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  1. theBSDude

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    Oni Lee is probably an example of someone who's personality was changed by his power, but is unlikely to change back if he were to loose his power.
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    Bitch's mind really was altered by her power, but she still has empathy. She's just wired for canine social interaction, not human. As a result, human body language and tone is a complete mystery to her, and, like a dog that's been abused (and she most definitely has been abused), she reacts with hostility to whatever she doesn't understand.
  3. esran

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    She was already like that before she triggered though. The trigger just reinforced it.
  4. Wasn't it the other way around? I remember his interlude somewhat and it didn't make any mention of his trigger so to speak. It also mentioned that someone in the family kinda died while using a similar power.

    I thought that a cape's attitude and possible influence from the shard were equal reasons behind just how fucked up capes were mentally; on a general basis so to speak.
  5. So, who do you think Taylor will go after next provided she can calm her dad down?
  6. She was thinking about returning a power to one of the E88 nazis, but that depends on how her father reacts to his newly acquired power, which by the way lacked the trauma of a trigger event so he might have a distorted view of how powers work.
  7. Brellin

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    Whatever else happens she needs to shut him down from going to the protectorate or the wards. If she gets outed to those groups it's gilded cage/birdcage for her. I think she REALLY needs to impress upon him how BAD it would be if people knew what she was capable of. Like, get her killed bad.
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  8. 1) Obviously the first thing that will happen in response to "I have powers and you do too" will be Taylor poking her dad and saying "now you don't weeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and backflipping out of the nearest window.

    2) Not to be a butt or anything, because I'm enjoying the story but a few things are grating. No thing like constructive feedback to soothe the soul.

    -Tattletale: She's asking entirely too many questions and being ridiculously passive. She wasn't this "sit back and let things happen" in canon, with a Taylor who was arguably much closer to offing herself than others. Plus, she's always always suffering some kind of ridiculous compulsion to spill all she knows, thus giving her the ability to "pretend" to be telepathic.

    -The powers: I can't complain about the entertainment value so far so I won't address the powers that've been established, but for future reference (as the unofficial lore hoarder of Worm) I have a bit of insight from WoG that might be helpful.
    --Powers work by having a template of a sort like "Queen Administrator". Then, depending on the host and how events conspire, different things happen.
    1) Control over bugs
    2) Control over rodents
    3) Tinker who can build parasitic devices
    So it wouldn't necessarily be like "Oh, I stole a Tinker shard from Armsmaster" it'd be a bigger overall template that Armsmaster's particular power falls under. If it helps, there's a bit of writing on how the Cauldron vials work, done by Wildbow, that I could PM you (which happens to have other trigger info which may or may not be relevant for this project).

    That being said, those are my only real gripes. I love what you're doing and how things are up in the air about what happens next. I like the way this isn't following the events of canon like a horny homeless puppy and is forging it's own path. i.e. No Lung for fucks sake. Thank goodness.
  9. koolerkid

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    It's worth pointing out, while you are right about how Shards work, Tinker shards are explicitly the exception. They are "library" shards, containing the specs for advanced technology from other worlds. They don't have "powers" like the others do; giving info on tech is literally all they do. A Tinker Shard will always be a Tinker Shard.
  10. Mayhaps, I'll defer to your knowledge on this until WoG steps in on either side. I wasn't privy to that, but I could've easily overlooked it.
  11. Is the confrontation with her father going to force Taylor to hide out in her lair for a while? I can kind of see that happening here if the conversation goes badly enough.
  12. Brellin

    Brellin Bolos are magical

    I think TT is being much more passive in how she deals and approaches Taylor because TT she's her as her potential "Coil Killer". And she wouldn't be wrong. A single touch would be sufficient to end Coil as threat permanently. All they really have to do is plan it out a week or so in advance. Like, for example, say "On Friday I will go into Coil's base and steal his power". Then spend the rest of the time planning it out until, on Friday, she takes Coil's power. His ability to split timelines and such only helps him if the plan to get rid of him was developed during one of his splits. But if it's been given a week to simmer, and THEN it is committed, his power won't help him because he'll have already split several times since the plan was initially decided upon.

    Basically a "no matter what, one week (or whatever) from now we find and take Coil's power from him". That way when the agreed upon time comes around Coil can't use his power to choose a timeline where the attempt didn't happen, because the attempt will be happening in every timeline. Especially if they plan it out for a week or so, getting plans on his base, his habits, etc etc, and then commit once they are good and ready. In that eventuality he'll be getting attacked no matter what he decides to do, and Taylor only needs to touch him once to end him as a threat.
  13. Robo Jesus

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    Actually, Tinker shards have to give a secondary ability because the Real World™ does not allow people to take scrap metal and the innards of a toaster and make a death ray out of them. Not because the Death Rays™ may be impossible, but because the scrap metal and toaster lack the actual materials and material quality needed to actually make any such device work. So the Tinker powerset has to come with a secondary power in order for the Tinker to turn what is essentially scrap into something usable, and that's before getting into the bullshit that Tinkers like Bakuda and company can pull.

    Unless of course you take EarthScorpion's approach on the issue, in which case there are two types of Tinker powersets in the world (one that focuses on how to make the best use of real world materials and things actually available to the Tinker with what they have on hand, and the other that uses the Shard to add additional shard-based power bullshit to the "Tech" like Bakuda or Dauntless (who is not a Tinker in Canon but is considered one in Imago) does).
  14. But wouldn't Coil have tortured Tattletale into spilling the beans on what ever plans they make? IIRC he does that to Tattletale regularly in his splintered timelines whenever he thougt she was up to something.
  15. He did that to: One of the Undersiders.


    He never even specifies which one.

    And only because he was relatively certain they were planning on betraying him.
  16. Sorry, I was responding more to the fanon concept of Coil than the canon one.
  17. Seraviel

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    Anybody up for some Beta work?
  18. Dynamesmouse

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    I am!
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  19. Harry Kiri

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    I would but I'm really dislexic, and would miss most mistakes.
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    I'll look over it as well, if it's not to late.
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  21. Robo Jesus

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    I would offer my help if it wasn't over an hour late (though if you still want it...). :p

    Still, I'm eager to see what the fallout is going to be here, as it's likely to be fun.
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  22. Seraviel

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    Fallout will be in the next chapter, as this one is an interlude.
  23. Robo Jesus

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    I just saw. And I tend to give thorough commentary, observations, suggestions, and advise to things as I spot them (so I can go from easily amused at one scene, to annoyed at another, to confused at a third, and still try and be helpful as I can be for all of them as I go through them, though I do sometimes jump from emotion to emotion and observation to observation without actually lingering on any of them afterwards, even if it does tend to confuse some). :p
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  24. Seraviel

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    I am perfectly in agreement, and it is exactly what I want.
  25. Seraviel

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    AN: Part four's interlude, and the end of the 'case' storyline. Sorry about the lateness, but I am sick with a cold, and the only reason I managed to have this done today was because I was too sick to go to work. I'll try my best to have the next part somewhere this weekend, if possible.

    As always, thank you for reading, commenting and correcting. Special thanks to Dynamesmouse, Harry Kiri, Leon89 & Robo Jesus. The lot of them gain:

    287 experience points
    2 courage points
    4 tenderness points
    4 Happy Smile points
    2 Exam score points
    3 ambition points
    3 Love points
    All redeemable in very specific games.

    Have a good read everyone.

    Human Resources Interlude: The Meeting
    [Emily Piggot]

    These are the times I hate my job the most, I said to myself, waiting for the elevator to finish descending. I understood how necessary it was, for our current society, but that didn’t stop me from disliking it.

    We never should have tried rehabilitating that sociopath, I added to myself.

    The door finally opened, and I stepped out. I instantly recognized John Mason, having worked with the man on a few other cases. So that meant the other man was Danny Hebert, his client. He visibly wasn’t at ease in this environment, though he was trying not to let it show. He didn’t fool my eyes, though.

    “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. Hebert, Mr. Mason. A meeting simply ran long,” I said as I took a seat directly opposite Mr. Hebert at the table. “Emily Piggot, Director of Brockton Bay PRT.” My two colleagues took a place on either side of me, Armsmaster in front of Mr. Mason. “I suppose I don’t have to introduce Armsmaster, the local protectorate leader, and his second-in-command Miss Militia?” The both of them weren’t really necessary here, but were present for the ‘shock and awe’ factor. Every little bit helped.

    Mr. Hebert shook his head, while Mr. Mason simply replied “No”.

    “I’m sure you’re not here for pleasantries, so let’s get to business,” I said, looking straight at Danny. He was the one I really had to convince here. “As Mr. Mason must know, the PRT is informed about any court case that affects, either directly or indirectly, capes, be them villains, heroes or rogues.”

    “Correct,” the lawyer confirmed.

    “As such, it is my duty to inform you that your case against Winslow High endangers the identity of members of the Brockton Bay Wards,” I continued, still looking straight at Mr. Hebert.

    “What?” he replied. “I mean…” he said, then took a breath to catch himself. “Winslow is a Ward school? I thought…”

    “Indeed,” I cut him off. “It is not something we publicize, preferring to to leave the illusion that every Ward goes to Arcadia.”

    “Makes it safer for the kids,” Miss Militia added.

    The man looked like I'd just punched him in the guts. “What… What happens now?”

    I winced mentally. That wasn’t the reaction I was looking for. “That is why I want to settle your issue here, inside this conference room.”

    I had a dossier on the man before. Single with one child, wife dead in an automobile accident. One of the men working to rebuild the fallen docks. No criminal dossier, not even a speeding ticket. Someone who always works inside the law.

    If Mr. Hebert had been a different type of person, someone trying to profit from others’ misfortune, we wouldn’t have been trying this way. The PRT has access to a dozen Thinkers who specialize in law; any of them could have buried this case in injunctions, discrediting witnesses and the like.

    But, in this case, it was better to work with the people instead.

    “We aren’t trying to shut you up or bribe you off, Mr. Hebert. The opposite,” Armsmaster replied. “We want to solve issues outside of the court system, if possible.” I could hear the irritation in his voice, though I doubted either of the men before me noticed it. He didn’t like what we were doing any more than I did.

    “The PRT has quite a bit of pull on Wards schools, amongst other things,” I added. “Let’s see if we can all come to an agreement.”

    Mr. Hebert turned to his lawyer.

    “Personally, I would see what they can offer,” John Mason said. “A court case, even one as solid as this, can drag for months at the time, if not worse. You lose nothing in seeing what they’re offering.”

    Mr. Hebert thought for a moment, then nodded. “Tell me what you have in mind, then.”

    I smiled. “First, let us go through the usual. The PRT will be paying for investigation fees, lawyer fees, court fees and all such related costs. Along with that, your family will be given a lump sum for damages and interests, enough to cover for missed opportunities and such.”

    “What will happen to Winslow? The bullying?” Mr. Hebert asked.

    “The PRT is against any form of bullying…” I said, keeping the ‘especially by capes’ silent. “As such, you can be sure that we will do our best to eradicate this problem. Winslow may be removed as an appropriate Ward school, along with all the funds allocated to such schools.”

    “Could I…” he started. “Have that in writing? The school director had promised something similar, but…” He let the phrase speak for itself.

    I turned to Armsmaster who nodded, brought out a laptop and started typing. “Anything else?” I asked.

    He was silent for a moment. “Not really, I don’t…” he said, then something visibly came to his mind. “Arcadia!”

    “What about Arcadia?” Miss Militia asked.

    “My daughter, she hasn’t been to school in the past few weeks,” he explained. “After the… incident, she wanted to be moved to Arcadia to get away from the problems at Winslow. It didn't happen.” He stopped for a second. “I’d feel safer if she could transfer to Arcadia. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but…”

    “Once burned, twice shy. I understand.” It wasn’t an issue. Arcadia was a Ward school, and as such the PRT had quite a bit of control over admissions. “Consider it done. Anything else?”

    “No,” he replied, this time more sure of himself.

    The following hour was spent going over legalese and finalizing the exact document to be signed. Armsmaster, Mr. Mason and I went over the whole thing together while Miss Militia and Mr. Hebert watched. We finally agreed on a version everybody was okay with, and everyone signed.

    “Thank you, Mr. Hebert, Mr. Mason,” I said, rising. I shook his hand and that of Mr. Mason. “Pleasure doing business with you.” It hadn’t really been, but I could admit this could have gone much worse. “Have a good day.”

    Armsmaster and Miss Militia shook Mr. Hebert’s hand next, and I could see something akin to surprise on his face. Probably expecting a more powerful grip out of a cape, I said to myself. I grabbed my cane and started making my way back to my desk.

    As soon as all three of us were behind closed elevator doors, I turned to Miss Militia. “Hannah, thank you for your help. Colin…” I turned to him. “My office with me.”

    There were still things to be done.

    [Emily Piggot]

    It felt good to be back in my custom-made chair, but I had to ignore comfort for the moment. “Colin, what’s happening with Shadow Stalker?” I asked as soon as Armsmaster was in his chair.

    “Nothing,” he replied. “Her power hasn’t returned, and we can’t find the cause anywhere in her body. We went through every test we could think off, and nothing returns any valid result. Panacea is coming tomorrow to see if she can do anything, but outside of that option, we have nothing.”

    “She’s no longer necessary, then?” I said. “There isn’t any more use we can get out of her?”

    “Unless Panacea can do something to give her back her power, no.”

    “Then, in that case, I want her in a juvenile detention center as soon as Panacea is done with her,” I exclaimed. “She’s been a disaster from start to finish, and I want her out of my hands pronto.”

    “Yes, director,” he replied, standing straight. He knew this wasn’t a moment to argue with me.

    “And I want you to keep a closer eye on your Wards. I don’t want a second case like this,” I said. “We were lucky enough that they agreed to keep this under the table this time. There will be no repeat, am I clear?”

    “Crystal, director,” he instantly replied.

    “Good, now get back to your post. I’ll have the papers for her removal from the Wards done before the end of the day.”

    He said nothing, simply nodding and leaving the office.

    I took a deep breath as soon as he was gone. Hopefully this whole Shadow Stalker thing wouldn’t come bite us in the ass once more.

    [Danny Hebert]

    Having taken the afternoon off from the Dockworkers' Association, I found myself alone at home, waiting for Taylor to arrive. I hadn’t found her in the library on my way here, so I expected she was with that friend of hers, Lisa. Good for her to have made a new friend, even out of school.

    I also hoped she wasn’t going to be too angry at my news. I knew she didn’t want to talk about the bullying or anything related to it but, as a father, I needed to do something about it.

    And finding her a place at Arcadia, like she’d wanted, was worth whatever anger she would have at me.

    But that wasn’t what I was thinking of.

    I was looking down at my hand, staring at it.

    Ever since Taylor got sick two nights ago, I’d been having strange feelings whenever I touched my daughter. Something like putting my hand on something distantly warm, or like the sensation of restrained power in a generator.

    And, before today, it only happened with her.

    But when I shook Armsmaster’s hand, the feeling was there. Weaker, true, or more distant, but still present. And Miss Militia was the same, with a similar feeling as her fellow protectorate member.

    I barely talked to M. Mason as we left, being stuck on that feeling. I thought on the whole way home, and finally found what the three of them might have in common.

    Capes. My daughter was a cape.

    It explained a good number of things. Taylor had changed, in the past weeks. She was happier, more sure of herself, more talkative. More confident in general. I had taken the changes as consequences of her leaving school, but now I wasn’t so sure.

    And I supposed I was one too, somehow. A cape able to detect other capes. A very underwhelming power, true, but I didn’t mind. I didn’t see myself as someone chasing after villains in costume, or being chased after. More like someone outside the heroes/villains system.

    A rogue. Yeah, that’s how they called them, I remembered.

    I was wondering how long did Taylor have powers when the front door opened. Speak of the devil, I thought.

    “Take a seat,” I said. She did so, visibly surprised by my presence. She was early, I had to admit.

    I took a deep breath. Let’s go with the powers first… I told myself. That will probably go more easily. “Taylor, it seems I’m a cape. I have powers,” I said, trying to keep my voice level and looking straight into her eyes. “And I know you also do.”

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