Mass Effect: Human Revolution

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  1. Dreadnought90

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    Every time I read about Saren retarded back-story with his brother's death being the source of his hatred of humanity, I feel a strong need smash my head against a wall. Saren was the one who killed his indoctrined brother and somehow he finds a way to blame humanity. Nice to see that was changed. But what about TIM? If he is even in this story at any rate.
  2. IgnusDei

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    "Among his most controversial acts was the cultivation and modification of a potent Turian disease within prisoners, and then allowing them to 'escape', causing them to spread the disease."
  3. Kalaong

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    Part of the defenses at Shanxi. A mercenary Wanzer pilot.

    And Ignus? Hot thought; what if Williams technically didn't surrender the garrison, instead abandoning it and ordering his troops to go guerrilla?
  4. IgnusDei

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    Williams DID surrender, and begged the civies NOT to go guerrilla. They did, which only made things worse. Children started picking up guns to avenge their parents.
  5. Kalaong

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    So it was an entire planet of Vietnam.
    Fleming has only one "M". And nice touch - Joker's counterpart is Steve Buscemi!
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  6. You know, you'd think that they would have at least wanted to know exactly who they were fighting.
  7. IgnusDei

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    Yan lo certainly did. All the better to kill them, dear.
  8. Kalaong

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    This could be have an interesting impact on humanity's reputation - well-behaved when well-rested and well-fed, but capable of damn near anything if pushed. Might be cool if Garrus' father was involved with the attack on Shanxi...
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  9. And they killed surrendering officers?

    Motivations aside, again humans appear to have had more military tech at the time of first (official) contact than in canon. How much did they really lose from the Collapse?
  10. IgnusDei

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    keep in mind, the collapse was a century ago. Humanity bounced back real well.

    Truth is, besides the Snowblind particles? Humanity's navies aren't that much more powerful than canon Mass effect.

    Yan Lo is meant to represent a sharp contrast to other Mass Effect crossover fanfics and how the Alliance handled Shanxi. While, for example, the GDI in Peptuck's Renegade won the battle by virtue of being badass and overwhelming firepower, the Earth forces in this fic won by virtue of being COMPLETE AND UTTER BASTARDS.
  11. blast flame

    blast flame How far will we go if it means lighting the way?

    Well I imagine that rather depends. How much did the Illuminati lose? Probably none. How much tech did the average person lose access to possibly to the point of thinking those technologies were lost? Probably a couple.
  12. Kalaong

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    That's likely because though publicly damn near the entire planet save a few dozen high-tech enclaves were reduced to Third-world conditions, privately, I'd guess nothing was lost at all - but the Illuminati was able to restrict all the technologies they didn't like to covert use.
    This makes the Tribe even more poignant - what they did isn't all that different from what the Alliance navy did; throw the book out the window in the face of overwhelming odds.
  13. It's pretty hard to make a full high tech industry without revealing a good deal of what you've got. They don't have to reveal the source but they can't disguise the nature.
  14. Kalaong

    Kalaong Extinction Is Approaching. FIGHT IT.

    Unless you're approaching a post-scarcity civilization; Jensen is building fairly good replacements for his prosthetic limbs on his desk at home.
  15. blast flame

    blast flame How far will we go if it means lighting the way?

    Not when you have universal constructors.
  16. Mr Zoat

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    Its more that they won by using weapons which completely bypassed kinetic barriers (i.e. Ion Cannons) while still possessing defenses which blocked Turian attacks (kinetic barriers and firestorm shields). Excessive force helped, but even at equal tonnage they would most likely still have won.

    The Admiral's complete lack of scruples works perfectly for this fic of course.
  17. You can't make an entire ship out of those. Look at the size of just the Normandy. By the time you're working on that scale you're kinda big and obvious.

    Note that some of his tactics were perfectly valid.
  18. IgnusDei

    IgnusDei Laputan Machine

    chapter's been submitted, time to do some sketching.
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  19. blast flame

    blast flame How far will we go if it means lighting the way?

    The existence of ships is not a technology they hide. But they might be able to hide a type of weapon they put on the ship; tell the public it's another type.
  20. Kalaong

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    Magnificent chapter, Ignus. Get some rest, but everyone's raring for more!
  21. As I have only just started reading this off a friends recommendation, it took a while to reach the end.

    With no one picking this wee error up, so before it goes to the Story posting.
    What floor is the apartment on is it the fifth as per the first two quotes or the fourth as per the last one?
  22. IgnusDei

    IgnusDei Laputan Machine


    It's on the fifth floor.

    Doors on the main floor are numbered zero, then room number,
    Doors on the second floor are numbered one, then room number, and so on...

    Why is it that way? I have absolutely no idea.
  23. No biggie if only I had of read and posted slightly faster.

    Nice story by the way.
  24. It's going to be amusing if Adam and Bau's team end up running into each other on Caleston.

    Anderson: "Jensen?! Vakarian!? What the hell are you two doing here?!"

    Adam: "..."

    Garrus: "We're on vacation."
  25. I can't put my finger on why, but most of the characters in this universe seem a bit less sane than canon.
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