Man eats 40 lb dog while on high on synthetic marijuana

Discussion in 'Non Sci-fi Debates' started by Whirlwind21, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Whirlwind21

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  2. Preda

    Preda The Great Chained Wonder

    God, these thread titles crack me up sometimes!
  3. Candlejack

    Candlejack I seens it!

    Dude, someone should have told him that Man Bites Dog was a joke.
  4. Whirlwind21

    Whirlwind21 The Real Merchant of Doom

    Well I guess he didn't get the memo.
  5. HecateGW

    HecateGW Spymistress. Witchqueen. Bane of Vegans.

    I wonder if the CDC or some other governmental organization is going to make another announcement about how there is no Zombie Outbreak.
  6. Preda

    Preda The Great Chained Wonder

    He was high. He figured it's more of a case of "Man Bites Into Dog".
  7. Fell

    Fell The Fattest Santa Temp Banned

    What is the government suddenly putting in weed that makes people go fucking nuts? Because weed didn't do that until recently.
  8. Candlejack

    Candlejack I seens it!

    Its more like the growers spike it with whatever they have on hand to earn repeat customers.
  9. Clearly something designed to put the marijuana legalization movement back 50 years.
  10. ShadowPhoenix

    ShadowPhoenix Akainu Gives No Shits!!!!

    He's on my blacklist. Killing dogs. Bah, this is not Korea,
  11. Fell

    Fell The Fattest Santa Temp Banned

    I dunno. When you think about it, it's not that surprising. I mean, everybody's been there right?

    You get hit with the munchies really bad, and you really really want taco bell, but the taco bell is all the way across town?

    So you start thinking "Man. What is in my house that tastes like taco bell?"

    And it all just kind of falls apart after you wake up filled completely with raw dog meat.
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  12. HecateGW

    HecateGW Spymistress. Witchqueen. Bane of Vegans.

    In Soviet Russia, Man does bite dog!
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  13. DonBosco

    DonBosco 11th century refugee

    Doritos flavored dogs, not the world's best idea.
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  14. Candlejack

    Candlejack I seens it!

    I can understand having the munchies but this is ridiculous.
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  15. Sith

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    • Flaming
    (Daniel1221) that's racist you bigot!! (daniel)
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  16. smarino

    smarino like a boss

    It's synthetic weed.
  17. Ladiesman

    Ladiesman Spacebattles Resident Racist

    Can we just friggin legalize weed already, so people can stop digging deep to find all the other random crap. Just legalize the shit. Everyone will be happier.
  18. khortez

    khortez Henchman

    If they did, what would happen to the people serving time for possession and distribution of marijuana?
  19. Humphnaegal

    Humphnaegal There's nowhere to run

    These stories will really give the legalization lobby a ruff time, though I would say their opponents... are barking up the wrong tree! They'd better bone up on new propaganda to herd the sheeple, otherwise they'll be sent packing with their tails between their legs!

    Poor dog. :(
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  20. Username Redacted

    Username Redacted Spacebattles Historian

    Poor us!

    Actually, those were pretty good.
  21. Gecko4lif

    Gecko4lif Tristitia

    he smoked k2? that shit is trash
  22. Whirlwind21

    Whirlwind21 The Real Merchant of Doom

  23. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit Hella

    synthetic marijuana is horrible horrible stuff from what I've heard.
  24. Wetapunga

    Wetapunga God Of Ugly Things Amicus

    Technically the Pro legalisation people could argue this sort of thing in favor of legalising marujana

    Legalising normal plant marujana would take away the market for dangerous synthetics. Legalise the plant we have known the properties of for milemia and slap down a blanket ban on any synthetic highs as soon as they become known.