Mass Effect: Glorious Shotgun Princess (ME/Exalted)

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  1. RazorSmile

    RazorSmile ROU Once A Knife Missile

    - I take it Athame is a Twilight? Wonder where that shard is now.
    - if Shepard has Javik's shard, that must mean Javik will not be appearing in this story ...
    - ... unless the Protheans also had a process for unExalting themselves.

    EDIT: wait, no, that's stupid and I am clearly in need of sleep. Shepard has Athame's exaltation. I thought Twilights were the Scientist!Solars. I guess the demarcations are not absolute. That means Javik could still appear. Aight. Got it.
  2. Now I can't help seeing early Prothean models of 'portable jade prisons' as roughly tennis-ball-sized red and white spheres. :wtf:
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  3. Correction, Shepard has Athame's shard.
  4. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon

    Mmmm. The division between the Castes has never been absolute- Shepard's a prime example of that, as she's a soldier- if the Dawn's shard wasn't in Javik, it may well have been the one to go to her. Heck, in Exalted canon, one of the most well-known sorceresses was a Zenith Caste.

    So, a Zenith can be a Scientist as well. Or a Twilight could be a leader of people. Or a Night Caste could be a diplomat (although they'd be the 'I know all your dirty secrets' kind of diplomat).
  5. RazorSmile

    RazorSmile ROU Once A Knife Missile

    Huh. As suspected. Which raises the next question: how did a heroic mortal Javik kill two Solars?
  6. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Well, one didn't even fight back. Janiri welcomed death. Lucen took preparation, element of surprise, sheer brute force and extensive willpower.
  7. ShadowPhoenix

    ShadowPhoenix Akainu Gives No Shits!!!!

    Javik = badass.
  8. Cornuthaum

    Cornuthaum Villainous Velociraptor

    And this, my friends, is what happens to Elder Solar Exalted.

    The corruption of the Great Curse, the soul-rot that consumes all of them. The strongest, the brightest, the best and the noblest of them, it matters not. You live long enough, you turn from an exemplar of glorious perfection to one who perfectly embodies virtue corrupted.

    Conviction becomes careless cruelty and a cavalier attitude to ever-increasing amounts of collateral damage.
    Valor becomes sneering contempt at reason.
    Temperance teeters back and forth between mortification of the flesh, one's own and those of others, for failing to adhere to impossible standards, and to the wildest excesses a thousand screaming souls sing of in their unending nightmares.
    Compassion devolves into brutal micromanagement of lives, no matter what these objects - objects! - of affection want, because you know better.

    And then you add Limit Breaks, which exaggerate all these titanic flaws to levels previously unseen, unheard and unimagined, for centuries upon centuries.

    There is no escape from this fate, for so rot-blighted are these ancient souls that not even death can end their evil. There is only the time your Exaltation gives you before the Great Curse consumes you, and in that time, you can be the hero you were meant to be.

    Just pray that you die long before one of your younger cousins stands before you, raging at you, casting words of fiery damnation at you for in your heart you will know that you have become the very monster your kind was made to fight.
  9. Winged Knight

    Winged Knight Crazy man with a wolf on his head.

    Well, until the Dragon Blooded kill you for the sake of everything, of course. I'm still hoping to see those guys at some point, by the way. I think out of all of them I like the Terrestrial Exalted the most. But that might be difficult, because that means there's perhaps a few hundred or thousand members of one species doing fantastic kung-fu magic. That would likely be noticed, all things considered.
  10. Cornuthaum

    Cornuthaum Villainous Velociraptor

    It's not necessarily the dragon-blood that does you in. The young solar will see your wickedness and raise his arms against you.

    But he is young, and brash, and knows nothing of true power. And so you shape reality to your will - exerting your god-given right to do so - and you shatter him upon your knee, for the weak do not grow old.

    There is a reason why it took a combined force of those who manipulate fate itseslf and the servant class to overthrow the ancient Lawgivers - all the young Solars (and Lunars) were merely necessary collateral damage, to ensure no more of these nightmare tyrants could arise.

    Because against any other target, the Solars were invicible.
  11. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Athame was over 3000 years old.
  12. I guess this means Infernal Javik is right out.

    :eek: I just realized... Liara is going to have an even bigger Broken Pedestal here if this comes out, and it probably will.
  13. Cornuthaum

    Cornuthaum Villainous Velociraptor

    So was Desus.

    Bright Shattered Ice.

    The Hierophant.

    Gold-Shadowed Arrow.

    Almost an entire circle, except for their young Dawn, who kept dying.

    And they were all corrupt beyond mortal imagination. Trying to do good, of course, because that is still what Solars do, but so corrupted and so far removed from what they were meant to be that they were ... pretty much like your Athame.

    The same limitless potential now used for what others would call evil.


    edit: If Athame et al. are the iconic First Age solar circle, that would make Jane Shepard the inheritor of the Hierophant's exaltation, which is bad juju beyond my ability to put into words.
  14. Reminds me of the "Impossible Class" Motivations (as my ST called the second, setting-breaking motivations he required if you completed your first) one of my Solars developed upon his circle killing Mask of Winters (pretty much blasting him with the essence of Fire straight from that Pillar): he wanted to make it impossible for the Undead of any kind to influence Creation, including the Neverborns' Great Curse.

    He died pretty quickly.
  15. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon

    To be frank, I prefer an interpretation of Exalted where if the Great Curse is taken care of, the Solars aren't doomed to fall into madness.

    Nameless, out of interest, how did your character know about the Great Curse?
  16. Cornuthaum

    Cornuthaum Villainous Velociraptor

    Heh. I like the great curse a lot. It means those titanic, larger-than-life heroes that are the Exalted have flaws that run as deep as their heroism runs high - and in that, attain even greater peaks of heroism.

    After all, many a hero is measured by his or her opponent - the great curse and how the Exalt deals with their is a wonderful measuring stick in that regard.

    Also, I want to see Jane's Limit Break.

    Probably Heart of Tears.
  17. Honestly, he didn't. He only learned the barest about the Neverborn while they infiltrated the Mask of Winter's mobile fortress. Combined with his past and his later fight with the Mask, he concluded that the Neverborn and their undead minions were basically the source of 90% of Creation's problems, and he decided that wouldn't do. The extrapolation was that he would eventually stumble on the Great Curse as he actively undid the Neverborn's work and tried to shut them out of Creation completely. He was killed before he got that far, though.
  18. KnightDisciple

    KnightDisciple Justicia in nox noctis.

    What if it's not a binary thing? That is, what if instead of "All Solars are doomed to horrific madness, evil, and decay" vs "All Solars stay awesome and good the whole time", someone could figure out a way to cleanse the Great Curse, but realizes it will only ever stick with one Exaltation Shard, perhaps a couple more?
    So that you have at most 4-5 Solars who are always good and incorruptible...but there are always hundreds more who can very much fall. Might be an interesting dynamic...
  19. RadiantPhoenix

    RadiantPhoenix Might Makes Left

    What do you mean, "take the Normandy back"? This is a different Normandy! The crew also isn't Alliance, and don't you have to buy fuel in ME2 anyway?
  20. Dakkan Sall

    Dakkan Sall Random Encounter

    Well, one established way of cleansing a Solar Shard of the Great Curse is, ironically, to be an Abyssal.

    Since Abyssals are just flip-flopped Solars, unlike the GSPs, there was a minimum of manipulation done to them. Just turning BUILD to DECAY, LIFE to DEATH, and so forth. However, the Neverborn didn't want to deal with their own servants ending up in Limit Break or such, so they stripped out the Great Curse from the Shards they got their hands on. This means that, in the case of any and all Abyssal Redemptions, you end up with a Solar Shard with no Curse at all. And the Neverborn can't tack it back on, as the only reason they could in the first place was that it was their Death Curse as the Primordials they used to be were slaughtered, and they're already dead now (or as dead as they can get)...
  21. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Athame was around 3000 years old at this point. He was making First Age solars look like eagle scouts. He had, by this point;

    a) Killed off the male Asari genome and rewritten the female reproductive system to use their biotics. This was to 1) see if it was possible, 2) entertainment.

    This is exactly as bad as it sounds.

    Javik then killed the other two solars in Athame's circle, confronted Athame, and purposely grafted the same spiritual superweapon that drove the other two mad to his own soul, because that's how he could kill Athame.

    Javik is an absolute badass.
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  22. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon

    How did he know the Dawn Exaltation would go to him, though? It's not a manipulable process.
  23. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    He had just worked to free a world, killed two Solars, spit in the eye of a Zenith who was 3000 years old and stared headlong into death. If the Protheans knew how the exaltations worked, he knew he had at least gamed the board in his favor.

    And if the Exaltation didn't go to him?

    Fuck it, he'd fight Athame anyway.
  24. Because the Dawn Exaltation is programmed to seek out the most formidable and heroic military personal it can find, and the probability of someone being more formidable than Javik is pretty miniscule considering his accomplishments and current course of action.

  25. KnightDisciple

    KnightDisciple Justicia in nox noctis.


    Still, I was almost more thinking something more...poetic in some ways? Like, someone figures out a way to do it, but there's a terrible price requiring a heroic sacrifice or something. But that's just the "guy who likes heroic sacrifices" in me. ;)
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