Louise's Life with Monster Girls (ZnT and Monster Girls)

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Options for the Story: (Please, you can only vote once, so choose all that apply)

  1. Pick 10 (Readers pick ANY 10 monster girls)

  2. Normal mode: 4 Elementals, 1 Void, 5 Free.

  3. Add more Harem Slots (Discuss in thread)

  4. VOIDHAXX edition

  5. Kirche has Monster girl Salamander: Yes (Abstention is a No)

  6. Tiffania has a Harem: Yes (Abstension is a No)

  7. Joseph has Non-Sheffield Familiar: Yes (Abstention is a No)

  8. Vittorio has Non-Julio Familiar: Yes (Abstention is a No)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    "If I have confidence in anything it's [...] Summon Servant! I'll summon a familiar, more devoted, beautiful, and powerful than all of yours combined!"

    Well, I, HeadMaid, felt that she should get what she asked for.

    In a Giant Yuri-Harem of Monster Girls sort of way.

    Louise! Is! Deadline VoidMage Summonnr!

    It's based off of Deadline Summonnr, an Ecchi manga one-shot made by the guy behind Day in the Life with Monster Girl. It's hilarious, and a brilliant take on the Unwanted harem and "Gamer Guy trapped in a fantasy RPG game" tropes.

    Louise as a giant Yuri Harem Summoner... that's completely straight.
    NOTE TO THE MODERATI - If you think I may be getting too close to the line, please tell me, message me, or something, so I can fix it.

    NOTE TO POSTERS - Remember the NSFW Rules, Both CrW's and this Thread's, please.

    Thread will close every time I need a new poll. This thread will be Highly Poster-Driven, So Vote and Post! It'll really help!

    While related, and using the Monster Girls from there, I'm not doing a cross with Monster Girl Encyclopedia per se, I'm doing the "Bleached panties" Deadline Summonnr, or Monster Musume version. Still kind of ecchi, but far less "sexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsex". I even made an annotated version of the MGE with notes and links, and it's pretty complete. Details on how to get to it are later in the thread, but if you can't figure it out, just post in the thread or PM me with a message that you want it.

    Louise's first summon will be an Echidna, completely straight, just for the Lulz of it and as a "Harem Mother".

    Anyway, I asked a Mod, and this link got cleared as long as it's not a hyperlink.

    Deadline Summonnr: Ecchi! (but still SFW) http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/deadline-summonnr-r5357
    On the Album/MGE version I'm using:

    Use the Official Album at Imgur, code h1rpI to find out more about the Monster Girls. Of course, if you cannot figure it out, just post in the thread requesting a link, or PM me. Imgur does it's albums thusly: imgur.com/a/[albumcode]

    I actually have 2 links, lol, one just the annotated Monster Girl Encyclopedia, and another with more... NSFW related materials.

    Also: To people with the album link: A "Working" edition of the (soon to be) NSFW Profiles are up, the link is in the description of the image of the Monster Girl Album I sent out right now. Use the first link to send comments and messages to me. It'll also give you a place to go if Spacebattles crashes again.

    And if your inbox is becoming cluttered, or my messages and responses annoy you, just leave the conversation. It's the "delete" function, and I promise you won't be missing anything as I'll repost any important plot points here in the thread. Just remember to bookmark the Album link(s) or something so that I don't have to send it out again, lol.

    List of Monster Girls and SFW Profiles (In progress)
    Current Harem-Louise Harem Size: 1 + 10 (1 harem mother)
    1) Echidna - Motherly, Leader. Void slot.
    2) Baphomet - Brash, Trickster, "Tsun", Aggressive. (Think Aria.). Fire Slot.
    3) Leanan Sidhe - Playful, Cheerful, Artsy, Kind. (Chiyo) Wind Slot.
    4) Sea Bishop - Gentle, Caring, Innocent. (Shizuku, Umi no Misaki). Water Slot.
    5) Anubis - Firm, Proud, Defensive. (Momiji)
    6) Nightmare - Tomoe Hotaru. That is all.
    7) Rayael - See snips below
    8) Mimic - Cheerful, Pushy, Genki, Devious. (Haruhi). Chesty, but in a small chest.
    9) Weresheep - Lazy. Sexy. Petulant. (Yasuko, Toradora, but less motherly).
    10) Blue Oni - "My Friends Right or Wrong", Loyal, Cool, Intellectual.​
    11) Lilim - aggressive, slutty, "I believe",​
    Tiffania's Harem: (I've restarted the vote, 7/09)

    Rules: choose your top 5. The 3 with the greatest amount of votes will be chosen. You may UP TO TWO stars for your heavily favored choices. Other than that, this time's votes will NOT BE WEIGHTED. Cannot be Dwarf or firstborn race, cannot be a "Special" class. Cannot overlap with Louise. Note: The girls that "Lost", like the Yuki-onna, the Dragon, and the Ghost, CAN be voted for.

    1) Elf
    2) Dark Elf

    You are now voting for slots 3 through 5
    Tech Level Vote

    Mythology Vote


    Chapter 1 Snip One (Done)


    Lair Andromeda Quest (Monster Girls)

    No (or very little) Spoilers:
    Crash Course into the Lore/World (Read this for a "non-spoilered" version of the backstory)
    The "Energies" of Sylvara
    List of Monster Girls and SFW Profiles (In progress)
    Locations: List of Realms and cities in the world of Sylvara.

    Spoilers/Raw versions:
    My MGE World Backstory part 1
    My MGE World Backstory part 2
    My MGE World Backstory part 3
    Echidna's relationships with everyone.
    SPOILERS Ancient Backstory and Timeline of Yitirix in Halk years
    Spoilers: The Secret of Demonic Encroachment

    Rayael snips/backstory (may have spoilers):
    Story of the ------ Snip 1
    Story of the ------ Snip 2
    Story of the ------ Snip 3
    Story of the ------ Snip 4 (MGE entry)


    AUDIENCE WRITE OFF/Generated Content:

    While determining the last 2 members of the Harem, I asked you readers to tell me your reasoning for each one. Here are the related posts:
    Entry Summary and Response part 1
    Entry Summary and Response part 2
    Entry Summary and Response part 3

    Non-canon Lilithium's story of Blue Oni and Clover-weresheep.
    "Sweet Treat" at Westwood Orphanage (Waff, Fluff)
    More Voting things:

    Siesta's Great-Grandmother possibilities:

    For shits and giggles:
    Kirche summons Monster Girl Salamander, Y/N? - fans vote YES.

    Tiffi can also have summons. Y/N? Fans vote: YES, but with likely just 5 familiars instead of 10.

    Joseph can have a non-Sheffield familiar. Y/N? - people say "MAYBE"

    Vittorio can have a Trap Alp for his familiar. Y/N? - People say "MAYBE"
    List of Nicknames:
    1) Cassie
    2) Reaper
    3) Leah
    4) Su
    5)9B, Kyuu-B.
    7) Ray, "Miss Tentacles"
    8) Chesty,
    9) Fluffy, Bel, Yotsuba, "Baakkheia" (for her milk-wine)
    10) Aoi, BlueBird
    11) Lilly, Pervert (rayael)

    A Rant on spoilers. It's in ALLCAPS because I wanted it to stand out without taking up too much space. I'm not yelling at ya.

    Character Songs
    BadEndFest: Alicia, the "old" Alice

    Past Sigs:
    Note: Every I'll change the OP's opening text's color every time there is an update. If it's half one color half another, then it's just a snippet, and may not actually be the Chapter you were looking for.
  2. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    Louise's Harem :

    Notes: Ages are in Yitirix years (495 days). Halk years are 384 days, IIRC.
    For your convenience:

    1)Species: Echidna


    Name: Cassiopeia
    Abilities: High-level magic, "Human-transformation", Stealth, Tongues, Illusions, Memory Manipulation, Mind control, and Many more sorceries…
    Hobbies: Reading, Collecting Jewels and Gold, Maze building/solving, Cooking, Realm Traveling.
    Orientation: Straight, but with some lesbian experience
    Sizes (American): 32C/D-23-34
    Age: "Does it matter? I'm the eldest of the group."
    Diet: Meat, Fruit. Really likes grapes and meatballs.
    Real Life: Abbey Faith. Note: Slimmed down in ribcage and waist due to her being an Echidna, and boosted her cup size half a size as that keeps the volume of the breasts constant.


    2) Nightmare


    Name: Stella Tlachtga “Reaper” (Mount)
    Abilities: Silence, Stealth, Mistform, Dreamform, DreamWalk, Mind Read, Mind Rend, Memory Manipulation, Shadow Walk, Phasing, Lucid dreaming and stuff..
    Hobbies: Reading. Gardening. Being Quiet. Walking about and playing in other people’s dreams.
    Orientation: Lesbian, though bi-curious.
    Sizes: 30E-24-NA Height: 5’1” if “Human”, Horse half 48 in (Waist to ground), total height about 6’2”, Length: about 6 feet.
    Age: 132 YO.
    Diet: Magic, Souls, Spiritual Energy, Dreams. If unavailable: Leafy Greens,(Sparingly)Raw meat, Cooked Meat, Fruit, Vegtables. Really likes pasta.
    Real Life: Amy Lu

    Notes: “butt” measurements are kind of dumb for this one ;). She’s based off some of the smaller horses. Thinking about it, this may be Louise’s favorite summon, as the horse I based her off of has an extremely smooth walk/run, and with “Nightmare Racial Bonuses”, well, It’ll be smoother than a Maglev ride.
    3) Leanan Sidhe


    Name: Leanan Sidhe, Leah, Lea (Wind)
    Abilities: Inspiration!, Empathy, WindBonus: Wind magic.
    Hobbies: Music, Art, Pottery, Crafts... (Specialty is Music)
    Orientation: Fairy. (doesn't care), Art
    Sizes: Fairy- 8 in. Human- 28B-20-28 , Height 4’9”, weight: 20lbs (lighter due to Fairy type and Air affinity)
    Age: ??? + 41 years
    Diet: Berries, Nuts, Fruits, Mushrooms, Souls, Art, Music, Stories. Really likes fruit pies.
    Quotes: "You want a picture with that?"
    Real Life: Lupe Fuentes (slimmed down even further)

    4) Sea Bishop


    Name: Su Xi (Water)
    Abilities: Water magic, Healing, Water Purification (purifies Sexualized Monster Girls with water)
    Hobbies: Aquaculture (raising fish), Adventuring, healing,
    Orientation: Bisexual, prefers women
    Sizes: 28G-24-33, Weight: 134 lbs, Length about 6’5”, When In “humanform” 5’7”
    Age: 173
    Diet: Fish, Seaweed, Seafood, ect. Is partial to Grilled, dried, and pan-fried fish. D
    Real Life: Elle Basey

    Notes: Elle Basey’s breasts at 28 G really are no larger than the average 32 D or 32 DD’s, its just on a smaller ribcage and frame, the cup size goes up with the same volume of mammary tissue. I chose a thinner ribcage for better maneuvering through water, as it is more efficient and streamlined. Su here just had to be born from a VERY well endowed Echidna. She’s actually just a tad bigger than Cassie volume wise.

    5) Baphomet

    Name: Nehema (Faust?) (fire)
    Abilities: Witch transformation, Simple Magic, Corruption, Mental Haze, Induce Lust, Sex magic, Fire Magic.
    Hobbies: Tricking women into becoming witches. ^_^
    Orientation: Lesbian. Dislikes men, only uses them to please her Witches.
    Sizes: 26A-20-28, height 4'2", Weight 90 lbs (Dense)
    Age: 283
    Diet: Omnivorous, prefers meat, rare, near raw. Also eats souls.
    Quotes: "... You wanna form a contract?"

    Real Life: Yaya Ogata, Yi Liu (then Shortened, and slimmed down).

    6) Anubis


    Name: Alexandria (earth)
    Abilities: Mummy Curse (temp and permanent), swordplay, Human-like form, basic Geomancy
    Hobbies: Sports with the Werewolves, Wrestling, Sword/staff fighting. (secretly is practicing baking)
    Orientation: Not interested in sex, disinterested in men, but feels comfortable around women.
    Sizes: 34C-24-33 , 5ft, 120 lbs
    Diet: Meat, breads

    Real Life: Anastasia Mayo

    7) Rayael (Rayael Verona von Neouxebum (vee Nocturnes))

    Appearance: Looks like a Normal Dhampir in Vampire's dress with a full-body cloak instead of wings wrapped around her. (Rayael still has the black tank-top instead of the Vampire's white blouse. Also has her hat.)

    Name: Rayael Verona von Neouxebum (vee Nocturnes)
    Abilities: Some magic (mostly charm magic), Slime form, Roper Form, High Regen, "Clothing" Regen, transformative powers, Roper tentacles, Slime digestion, Offensive Dark Magic blasts, Swordplay.
    Hobbies: Hunting
    Orientation: Functionally Lesbian
    Sizes: 32E?-24?-37? (body constantly changes, this is with her enchanted clothing on), 5’7”, weight: 197 lbs (due to denser liquid)
    Age: 23
    Diet: Monsters, Humans. Human Food.
    Quotes: “Harmony to both Human and Monster” (pre-conversion), “As a monster, I wish for no woman to become like me...”(post-conversion) “Yes, Lilly” (post Lillyana)

    Real Life: Carrie Lynn

    8) Mimic


    Name: Pyxi (ΠΥΞΙΣ) Caspar, Nicnames: Pix, Boxy, Mimmy, Chesty (utility)
    Abilities: Realm Jump - as long as one of her “Chests” resides in a Realm, she may travel to and from that chest to her “mimic subspace dimension” and then back to the same chest or even another while residing in another realm. Everything in the Mimic world is in stasis as long as Pyxi is not there. Other abilities: Shrinking magic, Bartering, CapatalismHo!
    Hobbies: Collecting things.
    Orientation: Money. And nubile young girls.
    Sizes: 32H-22-35, Height 5’6”, Weight: Depends on the chest she’s in.
    Age: unknown (Minimum of 70 years)
    Diet: Basic food. Souls and spiritual energy on occasion.
    Quotes: “It’s called Capitalism, Idiot.” “You broke the contract.”"Now my dear~, since you've failed to pay of my dept; Now you are Mine~"

    Real Life: Lucy Collett

    9) Weresheep

    Name: Belphy, of the Clover Herd (beast)
    Abilities: Sleep magic (contact, and noncontact), Boosted Strength, Napping, Milk Magic (magic milk, able to be Acid, Potion-like, aphrodisiac, sleep, ect),
    Hobbies: Molesting Aoizora (while she’s sleep). Making Blaand/liquor. Sleeping. Drinking with Aoizora.
    Orientation: Lesbian.
    Sizes: 34H-24-34, Height: 5’3” Weight 113 lbs
    Age: 23
    Diet: edible Grasses/vegetables, food cooked by Aiozora, grains/bread/cereals.
    Real life: Hitomi Tanaka (Belphy is a bit taller, and has smaller breasts. Hitomi is a 34J-24-34. 34J American, not metric J which is smaller.)
    10) Species: Blue Oni


    Name: Aoizora, Aoi
    Abilities: Blacksmithing, Oni Strength, Artifice (basic analization of artifacts, basic reverse engineering), Engineering.
    Hobbies: Drinking. Drinking from Belphy. Smithing tools, experimentation.
    Orientation: Lesbian, but not too interested in sex.
    Sizes: 34D-23-35, Height: 6’4”, weight: 157 lbs
    Age: 19
    Diet: edible Grasses/vegetables, Alcohol, Meat, Barsnacks, Alcohol, Liquor, Sprits, Alcohol, Wine, Beer, Alcohol, Rice, Roasted Beans (but not raw)

    Real Life: Helena Christensen (see notes)

    Notes: Based off of Julia Kristy (Julia Am), Jennifer Marie, and Helena Christensen (All have similar measurements), but boosted in height and weight to be more Oni/Giant like.
    11) Lillim


    Name: Lillyana (Lilliana, Lilyanna, Nic: Lilly)
    Abilities: Succubus traits, Sex Magic, Lilim Paladin, Wilderness cooking.
    Hobbies: Rescuing Women, Rayael, Shipping, Training (with Rayael), Traveling/Adventuring, Rayael.
    Orientation: Lesbian.
    Sizes: 34D-24-36, Height: 5’9”, Weight 129 lbs.
    Age: 17 years.
    Diet: Is able to eat anything organic. Has “Strange Tastes” because of this.
    Quotes: “LILIM! RUN! SAVE YOUR DAUGHTERS!” “Don’t worry, I’m here to save all the girls in the name of Love and Peace!”

    Real life Person(S): Wendy Hamilton, Roberta Vasquez.
  3. HecateGW

    HecateGW Spymistress. Witchqueen. Bane of Vegans.


    You're actually going through with the idea.

    Props to you miss. Considering how good your writing is, I will be watching this thread.:cool:
  4. dragonx99

    dragonx99 Shikigami Extraordinaire

    Should we cast vote for the harem via posts or is that going to be another poll?
  5. Rodyle

    Rodyle Anti-Fascist

    I suggest Inari mainly because they are the most... let's say "domesticated" of the Zippang monsters, except maybe the Yuki-onna.

    Honestly having this vast army of monsters seems like it'll be troublesome to juggle from a writing standpoint BUT THEN AGAIN I doubt anyone's going to be going over this particular story with a fine toothed comb anyway.

    As for other people getting monsters, sure, pass them out like candy, why not?
  6. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    Bleached Underpants Descriptions of the Monster Girls (First is Cataquack's, then my own notes)

    You can find the originals on Danbooru, pool 2206, or in the Imgur Album.

    There are over 110 (114 by my count) monster girls right now, and I'll do my best to write them out. This will be the "modified" profiles, or the changes/addendums to the actual profiles in order for the girls to fit in with my setting better. If things are in bold then it's directly contradicting the profile. Also: remember, the profiles are that of "Sexualized" monster girls, so just mentally de-sexualize them to get a better grasp on things. If I have time, I (Felix3D's brother speaking) will expand upon the profiles into full ones.

    In order that they appear in the album:

    Fire/Elemental Type/Zipangu

    Earth/Elemental Type/Special

    Wind/Elemental Type/Special

    Fire/Elemental Type/Special

    Water/Elemental Type/Special

    Water/Aquatic Type

    Water/Aquatic Type

    Water/Aquatic Type

    Sea Bishop
    Water/Aquatic Type

    Water/Aquatic Type/Zipangu

    Water/Aquatic Type

    Water/Aquatic Type/Succubus Type/Special

    Sea Slime
    Water/Liquid Type/Aquatic Type

    Water/Liquid type

    Red Slime
    Water/Liquid Type

    Queen Slime
    Water/Liquid Type

    Bubble Slime
    Water/Liquid Type

    Water/Liquid Type/Zipangu

    Dark Slime
    Water/Liquid type

    Water/Other Type/Succubus Type

    Succubus Type

    Succubus Type

    Succubus Type

    Succubus Type/Special

    Humanoid Type/Succubus Type/Special

    Dark Angel
    Humanoid Type/Succubus Type/Special

    Humanoid Type/Special

    Lesser Succubus
    Humanoid Type

    Kitsune Tsuki
    Fire/Humanoid Type/Zipangu

    Earth/Humanoid Type

    All Elements/Humanoid Type

    Dark Priest
    Humanoid type

    Humanoid Type

    Humanoid type

    Dark Elf
    Humanoid Type

    Humanoid type

    Humanoid Type

    All Elements/Other type/Succubus Type

    Wind/Familiar Type

    Leanan Sidhe
    All Elements/Familiar Type

    Wind, Water/Familiar type

    All Elements/Familiar Type/(Succubus Type)

    Arch Imp
    All Elements/Familiar Type/(Succubus Type)

    Earth/Shapeshifter Type

    Jar Demon
    Earth/Shapeshifter Type

    Earth/Water/Shapeshifter type/Aquatic type

    Shapeshifter Type

    Wind, Earth/Spirit Type

    Lantern Spirit
    Fire/Spirit type/Zipangu

    Yuki Onna
    Water, Wind/Spirit Type/Humanoid Type/Zipangu

    Wind/Spirit Type

    Fire, Earth/Spirit type/Bodied subtype

    Spirit Type/Bodied subtype

    Earth Wind/Spirit Type

    Earth, Wind/Spirit Type/Bodied Subtype

    Earth/Plant type

    Water/Plant Type

    Wind/Plant Type

    Water Earth/Plant Type

    Plant Type

    Wind, Fire/Reptile type/Special/Zipangu

    Earth/Reptile Type

    Fire/Reptile Type

    Fire, Earth, Wind/Reptile Type/Special

    Beast-Quadruped Type

    Beast Quadruped Type

    Earth, Wind/Beast-Quadruped Type

    Earth/Beast-Quadruped Type

    Earth/Beast Type/Zipangu

    Beast Type/Were subtype

    Beast type/Were subtype

    Beast type/Were subtype

    Beast type/Were subtype

    Wind/Beast Type/Were subtype

    Earth/Beast type

    Earth Wind/Beast type

    Earth/Beast Type

    Large Mouse
    Earth/Beast Type

    Beast type/Zipangu

    Earth/Beast type

    Earth, Water/Beast type

    Fire, Earth/Beast type

    Fire/Beast Type/Zipangu/Special

    Earth, Fire/Giant Type

    Blue Oni
    Water/Giant Type

    Red Oni
    Fire/Giant Type

    Wind/Giant Type

    Wind/Harpy type

    Black Harpy
    Wind/Harpy Type

    Crow Tengu
    Wind/Harpy Type/Zipangu

    Wind/Harpy type

    Earth/Harpy Type

    Earth/Lamia type

    Water, Wind/Lamia type/Zipangu

    Earth/Lamia Type

    All elements/Lamia Type/ [Special, due to rarity]

    Devil Bug
    Earth/Insect Type

    Wind/Insect Type

    Wind, Water/Insect Type

    Water/Insect Type/Special

    Giant Ant
    Earth/Insect Type

    Earth/Insect Type

    Earth, Water/Insect Type/Zipangu

    Ant Arachne
    Insect Type/Arachnid Subtype

    Earth, Wind/Insect type/Arachnid subtype/Zipangu

    Earth Wind/Insect Type/Arachnid Subtype

    Insect Type/Arachnid Subtype/Zipangu

    Wind, Earth, Water/Insect Type/Arachnid Subtype

    Other Type

    Other type, Goblin

    Other Type

    Giant Slug
    Water/Other Type

    Earth/Other Type

    Earth/Other Type
  7. Zap Rowsdower

    Zap Rowsdower Ex-Cultist Vagrant

    The name should be some sort of synonym or at least sound similar to a synonym for the word "knuckle".
  8. fallenblades643

    fallenblades643 Seeker of the Divine Taste

    .... Will it have fluffy tails?

  9. Well what would be her country of origin? That would help with the name.
  10. HecateGW

    HecateGW Spymistress. Witchqueen. Bane of Vegans.

    Maybe an Arabic name like:

    Amira which I think means Princess.
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  11. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    They can be. Damphir can take place of Earth, Baphomet can take the place of Fire, and Weresheep can take the place of Void. Also, My reasoning for the 3 (can be overridden if need be):

    Weresheep - Calming for Louise... and adorable.
    Damphir - because her mother already has vampires. ;)
    Baphomet - "Do you want to make a contra-- *TAIL SMACK*" "Why did you do that!? She was going to give me great magical powers!" Echidna: "At the cost of you staying flat and short forever. The Magic is based off of Loli Powers"... "oh...."
    Joseph and Vittorio MAY have alternate summons, but no harems.

    On the Demon Queen: She doesn't give a fuck. At all. She's too busy having sex with her husband (Her goal is to convert all women into Monster Girls so they can have as loving of a relationship as she does with her husband, IIRC)
    There are plenty of other Japanese Demons that can fill the spot too in Siesta's potential list.

    Also: the ancestor will impact the storyline, the replacement for the Dragon's Raiment, and Siesta's abilities and features.
    Bleached Underpants, so not needed. I suggest you read "Daily life with monster girl" or the new editions, I.e. Deadline Summonnr, and Monster Musume in order to get a better idea of the girls... Once again, this is not a Monster Girl Quest crossover. But it's close, lol.

    Back on spiritual energy: if they use magic they'll need spirit energy though, which Louise can provide.
    Do it via posts.
    Doesn't matter, just choose from the list given, or suggest your own with your reasoning behind it.

    Remember: for Monster Girls as long as they Love you they will live with you forever. In their own special way.
    What are you referring to?
    ... She's from a fantasy RPG Land, called "Sexalot". I guess. IDK. She's a monster girl.

    Could Work. I'll keep that in mind. People, if you like a suggestion

    USE THE LIKE BUTTON OR QUOTE AND REPOST, So I can see support for ideas.
  12. Rodyle

    Rodyle Anti-Fascist

    ...Do you seriously not know about Monster Girl Quest?
  13. Ars Poetica

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    I'm watching this.
    Eyes that scream blood look upon a form of purity.
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  14. Here are my votes:

    Remaining 6:

    1. Jorogumo (Water due to association with poison?)
    2. Inari (Fire; note- given that Inari naturally produce Kitsune-bi through their energy, a Kitsune-bi and Kitsune-tsuki incident could still occur)
    3. Gargoyle (Air/Earth?)
    4. Doppleganger (either girl-Wardes or Cattleya)
    5. Mimic
    6. Alarune

    Siesta's Grandmother:

    1. Kunoichi
    2. Shirohebi
    3. Nureonago
    4. Yuki-Onna
    5. Jorogumo
    6. Youko/Inari/etc.
  15. I meant as an analogy, man. Ah, lets go with greek, how about 'Cassiopeia', it means 'clever.'
  16. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    I know of it, but remember, his post just looked like this:

    "Will it have fluffy tails?"

    What am I supposed to think?

    This isn't a Monster Girl Quest or a true MGE cross. It's a cross between something else that uses similar Monster girls (they'er not even the same)
  17. Zap Rowsdower

    Zap Rowsdower Ex-Cultist Vagrant

    There is a certain species of monotreme anteater in Australia named after Echidna (no, I don't know what monotremes have to do with the Mother of Monsters either); the most famous fictional example of which is named Knuckles.
  18. Winged Knight

    Winged Knight Crazy man with a wolf on his head.

    I like Kitsuni-tsuki, or some kind of fox girl in general, for Siesta. I like Yuki-onna too, but Kitsuni just barely wins over for me.

    I also like the idea for Dullahan to be one of Louise's summons, because Dullahan in both the encyclopedia and especially the manga look freaking adorable. So those are my votes.
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  19. NMS


    I think the reason Zap wants the name to be a synonym of Knuckle might be because of Knuckles the Echidna from Sonic.

    Edit: Ninja'd.
  20. fallenblades643

    fallenblades643 Seeker of the Divine Taste

    Fluffy tails=kitsune its a joke about their tails.
  21. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    Cool. Added to the List.
    Ok, To make things easier, I'll Mark what elements (if any) the monster girl can stand in for on the list.

    Inari won't be able to make Kitsune-bi without other things happening. Kitsune-Tsuki can only be made by a person Willingly accepting a newborn Kitsune-Bi into themselves.

    Doppel isn't on Louise's original list so I'll need a reasoning why.

    On Siesta's Great-grandmother (or even higher up the family tree),

    FROM NOW ON, I will look at only the top 4. The votes will be weighted exponentially in the order you list them.

  22. If you need more information on Monster Girl Encyclopedia, I would recommend registering with the Monster Girl Unlimited Forum. They have all the latest translations of both Kenkous' (the creator's) individual monster bios and his outline of the setting.

    Like I said, the Doppelganger would likely mimic one of Louise's most admired people, either Wardes or Cattleya. Given that her vision of Wardes, which affects the makeup of the Doppelganger, is far different from the harsh reality, things could be very interesting.

    Inari are able to control their energy better than Youko, but they still continue to scatter demonic energy around them, triggering the catalyst for Kitsune-bi formation. Also, I don't think that Kitsune-bi possession, the cause of Kitsune-tsuki, needs to be voluntary.
  23. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    Like I said before: This is not A MGE crossover, but of another Verse with the same "monster girls" as MGE. There are notable differences. All the readers need to know is the general description of the race, and the general abilities (apply your own censoring and bleaching), along with the general looks. Things will change to fit in with this story.

    More stuff from Monster Girl Encyclopedia outside of the base race description is superfluous, misleading, and detrimental to the story.

    On other matters: I'm going to need more than "makes reality better" for the Doppel. There are reasons why I did not include her on my original list, and this is your chance to make a case for the Doppel. Are there any future plot reasons you prefer her over, say, a Queen Slime? Will she add anything to the story? Does she have a gimmick? Will she have any other function than being a way to enslave minds?

    Inari and Youko, (all the monster girls for that matter), will have Bleached Underpants abilities. Lust becoming flames that turn other women into sex fiends is not exactly bleached underpants.
  24. ExplBean

    ExplBean Failed Tactician

    I've always been partial to chochin-obake, because I thought they were adorable. Other than that... 10 is a lot of slots to fill. Much thought will be required. Winged Knight's got some good ideas there, and the Echidna sounds good. Going with that... let's see.
    1. Echidna
    2. Chochin-obake
    3. Yuki-onna
    4. Dullahan
    5. Weresheep
    6. Damphir
    7. Baphomet
    8. Kitsune Bi (Maximum Tabitha Trauma Powers, Activate!)
    9. Golem
    10. Nereid
    And like Winged Knight said, a Kitsune for Siesta's ancestor.
  25. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    So a vote for A kitsune then? For who?
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