water at the camera, tripping slightly as she does so.
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    Not really seeing the trip.

    Still I would give it from season 2 on to Aang and most of the time from season one.
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    Right after the spin, she stumbles, landing low before launching the water up to compensate. Plus, watch how uneven the water flow is. Compared to Katara by the end of the first season, Korra just doesn't have the flow that a master waterbender should have.

    And part of it is Korra's never had to use her bending for anything other then training. Unlike the Gaang, Korra, until the series started, has spent her entire life in a compound at the South Pole. She's never been in a life or death scenario, and definately never had the fate of the world resting on her shoulders. Aang has. He mastered the four elements before his thirteenth (or was it fourteenth?) birthday, a feat no other Avatar has matched, because he had to or the entire world would have been destroyed. A lot of people complain Korra isn't as good as Aang. She isn't, because she never needed to be. Her skillset is more varied then Aang's was at that point in his training, and she's a lot more familiar with the three elements she has mastered, but she's still "in-training" as it were.

    However, consider this. Korra mastered three elemental styles in the time it took Aang to master one without any pressure besides the one all Avatars have of mastering the elements. If and when she is put to the test, what will Korra accomplish if we extrapolate from there?
  11. That's a bit disingenuous. We haven't seen any bender 'mooks' in LoK yet that haven't been dealt with in even shorter order than any of the Aang era mooks. The only credible threat out there so far is the chi blockers.

    And there is 'doing more with less', and then just being over powered by orders of magnitude. Just look at the video of Korra splashing that 'huge' wave of water. As far as LoK, that pretty much was huge, but by Aang era standards, that was tiny. I wouldn't just put Aang ahead of Korra, I'd easily put money on season 2 Katara and Toph taking her down as well, multiple elements or not, let alone the season 3 crowd.

    This is kind of a double edged statement here, as well. Yes, Korra was able to begin using three elements from a very young age... but she's sixteen years old and her prowess is still lower than Aangs at four years younger than herself. So extrapolation doesn't exactly work well here, as she blooms early, only to progress at a more conservative rate.

    Conversely, if we extrapolate from Aang's progress, of actually mastering Air by 12, then going on to master the other 3 in a year... I think his upper limits are going to look a bit more crazy down the road.

    Of course, this is all based on what we've actually been shown so far. Personally, I'm hoping that they get by this bending games stuff soon and get back to the real bending so that Korra can show of some real talent. She still has the potential to show us some really amazing stuff, because she's literally been holding back so far, so really gauging her is premature at this point.
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    Let's keep in mind that Aang earned his arrow by inventing a new bending technique. I do not believe Korra has any equivalent feat.

    Actually, that brings up another point; when Korra and Tenzin were having that argument in the Arena in episode two, she talks about how she should be learning "modern styles of fighting", not "modern styles of bending". I think another reason she doesn't measure up is because she thinks of bending as a weapon, rather than as a tool that can be weaponized.
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    She has trouble with the spiritual side of bending, which is the opposite of Aang, who was spiritual to a fault.

    This is why she has trouble with Airbending, because she has little to no spiritual enlightenment to balance out her fighting skills.
  14. I really believe you are over-reading the scene here, it's meant as an animation of water bending, not a benchmark of her bending abilities, it could be different animators, a change of software and shading techniques, etc.
    There's really nothing that is subject to a deep interpretation.

    The best estimation of Korra's current abilities is the fight at the end of ep 06, and Lin Bei Fong does a better job than Korra.
    I think that Korra is wins against Aang in a 3 element bending match, as long as they fight by the rules she's used too. In a free for all match, Aang wins without much difficulty, even when limited to 3 elements.
    The point s that Korra has little experience of real' fighting.
  15. Korra has been training in combat fighting her entire life. It wasn't life and death but it doesn't mean the training is worthless.

    And maybe I'm misremembering the old series but I'm not coming up with anything that is "orders of magnitude" greater than what we see in the new one.
  16. Q99


    Most of the ones that do small bending in the Aang-era are mooks or lowish level too. The ones that do large bending are pretty universally masters.
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    In animation, nothing is accidental (unless it is). And it does illustrate Korra's tendency to go towards force rather then finesse, something that's gotten her in trouble pretty much every time.

    And as for Episode Six, Korra's main problem in that fight was that her skillset was wrong for the circumstances. No airbending, no metalbending, and so she kept being in a situation where her talent was useful. She kicked ass, even against the Lieutenant, when she actually had her feet on the ground. However, whenever verticality was involved, she was helpless.

    And yes, she has little experience actually fighting. But she's also lacking the most versatile element.
  18. I would give it to Korra, I think. While it's true that the feats in ATLA are more impressive, they're also very low damage. Zuko's Scar aside, no one ever walks away even moderately injured from bending fights if people aren't throwing around lightning. And we know Lightning is something people throw around regularly in Republic City.

    Moreover, Korra is blatantly a lot more Combat oriented. Aang is unlikely to have any of the staying power necessary to bring her down. Recall that a very large number of Aangs takedowns involve using a different element to beat his opponent, one they can't counter. Korra can simply counter with her own bending of the same element. Given that she's more combat focused, even if Aang does more impressive tricks, Korra's will be more dangerous.

    Edit: also recall she got facerolled when she tried traditional bending in Probending. Even if some of that is due to rules, probending has a lot going for it. I'd argue that Korra-era benders are a lot weaker, simply because of how little stamina they seem to have, but they also seem to be doing a lot more with what they've got.
  19. Despite being water tribe, Korra is best at Firebending.

    Also, that wasn't a trip, just because she's not gracefully flowing like Katara doesn't mean she's tripping over her own feet and her movements aren't intentional.
  20. Animation, like SFX is subject to time and budget constraints, it's also subject to rule of cool. Same reason why the cinematic show Mass effect ship fighting a point blank ranges when the codex states that they fight thousands of km apart.
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    Korra's immediate impression of Bolin's light-on-his-feet style of Earthbending is that it has a number of advantages over the traditional style.
  22. Yeah pro-bending attacks are held back by rules and deliberate limitations, not any inherent weaknesses of the style.
  23. How quickly pro benders run out of steam implies an inherent weakness either in the style or the benders.
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    Wait, what? I don't recall any benders stopping/ showing a marked slow-down due to overuse of bending or exhaustion so far. Can has Examples?
  25. It's mentioned in the first pro bending episode where Mako solos.