Mass Effect: Glorious Shotgun Princess (ME/Exalted)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by GreggHL, May 7, 2012.

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  1. fallenblades643

    fallenblades643 Seeker of the Divine Taste

    Sidereals can steal your concept of up Tali. You should pick something different.

  2. ok, which Hark! A Vagrant comic is that referencing?
  3. Wragnaroq

    Wragnaroq What.

    The legendary 'Ooh Mr. Darcy' comic. Tali just derailed it nine ways to Sunday.
  4. TheSandman

    TheSandman From NERV's Heart I Stab At Thee

    I heard Tali's lines being delivered in her voice.

    ...I'll be in my bunk.
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  5. pheonix89

    pheonix89 Wannabe Game Developer

    By primordial standard, yes, yes she is. She's the youngest, inasmuch as the concept applies to beings that predate linear time, and definitely female. And as for the extinction comments, when Gaia is pissed, she's scary. EVEN BY PRIMORDIAL STANDARDS. We know from the devs that her thematics include mass extinctions, and that part of her bag of tricks is a Charm to cause selective mass extinctions. We also know from the devs that she is capable of mass destruction near Malfeas's level.

    For the unaware, Malfeas's combat set basically has three themes. Being stupidly hard to hurt, getting stronger when you do (seriously, he has a charm specifically to let you go One-Winged Angel when near death), and HATE-POWERED COSMIC RADIOACTIVE NUKES.
  6. linkhyrule5

    linkhyrule5 Hero of Time

    On a side note?

    Imagine what the Fivescore Fellowship could do, if the Curse did not bind them.

    This is what one Sidereal, working alone and with limited resources, did. This is the sort of transcendent planning, spanning quadrillions of people and millions of years, that can result.

    Now imagine a hundred of them working together.
  7. Jomasten

    Jomasten The fanfics I've haunts me

    She's gonna need some towels, that's for sure.

    Lots and lots of clean towels.
  8. RadiantPhoenix

    RadiantPhoenix Might Makes Left

    Misread that as 'vowels' the first time through.
  9. The Bushranger

    The Bushranger In the Danger Zone

    Well, 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' and 'oooooooooooooooooooooo' might well be needed in quantity...
  10. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword

    Sigh. I think it's time to point out that people are starting to get rather creepy about the whole Kal/Tali thing, and hence it might be an idea to tone things down, no?
  11. Bahumat

    Bahumat One BADASS Overlord!

    Yeah, agreed.
  12. Vanigo

    Vanigo Carbon-based life form

    The way I see it, Gaia would have had a good shot at soloing the Primordial War if Luna hadn't convinced her to sit it out. The Exalts won because the only way to keep them from respawning would be to wipe out humanity, but Gaia could have done that easily.
  13. Bahumat

    Bahumat One BADASS Overlord!

    Probably wouldn't have been allowed to, given the whole 'humans as prayer batteries for gods we use to do the stuff we're too busy playing games to do' shtick they have going....

    Back on topic, loved the writing in the last segment. Kal is a memetic badass, but being the chosen of journeys already has me wondering how he's going to work out and help out in the future, particularly with the Leviathan thing.
  14. Kimia

    Kimia God Empress of Blades

    ...:settles back and blinks:

  15. Gamerex27

    Gamerex27 Seriously, WTF

    Just had an idea. Considering NGE's next epsiode previews, and that Gregg has written Nobody Dies, I figured there might be a next chapter preview in that style. It might go something like this...


    -Kal experiments with his new powers!


    Kal: -Ka-PUNCH!-

    "-Quack quack quack quack."

    -Udina does Illium!

    BROdina: "You're trying to rob me? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!"
    -Cue epic beatdown-

    -Cooking with Autocthon!

    Auto-kun: "Hello! Today, we will be frying a delicious Rachni egg, with a delectable side of Thresher Maw sauce and a gourmet dessert of Yeddim shaped Jell-O! I've never made it before-nor has it ever BEEN made..."

    Tali: "Wait, then how do you know it's good or not?"

    Auto-kun: "I don't know! LET'S FIND OUT! FOR SCIENCE!"
    -Begins cooking. A pillar of fire erupts from the stove. Gardner is crying in the backround. Tali palms her face..plate.

    And of course...

    -A krogan is onscreen, wearing nothing more than a bathrobe and a familiar visor-

    Garrus: "More fanservice!"

    Jane: "...Goddamnit, I need a drink."
  16. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    I endorse this.
  17. Hazard

    Hazard Stop poking already

    Just once I want to see someone fixing a fan when someone is talking about fanservice, just once, just for the absolutely horrible pun.
  18. Gamerex27

    Gamerex27 Seriously, WTF

    Should we add it to the TOC as an Omake, then?
  19. Robo Jesus

    Robo Jesus Your Mechanical Messiah

    Autocthon would probably decide to make the fan far better than it once was.

  20. Ducked? Could have been worse / more trollific. :D


    Kal: -Ka-PUNCH!-


    (music starts)

    "MY DING DING DONG." "HAAAAALP! Oh sweet Cthulhu please have mercy!"
  21. Gamerex27

    Gamerex27 Seriously, WTF

    Someone beat you to it.

  22. Oh GOD I didn't even know about that! :eek:
  23. FrozenPhazon

    FrozenPhazon Chaos Mechromancer

    Humorous, did a sidereal steal Sovereign's idea of appropriateness?
  24. biigoh

    biigoh Purveyor of Fine Fanfiction

    Seen it done years ago in a Ranma fanfic.
  25. Grace

    Grace Unapologetic in practice, too!


    Saw this kicking around on the internet a month ago, never saved it. Had to remake it myself.
    But at least now you know that somebody else has had that thought, too.
  26. SoulessScotsman

    SoulessScotsman Unverified Scotsman

    Out of sheer curiosity, who is that?
  27. Zeful

    Zeful Out of my mind, please leave a message.

    Natsuru from Kampfer. Also, google image search supports dragging an image from another tab into it's search bar to search, so you can generally figure things out yourself with a minimum of fuss.
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