Malasyia Airlines Loses Contact with Flight due in Beijing [MH370 Thread]

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  1. uju32

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    If you're dealing with an inflight emergency, the door is hardly going to be your priority.

    Note that the plane climbed to 45000 feet, which is above it's designed ceiling.
    If that was a result of a malfunction, I do not see pilot or copilot sparing the time to unlock the cockpit door.
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  2. The problem with the "Pilot behaved correctly by imputing a safety course before being overcome by smoke" is that it doesn't explain the altitude changes or the second turn that most reports have been talking about.
  3. xa na xa

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    There is absolutely no other possibility that this hack former speechwriter of the Carter administration and soi-disant renowned aviation reporter spends his time trolling forums like Spacebattles for bad jokes to plagiarize. *crosses arms*
  4. Aaron Fox

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    Depends if it's the only runway or not. If they're the only runways, then yeah red flags.
  5. uju32

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    Nothing explains the altitude changes as reasonable, not even for a hijacker.
    And the second turn seems very much like the kind of thing I would expect a programmed route to do.
    Basically I'm suspecting electrical fire/malfunction as the cause, because there are less elaborate ways to commit suicide or hijack a plane.
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  6. What is the source for the altitude change? Because my understanding is that information supposedly came from ACARS, but that was supposed disabled prior to the plane going dark. I know, it's so weird that there are contradicting information about this flight.
  7. xa na xa

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    The climbing to 45,000 could be explained by trying to deprive the fire of oxygen. Read the whole hypothesis here:

  8. They could have bought the fuel before hijacking.
  9. Night_stalker

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    Oh yes, and buying that much fuel wouldn't draw attention, right?
  10. smarino

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    Don't modern aircraft have fire suppression systems? I know military aircraft do.

  11. If they are doing it in advance, they could have bought a bit at a time.
  12. Reaperman

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    No, at least not every compartment,
  13. Well this seems to explain the phone call question:
  14. You still need thirty to fifty THOUSAND gallons of Jet-A. You might be able to find an old gas station or two to store the stuff in, but simply moving it from storage to the jet is unfeasible without some huge tank trucks.
  15. Slybrarian

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  16. If somebody had the resources to pull of a hijacking like that, they surely could get a tank truck.
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  17. Alamo

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    But the crew gave the "All right, good night" transmission after the transponders went down. And considering airplane fires in general, and what has happened to other planes that had fires while mid-air, I am highly skeptical that a blaze fierce enough to fill the cabin with smoke would permit the plane to fly onward for 7 hours.
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    I know it's bad..... But this did make me laugh.
  19. Reaperman

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    From what I've heard since, the ACARS system would transmit every 30 mins, so that went down sometime between last ACARS at 01:07 and the next scheduled one at 01:37, last transmission from the flight deck was at 01:19 and the transponder went down shortly after that.
  20. um...after the first few hundred gallons, someone will start getting a but suspicious of the guy who is buying Jet-A and doesnt have jet plane to use it with.
    Plus, it would cost well over 500k to actually buy all that fuel and the trucks(yes trucks. You need at least five entire trucks to fuel one 777. And thats if we are using the big trucks. If you use smaller ones, it goes way up in trucks needed).

    YOU will notice someone trying to do what your saying well before they do it. Money leaves a trail like nothing else can.
  21. xa na xa

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    The fire hypothesis:

    o Underinflated front tire ignites at take-off, and smoulders for about an hour (this part based on pat similar incidents)

    o Smoke and fire erupt in the cockpit: "aviate, navigate, communicate":
    o They climb to 45k in an attempt to smother the fire, and cut off all non-essential electrics​
    o They enter the 5-letter code to the nearest emergency airport (Pulau Langkawi) into the auto-pilot​
    o They don't issue a mayday being too busy with aviating and navigating​

    o They are asphyxiated by the fumes, or the cockpit is destroyed by the fire.

    o Aircraft continues on auto-pilot until out of fuel.

  22. It probably would get noticed in US or Europe, but would it be noticed in some Asian country?
  23. Night_stalker

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    With this much attention being focused on the area, methinks anyone who took bribes would either sell out the hijackers, or find himself in the dock in Beijingalong with them.
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  24. Atreides

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    You are thinking trucks, I'm thinking boat. As far fetched as the grand-theft-airliner scenario is, if they landed on an island it would be much easier to support the operation from a boat.
  25. pheonix89

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    Find an island that you can land a 777 on and get it to take off again and that no one would notice a plane landing on when it shouldn't be there. Might be a tad problematic.