Mass Effect Story Ideas: Round 14

Discussion in 'The Index' started by SotF, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Zap Rowsdower

    Zap Rowsdower Ex-Cultist Vagrant

    Also, they won't mass too much against humanity because even Krogan know that you don't use full military strength against a weaker power, that wastes strength better saved for worthy opponents. Or, in Krogan parlance, you don't shoot varren with a gun made for Thresher Maws. They're violent, not stupid.
  2. That's the thing. The Krogans always had one more world to fight, one more garrison to run over, whether it was Rachni or Council. Krogans love to fight, but if you can present them with a worthy enemy, they'll pick that over themselves (usually)

    The Turians are a disciplined, networked force with an emphasis on well established doctrine. The Krogans? Up until the Genophage forced a rethinking of their tactics, they're more like the Zerg swarm.

    And why can't the Krogans do exactly that? They were told to stop taking worlds, and what was their response? 'Try and stop us'. Short of the Council having enough firepower to exterminate the Krogans once and for all, and always keeping it looming large, I don't see them tempering any Krogan horde response at all.

    If the humans could put up a fight against the recon elements of the Krogans, they'd just swarm in greater numbers.

    To summarize, the humans are boned if had to fight against the pre-genophage Krogan.
  3. ShadowPhoenix

    ShadowPhoenix Akainu Gives No Shits!!!!

    You would obviously have to majorly change the history of humanity to suit the purposes of the story.


  4. TheLunarWolf

    TheLunarWolf Horribly Sarcastic One

    The Four Ecks-idea of Australia.

    Tuchanka = Everything is trying to Kill you, with brutality and violence.

    Australia = Everything is trying to Kill you, with poison, brutality and violence.
  5. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit Hella

    Wreav mentions wanting Australia if He's the Krogan Leader in ME3. I think it's their idea of a vacation spot.
  6. ShadowPhoenix

    ShadowPhoenix Akainu Gives No Shits!!!!

    Gonna have to mutate everything to make it bigger. From spiders to crocodiles, and from scorpions to the dingos.
  7. And you need to genetically engineer the critters so they breath fire. Maybe introduce a thresher maw or two.
  8. Dusel

    Dusel Loving Smiles!

    Don't forget the Varren. Never forget the Varren.
  9. I like the thought of the Turians volunteering to train up a human military, and running into the descendants of old super-soldier projects that had generations ago been encouraged to take up things like horticulture. They're finding the odd men and women who've been raised to go into the family business of growing flowers, but become terrifyingly capable soldiers in very short order. Breaking records in obstacle courses (it's like running around the playground at school all over again!)and firing ranges (I always kicked arse at Duck Hunt), stripping, cleaning, and reassembling firearms with veteran hands minutes after being shown how (it's just like a puzzle!), and taking to battlefield stresses like fish to water (don't worry, you get used to the explosions real quick).
  10. alphaomega325

    alphaomega325 Aspiring Transhumanist

    But what if compared to the Turians we are all like that? What would be their response?

    Edit: And to the other alien races.
  11. LONE WOLF 666


    What happens to all the records of our warlike past?, banned.
  12. alphaomega325

    alphaomega325 Aspiring Transhumanist

    It's doubtful that they would go that far for they are already in hot water among the other council races as it is without the cultural genocide.
  13. Peptuck

    Peptuck An unending font of sarcasm

    So, I'm wondering at this idea, probably been proposed before. In fact, I'm dead certain its been proposed before, but let's bring it back up for giggles.

    The Protheans finished the Crucible. They picked the Destroy option. Reapers are destroyed, the Prothean Empire is in shambles to the point that there's almost nothing left of them at all. The Mass Relays are damaged, some destroyed, others simply shut down. Some remain functional.

    Now, with all this in mind, how does the setting change with no Reapers?
  14. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Well, first off, the Thresher Maws are still small enough to ride.
  15. ShadowPhoenix

    ShadowPhoenix Akainu Gives No Shits!!!!

    Well, the Asari would still be the next race to be uplifted into the Prothean Empire after they discover that the choice is "join us or die" essentially. Probably be militarized even more.
    The salarians still continue to be eaten by the Protheans.
    If the Krogan could be tamed further on, they might make good shock troopers....but the Protheans may just wipe them out. I kkinda expect the same for turians really.
  16. 13th Fleet

    13th Fleet Citizen

    Krogan have a biological basis for their militancy, turians have a cultural one.
  17. ShadowPhoenix

    ShadowPhoenix Akainu Gives No Shits!!!!

    Well, i guess the Turians would be readily accepted. But, if they get to the Krogan early enough...well, then again i am pretty sure that Javik stated that the Protheans would have wiped out the Krogan.
  18. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    How much of the Prothean Empire is left, though?

    Alternate idea:

    With the damage to the Relay network, the Protheans enter a dark age. Some colonies survive, some remnants of their civilization remain. Instead of finding Sovereign, Saren finds exactly what the councilors originally believed Sovereign was- a derelict Prothean dreadnought, commanded by the prothean VI (turned AI) Viceroy.
  19. Tiresias

    Tiresias Pendekar 212

    I was under the impression that the "join or die" mentality was something the Protheans cultivated when they were at desperate war against the machines, first during the Metacon War and then against the Reapers.

    Lacking such a threat, will they still hold that mindset?
  20. ShadowPhoenix

    ShadowPhoenix Akainu Gives No Shits!!!!


    Guess this enforces the whole AI's are bad mentality.
  21. Faralis

    Faralis Ancient onsen master

    Another interesting alternate scenario is a Quarian nation that does not go "DESTROY ALL THE SYNTHETICS" and is a mix of Quarian and Geths living in a difficult "peace" in which they more or less tolerate each other, with small minorities in both sides pro and against the other. To the point that some of the Quarian are almost "trans-quarian" and some of them hate the Geth so much they self exiled ( because there has to be someone with those enviro-suits! ) ... of course they hate the pro-Geth Quarians even more than the Geth itself ...

    Meanwhile the Council looks at all of them and is SCARED of the things its seeing ...
  22. Dusel

    Dusel Loving Smiles!

    Exactly, the Quarians instead of trying to shut the Geth down embrace them, suddenly we have Trans-Quarians and in 300 years the Quarian Star Nation is the dominant power of the Galaxy with a fleet almost a match to that of the Citadel because the Geth/Quarians just don't need to rest anymore. Here enters Humanity into a three-way Cold War between the Citadel, the Quarians and the Terminus Systems. And don't give me the bull that humans will immediately jump on the side of the Quarians, especially since they make first contact with the Citadel.
  23. Tiresias

    Tiresias Pendekar 212

    On one hand Sovereign is going to lack some mooks.

    On the other hand, he might just sit back and relax, readying some popcorn for the incoming Charlie-Foxtrot. Whoever wins will be battered and ready for the reaping, bonus point in that the 'winner' will automatically be deemed as worthy.

    Until then, the Citadel will probably be pissing their pants. Since AI-making is a very severe offense they would expel the Quarians, only to realize too late how that means the Quarians doesn't have to care about the Treaty of Farixen anymore. And while I find the idea of Trans-Quarians unlikely, a co-existing Quarian-Geth alliance will be scary.
  24. ShadowPhoenix

    ShadowPhoenix Akainu Gives No Shits!!!!

    Please, its obvious that he manipulates some people in the Terminus and then attacks the citadel. It's the only option left....unless there are some heretic Geth which just pop up out of nowhere.
  25. If the Reapers are gone, then that means the rachni wars never happen. Pretty big change right there.

    Also, I have to ask, why does everyone assume that the Turians don't use tactics/strategy? I thought it was pretty clear that they do, it's just against a swarm like the krogan there's a limit to how many effective strategies their are.

    Honestly, to me, it reeks of really poor HFY.
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