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    Max is so awesome that old age doesn't want to pick a fight with him?
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    His wife doesn't look bad either... something to remember, she's had SEVEN kids and is still kicking ass. So figure that Macross old age is at least what BT's is for Terra. Especially as one of the main characters in Macross Frontier goes from having a 20-ish year old body to a pre-teen body and its considered only a slight defect... This means that they can change their biological age very easily, but my guess is they don't mess with it much for social reasons and only use it to slow their aging down dramatically.
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    Sheer hate helps too. Wayne Waco was 99 when he killed Jaime Wolf (87).

    Lester J Otto was a General for 53 years when he was the first person to loose a new tech Devastator in 3044 and must have been at least 90 or so. Being a Paladin Victor Steiner-Davion should have still been a mechwarrior when he was assassinated at 104, IIRC.

    Good to know.
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    *hands him a cookie, and a nice one at that*

    Galaxy pretty much deliberately setup the YF-27-5 to fail. Not by much, but just enough for everyone else to agree that the YF-24/YF-25 was a better arrangement. Thus the Galaxy fleet could hide their development of the YF-27 chassis/hull as them working on the YF-25. After all, both craft are actually extremely similar in design. It's nothing more then the classic method of hiding something in plain sight by referring to it as something other then it really is.

    What most people didn't realize was that the airframe for the YF-24/YF-25 was strong enough to support not just two engines, but four engines - which is also how/why the YF-29 came around. But the people on Galaxy however, did realize it. Note that the main 'leg' engines on the finalized VF-27 are still slightly less effective/efficient then those on the VF-25. It's just that the engines on the wings more then make up for that, and give it a vastly superior thrust rate except if the VF-25 is using the full armor pack (and the pack's massive engines). The other main issue is that the YF-27/VF-27 is a space superiority fighter to the exclusion of all else, which was also why it was dropped. The VF-25 on the other hand, is incredibly flexible for all the different loadout packages it can carry - a setup that hasn't been seen on VFs since the VF-11, or even the VF-1. As a 'base' fighter, the VF-25 is, well, rather pathetic/pedantic. It's just that all the bonus stuff it can be tricked out with makes it superior and able to be hotswapped in minutes.

    BTW, I highly suggest that any/all quantum beams (warship grade or VF scale) be outright banned from the story. Considering they're gravity-warping + utilize foldspace, you get a situation where no armor in existence that isn't Vajra bio-weirdness, will stop a beam or pulse from one.
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    I'm just wondering how the Macross fleet is going to supply all those Meltrandi.
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    Perhaps their supplies are already aboard the LST they were found in? I seem to remember a large cache of reaction warheads being found as well...
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    True, but finding one thing never equates finding another. Still, I suppose there are suits and at least personal weaponry, if not a few combat suits.
  8. They could just shrink them... with a possibility of a occasional hiccup. (Turned to a loli)

    Oh yes recommendation for Meltran pilots. Zentran size Variable fighter or armor.

    The Variable Glaug or Neo Glaug.

    Child Zentradi or Meltrans fit in these. These were originally used by Rebel Zentradi using children in Macross M3. Max and Millia shot down one and adopted its pilot. Moaramia Jifon later Moaramia Fallayna Jenius the eight Jenius daughter. Though chronologically the third a she is a year younger than Komillia. Max and Millia alreay had Miracle their second biological daughter. Moaramia or Moa is the only one daughter confirmed to have joined UN Spacy. Taking over from her parents who retired from special forces squadron Dancing Skulls. Only reason she wasn't at the baby pic of Mylene is that Macross M3 game was mad later than Macross 7 and her excuse she already ha a military assignment.

    The UN of the Variable or Neo Glaug version is for miclones. There is a unnamed version of the Neo Glaug which was present in the Macross Plus game.
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    I thought the fleet didn't have any micronization chambers?
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    It's not like they don't know how to build them
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    Hm, true enough I guess.
  12. Fleets do tend to have the blue prints for most of the available stuff, yeah... The limitation is more in the number of factory craft and resources available to it. Though given a bit of time you can build more factory craft as well...
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    We'll have to wait and see what they run into on the other side. In a perfect world they'd have time to sort everything out with the microisation but they could need those Meltrandi crewing zentradi ships and mecha straight away if they run into trouble ... Chaos Blade has mentioned survivors a few times so maybe the fold really messes everything up and they wont have the time/resources to get fancy. Just order the big girls into the first ship they can get working, fingers crossed for a Nupetiet-Vergnitzs I really like those things :)
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    Well, it could be worse, this could have been a Macross/Rifts crossover.
  15. How would that be worse Macross fits into Rifts easy.
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    That genetic hiccup was IIRC either because of mixed ancestry or natural reproduction and pure clone Meltran would't have it.
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    Mixed ancestry, she was part Zolan.
  18. There's nothing about her being part Zolan. From some indications, its impossible for the two species to procreate. Its simple because of a genetic anomaly that she goes loli when micloned.
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    I heard she was born to a micronised couple but for some medical reason had to be macronised, then finished maturing at full size. Next time she went into the chamber her body defaulted to her age when she first went trough the change.

    Every time Death comes for Max, he challenges the Grim reaper to a best of three game in the VF simulators. Death has of yet even to win a single round. He hasn't even bothered with Millia yet.
  20. ...Where's your source on that?
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    I remember something like that being said in the original series, but it could just have been fanon I read in a fic. I have no official source, sorry.
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    Truth (about genetic anomaly), as for the Zolan issue and two species it depends on how close genetically they are (mule are a point and so are various species of dogs/cats).
  23. That sounds fanon. The only thing we know about Klan past is that is that she come from a line of Zentradis and was childhood friends with Michael. Even that flashback shot shows her Zentradi sized.

    Well the Zolans are marsupials and are not with humans (or zentradi) compatible. Hell, there was that radio show that played throughout Dynamite 7 about the human man and zolan female.
  24. Well on the Zolan issue the whole humans an Zolans can't procreate because Zolans are descended from marsupials and humans from primates came from a radio drama during Macross 7 Dynamite.

    But Michael Blanc from various sources descended from Human, Zolan and Zentradi.

    Dr. Hasford's Protoculture theory hypothesizes Humans came to their present form due to genetic manipulation via viral exposure. If you are thinking Prometheus somewhere along those lines.

    In Macross 7 the password in the Protoculture ruins is mixed heritage. Some faction of the Protoculture expected the Zentradi to be breeding stock.

    On another note reading further to Macross the Ride bios of Angers 672 and Zentradi commander Narusuan there seems to be some pro-Human/Zentradi/Zolan hegemony versus the decentralization debate we see now in Macross Frontier. Narusuan commander of the fleet FASCES gets support from the group Lactense, the fascist group that tried to take over Earth in Macross VF-X2. Narusuan from the sound of it is heavily pro-Earth and is popular among Earthers and Zolans.

    Remember Richard Bilrer Zentradi transport mogul, financial sponsor of Macross Frontier an owner of SMS, dreamed of uniting the children of the Protoculture by using Fold Quartz to make it easier to travel and communicate. He loves trains.

    Luca Angeloni has a different opinion. Anybody having a monopoly on Fold Quartz would have too much power. Threatening freedom and independence. Luca thinking Bilrer as some corrupt corporate executive. Only not to realize Leon Mishima is some dictator wannabee and his associate Grace O'Connor worse.
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    Hi guys, just a quick message, just dropped off the first draft at my Beta's.
    Let's see what he says.