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Legend of Korra thread 2: Would you do it for a Bosco Snack?

Discussion in 'Space Battles' started by Fell, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. CuriousStranger

    CuriousStranger WRITE ANYTHING

    Ozai's gotta be like a hundred or something. And really, does it have to be someone connected with the old gang? It feels like everyone's so obsessed about the older stuff that they can't look ahead.
  2. Fell

    Fell Nervous Dragon

    Ozai would be 115 by Legend of Korra, so slightly older than Bumi, and a few decades younger than Guru Pathik.

    But, apparently by LoK, people don't live long anymore.
  3. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit Saladarity

    I think they do it's just no one in the Gaang has been luckily enough yet although Katara might considering it was foretold she would live to see her Great-Grandchildren. Aang burnt himself out by being in the avatar state for 100 years, Toph probably either died in the line of duty or just from the fact that being chief of police for probably 50 years or so did a number on her, Sokka...Who the hell knows. oddly though Suki is not listed as dead on the wiki when most other people who haven't been confirmed to be alive are simply listed as dead.

    edit: According to Colin Heck "Also, Lin’s dad is Azula. It’s really complicated.” Just thought you all should know that.
  4. Imperator Pax

    Imperator Pax Talon Master

    Huh why is this?
  5. In my head I imagine Sokka's fate like so.
    Korra: Hey watch this!
    Katara: *wistful sigh* Those were my brother's last words...

    It does seem like poweful benders are able to live a bit longer then normal folks due to the greater spiritual energy.
    An avatar being a vast fountain of it, lives the longest of all like Kyoshi.
    Aang burned off most of his in the iceberg so gets a non-bender's lifespan.
  6. Fell

    Fell Nervous Dragon

    Pathik wasn't a bender himself, and Bumi wasn't the most spiritual guy around. I think all you really need to do is work your Chi out.
  7. king of hybrids

    king of hybrids Bewildered Bystander

  8. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit Saladarity

    You heard me.
    TheQuote likes this.
  9. Zeful

    Zeful Out of my mind, please leave a message.

    Toph clearly exalted and screwed the crazy right out of Azula.
  10. king of hybrids

    king of hybrids Bewildered Bystander

    this simultaneously explains so very much and raises further questions
  11. I think this is a much better explanation:
    Gecko4lif likes this.
  12. Fell

    Fell Nervous Dragon

    So yeah, not that complicated.
  13. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit Saladarity

    Maybe the complicated part was why Toph did that.
  14. Fell

    Fell Nervous Dragon

    To establish her dominance as the Alpha.
  15. yingyang590

    yingyang590 East of erie, North of normal and West of weird

  16. Fell

    Fell Nervous Dragon

    Fuck you Ozai.

    Quit being a dick.
  17. Cody Fett

    Cody Fett Transitional Phrase Nut

    So, where's the next episode? I hate to ask that, but last I checked there was no intel on that.
  18. chriswriter90

    chriswriter90 Registered

    Saturday, June 2nd... I think.
  19. General Schatten

    General Schatten Retired Fictional General, Director of USCI

    Can't find it either, looking it up it seems out of a courtesy to since obviously a shit load of fans are going to be using a three day weekend to visit family and party they postponed it a week.
  20. Arjac

    Arjac Retreating Backwards

    I guess this weekend was skipped for memorial day, according to comcast next episode is on the 2nd of june
    and yes, no trailers or leaks
  21. Deepthroat

    Deepthroat One Of Your Fans

    According to Wikipedia, 9th of June.
  22. Arjac

    Arjac Retreating Backwards

    thats episode 9 "Out of the Past"
    episode 8 "When Extremes Meet" comes out the 2nd
  23. Deepthroat

    Deepthroat One Of Your Fans

    Really? My mistake.
  24. yingyang590

    yingyang590 East of erie, North of normal and West of weird

    Looks like the Krew is complete

  25. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit Saladarity

    Team Avatar just got a whole lot classier