Losing my mind trying to convert LWO to Max

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  1. Okay, I'm at my wits end and I've probably bitten off more than I can chew. I'm trying to convert a Lightwave object into Max format and I'm not having a good time with it. I've been stumbling around now for months and have nothing to show for it. So, I've come to ask for guidence from anyone who does this sort of thing. I've tried plugins, conversion programs, just about everything I've been able to track down on the Internet. Specifically, I want to try and convert Axeman's city block collection (at least that's what I set out to do) but right now I'd be happy to convert just one object successfully.

    How should I go about this? What "procedure" should I follow? What are some of the key steps that I just cannot miss? What plugins or applications work for you? If I need access to Lightwave, I have access to a couple of machines with 7.0 for a while.

    If someone has a "method" to convert from Lightwave to Max and wouldn't mind sharing it with me I'd really appreciate it.

  2. Go to this link It is the conversion program that I use


    as an added note I use it to convert from Lightwave object into Max format the only drawback it strips the textures of the mesh...Thanks
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    I don't know if Lightwave gives you the option to save files as other formats, such as MAX.

    Thats the nice thing about Rhino, you can save models as almost any format; LW, 3DS MAX; Maya, Softimage, Bryce, etc...
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    The 3DSMax native file format was designed in such a way that it can't be accessed by other applications. LW can't write MAX files and 3DSMax probably can't read LW files either. The best--and only--option short of buying a 3rd party conversion tool is to load the LW object into LW, export it in a neutral file format such as OBJ or DXF and import the intermediate file into 3DSMax.

    The overall best solution, however, is not to use 3DSMax in the first place. 3DSMax goes out of its way to sabotage interoperability with other software and there's no reason to reward it for its behavior.
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    There is plugin for MAx to read LW.
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    Converting Max to anything is a nightmare. I get asked all the time by people to convert my stuff to Max or .3ds for them, and as Lightwave will save stuff as .3ds files (if you shorten the names) I can usually get it into that format, but not Max. Even then it loses all the image map information. Max appears to store it's stuff not as points and positions like everything else, it stores it as primitives and derivatives of primitives, making it very hard to convert to other formats. The only option does appear to be to go to a neutral format and lose all surfacing information in the process.

    You've gotta love the lightwave format though, no need to save everything as triangles and have polys with as many points as you like. When I convert stuff from .3ds to .lwo i can usually cut the poly count by about two thirds and the number of points by about three quarters.
  7. Thanks guys for the advice.

    Maybe I should cut my loses and start learning Lightwave. ;)
  8. Problem is that it imports it as a single untextured object.
  9. Converting from lwo to 3ds is a breeze. However, you'll need an actual copy of 3dsmax to save in the MAX format.
  10. use a program like Deep Exploration to convert the lwo to 3ds import the 3ds in to max open the material editor select a material slot then click the eye droper click one of the parts of the mesh it will import all the mapping data from the mesh in to the material editor then setup the texture for that part of the mesh do this for all the parts of the mesh as needed and then save a max format there you go you have a lightwave model in max
  11. Use 3d Exploration, that works for most 3d formats, including Homeworld .peo files.