Mass Effect: Human Revolution

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by IgnusDei, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. IgnusDei

    IgnusDei Laputan Machine

    I'm still waiting for word on Persona 5...

    PS: I've decided "Aleph" is to be voiced by Richard Madden. Just imagine Robb Stark talking.
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  2. Durabys

    Durabys Mier-r-r-ow! Super Awesome Happy Fun Time


    ..why do I have a very strong desire to see the Galaxy and Earth in particular burn to the ground?

    Why I am even proposing this!?

    Because a big chunk of Humanity just reversed into the Middle Age's mindset for christs sake! :mad:
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  3. IgnusDei

    IgnusDei Laputan Machine

    Well, that's pretty much the Templar's thing:

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  4. blast flame

    blast flame How far will we go if it means lighting the way?

    Oh wow, I'd never watched that before. That's sickening. I'd take the 1000 years of war ending before that any day...
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  5. Durabys

    Durabys Mier-r-r-ow! Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    "Glass that world!" *Prophet of Truth's opinion on Earth*

    You know it would be ironic. One group of fanatics is burned to ashes by another BIGGER group of fanatics for the crime of them just existing. :D
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  6. Yeah.... I wouldn't mind it if the Reapers actually succeeded and turned every human into a Reaper in this timeline. :) They'd deserve it. :D
  7. I... generally just ignore what the actual choice is when I play ME and just go for what's Paragon/Renegade/What I need to get what I want, depending on playthrough. It's the only to avoid going insane trying to reconcile recruiting Morinth with a Paragon option or trying to figure out why shooting an enemy robot with Garrus' rifle is Renegade.

    Actually that's Persona. They'll still probably bring over SMT IV, they brought over Nocturne and they need more games to sell the 3DS (god damn PSP).
  8. Durabys

    Durabys Mier-r-r-ow! Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Becoming part of a post-humansentient cyborg warship..


    ..I think the Human Reaper would go insane and kill itself.
  9. blast flame

    blast flame How far will we go if it means lighting the way?

    Or they become really enthusiastic about following the Star Child...
  10. Thought occurs: Ignus is mentioning that the Templars use fire a lot. And that the child and Fahl (whoever she was) were completely charred by the fire. Was Jensen actually around at the time of their deaths?
  11. IgnusDei

    IgnusDei Laputan Machine

    He was too late.
  12. Uh-huh. And?
  13. They were burned and all that was left were torched corpses. That doesn't sound suspiciously familiar at all!
  14. IgnusDei

    IgnusDei Laputan Machine

    Oh no, there's no plot here. They up and murdered a woman and a child. Think about it? Why would Templars kidnap either of them?

    But yeah, Jensen has a bad relationship with fire.
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  15. Burn the Heretic, Purge the Unclean
  16. IgnusDei

    IgnusDei Laputan Machine

    Aw crap, now you've done it!

  17. According to them they invented everything. They're a bit like the Soviets. Who they also invented.
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  18. aeroprime

    aeroprime Power Lurker

    Even cheese?
  19. IgnusDei

    IgnusDei Laputan Machine

    Especially the cheese.
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  20. Probably.

    On topic I wonder why Alex went Templar.
  21. IgnusDei

    IgnusDei Laputan Machine

    That's just one of possible endings. It's up to the player to decide who to side with, so I guess you're gonna have to ask another player why he went with it.
  22. In this one I meant. Unless you decided on a mixed Invisible War ending the same way they mixed the original Deus Ex endings.
  23. IgnusDei

    IgnusDei Laputan Machine

    Invisible War didn't happen in this AU. Alex's fate is unknown.
  24. Oh no. There's some terrible fucking people in a setting. Clearly all mankind deserves to be exterminated or turned into a fucked up slush that somehow helps to build horrible abominations.

    I'm also getting tired of repeating the fact that Invisible War didn't fucking happen in this fic's backstory.

    Though hey. Ignus said it too. Maybe that'll help it stick this time.


    I want to call the next SMT V instead of IV . . . Just out of a weird form of spite.

    Strange Journey was actually created as SMT IV . . . But one of the executives actually came down on them and said that a game is not allowed to be a "main series" SMT unless it takes place in Tokyo.
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  25. There are (presently) 90 pages in this thread. It's kinda a slog to go through every single one of them to check to see whether Ignus said something did or didn't happen and the fic itself can be ambiguous.

    As for SMT, at least it reinforces my point that most of the games that people just lump in with it (including Catherine by this point) aren't actually part of the Shin Megami Tensei series.
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