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    Kerrus Fractal Insanity

    This is the index page for Lightbringer, and its sequel, Ghost Light. A DC universe SI fanfic written my yours truly, it originally started as just something to occupy my time, and exploded into being one of my longest running fanfics ever.



    Chapter Index


    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Chapter 8
    Chapter 9
    Chapter 10
    Chapter 11
    Chapter 12
    chapter 13
    Chapter 14 part 1
    Chapter 14 part 2
    Chapter 15
    Chapter 16 - Finale

    Ghost Light

    Chapter 1 Part 1
    Chapter 1 Part 2
    Chapter 1 Part 3
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Chapter 8 Part 1
    Chapter 8 Part 2
    Chapter 8 Part 3
    Chapter 9
    Chapter 10
    Chapter 11
    Chapter 12
    Chapter 13
    Chapter 14
    Chapter 15
    Chapter 16
    Chapter 17
    Chapter 18
    Chapter 19
    Chapter 20
    Chapter 21
    Chapter 22
    Chapter 23
    Chapter 23.B
    Interlude ~ On Savoth

    Supplementary Material

    Dual Lantern Symbol
    Dual Lantern Symbol CLEAN VECTORED
    Also, much kudos to Conceptualist for creating a clean vectored version of the SI's symbol.


    Imagine, for a moment, that you have in you the potential to become the most powerful superhero in the world- that you have the potential to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Justice League. Superman, Captain Marvel, The Flash- these are the men and women that the world relies upon to see it safely through each day and night, when so many threats beyond the normal ken of mortal men exist.

    That power exists, out there in the universe- not just through random chance of birth, industrial accident, or mad science, but also because an ancient race of incredible beings forged the very soulstuff of mortal beings into weapons, tools, and a uniform of justice.

    Imagine then, that one of those tools fell out of the sky into your hand one day.

    Can you picture it?

    It's a ring, of course- a ring of power. Elegantly crafted, durable, imbued with a supporting intelligence, but no self-will save your own.

    Having that ring is a responsibility, and a dream.

    There's just one problem. One, ever so minor problem.

    You see, I'm dying.

    When that ring was falling from the sky? I was waking up on an unfamiliar version of my world, where people were different, and everything I knew was gone.

    As I stumbled into the world, fresh and unsure, a hazard I couldn't begin to conceptualize took my life- a rampaging super villain by the name of Black Adam.

    Oh, I wasn't a target- nobody's ever really a target to these maniacs- I was just in the way. A building collapsed, and a steel I beam bounced me into a wall. Before I was really aware of anything I lost the ability to draw clear breath, my lower torso smashed and broken. As my vision faded, I watched several multi-coloured blurs smash into that dark figure, and drive it off- and then the world went dark.

    Even unconscious, I could feel the ring. It was all I could feel, as though in that moment stretching into eternity, the hand the ring landed on was still alive, still grasping at life. I knew every detail, every line. The weight bore down on my hand, and desperately I grasped at it- a tether to life.

    I began to feel cold, dull, as what was perhaps the last part of me began slipping away. I could feel the ring, but even that sensation was dulling. Fading. I tried to pull myself back from the brink I was rapidly approaching, the point of no return.

    In that final moment I thought not of myself. I didn't find some inner wellspring of determination, and my lust for life didn't grant me any staying power to defeat Death itself. I was scared- but mostly I was empty. I didn't care, any more. The darkness was near complete now, and though I could almost think-feel the shape of the ring, it was more of a ghost of sensation than anything else.

    I had nothing left. Even sensation and memory was gone now. It was just the living pulse of the universe that remained now, and the core of my own self, empty of all things.

    And yet, even in that dark, something yet remained

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  2. Which DC verse are you gonna be in?
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    SolipsistSerpen Solipsist Serpent

    Amusingly, when you said you got the ring while dead, even though it clashed with the title, I started thinking it would be Black.
  4. Threadmark: Lightbringer Rewrite ~ Chapter 1

    Kerrus Fractal Insanity

    I awoke in a hospital, the faint but persistent beep.... beep.... beep... of my pulse on the monitor, rousing me from the death-like sleep I had been in. Everything hurt, but it seemed like some sort of phantom pains, memory of being crushed, echoes of every bone breaking. I was injured, yes, but not dead. I wondered how many painkillers I was on that I couldn't really feel anything wrong.

    "..." I tried to speak, but realized that there was a tube stuck in my mouth, and that my head was a little foggy. So I tried looking down at myself.

    For someone whom had been crushed by a girder a short time ago, I was looking pretty intact. Somehow I knew, then, that I would be okay.


    Like a heartbeat, the sound pulsed in my mind. As an individual who thinks in text and images, the presence of that statement in my mind was like... a high definition three dimensional model appearing on the screen of an Apple 2. It had weight and substance to it, and I could distinguish clearly between my mental awareness and it.

    A part of me knew what it meant.

    'Ring?' I tried to say, though it came out more like "R..ouwgh?"

    I hoped that it would be enough, memory churning as I struggled to remember everything I could about power rings.

    <<Kerrus Magrus of Earth Prime, you have great hope in your soul. You connect with people and places, forming bonds and friendships. You help others, selflessly, often to detriment to yourself. You hope for a better future, but work to achieve it with your own hands. Welcome to the Blue Lantern Corps>>

    Brilliant azure suffused me, and I hoped it wouldn't disturb the other patients- I was still in the emergency ward.

    So I was hardly surprised when all at once it dimmed down, terminating a few inches from the edges of my body. It still roiled and shifted in a storm of light, but it was a very careful storm of light. A tendril even unplugged the heart monitor while it went about its business.


    When I got out of this I'd have time for philosophizing about lantern rings, but for now I needed to take stock of my situation. Blue had a lot of potential, of all the colours- but it was the least utilized, and often derided for it's lack of 'combat skills' without the presence of a green energy source.

    This had initially been sold as a technical limitation- but had later been revealed to be an in built 'safety feature' to prevent the wielders of the blue light from being anything but allies to the Green Lantern Corps.

    The truth was, there was no technical limitation.

    When the storm of light subsided, I found I could feel all my extremities again. My mind had cleared, and my body- my body was intact.

    I sat up, then stood- carefully, then glanced about the room. I was in the ER ward, surrounded by beds with other critical patients. It surprised me that no doctors had been through yet, but I guess that's what the monitors were for.

    Next to me was an old woman with significant burns- and across from her a man in an immobilization rig, alive, but with a lot of broken bones. Beyond them, even more- decidedly the result of Black Adam's rampage.

    I am by nurture a quiet person. Growing up in a house with three sisters, a dog, five cats, and both parents I had been told frequently to always do my best to be quiet, to internalize any feelings I had, and ultimately to think rather than speak whenever possible.

    I've grown out of that mold over the years, but at my core I am still very much the person my circumstances made me. I have no problem with internalizing a thought, rather than speaking it aloud- and so it was that I internally voiced the thought I had now

    Ring? Can I heal these people?

    <<If there is hope, all things are possible>>

    Blue rings. I knew some things about blue rings- secrets, interactions between the different emotional sources. The Blue Light was hope, which itself was 'a powerful source of willpower' as some said- but rather more likely served to amplify other emotions by means of synergy. The blue light could heal- drawing charge from ambient hope, collectively achieving a task through the hope of others towards a goal. It could heal a dying star, or save a dying planet.

    I hoped to start a little smaller than that, so I centered myself, going through the meditation steps I had been taught at a young age. Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Empty your mind of thought, and instead... feel. All this devastation, and yet these people had been saved. Men and women dedicated to saving life, preserving life, were here, working every day. Though there was despair here, this was also a place of...


    The storm of light returned, reaching out, caressing each of the patients in turn, and I walked slowly across the room. One of the patients, a boy of maybe seventeen, woke- and began struggling- and I moved to his side.

    "Relax, relax, no one can hurt you here," I consoled, but his eyes remained defiant. His wounds were not impact trauma, or burns, they weren't from shrapnel. Instead he was covered in bruises and welts. Victim of a beating, perhaps.

    He growled at me, or tried to.

    Did he have no hope left? No, though he feared, he also hoped to escape just as I hoped to heal these people.

    I drew upon that hope, that emotional bond, and reached out with my ring hand to the boy, a comforting touch upon his brow.


    From me twinned a figure of blue light, a young woman with the same fierce eyes as the lad. Perhaps his mother, or older sister. I didn't catch what went on between them, but he stopped fighting, relaxed- and began crying softly as the apparition faded.

    "It will be alright, you'll see," I said- then as I turned to move on to the next patient, he nodded at me, and offered a slight smile. I nodded back and continued on.

    Maybe it was hours that I continued, healing and being healed, channeling hope as I walked down the corridors and rooms of that hospital. It had just started with the ER ward- but then I had come across the ward for terminally ill children- for long term care. They were so young, but so vibrant- so full of hope.

    "Ring, status?"

    <<Charge holding at 93%>> it said, blue light sparking out from its form. I nodded.

    And I continued on. Miraculously, I encountered no security, nor angry doctors, and eventually found that there were no more patients, no more people to save. The strength went out of me, and I sat down, there in what seemed to be the lobby, and rested.

    Dreams cut away as a pulse echoed through my mind, a sound transmitted not through the medium of air, but the medium of thought.


    My eyes snapped open- and saw why.

    Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent- with a note pad and a pen, and a man with reddish-brown hair wearing some sort of security outfit... Hal Jordan?


    They were talking with a doctor- and Bruce seemed particularly agitated. I stood and wandered over to them, just another patient interested in what was going on.

    "-suffered multiple abrasions and and blunt forced trauma, I'm surprised he was able to try and escape before we managed to sedate him-

    "I'm given to understand- Doctor- that my ward was attacked by a group called- what was it?" Bruce said, acting concerned and bewildered. He turned to Clark, whom flipped through his notes.

    "Intergang," Clark said.

    "Yes, Intergang. I don't care how much money it costs, I just want... I-"


    Ring? Can you access the green ring's database?


    Can you do it without being detected?


    Do so. Download updates and local area information.


    A moment passed before the ring signaled completion. Time to go, before the hospital discovers the miracle I'd done.

    So I left, heading out the front door and turning left.
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    Very interesting and good so far....... :)
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    I wonder, are the other lantern corps something known to the Justice League yet in this universe? Because if they aren't this is totally going to hit them out of the blue. *rimshot*
  7. Kerrus

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    Some people have asked about which DC universe, and in all honesty I haven't quite decided. I'm mostly basing characters off of DCAU, with inspirations from the JL/JLU cartoons, but not the exact continuity as those series because literally every single episode they have to lobotomize any of the green lanterns because of the power level disparities. I don't want to do that.

    So I think instead I'll say a DCAU inspired continuity, taking elements as I find them useful. I already figured that, instead of using the canon green lantern comics, I'm going to base my material off the short lived Green Lantern CGI cartoon, which was quite nicely done in my opinion. This is definitely 'after' that, though.

    JLU had a great dynamic for the characters that I haven't really seen since- in Young Justice, the League is much more samey- maybe that's from the view of the younger team, and is really just some sort of 'solidarity in front of the kids', but I don't like their portrayal that much. I do like the dynamic of the younger team, and may use elements of that in this fic.

    EDIT: Hal Jordan knows that other emotional energy types exist, but the only two lanterns he's had any experience with are Atrocitus' Red Lanterns, and the single Blue Lantern, Saint Walker.

    Both he and Ganthet are going to be mighty curious where a second ring came from.
  8. He also ran into orange rings/battery as well.
  9. Vaalintine

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    Not to mention the Violet Lanterns.
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  10. Kerrus

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    Actually in the original version of this I was considering doing a Star Sapphire ring. But I couldn't make it work unfortunately.

    At some point I do intend to continue GL Canon's pattern of giving people multiple rings from different corps at the same time, though we'll see different combos than one might otherwise see.

    I hinted at it in the fic so far, but the SI is never going to pick up a green lantern ring. But that doesn't mean he's not going to pick up another ring.
  11. What is Star Sapphire supposed to be again?
  12. hance1986

    hance1986 See Me. Feel Me. Touch Me. Fear Me.

    It supposed to be obsessive bordering on stalker love.

    from wikipedia.
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    Edit: Ninja'd
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    To be fair, it's more like 'love' is the requisite emotion, and the ones we see either rely on a stronger, more obsessive form of love in order to be strong enough threats to the Green Lanterns in the show, or else are probably inclined to spend all their time off protecting the people they care about. Anthropomorphic principle at work.
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  15. I have little knowledge of DC, how limited are the blue rings?

    Let's see, everyone knows about the green forcefield constructs, but IIRC there are a host of secondary or implied powers:

    Some kind of matter-manipulation or maybe a subspace pocket with teleport function to change your clothes to the uniform, which can adapt to any alien body type thought only attempt to change how the uniform looks that I recall was adding facemasks when playing superheroes on Earth. Logically you should have an uniform that looks like whatever you want, but your status as a member of the corps may demand using the standard form. Between that and the ring you should be protected from discomfort from heat, cold, rain and dirt and always be both comfortable and looking good as you perform your duties.

    Life support, as Lanterns can breathe in space. Given the uniform already suggests matter manipulation/transmutation, it should be able to go beyond just turning CO2 to O2 and actually remove your need to eat, drink, breathe or excrete. You'll probably still want to eat, because injecting nutrients directly into your bloodstream leaves your stomach uncomfortably empty and your intestinal bacteria may starve. Also, actually turning matter to energy probably isn't one of the ring's abilities so you need the vitamins and minerals.

    FTL and a personal forcefield that makes you immune to radiation. Lanterns can fly to space and to other planets in relatively short time frame, I don't remember if it was warp or interstellar teleportation, but when flying in space you get the equivalent of high-powered lasers and particle beams in your face all the time and don't even have to worry about a sunburn. You should be immune to almost anything except heavy kinetics.

    Telepathy, kind of. Your ring can contact your mind, that means it can make such contact with others. Usually this just handwaves the need for translation but it should be able to read other people's minds unless that ability is forbidden. Even if you have to touch people to access their minds it's a powerful tool.

    Ability to listen in on transmissions meaning 24/7 access to radio, TV and internet. Decrypting them is probably easy for an arbitrarily powerful AI, so no need to pay for movie channel.

    That healing ability? Unless the ring's radiation is harmful to people or it's magic and considers aging some mystical rule instead of tiny amounts of damage all over, you and anyone you keep healing are now eternally young-style immortals.

    ...If I had that ring I'd be tempted to just sit in the bottom of the ocean or in orbit and surf the net for rest of eternity unless I decide to go for a walk or have to kill some wannabe world-conqueror.;)

    Yellow of course.
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    Multiple rings? I assume Black and White are right out. Yellow would be counter-intuitive, as it opposes and neutralizes Blue's Hope. The SI is mentioned as a particularly compassionate/selfless person, so i'd wager an Indigo ring.
  17. I imagine lots of people would consider a Yellow Lantern a symbol of hope after he gives their oppressors proper amounts of pants-shitting terror.
  18. Finagle007

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    I'm quite sure you don't need to worry about the Guardians.

    All will be well.
  19. Kerrus

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    Lantern rings are called 'the epitome of technology', which is to say that they are the highest technology that can exist. Blue is the most powerful colour of the spectrum, but is empowered by hope. In order to keep this as a force for good, the blue rings are artificially locked in a 'safe mode' that restricts their battle abilities- mostly their ability to fire energy blasts and make constructs.

    This limitation is lifted in the presence of a user of a green lantern ring who has sufficient willpower to resist corruption or whatever. You can hope for shit if you're evil, after all, but blue lantern hope isn't just 'hope', but a fundamental connection to the universe.

    Healing works via cellular cleansing. The ring projects a force field that rebuilds cells and non-living organic material on a molecular scale. No immortals being created here, this just looks at what their injuries are and fixes those problems according to a genetic template.

    In the case of people with genetic disorders, it can fix those two on a molecular level, though if the doctors do a test on the kids who had endemic genetic diseases, they'll notice that their genetic structure has been altered- and probably go "Someone gave these kids an amazingly effective retroviral that turned off the harmful genes".

    Rings are just that good.
  20. Kerrus

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    Heading down the street from the hospital, I turned down an alley. Hal Jordan tended to be a focal point for all the weird shit that went down involving lanterns- If Saint Walker and the blue lanterns were running around out there- he'd know who they were, and no doubt that'd get me in a bit of trouble, or the very formal 'you have to be a Hero' speech. I wasn't sure I wanted to be a hero.


    But I hoped that the solution to the immediate problem of detection I was mulling over would work out. I'd seen Green Lanterns do it, and Sinestro and Hal Jordan had even done it in one of the New 52 issues. They'd shifted the spectral emissions of their power from green into ultraviolet. Given that ultraviolet didn't seem to have an emotion associated with it (though now that I think about it, why is there no 'sad' or 'happy' GL corps? lol) it probably worked as a decent means to mask your actual manipulation.

    But Blue was further down the spectrum than Green.

    "Ring, can you replicate the Green lantern Stealth Mode?" I asked.


    "Why not?"

    <<Will is not subtle. In order to manifest abilities and constructs, Will requires a method of sufficient high energy, and may temporarily 'increase' spectrum output to manifest Ultraviolet light, free of emotional contamination. This functionality is limited, and sealed according to Blue Lantern security protocols.>>

    I nodded.

    "Those protocols are really, phenomenally dumb. I know why they're in place, but they're still really stupid. Oh, also- Ring, re-designate 'Blue Lantern Corps' to 'Azure Lantern Corps'."


    I thought for a moment, considering what the ring had said.

    "So high energy abilities- constructs, energy blasts, high energy stealth mode are locked out without the presence of Will- and a green ring, correct?"


    "What about low energy stealth? Ring, can you shift emissions to infrared?" I wondered.

    <<...Affirmative. However high energy abilities will deform the spectrum shift, and Azure light will reassert itself>>

    "Those same high energy abilities that are all locked out under the security protocol?"


    "So I don't even care then."

    I directed my hope, my belief in the future, and my imagination.

    "Ring, do it."

    <<Shifting Spectral Emissions>>

    And then rather abruptly the faint blue field around me vanished from view entirely- just a faint dark reddish tinge beyond my eye's abilities to perceive.

    "What basic level abilities are available to me in this stealth mode?"

    <<Flight, enhanced reflexes, enhanced strength, intergalactic travel via warp field manipulation, interaction with technology, healing abilities, enhanced cognition speed->>

    "So basically everything but constructs and offensive abilities."


    "How far can strength, reaction times, and cognitive process rates be enhanced?"


    That was a non-answer as ever I'd heard one. I'd ask again later.

    "Right. It depends on hope, I suppose." I hoped then, focusing my imagination, and the ring's matter-energy manipulation reshaped my hospital gown and the lab coat I was wearing over it into more casual clothes. Then I focused differently, hoping and trying to reign in my determination- which wasn't helping. Hope wasn't as active like that- it wasn't will. I relaxed and let my hope take the burden of trying to force what I was going to do- and...

    -and it happened. I flew into the air- into the sky even. Effortlessly as hoping, and focusing my mind.

    "Ring, tap into all local frequencies, I don't want to get hit by a jet liner."

    <<Tapping in now>>

    I blinked at the images that flashed through my mind's eye, aircraft and satellite routes, trajectories, schedules- then nodded and focused- and shot up into space, leaving the Earth rapidly behind me.

    Within moments I was in orbit- in space for the first time in my life. I grinned at hope- a dream- fulfilled, and then glanced at the mental overlay of orbital trajectories my ring painted and thought of something- glanced down at the continental united states, opened my arms, and swan dived out of orbit, rocketing down towards Houston, Texas.

    Even with the power cosmic, I still needed resources- money, an identity, and some sort of... base... from which to plan my next move. And I had the perfect idea for it. Something which would not only work to my advantage with this, but also rekindle a dying hope for thousands.

    I pulled out of my free fall just over Mission Control, Houston, Texas, and began drifting slowly. It had always struck me as disheartening that none of the superheroes or villains ever shared their tech with the public- and for all the super-satellites, nobody had ever gone to Mars on an officially funded mission- or even unofficially to fix all the broken rovers, satellites, and other crap.

    An entire generation had missed out on space exploration due to lack of funding from the US government- and even while I considered that in the face of one disaster after another, they might have much less money- going to the stars was imperative for man. Absolutely imperative.

    It was a future I dreamed of.

    So here and now, I took the first steps to make it happen.
  21. Brellin

    Brellin Bolos are magical

    Easy space lift capability ahoy!
  22. They're tools of the first postsingularity K4+ civ in the current universe. They can alter matter at molecular and possibly atomic level. While granting immortality or other superpowers requires knowing how, repeatable rejuvenation is possible unless Guardians specifically locked the ability out.

    Although in Comicbookland biology works in insane ways, so if you stop giving the rejuv treatments or your ring is low on power and can't keep repairing your body all the time, it's possible you suddenly age fifty billion years and decay to dust despite how ridiculous that is...:mad:

    If constructs are locked out, can you still lift stuff by grabbing it like Superman? Or does your personal forcefield only cover small objects?

    This is SpaceBattles, "sufficient" is always followed by "velocity" in some manner.:cool:

    You have a mindlink to a postsingularity AI and the ring's powers can protect and heal your brain. Try to figure out what "sufficiently enhanced cognition speed" allows you to do, but remember it didn't say it makes you smarter.;)
    Do the limits on the ring include a type of Prime Directive that says you can't give humans the scientific and technological knowledge it has or help develop something with your hypercomputer brain?

    The Kzinti Lesson can be done with warp field manipulation unless it works completely different from real physics or has really strict safety lockouts.

    Interaction with technology? Does that "just" mean the AI can hack any computers and manipulate electricity(or whatever some exotic machines work with) or more than that? A human body is just a biological machine and you could fix them just fine...

    Is fighting a supervillain with your fists and "sufficiently" enhanced speed and strength considered an offensive power? The limits aren't that stupid, are they? Or would the ring give you sufficient power to disable but not kill or something like that?
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  23. How is he going to recharge his ring anyway?
  24. That is what I thought about as I saw capabilities of superman, green lantern... they could fly easily to space, they could lift big weight... and yet, they didn't try to help to built base on moon for example. Selfsufficient base on Moon would be start for real exploration of moon... and Moon wouldn't be abandoned for such long time as in real timeline...
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    Awesome! Very awesome! Hell you don't even need to be greedy, just ask NASA for say $100k a year, an ID, and you'll lift for them once a month, they'd snap it up in a heartbeat.