Living Tribunal Vs. Lucifer Morningstar

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Who Wins?

  1. Living Tribunal

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  2. Lucifer Morningstar

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  1. Richard Rider

    Richard Rider Nova Centurion

    Fight takes place in an empy universe:
    Who wins?
  2. not the universe
  3. Stellus_Nox

    Stellus_Nox Heir of breath

    Unfortunately for Satan the Tribunal can both create and manipulate, Lucifer can only do the latter.
  4. Jedi Matt

    Jedi Matt Retired Evil Cardinal

    Lucifer can create. His only limit is he has to have something to shape.
  5. Highest showing for both? Lucifer holds the Demiurge power from Michael.

    He is still not as strong as his creator but is still second. Tribunal wrestled Dormammu.

    Money's on morningstar.
  6. Silveraith

    Silveraith Argentum Phasma Phasmatis

    Isn't the Tribunal second only to his creator? And his creator has no superior?

    On the same token isn't the Tribunal's creator equal to Lucifer's creator?

    Isn't Lucifer equal to his brother? Aren't both significantly weaker then their creator?

    I take it the Tribunal wins?
  7. Jedi Matt

    Jedi Matt Retired Evil Cardinal

    Michael and Lucifer are second only to Yawheh/The Presence. The Living Tribunal is second only to The One Above All.

    Michael/Lucifer are equals with differences in what they are do.
    Michael is the power/Lucifer is the Will.
    Though it's stated that still Lucifer is the second most powerful being In creation behind the Presence and a will that is unbending.
  8. Splattercat

    Splattercat The New Guy Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    You mean his highest feat is not being a threat to the Infinity Gauntlet? Which could blink Dormammu out of existance?
    The Warlock/Tribunal fight never happened because the conflict would lay waste to the entire Marvel 616 reality as a side effect.

    So yeah, your "highest showing" thing is a bit skewed.
  9. Jedi Matt

    Jedi Matt Retired Evil Cardinal

    Adam Warlock : "How?"

    Living Tribunal : "I represent a power that dwarfs even yours."
  10. Splattercat

    Splattercat The New Guy Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    As well:

    Living Tribunal: "Such a confrontation would lay waste to this reality. Is that what you wish? Is that to type of God you are?"
  11. Tribunal may dwarf morningstar in every possible way. But I'm still voting for the ex-angel.
    I hope you didin't take it to mean that morning star was going to win a slug fest.

    Obviously he loses that...... But this guy can probably outplan thanos and never loses his will(sabotage's omnipotence). He's a winner in my book.
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  12. Brellin

    Brellin Bolos are magical

    Highest showing for Lucifer has him with both his own power and Michaels power. At that point he's basically Big G god as he has both the Power and the Will, along with the ablities to both Create and Shape. They're both directly under the equivilent of "God". I'd wager neither of them fight the other, because they both know there is no point to it.
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  13. They both sit down and have a philosophical discussion about godhood, duty, predestination and freedom of choice.
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  14. The Imperator

    The Imperator The Coolest Character

    Wat? No, TOAA IS the author. As such, he can do anything. He is omnipotent in universe. As such, he cannot be defeated.
  15. Silveraith

    Silveraith Argentum Phasma Phasmatis

    TOAA = the Presence

    They are one in the same.
  16. Observer

    Observer Lady of Gossamer and Shadow Moderator

    ... No? You remember how God is better than Michael? TOAA is God and the author of the comic. And the LT? Think of him as the author's eraser.

    Besides, DC statements only apply to their property. Michael can conquer ever universe in DC's creation. (He really really can't.)
  17. But can TOAA/LT create a rock so massive that even they cannot lift it?
  18. Observer

    Observer Lady of Gossamer and Shadow Moderator

    Yes. And then, being omnipotent, they can go ahead and lift it anyhow. Because being omnipotent means being able to say that Logic = Fish.
  19. You can't answer yes and still be omnipotent.
  20. Jedi Matt

    Jedi Matt Retired Evil Cardinal

    Yes you can.
  21. imperial90

    imperial90 You wish you were this adorable.

    By virtue of being Omnipotent silly things like paradox's cannot constrain them, if they could they wouldn't be omnipotent's. Logic cannot apply to such a being because logic would then be a constraint on its actions, a True Omnipotent is above the constants your putting forward, they wrote them for everyone else to follow, not themselves. It doesn't have to make sense when the entire concept is SUPPOSE to be beyond human comprehension.
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  22. Lifelink

    Lifelink Perfect mix of cute and dapper

    So those two angels can force a fanfiction writer to make it so that they'll win a bout like this? :p
  23. imperial90

    imperial90 You wish you were this adorable.

    Now your just wanking stupidly and ignorantly like some people were doing on the Manga vs Comics thread. Any setting with a true Omnipotent creator like The Presence, The One Above All, The Root, or The Lord of Nightmares would crush the two of them, because omnipotents essentially means Authorial Fiat, they can do what ever the hell they want because they wrote it. It doesn't have to make sense and it does not have to be logical. The Living Tribunal is said Authorial Fiat's eraser. What your saying would be the equivalent of the author in the real world trying to erase a character and that character saying "nuh uh" getting out of the page and ignoring the author. Any character that is not explicitly said to be Omnipotent stands no chance against a character that is. That's what it means to be bloody Omnipotent.

    Seriously, stop embaressing yourself.
  24. Observer

    Observer Lady of Gossamer and Shadow Moderator


    Seriously, I can't understand a word of that. Maybe if it weren't so covered in wank.
  25. imperial90

    imperial90 You wish you were this adorable.

    Nonsense, the purpose of Science Fiction is to entertain the writer and/or the audience, nothing more, nothing less. There are plenty of science fiction verses that break the 4th wall, TOAA is hardly unique in regards to that.