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    The point of time loop is that it is a LOOP. It has beginning, no middle, and no end. It just is. That means that every point in time within that loop are all happening at the same time.
    Cid is a super telekinetic 10 year old freak, who watches as his mother gets shot and killed by a Looper. Cid escapes to grow up with a chip on his shoulder and anger and vengeance in his heart (think Anakin Skywalker) and uses his powers for evil, becoming the Rainmaker, taking over the world, and killing all the Loopers. While the Rainmaker's men are arresting Joe the Looper, they accidentally kill his wife. Joe then overpowers his captors and goes back in time to kill Cid as a child before he can become the Rainmaker.Once iIn the past Joe hunts down and finds Cid, who will one day become the Rainmaker. But while shooting at Cid, Joe accidently shoots and kills Cid's mother, Sara. Cid escapes, with a chip on his shoulder and anger and vengeance in his heart. He uses his powers for eveil taking over the world, and hunting down the Loopers. Joe's wife gets killed, Joe goes back in time to stop Cid from becoming the Rainmaker, but kills Cid's mother instead, which in turn cause Cid to become the Rainmaker, hunt down Loopers, kill Joe's wife, etc etc etc.
    But along comes Joe's younger self who realizes that it is the death of his mother that causes Cid to become evil. So young Joe kills himself, meaning that older Joe never existed in the future, never had a wife to get killed, never came back in time and killed Sara, meaning that Cid never became the Rainmaker.
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    ...Congratulations? Isn't this, like, explicitely stated in the movie by the end?
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    siriusmynde the thinkings hurts us

    It causes a new loop, a new reality. From that point forward any effect that Joe, Cid, or Sara had on the world changed.

    I did like the loop in 12 Monkeys better. You can't change what happened. What happened happened and will always happen. You can't change/break the loop
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    Loops can't occur in a vacuum, a event has to kickstart it.

    The thing is, you assume Cid would never have been the Rainmaker if not for Joe. But he has to become the Rainmaker or otherwise there would not be a reason for Joe to go back in time and shoot his mum and him in the face nor a reason for Cid to want to kill all Loopers...especially since it's impossible he could have known that Joe was a Looper. And in the Old Joe's past, he killed his own Old Joe without the guy escaping so nobody could have come back in that timeline to have shot Cid's mum and him.

    The only explanation that makes sense is Cid always destined to be an evil fuck, evidenced by him being a psychopath who blows people up in emotional trantrums, never mind the creepy mature talk he has, long before Old Joe shows up, and started the chain of events by becoming the Rainmaker and go after Joe who was shown to show interest in the Rainmaker's goings with that friend of his getting blown up or simply mob business, which than led to the loop that started with Old Joe's wife shot.
  7. I didn't really think that much about it. It was ment to be a fun Sci-fi movie, that's all. Its obvious the writer/writers set out to make a fun summer popcorn flick and they did.

    Also, Star Trek taught me long ago to not think about time travel paradox's. No matter how much you look into it, it still makes no damn sense.
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    Did you miss the scene where Bruce Willis tells JGL "it's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit"? Either you accept the concept of the time loop as a conceit of the setting and its rules, which were well established by that point in the movie (Seth's torture), or you don't and none of it works for you anyway.
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    What the fuck movie did you see? I loved Looper, but I wouldn't exactly call it fun. It has some funny moments, but I wasn't exactly smiling with glee when I walked out of it.

    The sci-fi movie that came out at the end of September was "OBVIOUSLY" supposed to be a summer popcorn flick? How so?
  10. I watched this right after watching Killer Joe. So yeah, its a pretty light movie in comparison. Yeah it might not have been that fun, but I do consider it a light movie. Maybe not quite a popcorn flick, but the writers apparently didn't put much thought into the story, so why should I?

    Like I said before, when it comes to time travel, I just turn my brain off and enjoy it for what it is.
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    So since the time travel now no longer requires explanation since it's 'magic', why did Young Joe believe he'd be forgiven when he killed Old Joe despite his people clearly having given up on him and tried to kill him repeatedly. Especially the shootout in the diner was weird, with him running along the goons as if he wasn't being hunted by them.

    I mean, he himself already stated earlier that Loopers were idiots, but still you'd expect him to be smarter.
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    Because he was desperate and deluding himself?


    Again, desperate and deluded because he didn't want to end up like Seth.

    Seriously, did you even watch the movie? Half of these things are either explicitely stated or heavily implied.
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    Like I said, an idiot given they wanted to kill him with no sign whatsoever that they'd forgive him.

    You know how Seth ended up like he did? Because he was a total fucking moron which was shown repeatedly before, and didn't run first chance he had, with Old Seth also a moron for leaving him behind. Which likely was the point since Loopers weren't required to do anything but shoot someone at point blank and dump the body rather than actually being a gunman or assassin, they're the guys with brooms who have to clean up after others, and easily disposable.
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    I think the old adage of drowning men and straws is pretty applicable here.

    And Seth wouldn't have ended up the way he did if he'd killed his Loop. Which is exactly what Joe was trying to do. Whether or not it would have earned him amnesty isn't the point, the point is he chose to believe it would because he didn't want to be tortured and or killed.
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    But they were already trying to kill him.
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    I KNOW.

    Go to Google right now and go look up the definition of "deluded", because I keep using this word and you seem to not understand what it means.
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    There is being deluded and there's ignoring you were shot at, twice, and the only person trying to keep you alive is the person you are trying to kill.
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    "I failed to kill my older self so now I'm being hunted. Maybe if I'm the one to kill him my boss will see that I can be trusted and then I can live the rest of my life without looking over my shoulder every second."

    This is not fucking rocket surgery. This is a motivation that is all but written in the sky in flaming letters during the movie.
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    Well the writer of the film was Rian Johnson. He also directed it. And this was his first film with an actual budget (3rd film overall) its not an opportunity that he would likely screw up on, I'm sure he put a lot of thought into it. Its his best movie critically and financially. He was smart enough to acknowledge the issue with making a time travel movie and kind of side step the issue with one line.
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    Here's something relevant to this thread, I think.

    I've noticed that certain people on SB are incapable of distinguishing between a writer intentionally making someone stupid, and when they do it unintentionally. For some reason it's assumed that when someone does something stupid, it's unintentional and thus the movie is stupid because the writer apparently missed this. The perfect movie would thus be one where no one makes any mistakes and no one has any flaws (which ironically is the absolute opposite of a good character or movie). But see, "character flaws" are a thing in movies. They're there for a reason, in order to build exciting characters that have more then one dimension to them. It's also realistic, which is something you'd think people on this forum would appreciate. And unless you were born with some mental defect that means you have zero ability to pick up on what people might be thinking, it should be as plain as day as what's going through the minds of the main characters in this movie.

    Also, stop the fucking whining about temporal paradoxes. Time travel doesn't work that way. We've known this for some time and no one except the obsessive compulsive care enough to whine about it any more. We've stopped giving out prizes for pointing out the obvious for the three billionth time in a row. If the paradoxes really get to you that much then don't watch movies that are explicitly based around time travel and the inevitable paradoxes. I mean, I understand people who say that's just not their cup of tea, but seriously demanding and requiring detailed explanations of that which is physically impossible?

    Honestly, when old Joe was nearly breaking the fourth wall with his "don't think about it too much" speech, I thought no one in the world would miss the inherent meaning and implication. Yet, lo and behold, the usual suspects never fail to disappoint.

    Oh, and it was a brilliant movie.
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    Being delusional of reality isn't a common or sympathetic flaw. The movie gives me no reason to care about what happens to Young Joe who is depicted as an mouth-breathing idiot, like carving an adress into his arm rather than using a tattoo or some shit, or somehow forget that the people that are trying to kill you, are trying to kill you.Old Joe is far more sympathetic by being a lot smarter and willing to sacrifice, like being willing to kill several children to save the future from an evil tyrant he will grow up to be, no matter how much anguish the actual act gives him.

    And I assume that part of your comment is about Prometheus, which has it's characters do constantly stupid things with no proper cause for it only to force them into dangerous situations? That's because a writer is lazy rather than have people be sensible and still in danger, like in real-life.

    Even the most implausible things needs established rules and internal logic or else why the fuck should we care what happens since it's utterly meaningless without consequences? My issue that the movie is all about effect without establishing a proper cause.

    Pointing out your movie's logic is bullshit doesn't make it less so.

    No, not really. Especially not after Tetsuo showed up. But I presume it's just one of those things that everybody loves because it is cool to love it rather than going by actual merit, like MLP or Paranormal Activity.

    And I love that so far the defense has been 'You're too dense to get a smart and great film/the movie is intentionally stupid and not to be taken seriously'.
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    No, the defense is "just because you demand all characters must act with perfect logic 100% of the time in extraordinary situations does not mean a movie is terrible when they act like actual people".
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    l33telboi hit the nail on the head.

    And, yes, Looper was a brilliant movie.
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    Correction, it was a decent action film, if you ignore the lack of logic, so to me it was like Prometheus. But it's not brilliant if it has serious flaws and depends on the viewer to ignore them.