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    This thread if for posting Loops for The Legend of Zelda series. Here are the Loop mechanics in a general sense. Being lazy, I have copied them directly from the OP of the Misc. loops thread, found here: http://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/miscellaneous-loops.280058.
    Loop mechanics (general):
    One person in a Loop, often the main character, is an Anchor. They are the person who first starts time looping.
    There is always at least one Anchor present in a given Time Loop snippet, though it may not be the local one.
    The standard pattern for a loop is that the Anchor (and whoever else is Looping there) come to awareness in a loop at a particular point in the story. From there, events will play out as influenced by the Loopers present, acting with the benefit of their foreknowledge, until either a predetermined end point is reached or all the Loopers have copped it.
    To be Awake is to be aware of the time loops (that is, to have gone back in time this time.)
    The Anchor is the only character guaranteed to be Awake. Even after others have started looping, it is mostly random as to whether they will be Awake this particular loop.
    Crossovers, fusions, and alternate pasts can also take place. It is perfectly possible, for example, to have the characters Awaken into a loop which conforms to a fanfic universe rather than reality.
    Loops do not have to be in chronological order, but it is strongly preferred that they not require a mutually contradictory order (where A must be before B and B must be before A.)
    Just about every Looper is very, very stir crazy.
    Specifics for the Legend of Zelda Loops:
    As of right now, the Anchor is the Triforce, with the Three Triforce Bearers, Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf, being sort of collective Anchors. They gain memories through the Triforce, but one of them dying will not necessarily end the Loop prematurely.
    There is, for now, only a single incarnation of these three Looping, filling each of the roles that their character has taken during the series.
    The Loop Admin is Epona, with either Susanoo or Izanagi supervising. They use the three Golden Goddesses as go-betweens with the Loopers.
    Loops in Hyrule are odd, in the fact that Loops taking place during a previous time period can sometimes show up as the history of a later loop.

    That is all that I can think of at the moment. Anyone that has something else to add, or if anything up here is wrong, please let me know and I will change it.

    Please keep these discussions focused on LoZ, and leave other discussions for either their given thread or for the Misc. Loops Thread.

    Edit (7/28/2015): Adding in a list of Current Loopers into the Spoiler below. Look at it at your own risk.
    Current Loopers
    Triforce - The True Anchor. The Triforce doesn't really interact with the other Loopers.

    Future Loopers

    D - A sentient version of the Fierce Deity Mask that is traveling in Link's Subspace Pocket.
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    You might wanna go through the Misc loops and pluck up any Zelda things that can be plucked.
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    Zelda and Malon switch rewrite:

    Zelda pouted as her little sister Malon laughed her butt off.

    "This really isn't that funny, you know," Zelda Harkinian Antes Lon-Lon de Hyrule groused at the younger princess.

    "Yes it is!" Malon Daphnes Tetra Lon-Lon de Hyrule squealed in reply.

    "When I said I wanted to be a princess, this wasn't what I meant," the older sister glared.

    "I know!" the younger sister giggled maniacally. "But when I forged official ties with your family, I had no way of being certain that this Loop would take that one as its history and merge our families. I certainly didn't think you'd end up being the older sister!"

    "Yeah, yeah," Zelda muttered. "Laugh it up 'squirt'."

    Malon just kept grinning like a maniac, until she suddenly gasped. "OHMYGOSH!"

    "What?!" Zelda whipped around, trying to see what had gotten her little sister this Loop so worked up.

    "I'm not the heir this time!" Malon's eyes were wide and bright. "Do you know what this means?!"

    "Uh, no...?" Zelda hedged.

    "I might not have to be the princess next Loop!" Malon exulted.

    Zelda blinked.

    "Maybe I can marry a farmer, and if the next Loop takes this one as its history, I can be the farm girl for once!" Malon turned her excitement towards her sister this Loop. "Ooo, I can't wait to see the look on Link's face when he sees that!"

    "What do you actually know about farming? Or ranching for that matter?" Zelda asked curiously.

    "Absolutely nothing!" Malon chirped. "How about you teach me?"

    Zelda looked at the little sister who currently had the name that should be hers and should have had the name she herself currently held. "Sure, why not?"

    -) Zelda Loops have this thing where the events of a previous Loop are sometimes used as the history of a later one. Zelda's shenanigans seem to result in this more often than her fellow loopers'.
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  4. You know what would be Neat: Link vs GLaDoS
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    Link looked around. The puzzles filling this mechanical dungeon had been complex, but nothing he couldn't handle with a few hookshots, switchhooks, and liberal use of the bunny hood, pegasus boots, and Roc Cape. Only the boss was left, and if she wasn't lying about the oddly colored gas being piped in, he only had a few minutes to fight the battle. He ignored her taunts about his parentage and evident obsession with Tolkein entirely; it was clearly an attempt at distraction and none of her missiles were doing more than glancing damage. Admittedly, he wasn't sure who his parents were this loop either, but he didn't much care for Tolkein, he couldn't sit still long enough to read a book that length. Putting one of his several Ocarinas of Time to his lips, he played the familiar Song of Healing, as he had promised Chell when she had Looped in as Medli.

    No sooner than he had finished, a translucent human form departed from GLaDoS' core towards a great light above that appeared out of nowhere. Looking closely, he could see, in the light, the general outline of a bearded, balding man; Cave Johnson, probably, if the portrait he saw while exploring for anything useful was accurate. There was a faint gust of wind that sounded like a thank-you rushing from the spirit; pointy human-loop ears never were as good at hearing spirits as real Hylian ears.

    As the light of the gate to the afterlife faded, it gathered into a mask, as per the standard for that song, which fell to the ground as the poisonous gas ceased to flow. This mask, unusually for such masks, looked largely human, although there were metallic and plasticine aspects to it that resembled the harness hanging from the ceiling above him. Judging from the hair, it was female. Early on, Link had been surprised by how hominid the masks and forms they gave him could be, compared to the spirits the masks derived from; he had long since ceased to be surprised after the fifteenth mask gained from putting an animal gave him a bipedal form, so the lack of resemblance of the mask to the metallic and plasticine core the spirit had been trapped in was curious, as always, but no longer confusing at all. Link shrugged, and put the mask into his subspace pocked. He'd find a use for a female cyborg form eventually.

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    I'll get on that. If anyone wants to assist, feel free.
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    SUMMARY POST #1 (This post contains some of the discussion on Zelda from the Misc. Thread. Please note that quite a bit of this will be out of date.)

    Dec. 20, 2013 - KageX

    Trolling Ganon would be a thing that happens on a regular basis, after all these years they are just tired of his arrogance and decide to humiliate him in the worst ways possible. I can just see Ganon going to sleep and being transported to a scaled up pig pen complete with literal tons of mud and pigshit, with pictures being taken while he is asleep.

    Jan. 08, 2014 - Aubergine

    I hope you don't mind, just for entertainment's sake, a snippet for the Legend of Zelda Loop, if there is one.

    Admittedly it took several loops to pull it off.

    There were certain challenges along the way that he just couldn't accomplish without the right gear.


    Despite that, his adventure had finally proven to be a challenge after who knows how many loops, and as he strode casually through the door at the top of Ganondorf's castle, he couldn't help but feel a surge of satisfaction. There'd be more time in the future to perfect the art, but for now he'd savor the look on his mortal enemy's face as he faced his final challenge.

    "So... You've finally arrived..." The redheaded desert dweller rose from his organ, turning around with a sweep of his cloak. "The final battle begins... Draw your... Sword?"

    Link said nothing, only continued to walk forward at a casual stroll. He was dressed in the same green tunic he'd always worn, but beyond that... No shield sat on his back, wooden or otherwise. No
    sword either. No hook-shot on his belt, no pouch of bombs or even money. No bow or quiver of arrows. No special boots.

    "Is this a joke? You seek to defeat me... Me! The master of the Triforce of Power!" Ganondorf roared, filling the air with enough power to break the windows of the tower. Link merely took another step forward and drew a single deku stick from its spot on his back. "With! A! STICK?!"

    The hero of time said nothing, merely held out a hand and made a single taunting gesture.

    Jan. 10, 2014 - OracleMask

    " - so he says, 'this sword is so sharp you can trim a statue's hair with it', and I told him that sounds great, but I won't believe him until I get a chance to test it."

    Sitting around a corner table in Eden Hall, several heads nodded. The speaker, a black haired lad who looked a little too young to be in a bar in the first place, waved his arms around as he told his story.

    "Ne, Kirito, surprised he didn't get pissed off for not believing him," a white haired boy with red facial tattoos pointed out.

    "No, this is the best part - he handed the sword over and turned into a statue so I could test it! I was so surprised I didn't think to cut off his head until after I gave him the new look," Kirito explained.

    The other three burst out laughing. It was a struggle to keep their voices down - anyone who got too loud in Eden Hall was removed from the bar by the surprisingly multi-talented bartender who ran it - but they managed it. None of them wanted to be kicked out of their favorite bar.

    "Weird loop," the lone girl at the table said, "So what has everyone else been doing? You have been keeping up the scythe training, right Haseo?"

    She gave the white-haired boy a suspicious glare. He glared right back.

    "Idiot Maka, what else would I be doing?" Haseo retorted, "Aside from collecting swords for Link's stupid bet -"

    "You only think it was a stupid bet because you lost," Link replied cheerfully, "What did you say again? 'No way in hell can anybody keep totally silent for a hundred loops!' You were tempting fate and you know it."

    "You're both stupid," Maka muttered.


    Basically, it's like a Looping Swordsmen club. Members in this snippet are Link (LoZ), Kirito (SAO), Haseo (G.U.), and Maka (SE), but there's a few more members.

    Because there's bound to be more than one or two circles of friends amongst all these loopers~


    Zelda brushed her hair as she reflected on how she'd gotten to this point in her existence over the course of the Loops.

    It had taken her a few repeats to realize what exactly was going on, since (as she would later learn) her Loop ran for more than one lifetime. By the time she got to the end of the Loop and reset, her first incarnation had become distant enough that she didn't recognize it as such.

    When she had realized what was happening, she'd taken it upon herself to learn the skills and magics to head off the numerous disasters that befel her country of Hyrule before Link needed to suffer for her sake (one of the first things she'd learned was that she could alter what lifetimes she was born into if she used the Ocarina of Time to send herself back alongside Link). Eventually, after an unknown number of Loops, she'd succeeded.

    And it had been incredibly, mind-numbingly, soul-crushingly boring.

    The lifetimes of peace she'd brought about had often precluded her from even meeting the best friend (and some lifetimes best lover) she'd ever had in any incarnation. She'd spent the whole Loop either never meeting Link or watching him grow old as something which simply didn't fit him.

    She'd then decided to do what she had originally done when, as the goddess Hylia, she had shed her divine power and form and bound herself to a mortal existence destined to reincarnate endlessly along its own bloodline until the end of time. She'd sealed her memories from one life to the next.

    That had lasted until everything reset to the first lifetime, and she found that she remembered everything, including the memories she'd tried to seal from herself.

    So she'd tried to do something else. She'd learned to be a warrior that could fight alongside Link, or even fight in his place if necessary. That had lasted until the Loop and lifetime where she'd decided to pull the Four Sword instead of Link...

    ...and promptly found herself in some place called a 'high school' by the name of Eiken.

    Din, Naryu, and Farore had personally come to meet her the next Loop, and explained what was happening to her and Hyrule.

    Apparently, all of existence beyond, and including, the small universe where Hyrule existed was run by a divine computer/tree named Yggdrasil that had suffered severe damage from an unknown source (though they hadn't made it clear if they themselves were the 'system administrators' for her Loop or if they were lower-tier divinity native to Hyrule acting as liaisons). The Loops, they'd explained, were a last-ditch effort to maintain all of existence while repairs were made. She was the designated Anchor for her universe. The pillar that held up all of reality and kept it from collapsing into chaos or worse.

    So what else was new?

    That had been the entire purpose of binding herself to endless mortal lives as 'Zelda'. So her soul could hold up the universe of Hyrule and keep it from collapsing into chaos and ruin. Apparently the only thing different was that she was permitted, perhaps even required, to retain knowledge, skills, and mystic abilities from each of her lifetimes. If she maintained a subspace pocket like the one Link was naturally gifted in producing to haul around the arsenal he accumulated on his adventures, she could even keep items as well.

    Oh, and she was not to ever ascend back to any manner of divine level. If she did so while she was the Anchor, she'd break her Loop open from within and destroy everything in it more completely and utterly than every threat to Hyrule that had ever reared its ugly head combined could have managed.

    She'd been nearly in tears at that point, and had demanded to know why, if this was so important, that she had to do it alone. For she was so very lonely.

    And then they'd told her that Hyrule was part of what was called a Linked Loop. With Lorule. Zelda had been quite surprised. She hadn't had any encounters with Lorule for... a very long time. That particular lifetime had become relatively peaceful by default. They'd told her that their two Loop halves always ran in tandem, and had varying times when the barrier between them was weakened and possible to traverse. The lifetime in particular was the one time that the barrier was always weak.

    The three goddesses instructed her on how to sense when the barrier was weak and how to traverse it on her own. They'd also given her a warning to try and return to Hyrule before the barrier between the two strengthened to where it could no longer be breached lest she be stranded outside her Loop while it was running and no longer able to properly Anchor it. Yggdrasil could handle the accidental premature end of a Loop with little issue, but it was preferable if she didn't try to deliberately break the universe.

    She'd also been told that trying to pull the Four Sword had attempted to divide her nature as an Anchor four ways to compensate for there being four Zeldas that were each the real Zelda, and ultimately failing. Along with the Loop.

    So she'd waited for the lifetime in question and crossed over to Lorule. Was Hilda ever surprised to see her. They'd talked with each other about how they were dealing with the Loops. Zelda had told Hilda about the boredom, loneliness, and frustration that followed her attempts to craft an ever-lasting peace for Hyrule. Hilda had told Zelda of the despair and ruin that befell Lorule any time she failed to forestall the chaos that perpetually consumed it. And in the end, Hilda had agreed to allow the events of the original lifetime to proceed as normal if she couldn't forestall the destruction of Lorule, and to arrange a visit anyway if she could just so the two could talk to each other.

    It had been the balm she needed. To know that there was someone out there who understood, no matter how different their particular situations were. To know that there was a time they could meet and talk to someone who remembered.

    She'd returned to the Loops in Hyrule calmer and surer of what needed to be done. She'd do everything in her ability to protect the lives of the people of Hyrule when the cycle of destruction and salvation repeated itself, but she'd leave the actual saving of the kingdom to Link. For Link was the Hero. Link was the one who swung the sword. Link was the one who slew the monsters. Link was the one who saved the day.

    Link was the one who ended up with a deliciously sculpted body from adventuring across Hyrule. Yum.

    It got even better when he (and apparently Ravio over in Lorule) Awoke to the Loops. Now both she and Hilda had someone in their native Loop to talk to and rely on during the times they couldn't get together. Watching Link do the most amazingly creative things on his adventures through a scrying spell she'd developed that could work even if she were rendered inanimate never got old either.

    But she'd needed something to occupy herself while waiting for her friendship and possible love affair with Link to rekindle each life. Even more-so when it seemed that Link had a habit of occasionally 'exiting' the Hyrule Loop when one of his lives ended, leaving her with an Unawake version that, while still quite capable, was just not the same. She also felt a bit... leary... of trying to form a romantic or physical relationship with an Unawake Link after the times she'd been with the Awake one. And then he'd pop right back in the next incarnation with the most amazing tales of fused Loops, and Zelda felt sure she was the first Anchor to ever be told of such things by a looper from her own universe. Sending her uptight advisers and nobles into conniptions by trying some of the things Link told her of or brought back with him, such as the positively scandalous 'string bikini', had been fun for a while, but then she'd discovered the most amazing thing.

    Now, the three goddesses had told her that most loopers couldn't have children that they didn't bear in their active baseline. The timeline and the people in it outside of the active area were 'corrupted' and didn't quite exist properly. So the children they might have had in their futures couldn't be granted to them with any sort of reliability, and allowing them to have random children, nearly all of whom would never grow old enough to even begin to live life, that would be effectively erased when their Loops ended was a recipe for heartbreak and madness.

    But her? Her baseline was a very long uncorrupted section of time many lifetimes long. More than enough time for children to be born, grow up, marry, have children of their own, grow old, and die. And she was continuously reincarnated along her own bloodline. Not only did her baseline self have numerous children across her somewhat less-numerous lifetimes, she was essentially required to have children lest her bloodline be broken and her reincarnation impossible, causing the current Loop to fail and be reset.

    And none of them were dependent on a specific father.

    She knew them all. She could recognize them no matter the parentage for that particular lifetime, no matter if they were born a different gender, and no matter if they were born to a lifetime they hadn't originally lived through. She knew each and every overly long flowery name each of her children had ever had. She knew their souls on sight, and she was overjoyed to meet them again each and every time.

    But their birth was, as stated, not tied to a specific sire. And none of them seemed to have a specific 'true love' that they always courted. She could nudge them to selecting certain paramours simply by introducing the two as children and encouraging a friendship that naturally became a courtship that ended in a marriage.

    And that created possibilities she understood were most likely not available to any other looper in the multiverse.

    She'd set about experimenting with her own heritage with, at times, childish glee. She had standards for a husband; just, fair, and reasonably attractive (Link had spoiled her in this respect); but she was a princess and quite used to the idea of marrying for the good of the nation. So why not for her own potential future amusement as well?

    She was now often a pale blonde with blue eyes if things proceeded as usual, but she'd now regularly been a brunette, a redhead, and a raven-haired princess. Her eyes had been not just blue, but also green, brown, amber, hazel, red (she'd discovered Sheikah heritage was fun), gray, and violet. She'd also gotten a number of different complexions, though all of which were of the lighter skin shades.

    She'd even been a different race from Hylian a few times. She was particularly fond of the time Link had come back after another fused Loop expecting to see her as Tetra and the only thing he could think to say to her when they met was "You're a mermaid." That was when she'd realized how much fun pulling pranks, especially ones that took multiple lifetimes to plan, could really be.

    And she'd been planning this one all Loop. It wasn't for Link, though she hoped he appreciated it as well. Hilda had lately been poking fun at her for being unable to stick to a single hair or eye color in the Loops, and so she'd planned this in retaliation.

    The resemblance between her and her fellow Anchor in Lorule was uncanny in any Loop. Now it was downright spooky.

    She'd been arranging her heritage almost religiously this Loop just for this one meeting. Her hair was a deep indigo. Her eyes were crimson. Her complexion just the slightest bit darker than than was usual in the baseline. She'd had the dress and regalia she was wearing custom made to match Hilda's preferred garb down to the stitch. She knew because she and Hilda tended to raid each other's closets whenever they got together and she'd kept a few in her subspace pocket (that she'd rather not be damaged if Hilda was less than amused). And her makeup was a textbook match for what Hilda normally used.

    She could easily be taken as Hilda's identical twin.

    She felt the portal form behind her and Hilda step through. Her counterpart's magical signature was unmistakable.

    "Zelda," she heard the princess of Lorule call out flatly. She didn't sound amused.

    Zelda turned around, and was promptly blindsided by hysterical laughter as she caught sight of her counterpart. Apparently the Loops had a pretty good sense of humor too.

    Hilda, on the other hand, was most decidedly not amused.

    "Why. Am. I. Blonde?"


    Makes me wonder if there should be a 'redeemed villains' support group.

    "Hello everyone... My name is Ganon." (everyone else: "Hello, Ganon") "But I prefer Ganondorf. It's a lot more regal and I prefer that version of myself." (like three people: "Hello, Ganondorf.") "And... I'm not a very nice person."

    "Aww, that's okay." Chrysalis said, patting him on the shoulder. "Most of us here aren't very nice... except her." She nodded over towards Derpy Hooves, who really had no reason to be there, but she wasn't going to question it. "What matters is learning to not be mean. Nice is for ponies."


    "Yes, dearie." She turned to Sombra. "How is your speech therapy coming?"

    "Sombra... re-learning pro-por sentence structures now." the dark unicorn managed.

    "Good to hear. A millennium without anyone to talk to- awful, just awful. We're all glad to hear you're making progress, aren't we everyone?"

    (Everyone) "Good work, Sombra."


    Zelda awoke to scorching heat. That, in and of itself, wasn't that unusual. Most of the towers that she woke up imprisoned in seemed to have absolutely no ventilation. However, the light shining in her face and the wind howling told her she was in the desert. She sat up from the bed she was laying on and glanced around. From her skin tone and, she pulled a strand of her hair in front of her face, her hair color, she was almost certainly a Gerudo. Those were always interesting loops. Idly, Zelda wondered if she would be the long lost Hyrulian Princess, or if it would turn out that Nabooru switched places with her. As her Loop memories slowly filtered in, she paused. She had arrived well before she usually did, and...

    "Mom, mom, look what I found!"

    A red-headed Gerudo child burst into the tent, a thin, broken sword clutched in his hands. He waved it around excitedly, and her Loop memories led her to speak without thinking.

    "Be careful, my little Ganondorf. We don't want our strong protector to lose an eye, now do we?"

    Oh boy.


    Zelda, or rather, Zeviru, as she was named in this Loop, sat up in bed weakly. Over her time in the Loops, she had gained enough magic that she could stave of most sicknesses almost unconsciously. Unfortunately, that meant that when she got sick, she got hit hard.

    She looked up as the flap of her tent opened, and Ganondorf stepped in. It was still so odd to see the Evil King standing there and not feeling at least a little fear, though she did feel a bit of a mother's apprehension at the lopsided smirk Ganondorf was wearing.

    "I'm off, Mother."

    Zelda smiled. "Oh, and where is my little Gan-Gan going now?"

    His smile twitched, and then fell. "Please don't call me that."

    Zelda smiled wider. "Oh, but you will always be my little Gan-G..."

    Ganondorf coughed, loudly, before straightening. He struck his "Guardian of the Desert" pose, staring out of the tent flap, and Zelda smiled as she looked at the man her son had become. "And isn't that an odd thought, Ganondorf as my son."

    "Soon. Soon, you will no longer have to live in this ragged tent, underneath the heat of that unbearable sun. Soon, the Gerudo people will take their rightful place. I, Ganondorf, shall see to it. I shall bring our people to greatness!" He turned to look at her and grinned. "Mother, tomorrow I ride...for Hyrule!"

    Zelda froze, then sighed. "I suppose I knew this day was coming." She opened her eyes, and smiled, wanly at him. "Son, I have some things to tell you before you go."


    Ganondorf sat, transfixed, as his mother finished her tale. She was staring down at her thin blanket, obviously lost in thought. Ganondorf sat back, thinking on what he had just learned, of Loops and Anchors and his... other self. Then, he began to laugh.

    His mother looked up at his laughter, her face drawn in confusion. He stood, raising his arms up in his joy. "My victory is assured. By right of birth, I am both King of the Gerudo, and the rightful heir to the throne of Hyrule. I shall unite both under my reign, and bring all people together in my most glorious nation. Fear not, mother, for I shall reclaim thy throne!" Still laughing, he spun and exited the tent.

    Zelda, sat there, before a coughing fit broke her out of her reverie. "Well, that wasn't what I wanted him to get out of that. Poor Link." She paused, then shrugged. "Payback for trying to get my attention by throwing a Cucco through my window." Zelda shuddered.


    Ganondorf sat behind the desk and glared at the trio of minions standing before him, contemplating the injustice of the universe.

    Apparently it was not enough that he be bored to tears by conquest in variation after variation of his home world. Apparently being forced to relive, if that was the term, the periods after his death when he became little more than another monster, more cunning but not more thoughtful than the others, was not sufficient either.

    No, whatever ill fate it was that kept him repeating his lives over and over again without sense or reason had decided to change the world completely this time. Now, instead of a prince of thieves or a malign wizard or a monster of greed and shadows, he had been reincarnated as an organized crime boss, complete with the "legitimate businessman" and "pillar of the community" false fronts, in a world that bore no resemblance to Hyrule in any of its forms.

    The pet was an additional taunt by the cruel universe. Granted, the black and red markings that dominated it appealed to his sense of style, and the fire powers and fighting spirit fit his own personality well. But why, why, WHY did it have to have a pig's face? After so many loops as Ganon the monster, he never, ever wanted to see any pig or pig by-product ever again.

    And yet he couldn't hold it against Emboar. Emboar was smart, loyal and competent... which is more than could be said for the trio before him.

    "I do not want to hear any more of your sniveling excuses," he growled at last. "I have a simple assignment for you. This assignment is so simple, not even you could possibly fail." Of course they would. Even if he hadn't said the fatal words, this trio would always find a way to lose. What was it about this universe that the most clever plots, the most advanced technology, the most potent magic could all be undone by the wits of an eleven year old child??

    The trio groveled and pledged their thanks, their gratitude, their undying devotion to his cause. It would have made him sick if he hadn't heard variants on the same theme for as far back as he could remember.

    "Cease your blathering and go!" he shouted, tossing a file folder at them. "I do not wish to hear from you unless you can report success!"

    "Have no fear, almighty leader," the female said. "Team Rocket shall not fail you!"

    "We have heard your command, and what you wish, we shall do!" the male said.

    "Meowth! You betcha!" the Pokemon between them chimed in.

    Ganondorf slumped in his chair and groaned as soon as the door closed behind them. Emboar, concerned, put a piggy hoof on his shoulder for comfort. To Ganon's surprise, it helped a little.

    The truly, truly sad thing, he thought to himself, is those three nitwits are ten times as intelligent as the minions I usually get...
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    SUMMARY POST #2 (This post contains some of the discussion on Zelda from the Misc. Thread. Please note that quite a bit of this will be out of date.)

    Why Zelda Might Be a Better Anchor:

    1) She is the mortal incarnation of a goddess after she shed her divinity (doesn't have to be a Yggdrasil level deity, though that would certainly be interesting). Thus she's far more likely to understand the position of the Yggdrasil admins and would have no trouble keeping herself from ascending to the divine level.

    2) Her bound portion of the Triforce is Wisdom, which indicates that she can handle much more mental stress than other loopers.

    3) She's just as unflappable as Link is most of the time. More so in some cases. (Link actually didn't take being turned into a deku scrub well. He adapted quickly and got over his initial trauma, but he did not take it well at first.)

    4) Even when Link's off on his own adventures, such as in the pocket realm of Termina, she still exists somewhere in the world. Remember, the Anchor doesn't actually have to be in close proximity to major events, just somewhere in the universe.

    5) The way Link talks about his home Loop (I believe he says "there's some sort of reincarnation thing Zelda tried explaining that I don't quite get") suggests that Zelda knows significantly more about the nature of his Loop than he does, which screams 'Anchor' to me.

    Why Zelda Might Not Be a Better Anchor:

    1) There's one great big horking reason why she shouldn't be the Anchor. Zelda, in all her incarnations, plays the role of the damsel in distress. She's constantly under attack by beings who have good reason to kill her. If she were an Anchor, any loop where Link failed to save her would terminate prematurely... and the whole point of having an Anchor is to prevent that sort of thing.

    A Looping Zelda would rapidly grow beyond the ability to be kidnapped, enslaved, turned into a crystal, blood-sacrificed, or just outright killed by the baddie of the moment... but at the start of the Loops, she would not be the first choice for an Anchor.

    2) She's the mortal incarnation of a goddess wielding the power of the goddess of wisdom. This screams to me that within a thousand years or so she would A) go insane under the burden as what is essentially Twilight without established friends or any sort of harmony power. B) Decide that she's the only being in existance smart enough to deserve free will and turn MLE bringing everyone else under mind control 'for their own good'.

    While this is very unlikely, especially after others start looping to help keep her sane, she's a sturdy rock- put too much pressure on one of those and they crack and break. Link is more like a great ol' Oak tree. He'll sway and fight back before he snaps.

    3) She's a princess. A pretty good one. The sort that would prioritize her kingdom and people over her own safety or sanity, which is -not- a good trait for an Anchor. I'm pretty sure in several games she actually tries to use herself as a ploy to distract the BBEG so Link has a better shot at him, and I think she died in Twilight Princess.

    Link? He's the hero. He doesn't solve problems, he smashes them. Zelda would look for some tricksy way that everyone can win, or that no one has to die, but at what cost? Link just finds the problem and stabs it in its weak point until it ceases BEING a problem.

    And frankly, I think the Courage to stand up to whatever the loops throw at you trying to break you is preferable over the Wisdom to know how it's going to do so.

    Suggestion for the Current Anchor


    ...hey. Maybe the Triforce is the Anchor.

    If we're really going to debate this so much, I would once again like to throw my idea of the Triforce as anchor out there; it allows each of the bearers to have anchor tendencies at the same time without causing the instability that the triplicate in the Megaloops does. Since the Triforce is always "present" and it does grant wishes, it could be argued that it serves as a far better anchor then any mere mortal; in fact, the Admins may have selected it over mortals due to the timeline split.

    It's stable and semisapient, since it grants wishes, and also happens to be long lived.

    What makes this even better for me is that it supports my (previously unvoiced) idea that the Triforce is one of those rare objects that can't actually be duplicated in the Loops (and perhaps all of these are self-aware 'looping artifacts'). Other loopers can become bearers if they're in a Zelda fused Loop, but only Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf can keep their pieces past the end of the Loop.

    Crisis's Original Loop Idea

    1) A single iteration of the Zelda Loop runs for several lifetimes along a path of reincarnation for the main loopers. From the beginning in Skyward Sword to the ultimate end of whichever timeline path ends up being taken.

    2) Loopers, such as Zelda and Link, Awake each lifetime as children when their brains develop enough to accommodate their looping nature (because being Awake as an infant is no fun for anyone) and live out their lives until death. They then Awake in their next incarnation when the timeline has advanced to that point.

    3) Almost all of the characters native to Zelda Loops have had children in the baseline, and Yggdrasil has the souls of those pre-Loop children stored and ready to load when they conceive again. Those children live long enough to grow up, get married, have children of their own, and ultimately die before the Loop resets. As such, Zelda loopers are effectively exempt from the 'no children' rule as long as they are in their home Loop and it's not the 'last lifetime' of the Loop.

    4) Zelda herself, as one whose nature is to reincarnate along her own bloodline, must have children in her home Loop or the Loop will end prematurely because she fails to reincarnate. She has a whole pool of potential children born to her numerous baseline incarnations that Yggdrasil stores for when she conceives. The father doesn't particularly matter, just that Zelda is the mother. She knows the souls of her baseline children innately, regardless of what gender they are born as or what parentage they hail from.

    5) Link, after Awakening, actually Loops as often as Zelda. However, he also occasionally 'exits' a Loop in the middle. One of his lifetimes ends and he ends up in a fused Loop while an Unawake version of him runs back in Hyrule, and then he's back and Awake for his next incarnation. This often happens whenever the Ocarina of Time portion comes up.

    6) Zelda herself rarely has fused Loops. And when she does, they're between the end of one timeline and the beginning of the next (i.e. how her Loop ends and then begins again).

    An Impassioned Plea for Tetra to Become Her Own Looper

    I don't care how good Looping Zelda's acting is, she's not Tetra, and she will never, EVER be Tetra, unless her baseline is Windwaker. Tetra is an almost completely different entity from Zelda. The only thing they share is ancestory. Tetra's kinda...impulsive and rash, more down to earth. She's more flawed and easier to relate to than most versions of Zelda, probably because she was raised to be a pirate rather than a princess. If she were the baseline version of Zelda, she'd develop way differently than any of the Princesses.

    OoT Zelda is wiser, less likely to act rashly and been raised as a princess who will be queen one day. OoT Zelda would probably make different choices in the same situation as Tetra. They're just too different.

    Look, something similar happened in the MLP loops. Baseline/unawake Twilight acted rashly and got Looping Fluttershy turned into a vampony. It would never have happened with a Looping Twilight, because looping Twilight has had many, many years under her belt, and she's way wiser than the baseline Twilight. Heck, by season 4, Looping Twilight probably doesn't know how Canon/Baseline Twilight would act in season 4 events.

    Furthermore, what incentive does Looping Zelda have to act like Tetra? She might act like Tetra occasionally (very rarely) to vary up the loops. However more often than not, she'd do what she wanted.

    I'm not the one making those unique versions of Zelda lost. The way you want the Zelda loops will result in characteristics of the various Zeldas being lost. I counter your point that by having a single version of Zelda looping, and not allowing unique versions of Zelda (Tetra) as loopers, you're needlessly restricting Loop writers.

    This would have been better if we just have Linked loops where each Zelda/Link Incarnation is an anchor, but not a complete anchor. Each Zelda/Link iteration is part of a anchor puzzle, all holding the Zeldaverse together. Then when Zelda/Link loop outside, all the anchor 'pieces' are meshed together into one anchor due to buggy code. It would explain why Link didn't know if he was the one from Windwaker, Twilight Princess, OoT, etc.

    I offer a compromise. A single Linked loop where Tetra is the anchor of the Windwaker loop. If you want an explanation why this happened in loop, just say the Tetra avatar of Zelda was buggy or Windwaker Loop scenario was buggy and needed an extra anchor. Basically, Tetra was not a princess and Zelda/Tetra were incompatable. That way, we don't lose Tetra's unique character. Also, this doesn't contradict the Zelda/MLP loop.

    The alternative is the 'Nyx loophole,' since Tetra is so different from the other Princesses, it's basically another Luna/Nightmare Moon situation.
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  9. Crisis

    Crisis Snips for the Snip Throne!

    Keep in mind that while this discussion led to the current configuration, much of what was discussed has been dropped or altered.
  10. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    ...Did you really need to copy the entire debate?
  11. LordCirce

    LordCirce Worldbuilder from the Imaginarium

    Not especially. I kind of forgot how many posts there were... I think I am going to cut it down to snippets of actual loops, and then suggestions and explanations about in-loop rules.
  12. LordCirce

    LordCirce Worldbuilder from the Imaginarium

    So, summarizing posts:

    Anchors: The Tri-Force acts as Anchor, and each of the three "Rotating Anchors" AKA Triforce Bearers, receive some of their memories through the Triforce.

    KrisOverstreet - The "rotating" part of that would allow each of the three a lot of early solo Loops, so they could get the standard "get it right, get bored, get stir crazy" Loops over and done with. However, just because one of them is the Anchor does not preclude having two or all three of them in the same Loop; it just changes which one of the three ends the Loop if s/he dies early.

    Is there any way of knowing, absent Yggdrasil admin intervention, which of the three is Anchor in any particular loop? It'd be logical for other Loopers to presume Link is LoZ's sole Anchor, since he's the protagonist of all the games in the Hub universe. Should there be a way for the trio to know once they start sharing Loops?

    LordCirce - Going from the idea that the Triforce is the Anchor, that would mean that it is theoretically possible that the Triforce Bearers (Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf, specifically), could receive memories from Unawake versions of themselves. That could be part of the whole "reincarnation" deal that Link said Zelda was trying to explain to him. For example, using my "Zelda raises Ganondorf" as an example, even if Ganondorf isn't awake that Loop, the Looping Ganondorf could remember it later on. Those sort of memories would probably be vague, but it would be interesting to see, as I figure each of the Bearers would probably have raised each of the others at some point or another.

    Admins: This pretty much summarizes the current stance on LoZ.

    Dalxein - You know what? I think I have a decent compromise. We have Epona, Fertility Goddess of Horses Second (or third) Class, working under Warrior God Susanoo of Sea and Storms First Class, and while she usually manages horse-centric loops, and he usually handles things like Waterworld and Perfect Storm (and Sharknado, his personal pet project), he also manages Legend of Zelda, of which Epona actually comes in to manage most of the minor details of, while her boss is off tinkering with his sharks.

    Sound good?
    Or hell, maybe we should just have it be Izanagi, Susanoo's father, that manages LoZ.

    Loop Ideas:

    Tetra as a Strawhat

    Ganondorf pranks Link and Zelda and hijacks the plots of other villains.

    Two Ideas for Mario/Link crossovers:

    1) Link gets an Ocarina loop where Bowser replaced Ganondorf. It would be his first loop encountering outside loopers replacing someone he knows, but doesn't realize this until the Adult Era, when he must brave 7 Mario-platformer style dungeons instead of his usual five temples before going to the big bad's main base. And the bosses are normal size mooks made giant, and they all have the same method of defeat. Not to mention the similar aesthetics with the bottomless pits and lava for no good reason. Working against him somewhat is that Bowser's is somewhat already familiar with Link and Hyrule via numerous Smash Bros. loops. Link is annoyed to use his other arsenal from different lifetimes, since he was originally planning to speedrun this loop limited to the Ocarina era equipment.

    2) Link and Ravio becomes the Link Bros. Zelda replaces Peach and Hilda is Daisy. It would have taken place chronologically after the above loop. Link really pays back Bowser for his stupid "all brawn, no brain" dungeons in the above loop. Not sure if it should begin with Yoshi's Island or not.
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  13. Filraen

    Filraen Bastion of the Fourth Wall

    This is a mask, you should use the proper fanfare. :p
  14. Zap Rowsdower

    Zap Rowsdower Ex-Cultist Vagrant

    Ooh, good point, fix'd
  15. TPK

    TPK Hello, friend. Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Something was wrong.

    Link stirred on his bed, pulled the covers off of his chest and sat up so he could look out his window. The familiar view was of a maze, and a small chest. He was in one of the stranger times for him to reincarnate, then. He was Link-the-boy-with-no-fairy. The young boy smiled. There was something he'd been wanting to do, for old time's sake.

    Just then, a blue speck of light flew through his treehouse' door. "Wake- oh, you're already awake." Navi said. "The Great Deku Tree wants to see you, Link!"

    "I'll be right there!" He said, and leaped out of bed, his old/new friend trailing behind him as he rolled off the balcony to the ground below.

    Hopefully nothing much had changed, because Link was looking forward to meeting his friends again the old fashioned way.

    --some time later--

    "Something's wrong." Zelda said, laying down and looking up at the blue sky.

    Beside her, Link blinked himself back into full wakefulness. "What?"

    "Don't you think we've been sitting here a little longer than usual?" They'd been waiting to catch of glimpse of Ganondorf through the hall's window, so they could tell which particular variant they were dealing with this time.

    "It's only been a few hours." Link said, but frowned. "Are you sure he was supposed to come talk to your father today?"

    "Of course."

    Link mumbled something under his breathe.

    "What did you say?"

    "I didn't say anything!"

    "No, you definitely said 'well excuse me, princess!'"

    Link waved his hand. "So what if I. . . Hey Zelda?" His hand hung in the air.


    "Doesn't Impa usually come throw me out if we make too much noise? And where are the guards?"

    The pair of Anchors climbed to their feet, and peered about intently. Link reached out and drew his Kokiri blade, the only sword that really fit right in his child-sized hands. Trying to use the Master Sword or any of his other blades, especially Biggoron's Sword, while in child form just didn't work. "Come on." He said, and took off for the exit with Zelda hot on his heels, a bow in her hands.

    No Impa barred their way, and no guards were anywhere to be found as they charged down the path to Castle Town, and the distant sound of screams.

    A mere minute later, they arrive, and Link swallows dryly, but hefts his sword and shield nonetheless. Zelda drew her hand through the air, pulled an arrow forged of light and nocked it to her bow. "Oh no." She whispered."

    "Oh Yessss." Ganondorf hissed, drawing out the last syllable as he flexed his fingers and pulled his sword out of the ruin that had once been the Temple of Time. A glowing triangle appeared on his hand, then vanished, and Hyrule's newest Anchor snarled, "I've been waiting for this, Hero. This time. . . no cheating."


  16. Masterweaver

    Masterweaver Teller of Tales Bard Of Awesomeness

    "Alright," Link conceded with a shrug. "I won't. But he will."

    Ganondorf turned. "What?!"

    "Yo, firehead! I've got something t say to you!" The shirtless man pushed his shades up. "MY SWORD IS THE SIZE OF YOUR DEFEAT!"

    Zelda blinked as the newcomer pulled out the Biggoron sword. "What in the...?"

    "He replaced the rabbit man this loop." Link shrugged. "I met him coming here and figured, why not?"
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  17. TPK

    TPK Hello, friend. Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    . . . You do know that Ocarina of Time's iteration of Ganondorf was, like his others, vulnerable to only three things, and that he was only actually harmable by the Master Sword?
  18. Masterweaver

    Masterweaver Teller of Tales Bard Of Awesomeness

    You do realize that Kamina is the trope namer for Beyond the Impossible?
  19. I can see Ganondorf doing that... but I thought the general consensus that only one of the three was actually serving as the Anchor for a particular loop (though they could all loop at the same time, only one would be an Anchor). The way that's written implies that all three are the Anchors at the same time.


    Also, I sort of have a problem with the idea that Ganondorf is allowed to loop while still after the power of the Triforce. A loop-aware evil Ganondorf in a loop without a looping Zelda and Link would get his hands on all three pieces of the Triforce pretty quickly. I think he would be much more proactive in hunting the other two down, after all, and he would know what to expect. And then Ganondorf would wish for unlimited power, ascend, and Crash the loop hard. Bad End all around.

    That's why in my snippet I wrote it as Ganondorf not looping until much later than Zelda and Link. In my headcanon, the admins needed time to arrange a fused loop with someone powerful enough to break Demise's curse and give Ganondorf the option to be something other than an incarnation of hatred, so they only activated him as a looper after scheduling to bring Usagi in fairly soon afterwards, before he could adjust to the loops.
  20. TPK

    TPK Hello, friend. Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    And this is what I dislike about time loops, how every single damn time, whoever's writing them takes steps to trivialize the villain of the piece.

    Someone brings in Kamina? He's somehow still tapping Spiral Power without Simon to lean on because you've magically cured his mental issues? Spiral power is letting him hurt someone who is literally incapable of dying except via a specific weapon that he's just taken steps to neutralize? The GOOD GUYS always win with minimal inconvenience, and you're going to rely on cheap shout outs, stale jokes, and massively out of character actions to drive your story? That's great, really, but just tell me which closet you stuffed the real characters in.
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  21. Masterweaver

    Masterweaver Teller of Tales Bard Of Awesomeness

    ...you are taking things way too seriously.
  22. TPK

    TPK Hello, friend. Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    If you're going to write a story with an existing setting, circumstance, and characters, you should write a story with that setting, circumstance, and characters. If you don't want to comply with canon within the bounds of your scenario, you should label your original content as such, and not call it fanfiction.
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  23. Crisis

    Crisis Snips for the Snip Throne!

    Zelda Awoke sleeping. It happened to her at times. She'd Awaken in a Loop while her incarnation for that Loop was still asleep. It was actually something of a boon in her opinion and gave her time to reflect on things.

    Things like her last Loop. It hadn't been the first time that she'd spearheaded a cultural revolution in Hyrule by embracing the traditions of one of their neighbors. Heck, it wasn't the first time that she'd chosen the Gerudo to do it with. She rather liked how the traditional desert outfit looked on her, and generally so did Link. Plus the 'scandalousness' of it tended to send her advisers into fits which was always entertaining.

    No, the interesting thing was that she'd finally managed to figure out the formula of politics that allowed for the possibility of a marriage between one of her hypothetical sons and a daughter of the Gerudo tribe without forcing the throne of Hyrule to automatically pay homage to the Gerudo king when he was born.

    There was an interesting trait of her home Loop that actions in one Loop could randomly become the history of a later Loop. Zelda was fascinated by this and one of the hobbies she'd taken to was making changes that would cause great alterations to a future Loop if they became such a history, and then watching what happened as a result.

    One of her longest projects involved arranging to become a Gerudo. Sure, she'd looped in as a Gerudo before. Heck, she'd once been part of a forgotten illegitimate branch of the royal family by way of a Gerudo lover and wound up Ganondorf's mother (and hadn't that been a strange Loop). But she'd yet to be both Gerudo and legitimate princess of Hyrule at the same time. She was determined to pull it off one of these Loops, if only to see the look on Link's face.

    Opening her eyes, she got out her bed, one standard for Hylian royalty, and made her way to the vanity as she began examining her Loop memories. Only to be stopped by the sight in the mirror.

    Flame red hair. Amber eyes. Desert tan skin. On top of Hylian ears and a face very much typical for her.

    'That was fast,' was all she could think.

    Oh, and she was young enough that she could look forward to yet another exciting bout of puberty.

    Examining her Loop memories closely, she quickly determined that her last Loop was indeed the history for this one. A son of hers (that she hadn't conceived in the last Loop due to the restrictions on loopers having children) had indeed been wed to a Gerudo woman. They'd had a gerudo daughter who was named Zelda as royal tradition mandated. She had married a Hylian nobleman and had...

    Oh. Oh, my.

    The sound of her door opening caused her to turn her head to see who was entering, and froze. It was her father for this Loop. Her Gerudo father.

    His Royal Highness King Ganondorf Harkinian Daphnes Nohansen de Hyrule.

    Who was clearly Awake.

    "I have no idea what's going on 'daughter', but I have the strangest feeling you're responsible."

    -) More of this one to come.
  24. Barret

    Barret Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    You really are taking this way too seriously. Though you might like the Mega Loops by Crisis. They tend to be more serious.
  25. BadHabits

    BadHabits Full of rage.

    And you seem to have completely missed the entire point of the Time Loops, which is to have fun and write crack. I liked your snippet and thought it was excellent. But you really, really are getting too bent out of shape considering you decided to play in this particular sand-box.
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