Mass Effect: Glorious Shotgun Princess (ME/Exalted)

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  1. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Your TOC

    I'm laying this one out here for right now. Not sure the pace of working on it, but wanted to probe for reactions...

    The towers stretch into the sky. Gleaming spires of purple and silver, a singular monument to ambition, ego, and a lustful hunger for pure, material power. A single bridge connects them, high up, winds whipping the cables and connectors. It is a glorious tower, a mountain of majesty. A singular, towering spire.

    “I could jump that.” Testing her knees, the human woman with shoulder length red hair, clad in white, sectioned armor rolls her neck, and turns to her companions.

    The turian twitches his mandibles. Slowly, he looks up to the top of the tower, towards the penthouse.

    “You're sure about this?” Garrus Vakarian asks, “You're sure you don't want to be part of Plan A and just, you know, use an elevator?”

    “Faster,” she responds, “You take,” She points at the brunette in the white catsuit, “Miranda and,” she points at the wide hipped, two fingered woman in the form fitting bodysuit and mask, “Tali and keep an eye out for civilians. Make noise and keep Nassana distracted. I'm going to go to the roof and intercept the assassin.”

    “I'm reasonably sure we don't need an assassin,” Tali says, “Shepard, there's a non-zero chance you could punch a Reaper.”

    “Backup's good. Just in case.”

    Sharp breathes inhaled and exhaled. She swings her arms back and forth, squatting down as her green eyes begin to take on an emerald and golden glow.

    And Jane Shepard, Citadel Spectre, N7 soldier, and something else entirely, shoots into the sky with a single jump.

    “Clock's ticking,” Garrus says, reaching behind him, pulling out his rifle, “Let's go.”

    They begin walking in, Miranda looking up, trying to spot the black speck that Shepard is by this point. She shakes her head, pulling out her pistol and switching off the safety.

    “I hate it when she does that,” she mutters.

    “You're just jealous that Cerberus hasn't figured out how to do that,” Tali says with a small laugh.

    “No, I've figured it out,” Miranda responds, glaring at the quarian, “It's just that it would take more eezo being jammed into you than the drive core of an Asari Dreadnought. Clock's ticking.”

    And they enter the tower, gunshots marking their passage. And up the side of the building, a single, solitary figure runs up, towards the zenith. And a symbol of the sun blazing on her forehead.
    Mass Effect:
    Glorious Shotgun Princess
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  2. This is awesome. Please continue. Also, curious to see what happens if a Krogan tries to headbutt Shepard.

    At any rate, Thane's response to Shepard should be amusing.
  3. Well I love to see everybody reasons to this Shep in the Mass universe. It bound to be a real laugh.
  4. Noctum

    Noctum Dual Paradox


    Everyones reactions to Shep will be glorious. Non-zero chance she can punch out a reaper indeed.:D
    "Ah yes, the Glorious Shotgun Princess. A supposedly super-enhanced Shepard who can preform seemingly impossible feats. We have dismissed this claim."
    Sorry about that.
    Could you repost your earlier snippets? Miranda was hillarious in those. Also, take a look at Cast in Gold, a NGE fic with a simmilar premisise to this.

    Here's hoping for MOAR!
  5. fredthebadger

    fredthebadger source of thoughts

    Thanks to the way I played my shepard(infiltrator), the first thing I thought when I read the thread title was 'wait, Tali exalted?'
    I'm not sure if this is more awesome.
  6. Yog


    Yay! It's back!

    It would be funny if Shepard only got to Thane after Garrus got there. "Where were you? Sorry, overshot - had to bounce of off a plane"

    Also, how would geth react to Shepard, especially if/when they get her to join the consensus? After all, they (and Rachni, I guess) are the ones most likely to conduct scientific research into souls (which is required to understand what happened to Shepard).
  7. Darth Artemis

    Darth Artemis The Villain in Glasses

    Proof positive that femShep really is best Shep. :p I demand more of this, it promises to be awesome and hilarious.
  8. What? Where? When? I must have moar! Please.
  9. Does this mean that the reapers are what is left of the authoctonians?

    Will we see more exalteds? (The human ambassador an eclipse or even a mere dragonblooded would be fun), as would the mysterious man as an sidereal.
  10. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy?

    If it's Exalted, then fem!Shep being fem!Shep is entirely optional for fem!Shep. Which means that Shepard's effective gender will be Shepard. :p

    Luna blessed Krogan would be fine too.
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  11. TheSandman

    TheSandman From NERV's Heart I Stab At Thee

    Reapers make more sense as the Infernal endgame, actually. The Autochthonians are probably somewhere in the Perseus Veil, letting the Geth turn parts of Autobot into computronium in exchange for getting rid of his robocancer.

    I'm assuming Shepard is a Dawn?
  12. Nah... Exaltation is for humans souls only, now an half asary ...
  13. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy?

    "Grandpa was a Krogan, dad was a Shepard, my Mother is now Luna... and now my figure's all matriarchal. Crap."
  14. As I see, they would make more sense as an automatic response for the death of authocton, working to build him a new body.

    Shepard could be dawn(neutral), zenith (if paragon) or twilight (if renegade).
    By the piece of text it could go any way (pending more to dawn and zenith)
  15. Exalted doesn't get nearly enough fanfic love, so this is good.

    A bit of critique, though: I'm not sure starting this in medias res really works for this fic. My second reaction to reading this (after "Oh Hell Yes") was "How do the metaphysics of Exaltation work given Shepard's canonical death at the start of ME2?"
  16. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword

    There is another part, which GreggHL put up in the Mass Effect thread a while ago, which covers the actual Exaltation.

    ... you'll have to wait for someone who can be bothered to look for it to find it for you, though.
  17. Rask

    Rask Amused Zergling

    The whole thing about liquefying sapient beings to turn them into construction material makes me think of the undead. Reapers are giant amalgamations of angry ghosts and metal who descend upon the galaxy every 50,000 years to turn its organics into soulsteel. Soon, they'll have enough to finish their world-ending superweapon.
  18. Earlier snippets are here and here. Having a working search engine is nice.

    What's the timeline for this anyway? Are we in the same period as ME2 was, with Shepard presumed dead for the last 2 years or has everything been moved up 18 months or so?
  19. X15lm204

    X15lm204 Troubadour of Can Town


    more of this is required

    I would also like to point out: in Creation, only humans can Exalt because only humans possess the required soul structure. In Creation, humans were the only race created to be truly mortal. All the other races were built with souls designed around higher Essence levels than 1 or a maximum of 2, which are too different for a human-based Exaltation to stick to.

    This may or may not be true in the ME universe - there could easily be other species with soul structures similar enough to a human's to bond to an Exaltation.

    It may never happen, in fact no one else may Exalt at all; all I'm saying is that the idea of non-human Exalts doesn't need to be cast aside immediately.
  20. Not being at all familiar with the Exalted universe, that line from Tali brought one thing to mind...
    Shepard, Guardian General of Shinkoku Trastrium, or just plain Asura Shepard but he/she's not nearly angry enough to be the latter.

    So far, interesting snippet. :D
  21. X15lm204

    X15lm204 Troubadour of Can Town

    One of the great things about Creation is how easily it can encompass the stories of a great other fantasy tales, and Asura's Wrath (except for a few largely unimportant matters of scale: Creation just isn't that old, and there are lots of other powerful factions that would make a scheme like that prohibitively complicated) is an excellent example. The game perfectly exemplifies how the Infernal Monster Style martial art, particularly as used by a Slayer/Malfean Infernal, is meant to be played.

    Shepard's native Solar Hero Style is not as angry, but it is on about the same power scale.

    And if you think that's worrying, wait 'til Shepard starts figuring out Solar social-fu. Lady talked a mortal big bad into suicide already, without any charms! Harbinger had better have invested in some serious social defenses.
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  22. Vanigo

    Vanigo Carbon-based life form

    Isn't that only lunar exalts?
  23. No, sex changes aren't all that difficult to accomplish in the Exalted setting, much less for the Exalted. It's easier for Lunars because Lunars can shapeshift and pick up Twin-Faced Hero, but those aren't the only methods available.
  24. After reading the other earlier snippets, seems likely that at some point, after Shep hugs the ships Thanix cannon, a certain kleptomaniac will squee as somewhere in the universe, a genuine wave motion gun comes into existence.
  25. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Some notes of order:

    -There are more Exaltations running around than just Shepard's. Not all of them are Solars. At least 2 more members of Shep's crew will Exalt in some fashion.

    -There is an explanation on why and how Jane exalted. Not just why, but how there are Exaltations running around the ME Galaxy.

    -Most of the crew are Heroic Mortals.

    -As amusing as it would be for him to learn to punch every Quarian in the face at once, Legion may not become a Sidereal. 1183 sidereals (as each program would Exalt) means that their version of the Great Curse leads to bad mojo. That's "We've created a taco cart which has gained sentience, murdered the Solars, and usurped the Scarlet Empress as ruler of the Realm" sort of planning. Or, a typical Cerberus plan.
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