Mass Effect: Human Revolution

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  1. ... Jensen, if you get your ass kicked by the guy that Benezia could say was a idiot and i could believe her and is an confirmed pyromaniac that would probably miss 15 tonnes of stone crashing down on him just because the idiot gloated or watched the flames plus the worst case of ADD if he forgets the dont kill the VIP daughter of your damn crush... five words Jensen.
    Sufficient velocity, you´re the ammo
  2. I take it Bioware's making this game after all?

    Let's hope Caim manages to actually deliver on the premise. Not one of Bioware's other 'unbeatable' bosses managed to make me feel like I had to run. Most of them just made me scream at my teammates to stop pointlessly sacrificing themselves.

    Honestly, I liked the way Chrono Trigger did it. The story-critical heroic sacrifice happens only if you actually lose. Which will inevitably happen unless you're doing New Game+, but at least it's not like one of those situations where I'm expected to run away from someone I just knocked down to half health without even touching my one-use items yet.
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  3. At least Caim has something more impressive than anything that shithead Kai Leng ever had. (Oh, and I guess it's cool that Arioch and Leonard have flight capable armor.)

    If he has anything in common with his Drakengard backstory . . . I wouldn't be surprised if Caim's berserker tendencies would be because aliens killed his parents. Maybe his sister too.

    I mean, in Drakengard that's the main reason Caim can't get enough of slaughtering soldiers of the Empire. The Empire destroyed his family. So I expect a similar motivation for him signing up with the Templars.

    I also can't help but wonder if the Red Dragon totally replaced Angel, or if there's some potential girlfriend that encourages his bloodlust. (I am not calling her Angelus.)
  4. Whale

    Whale A mammal

    200 pages.
  5. u63r

    u63r Trivia and references.

    For the record, I got the latest update, saw that you mentioned your latest update had included Drebin from MGS4, realized I had reached Gratutitous Reference Saturation Point, and Unfollowed it.
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  7. After reading the current chapter on, I get a distinct Apostle Corp./Tarsus vibe off the whole shadow broker operation. It creeps me out.

    Also: Is direct confrontation with Benezia on Charleston likely?
  8. While I'm still enjoying this, I somewhat agree here. You need to tone down the references, especially when they're obviously references. It's nice when there's a throwaway name that would be in there regardless, but rereading this story you are simply trying to throw in too many elbow prods and "you see what I did there?"
  9. And I say, Cain and his buddies will die a short and inglorious death. That would curtail the whole reference shebang.
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    And besides, he's just the Smuggler from DX1.
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  11. God and the Snake

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    Hmm. I wonder...

    Anyone remember how long ago Elysium was?
  12. Whale

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    7-8 years?
  13. God and the Snake

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    The wiki places Caim's age at twenty four, so he might have been sixteen.

    Think Caim might be a survivor of the Blitz?
  14. IgnusDei

    IgnusDei Laputan Machine

    and to this I say, Hideo Kojima did it for me:

    I thought I'd name Smuggler after Drebin for giggles. And before you ask, yes, it's the same Smuggler you meet in Hell's kitchen. He joined up with the Omar shortly after the Collapse. So he's canon, sorta.
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    Better make that clear. Some people are thinking you added another reference from out of nowhere.

    Just edited the Character page.

    Oh, and pardon me if you catch me speaking in MMORPG terms; I just started watching Sword Art Online.
  16. IgnusDei

    IgnusDei Laputan Machine

    Here's some background info for Caim:

    Born on Mindoir, Caim represents the ideal Templar warrior: genetically blessed by God to have a higher muscle and bone density without any medical genetic tampering whatsoever, and with a seething hatred for anything non-human, be it an alien, a cyborg or a mutant. Caim used to be a quiet, shy boy of 11 when Mindoir was attacked by alien slavers, and the sight of his family being brutally murdered woke a long dormant beast, hungry for violence and death. He was found in an Order orphanage by Templar Inquisitor Grissom, and would have made it to the elite Crimson Blades if it were not for his intense bloodlust. His zeal and intensity make him an inspiring leader of templars, and he was granted the title of Knight Commander at the age of 23, the youngest anyone has ever achieved the title.

    In combat, Caim is not to be underestimated: he is a master swordsman, and applies those skills both on foot and inside Wanzer. His personal Wyvern, Angelus, has a number of modifications that allow it to close the distance between it and the enemy, including a larger Eezo core and a Jumpjet backpack.
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    TM2 Self Explanatory

    While SAO's concept of having placing one's consciousness into an interactive avatar is intriguing and mirrors OZ and even the dream catcher to an extent. As for the anime itself, let me just say in my opinion the characters might grind on your nerves over time.
  18. IgnusDei

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    I'm sure you've realized by now, but I do plan on having Caim become a recurring villain, and replace Kai Leng completely as the Main Character's foil.
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    So Caim has Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy? Like Ronald Niedermann from the Millennium Trilogy?
  20. IgnusDei

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    Caim isn't exactly built like a brick shithouse, but he's got the strength of an ape and a bone density twice as strong as normal, made even better by repeated sonic microfracture therapy. Inside a templar power suit, he's a goddamned monster.
  21. God and the Snake

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    I wouldn't be so sure.

    Dues Ex, man. I wouldn't be so certain that Caim's never had any gene manipulation done on him. Certainly not any that he knows off, but what he doesn't know off...

    Or, perhaps I am being overly paranoid.
    Heh. Didn't notice that the first time I read it.

    So, Grissom was a Templar this time around?
  22. IgnusDei

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