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    Crisis Snips for the Snip Throne!

    Well, I promised this when I returned from vacation, and I aim to fulfill that promise. Here it is folks, the Mega Man Loops!

    Finished chapters are on!

    This thread is for posting Infinite Time Loop snippets regarding the Mega Man series, much like the MLP, YGO, Sailor Moon, and Misc Loop threads that already exist on spacebattles.

    However, things are going to be done just a bit differently around here, so bear with me while I explain things:

    Loop mechanics (general):

    One person in a Loop, often the main character, is an Anchor. They are the person who first starts time looping.
    There is always at least one Anchor present in a given Time Loop snippet, though it may not be the local one.
    The standard pattern for a loop is that the Anchor (and whoever else is Looping there) come to awareness in a loop at a particular point in the story. From there, events will play out as influenced by the Loopers present, acting with the benefit of their foreknowledge, until either a predetermined end point is reached or all the Loopers have copped it.
    To be Awake is to be aware of the time loops (that is, to have gone back in time this time.)
    The Anchor is the only character guaranteed to be Awake. Even after others have started looping, it is mostly random as to whether they will be Awake this particular loop.
    Crossovers, fusions, and alternate pasts can also take place. It is perfectly possible, for example, to have the characters Awaken into a loop which conforms to a fanfic universe rather than reality.
    Loops do not have to be in chronological order, but it is strongly preferred that they not require a mutually contradictory order (where A must be before B and B must be before A.)
    Just about every Looper is very, very stir crazy.

    Tvtropes page:

    Special rules for contributing to the Mega Man Loops:

    The Mega Man branch of Yggdrasil has been written as extremely damaged, and as such is not completely online. Until I say otherwise, I will not be accepting for publishing (via contributions for Mega Man storylines (X, Network, Legends, Zero, etc.) that haven't been activated.

    You can still post them, and I encourage you to if you think you have a good idea, but just understand that I may not publish them with the others for a while.

    Right now I'm not accepting general contributions for publishing until Mega Loop 1.0 is done. I still love reading them and they give me great ideas for future directions to take this.

    Discussion and feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated.

    Google Docs, finished and in-progress (Comments are appreciated):
    Primary Anchor Candidate Activation Attempts
    Secondary Anchor Candidate Activation Attempts
    Tertiary Anchor Candidate Activation Attempts
    The Crash (and aftermath)
    Mega Loop 1.0 Part 1: Once More, From the Top
    Mega Loop 1.0 Part 2: Worlds Collide... Again
    Mega Loop 1.0 Part 3: Robots, Doctors, and Skaia. Oh My.
    Mega Loop 1.0 Part 4: Across the Skull Egg Zone! Destination: Wily Egg!
    Mega Loop 1.0 Part 5: Final Showdown on the Wily Egg!
    Mega Loop 1.0 Part 6: Overtime!
    Mega Loop 1.0 Part 7: Online.
    My Mega Pony

    Idea Storage:
    Snippet Doc - All the snippets that I intend to include in a compilation at some point in the future.
    Mega Loop Plot Bunny Adoption Agency - Ideas and plot bunnies that I may write at some point. However, I can not write all of these, so feel free to raid it for ideas yourself.

    Loop terms you may be unfamiliar with, but will be important and possibly prevalent in the tone of these Loops (especially the contributions I write):

    Threats to Yggdrasil:

    These are grouped by their ability to cause metaphysical instability in Loops or loopers. Physical might has little bearing on this scale. The physical destruction of a universe won't even cause the gods to blink so long as its metaphysical data remains intact. The rating system goes from 1-5 in descending order of severity.

    Category 1 - Capable of dealing critical damage to Yggdrasil's systems. This has happened once and the event resulted in the Loops themselves becoming necessary to keep the whole system from crashing. A great deal of Yggdrasil's remaining power, roughly 90% at least, is dedicated to ensuring there's not a second.

    Category 2 - Capable of completely destroying a branch of Yggdrasil's system (more commonly known as a Loop). A looper, particularly an Anchor, ascending to the divine level is the most well-known method to trigger a category 2 event. There have been two confirmed category 2 events. Madoka of the Puella Magica Loop was manipulated by her looping familiar Kyuubey into causing the first by ascending to the divine level, and the second induced widespread secondary damage across all active Loops at the time in an event now referred to as the Crash (this is a major event for the Mega Loops as you'll see). Much of what Yggdrasil operators do is meant to prevent potential category 2 events.

    Category 3 - Capable of inducing metaphysical instability. Whether Loop or looper, metaphysical instability is bad and, left unchecked, could worsen to a full-blown category 2 event. Yggdrasil operators have been known to intervene in category 3 events to prevent them from so worsening.

    Category 4 - Serious threat in-universe. Basically anything an experienced or veteran looper could have significant trouble dealing with. A number of category 4 events result in universal destruction and/or the premature end of a Loop iteration. Little chance of causing serious metaphysical instability, so they're rather low on Yggdrasil's long list of priorities right now. Loopers are officially on their own dealing with these things.

    Category 5 - Standard competent villain level threat, and not even a blip on Yggdrasil's radar at this point. Generally a negligible threat to an experienced looper.

    MLE - Malicious Looping Entity. Exactly what it says on the tin. An entity brought into the Infinite Time Loops by design or accident who either cares nothing for maintaining the stability of the multiverse, is actively working against it, or simply desires to use the Loops to bring harm to others (usually other loopers).

    Anchor Candidates: Not every inhabitant of a universe is viable to use as an Anchor in the first place, much less after damage to their home universe is taken into account. Anchor candidates not chosen as an Anchor are also often among the first to begin looping. Here's a rumdown of the categories of Anchor candidates that Yggdrasil considers when bringing a Loop online and how they correlate to works of fiction:

    Primary Anchor Candidates: The most likely beings to successfully Anchor a Loop and the first that Yggdrasil considers. These are the central protagonist(s) of a fictional work.

    Secondary Anchor Candidates: Somewhat less capable as an Anchor than the primaries, but still a decent choice if the primary candidates are too badly damaged to serve in this capacity. These are the major characters of a fictional work outside of the central protagonist(s).

    Tertiary Anchor Candidates: The least able to Anchor a Loop that are still in any way capable of doing so if both the primary and secondary candidates prove unviable for whatever reason. These are the significant supporting characters or frequently recurring characters of a fictional work.

    If all Anchor candidates prove insufficient to the task alone, then special measures like Linked Loops, 'jumpstart' attempts via fused Loops, or other special measures the Yggdrasil admins can code are initiated. If all of these fail, then the universe in question is typically set to Read-Only as a last resort.
    Note: It is possible for a universe, like the dreaded Eiken, to need no Anchor due to being stable enough to not need one.

    Read-Only: Basically, a universe is set to where nothing can affect its baseline whatsoever. No loopers activate and no items native to this reality can be taken out of it. It's a last-resort measure and essentially the reverse situation from a universe stable enough not to need an Anchor.

    Skaia Protocol (Homestuck): A very potentially dangerous universe generation protocol using what seems to be portions (or more) of Yggdrasil's own universe generation protocols. Possibly a manifestation or copy - partial or otherwise - of whatever subroutines allow Yggdrasil to 'grow'. The good news is that all of the universes generated by the protocol were undamaged enough that they could be stabilized without needing Anchors, even if that would have been the easier option in some cases. The bad news is that universes generated by the protocol tend to 'drift' which means that the Yggdrasil operators can't quite get it locked down completely and thus sometimes have to deal with loopers who encounter it. The gods closely monitor any contact with the Skaia protocol and will readily confiscate anything dangerous to the Loops.

    Now, please be patient and I'll get the first chapter up in a bit (it deserves its own post).
  2. I'm gonna be watching this
  3. Crisis

    Crisis Snips for the Snip Throne!

    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 1 using primary Anchor candidate:

    Rock shook his head as he suddenly experienced a glut of memory errors. Entire years worth. Just like...

    No, he'd never experienced something like this before... Why would he think he had?

    It didn't matter. Dr. Wily had stolen Dr. Light's robot masters and attacked the city. Since he had been about the only thing outside Wily's control, he'd volunteered to be converted into a fighting robot and stop the mad doctor's plans. And possibly get him psychiatric help once he captured him.

    The gate in front of him slid up and he beheld his opponent.

    "Took you long enough," the orange robot master glared. "I thought you might have chickened out. But the Glue Gun of Bond Man will make certain you stick around... forever!"

    Bond Man? No, that wasn't right... It was supposed to be 71#3 #@&*$@#!%^......



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 2 using primary Anchor candidate:

    Rock still hadn't figured out what was up with his memory banks. He seemed to have spontaneously gained at least one redundant copy of events prior to actually living them, except it had been hopelessly corrupted and unreliable. After all, Dr. Wily had used a space station rather than the garish castle his false memories suggested. And for whatever reason, those memories were locked out from being overwritten.

    Very odd.

    But Rock's memory problems didn't change the fact that he needed to free the Chronos Institute from Dr. Wily's control.

    "Well, look who decided to show up!" his own voice came from behind him.

    Whirling around, Rock came face to face with... Copy Robot? Where was Qu!|\|7?VFRF[}%.....



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 3 using primary Anchor candidate:

    Rock honestly felt like the universe was off somehow. In addition to what might have been multiple sets of corrupted memories of events he both had and hadn't lived, all of the robot masters seemed to be musically inclined.

    Sure, the instrumentals were catchy and the songs were quite good, but the whole practice just seemed somehow... wrong.

    Like what he was hearing as he climbed towards his confrontation with Gamma.

    Gamma, stand for you are now unchained (You are now unchained)
    You'll bring peace to our world gone insane
    Restoring your freedom to make you whole (You are now unchained)
    I'll give you power, you'll take control

    All systems online



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 4 using primary Anchor candidate:

    Rock had no time for this. He didn't know how he had memories of fighting this giant crane game reject when he'd never encountered it before, but he really didn't care so long as they helped him finish this quickly.

    Severing the thick cable holding the machine up, he rode it to the ground and ripped off the canopy, only to freeze at the sight of the occupant.

    "Kalinka?!" he stared incredulously at the young girl, looking like she hadn't slept or bathed in days. "Where's Dr. Cos$@[|<#?#$%^@..........



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 5 using primary Anchor candidate:

    Rock had no idea what to think. Everything seemed to be going along according to the partial memory errors he'd recieved, except that he was a character in a video game. And apparently aware of it. Then some kid left his system on and, impossibly, Dr. Wily escaped into the outer world and Rock followed. Then Dr. Wily somehow caused a bunch of smaller robots to coalesce into a giant robot master-type thing.

    Then things got weird.

    "Because I..." declared Dr. Wily dramatically, throwing off his labcoat and revealing a dark-colored gi with mesh underneath, " a ninja!"

    Seriously... What the heck was g01|\|&}nftwG%$Ydft4s5#$^........................



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 6 using primary Anchor candidate:

    Rock was rather enjoying the World Robot Tournament. Sure, fellow robot masters were fighting, but it wasn't with him or to the death. It was, all things considered, a welcome change.

    Even if those weird memory errors of his insisted the semi-finalists were supposed to be different.

    "The first of eight semi-finalists!" the announcer boomed. "Built by the Comic Irregulars of Australia!"


    The crowd roared with approval as the robed robot lifted its orange beam saber in70 743 A!&EVy6f4y6er^V&^9*t.............



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 7 using primary Anchor candidate:

    "Watch out," Rock told his partner. "There's no telling what Dr. Wily's newest robot will try to pull."

    "Understood," Tempo replied as he opened the door.

    Rock silently counted his blessings that Tempo had started to help him in his fight against Dr. Wily since they met at the expo - even if the 'hints' his sister kept dropping that they should be a couple tended to be fairly annoying. Taking on the various threats that just seemed to keep cropping up without her help would have been a great deal harder. He knew this for a fact since he seemed to have partial memory errors of another life where he'd done just that.

    Of course, the robot they were about to face rather flew in the face of those strange false memories himself.

    "Well, well," growled the bipedal wolf robot Treble. "If it isn't the dynamic duo." At Treble's side sneered his animalistic and strangely quadrupedal humanoid companion Bass. "I suppose we'll have to put those new upgrades to the test. Come on Bass!"

    Treble and Bass leaped into the air, glowing with energy as they began their combining sequence.....

    .....and reality froze.

    'What?' Rock thought to himself in confusion. Treble and Bass simply hung in midair, completely frozen. Rock himself couldn't seem to move either. 'What's happen!|\|&vve676v$%32%@c24.................



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 8 using primary Anchor candidate:

    "MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! PEOPLE OF THE WORLD BEHOLD! I know it may be a bit sudden, but I hereby announce the commencement of my eighth plot to take over the world!!" the sunglasses-wearing Dr. Wily declared over the pirated television broadcast, revealing his newest line of robot masters.

    The entire world stared united in stupefied silence.

    "Using the power of interpretive dance!"

    Rock tried to reboot his neural net. 'What is this... I don'7 3^3|\|.......................



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 9 using primary Anchor candidate:

    Rock was wary. He had woken up one day with a slew of memory errors depicting multiple separate lives that he'd apparently already lived. The ones that seemed the oldest, if such a concept could truly be applied to them, got rather corrupted towards the end before becoming completely unreadable, but he had a feeling they were somehow important.

    The others were a combination of similar or odd variations of the original up to a point where something incredibly strange happened and the universe just... crashed. Like a computer running a faulty program.

    The events happened later and later, one for each set of robot masters Dr. Wily had used. As he was currently dealing with the ninth set of robot masters, Rock was on edge, just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    And as he entered the area where Fake Man should be, he knew that it was about to happen. Because instead of Fake Man, there was a bound Dr. Light in the room.

    Rock was prepared for just about anything, up to and including the whole room suddenly turning into a three-ring circus where clown cars tried to run him over. Thus he was rather stunned when he managed to cross the room and start to free Dr. Light without incident.

    "Are you okay Dr. Light?" he asked his creator, still frantically scanning the room for anything weird.

    "Oh, I'm just fine," the doctor said in a voice that very clearly wasn't that of Dr. Light.

    Rock's jumpiness was all that managed to save him. He was so keyed up that he backed off as fast as possible at the first un-Dr. Light sound out of the impostor's mouth and just barely managed to avoid a Metal Blade that would have taken his head off. He stared as the impostor pealed off Dr. Light's face to reveal the face of a robot he was quite familiar with.

    "Old Doc Robot's just PEACHY!" the skull-faced multi-weapon robot master yelled as he attacked.

    In a way, Rock was kind of relieved. Now that the bizarre event was out of the way, he could focus on finding the real Dr. L!&476e5v&%9&:":;[]-+\=}"/..........................


    Attempt 1) Bond Man was actually intended to be included in the original Mega Man, but they cut the number of robot masters in the game down to six before the eighth could even be designed.
    Attempt 2) I actually like the idea of Quint. He was a very poorly handled character in my opinion. Personally, I think he's yet another clone of Rock using futuristic technology programmed to think he's the real thing. It's not like Wily hasn't proven to be more capable of that than kidnapping and reprogramming Mega Man or anything.....
    Attempt 3) The Megas rock. That is all.
    Attempt 4) I'm just as confused as Rock is. I swear, this stuff comes out of my brain without consulting me first.
    Attempt 5) Megaman: Upon A Star. I share Rock's opinion of the events depicted. And they go exactly like that in the material referenced.
    Attempt 6) So... I may be a fan of the Darths and Droids webcomic...
    Attempt 7) Tempo/Quake Woman is one of the original characters from the Archie comics. She's also one of the few female robot masters around, and the only one so far not made by Dr. Light, so Roll tends to be Shipper On Deck for Tempo and Rock.
    Also a fatal reality glitch seems to have occurred with Treble and Bass.
    Attempt 8) Gigamix (the best of the Megaman mangas in my opinion) Wily to start with (and he looks damn cool in those shades of his). Though he certainly took a turn for the bizarre there. Can you imagine Frost Man trying to do ballet?
    Attempt 9) Rock is remembering the failed Loop activation attempts. This shouldn't be possible.

    And there's Rock failing to Anchor his home universe. His remembering the failed Loop activation attempts really shouldn't be possible, and it's not a good sign that he is. Rather than a testament to how 'awesome' he is (and, really, many cases can be made for other Anchors being equally or more awesome), it's a symptom of just how damaged his universe is after the initial damage to Yggdrasil. The memories of failed Loop activation attempts are effectively corroding his capacity as an Anchor.

    And the other Primary Anchor Candidates that are currently unrecoverable? They're the myriad of other Mega Men that existed in this branch of Yggdrasil. Their sections were hit even harder than Rock's.

    Take notes. These things will be important later.

    Strap in folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride getting this Loop functional.

    ...All of a sudden I'm imagining Bond Man with the name of James: Robot super spy of England. If someone writes a good snippet of this, I'll flag it for later inclusion. If it's a good idea that needs to be fleshed out a bit, I'll do that too.
  4. I like MS Paint adventures version of quint. When I understand him.
  5. Looking good. Can't wait to see how you get these loops running properly.
  6. Crisis

    Crisis Snips for the Snip Throne!

    Oh, I have the Crash to induce first. Remember?

    Second chapter:

    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 1 using secondary Anchor candidate:

    Roll blinked as her memory banks glitched.

    Looking down at herself, she suddenly wondered if she'd always been this tall. Or had been such a mature-appearing model. The yellow bodysuit with the red stripes on the side certainly didn't seem familiar to her...

    She really didn't remember getting into a fight with a buff-looking Cut Man.

    She dodged a rolling cutter narrowly and pointed her arm at Cut Man, feeling it reform like her brother's often did - when did Dr. Light install that on her? - into... a toaster?

    What good was a toa$73R/$%&^$Fg5ev6&^]......................



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 2 using secondary Anchor candidate:

    Roll hated her life.

    To start, she had fragmented and corrupted memories of at least one timeline that really didn't match the one she was living, reality couldn't seem to make up its mind about what was really going on, she was anatomically correct (which felt extremely weird to her despite the fact that her clearest memories insisted she'd always been this way), and her clothes kept getting destroyed for the most ridiculous reasons.

    'I swear,' she thought angrily to herself, 'if something stupid disintegrates my clothes one more time, !'11..........................



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 3 using secondary Anchor candidate:

    Roll reflected that the oddest things tended to cross one's mind during times of peril.

    She could have been reflecting on the fact that she had a glut of unexplained memory errors showing a completely different life - or was it several different lives? - she'd led.

    She could wonder why Dr. Light apparently seemed to be based in Hawaii rather than this 'Mega City' she recalled from the other lives.

    She might possibly wonder why she was programmed for Polynesian cultural preservation in addition to the housekeeping duties her base design was meant for.

    A question more pertinent to her current predicament was why, during his tenth attempt at global domination, Dr. Wily was using the Genesis Unit - Buster Rod G., Hyper Storm H., and Mega Water S. - to support his robot masters instead of a trio of robots her memory errors told her were called Enker, Punk, and Ballade - the Mega Man Killers?

    An even better question would be why they had kidnapped her to set a trap for her brother when her memory errors insisted she should be sick with something called Roboenza instead.

    However, what Roll really wanted to know all of a sudden was why she'd spent her life dressed as a hula girl complete with grass skirt.

    Of course, Tempo seemed to dress the same way for equally unapparent reasons and her brother seemed much more interested in her than her memory errors indicated he would have been, so in the end it wasn't that bad she supp0$3|)^V%W^WY%%$GHYFg6yer.............



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 4 using secondary Anchor candidate:

    Roll did her best to remain focused as she fought one of Dr. Wily's latest robot masters. Her brother had managed to do it, and she refused to dishonor him by failing to do the same. But that day haunted her incessantly.

    Rock had gone off to Dr. Wily's latest space station to capture the madman and put an end to his latest reign of terror. He'd done it more than once already, and there was no reason to believe he wouldn't do it again.

    So the whole world was understandably shocked when Dr. Wily appeared on every channel laughing victoriously.

    Beside him was her brother.

    More specifically, what was left of him.

    Dr. Wily had apparently decided to indulge in a barbaric practice and mount her brother's head on a pike.

    Consumed by sorrow and rage, she'd insisted that her father make her into a fighting robot like her brother had become so she could carry on his work. It was a testament to how affected Dr. Light was himself that he didn't even raise a complaint. He'd just wordlessly and mechanically done exactly as she asked, and more. She'd been outfitted with some experimental upgrades that allowed her to combine with Tango - the only surviving animal companion left - and the moment she'd seen the claws at the ends of her fingers that first time using the 'super adaptor', she'd known exactly what she would do with them.

    Roll had descended on the armies of Dr. Wily like the wrath of god, carving her way through his forces with a ferocity that a force of nature would have approved of. But he'd escaped then. Roll vowed he wouldn't do so again.

    She was determined to catch Dr. Wily for real this time. But she wasn't going to hand him over to the authorities.

    No, she was going to straight up k!11 4!|\/|VU&BB&^$F{}|543f65$%2$#**************



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 5 using secondary Anchor candidate:

    Roll was a little jealous of her brother for something that could not possibly be his fault. The reason was that she'd gotten a slew of memory errors about a lifetime where he was the hero instead of her, and during this lifetime he had to deal with a radical pro-human terrorist movement known as the Emerald Spears led by Xander Payne.

    Her? She had to deal with a fanatical robot-worshipping cult lead by a nutjob named Reverend Samuel Tiberius Dark. She'd have traded him for Xander Payne in an instant.

    Aside from the unfortunate initials which must have made his school life hell, the man preached that the fate of humanity was to submit to robot rule and the only salvation for humans was to become robots themselves. He'd come up with a perversion of the 'three laws' as the central tenets of the religion. 'A human may not harm a robot'. 'A human must obey the commands of a robot'. 'Humans may not preserve their existence at the expense of robots'. The man believed that Dr. Wily was some kind of messiah, Dr. Light was the devil incarnate, and that she and her brother were traitors to their divine race for daring to defend the lives of humans.

    And her other brother? Blues apparently had been sucked in by the cultist propaganda since he was leading the latest revolution in their name.

    She dueled her older brother, trying to find something that indicated he wasn't doing this of his own volition when Blues what shot... by Blues.

    Roll stared in confusion at two of her brother when the image of the first, her opponent, wavered and then dropped entirely to reveal a completely different robot.

    An impostor.

    Using her older brother's image to give the cult a semblance of credibility.

    To say Roll was livid would be an understatement.

    But even as her fury built up, she noticed something that replaced it with disgust.

    The unknown robot was like the other models she'd faced in the fortress, only red. The other major difference was that the clear dome revealed not a complex CPU, but a live human brain. The cult had gone so far as to surgically remove a person's brain and place it in a robot? What kind of sick people were in charge?

    "Well," chuckled a familiar voice, "I suppose the facade couldn't have gone on forever."

    Roll's jaw dropped. "Reverend Dark?!" she shouted incredulously.

    "Samuel Tiberius Dark is dead," the robot declared, activating a rotating electro-magnetic field around himself in preparation for further combat. "I am the Dark Man!"

    Roll fumed. The nutjob was going down. She couldn't let him spread his fanatical poison an>- 10|\|&3Reht^%4656%76&)=()(^$@!***************



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 6 using secondary Anchor candidate:

    Roll was really disturbed right about now.

    The constellation droids, she could handle. Even if Gemini looked like a robot hermaphroditic transvestite.

    Having to fight a slew of Dr. Wily's robot masters along with them, she could handle as well.

    What was creeping her out though was the addition to the team that accompanied her and her friends.

    The chinese robot Fan seemed to have no personality whatsoever. He didn't talk, emote, or anything. He just stood there and stared blankly at whatever was in front of him despite the fact that he was supposedly just as advanced and human-like as Roll herself.

    He was looking at her again. With those empty eyes that just seemed to cons|_||\/|3 3^3R>-74!|\|&#$%vu^ct5***************



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 7 using secondary Anchor candidate:

    Roll cheered from her seat in the pulsing crowd.

    Everything was going great. Dr. Wily hadn't been heard from in a while, both she and her brother Rock were actually going to school, Rock had a girlfriend named Chelsea, and they were all about to enjoy the latest rock and roll sensation.

    "Greetings everyone!" yelled a boombox-themed robot master from the stage. "I'm DJ Jazzy J4-8950, and I'm your mix artist for the evening! Are you all ready to rock?!"

    The crowd cheered.


    The cheers became thunderous.

    "Then welcome to the stage the newest mechanical music sensation, and my fellow band mates: The Dreamwaves!" DJ Jazzy yelled to the crowd. "On drums, we have the incredible BARRAGE MAN!"

    The crowd yelled in approval for the massive 25-foot tall robot and his equally huge drum set that took up the entire back of the stage.

    "On guitar, keyboard, bass, and saxaphone, we have the amazing MULTI MAN!"

    The cheers continued for the self-replicating instrumentalist.

    "And on vocals is the sensational EXPRESS MAN!"

    A blur zoomed to the center of the stage and the sleek form of the band leader stood before the delirious crowd.

    "But before we begin, I'm afraid I have some sad news for everyone," DJ Jazzy said somberly.

    The crowd's cheering died down in confusion.

    "I'm afraid Dr. Wily has ordered your termination," DJ Jazzy intoned ominously as the eyes of all the band robots turned glowing red. "Nothing personal, you understand."

    And with that, the robots jumped off the stage, which itself rumbled and stood up, revealing a massive Godzilla-sized steel machine that looked very much like the devil series robots and towered over the suddenly terrified crowd.

    It was about then that the screaming finally st@R73|)%Y$n8k&df54tf#%^*************



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 8 using secondary Anchor candidate:

    Roll stood behind her brother the hero as he faced down the strange alien robot known as Terra.

    She worried for her brother, partly because she had false memories of a reality where he'd failed at being the hero and was brutally murdered for it. She also had false memories of taking his place for multiple lifetimes, during one of which she'd failed catastrophically. So she'd let her brother volunteer and trusted him to save the world, but she'd requested to be outfitted as his field support to help make sure he stayed alive. It had worked so far, but this opponent worried her more than any other and she wasn't really sure why.

    "So," Terra sneered down at them, "this is what the pathetic inhabitants of this planet have to defend them. I am not impressed."

    "This is your only warning," Rock called confidently. "Cease all hostile actions and leave this planet in peace!"

    "Or what?" Terra laughed mockingly. "Your weapons couldn't even scratch me. Here, I'll even give you a free shot to prove it. And when you fail, you die pathetic Earth scrap."

    With that, Terra spread his arms wide in invitation. Mutely, Rock took him up on the offer and shot to disable, only for the buster shot to dissipate harmlessly on what looked like a personal energy field surrounding Terra.

    "My turn," Terra grinned maniacally and pointed his hand at the blue bomber. "SPARK CHASER!"

    "ROCK!" Roll screamed as the laser weapon zig-zagged from Terra and straight through her brother's head. An instant later, several more proceeded to shred the rest of his body mercilessly.

    "NOOOOOO!!!!" Roll wailed in grief and fury as she saw her brother fall. She felt herself move and Tango attach to her as her arms simultaneously formed into clawed weapons of destruction. Some rational part of her mind noted that Dr. Light had never given her the modifications she was now using, but the rest of her didn't care. All that mattered was hurting Terra as much as possible.

    Terra was caught off-guard in shock at her transformation and he took a rocket claw to the face before he could recover, and then Roll was upon him. Her purely physical weapons rent through Terra's defensive energy field with only some resistance and she clawed apart his body with fury, ripping out large chunks of his torso at the same time.

    In the space of a few seconds, she'd rendered the alien invader to a shredded mess and let his body fall lifelessly to the ground while she mourned for her brother.

    Or, that's what would have happened if Terra hadn't stood back up.

    Roll stared in shock and horror at the sight of Terra getting back to his feet. She'd not only shredded his armor and ripped out at least half his vital mechanisms, but she'd also taken half his head off... and he was still moving.....

    The apparently undead robot raised his damaged fingers in her direction and yelled her death sentence.

    "$P@R|< CH@$ER!"

    Roll found herself incapable of moving as the lethal laser weapon that had killed her brother cut a jagged line right towar|)$ 43RET%$76gy45%^65vy54************



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 9 using secondary Anchor candidate:

    If there was any robot that Roll genuinely hated, it was the future-tech clone of her that Dr. Wily made named Waltz. According to some glitchy memory errors - one set of several she possessed - if Rock had stepped forth to become a hero he'd have gotten a counterpart named Quint. A bitter and disenchanted robot who was originally convinced that he was somehow Rock himself from the future, and had not taken the truth of his origins very well after he'd returned to said future.

    Waltz? Waltz was batshit insane.

    The Dimensions, a set of robot masters from the future, when they had been led by Quint - or 'Mega Man's Shadow' as he'd taken to calling himself by then - in this other life had been rather typical of robot masters like what Dr. Wily had unleashed. That is, dangerous and causing lots of property damage, but relatively minimal loss of life all things considered. They were far more concerned with taking over territory than they were with killing people.

    Under Waltz, the Dimensions were little more than crazed killers that put forth more effort targeting civilians than infrastructure. Their initial appearance had been a bloodbath.

    Thankfully, Waltz's brother Bass had no more love for his insane sister than Roll herself did and had been all too happy to help her destroy the Dimensions and face off against Waltz herself.

    Unfortunately, Waltz had been ready for them and the two of them had suffered severe injuries in bringing her down. Bass had lost one of his arms at the shoulder, Treble had half his body strewn over the battlefield, and Roll estimated her armor had more holes than swiss cheese. It was a miracle she was still functional.

    But they had won. Waltz was missing her entire body from the waist down, her teleporter circuits were fried, and her arms were useless. There was no way she could escape this time.

    "It's over," Roll brandished her chosen weapon at the fallen Waltz, a telescoping broom made of highly durable material. Despite its appearance, it made for quite the lethal weapon when she chose for it to and many foes had fallen prey to it after laughing at its appearance.

    "You haven't seen the last of me," Waltz grinned maniacally from where she lay.

    "What makes you think that?" Roll managed not to sneer, her expression studiously neutral.

    "Because father gave me the kind of data copying ability yours gave you and that my dear brother got as well," Waltz laughed dementedly. "I've seen your memories."

    Roll's eyes widened involuntarily.

    "I've seen that this hasn't been your first time through..." Waltz said darkly. "And it won't be the last. It's only a matter of time before I repeat like you have and then I'll KILL EVERYTHING YOU EVER LOVED WHILE I MAKE YOU WATCH H31|>13$$1>-wtd5ce5vy6654$^&^*($#@@#$$%***************


    Attempt 1) I actually kind of liked the mega man cartoon show...
    Attempt 2) Novas Aventuras de Megaman. Yeah, it's pretty much like that.
    Attempt 3) Aloha.
    Attempt 4) Something just went very wrong...
    Attempt 5) Reverend Dark is the product of my own twisted imagination. Feel free to toss him Ian Flynn's way and see if he sticks.
    Attempt 6) Fan is just kind of... there in the game he's from. He doesn't really contribute anything to the storyline as far as any source I can locate reveals.
    Attempt 7) If you're unfamiliar with the names introduced here, they're all from the 4-issue run of Mega Man in Dreamwave comics before they folded.
    Attempt 8) Since when was Terra a zombie?
    Attempt 9) Oh crap.

    And there's Roll's failure to Anchor the Megaverse.

    Why'd I have her unite with Tango? Because I can't get the concept of catgirl Roll out of my head. At least this justifies its existence in the Loops.

    Waltz... Waltz is something that originated in a single image. This one:


    She's the girl robot telling Roll she's going to be disintegrated. Absolutely no further (official) characterization. Aka fertile ground for fiction writers. Her attitude in the snippet here is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind when I came up with the concept of an MLE. The girl is just plain bad juju.

    Anyway, what is going on here is that the Megaverse is deteriorating with each failed activation attempt and hidden nastiness is rearing its ugly head.

    I said previously that Rock was remembering failed Loop activation attempts as a result of the heavy damage to his universe, and the same is happening to Roll. This is going to stick with them once the Loops come online and have a significant affect on their developing personalities.

    Rock's already gone through nine radically different lives, most topped off with highly divergent insanity. He's going to be a bit harder to shock than most new loopers.

    Roll's had a repeated baptism of fire here, and she's already shed the 'simple housekeeper' role she was designed for. "Taking out the trash" has multiple meanings for her now.

    Blues... Blues is next. And it's not going to be pretty.
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  7. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    *thread watching no jutsu*
  8. Otritzi

    Otritzi Lost to Eternity

    Looks to me like Dr. Light will be the first successful anchor...or maybe Dr. Wily...but both of those seem to be bad ends to me.
  9. Crisis

    Crisis Snips for the Snip Throne!

    And here's Blues's attempts to Anchor the Megaverse. As well as proof that at least some part of my mind is deeply disturbed.

    Astute readers will note that I changed the teaser in the Misc thread to the second attempt rather than the first.

    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 1 using tertiary Anchor candidate:

    Blues didn't betray the worry he felt as he faced off against the self-proclaimed King of Robots yet again. It was actually quite the feat given that his opponent had bisected him in their last encounter.

    Their second - or was it fourth? His memory was kind of screwy lately - encounter really wasn't going any better for him either due to that danged energy reflecting shield. There was no two ways about it. The shield had to go.

    He was about to overload his buster for a massive shot that would surely destroy the shield when his screwy memory showed him the outcome of such an action.

    'Time to do something different,' he thought to himself and charged at King, intending to vault over the shield and fire point blank at his face instead.

    As he approached, reality itself seemed to short out for an instant and suddenly King was holding his axe instead. And bringing down towards Blues's head with all his strength.

    'How?' was all Blues had time to think before he was cut in two onc3 @&@!|\|%$uB&%!(%0*************



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 2 using tertiary Anchor candidate:

    This was wrong. This wasn't how everything was supposed to go. He was supposed to be the disenchanted first creation of Dr. Light. An experimental military model with the mental programming of a son the man never had who ran away because he was afraid that a repair to his faulty power core would end up erasing his personality.

    He most certainly wasn't supposed to have been the last hope of humanity in a post-apocalyptic world where Wily had not only won, but apparently done so without any resistance whatsoever while at the same time framing Dr. Light for crimes Wily had committed. He wasn't supposed to have lost his faith in humanity and be forced to duel his brother to the death for defending them, and then watch as humanity's lack of will caused even Rock to lose faith.

    But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't seem to stop himself. Surely this w@$ 4311******



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 3 using tertiary Anchor candidate:

    This was much more familiar to Blues. His life was far from perfect, but it was more the purgatory his oldest memory errors depicted than the utter hell of the more recent ones. He'd made his share of mistakes... again, but he had the chance to make things right.

    He would start by helping his younger brother destroy Ra Moon.

    "When this is over, you and I have a lot to discuss," Rock said to him.

    "Focus on the battle at hand," Blues reminded him, thankful his Break Man persona concealed his pained wince at his brothers tone. The allied robot masters of doctors Light and Wily gathered around the two and prepared to breach Ra Moon's chamber.

    It was then that he felt something touch his mind. Something sinister, foul, and completely uncaring for all life. He tried to push it back, but he might as well have tried to push back the tide itself as the presence swept over his consciousness and took over his body, forcing him to watch as he raised his buster at his own brother.

    "Like the one here," he heard the voice of Ra Moon come from his own mouth as he shot his brother in the back.

    He watched, horrified, as Rock fell lifelessly to the ground amidst the utterly shocked expressions of the other robot masters.

    "For the glory of Ra M00n#$VY^$Y%$fyt4%4&^56)({_>*********************



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 4 using tertiary Anchor candidate:

    'I'm being punished,' Blues thought to himself. 'That's all there is to it.'

    His memory errors were getting clearer, so he was certain of this fact. He'd forsaken his father and turned on his family in his original life and never truly made any effort to heal the rift that had formed. So he was forced to live through lives where he failed to protect them or was forced to betray them even worse than he had.

    What else could he conclude? He'd ended the last run-through by murdering his brother while under mind control from Ra Moon, and he'd spent the entirety of this one attempting to do the same while unable to disobey orders from Dr. Wily. He could only thank the powers that be that he was far less competent at it this time than previously.

    "You know," he heard himself saying in that nasally voice he seemed to have right now as he continued to shoot at Rock, "I'd honestly prefer to have you working for Dr. Wily like I am, but orders are orders."

    "That's right," Rock replied in a manner completely unlike him. "You're nothing but a robot you outmoded model. Your destiny is to follow orders and be a good little weapon until your masters and betters make a better one and send you to the scrap heap."

    Blues found himself completely frozen, unable to move as Rock's face turned ugly and sinister. He could only watch and listen in horror as the favorite son of Dr. Light - and he knew in his heart that Rock deserved it more than he - turned into his own antithesis before his eyes.

    "You're right to be jealous of me," Rock continued, activating a set of shades on his own helmet just like Blues's. "After all, I'm the latest model. New and improved in every way. The son Dr. Light really wanted all along."

    As he spoke, Rock wound a purple scarf around his neck and his helmet shifted in appearance until Blues could have sworn he was looking at himself wearing blue armor instead of red.

    "Because all I am is you, except better."

    Blues wanted to do something, anything, but all he could do was watch immobile as his brother, looking so much like Blues himself, raised his buster to Blues's head and began charging.

    "There's no room for last year's m0|)3145b5u7-[0[pp;}{|****************



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 5 using tertiary Anchor candidate:

    Blues woke up in his room at Light Labs feeling a sensation that a human would have recognized as eerily close to a cold sweat.

    'I was about to be shot by my brother...' he thought in terror, which turned quickly to confusion. 'No... I don't have a brother... But it looked like me? Was I about to get shot by myself?'

    Blues shook his head. It must have been what humans called a nightmare. He'd really have rather learned that he could dream from a more pleasant example though.

    He remembered now. He'd suffered a failure in his core during a field test due to some unforeseen fault and his father had sent him to bed while he explored options to fix the problem. Hopefully in a way that didn't rewrite Blues's mind.

    Blues shuddered as he thought about that. He liked the way he was and he didn't want to lose that. With this in mind, he made his way towards his father's room where he could see a light on. As he approached the door, he heard his father talking with someone and, despite himself, he listened in.

    "I hate getting into debates with you," he heard his father say.

    "You called me for my dazzling insight," an unfamiliar voice retorted, with the typical distortion caused by long-distance communication devices. "Or did you just call to complain about your boy?"

    Blues couldn't quite make out the first part of the response, but he heard the rest of it loud and clear.

    "Honestly, it would be easier if I did write that rebellious streak out of him..."

    Blues backed away from the door in horror. His own father would rewrite his mind? No... It couldn't be possible...

    He ran back to his room, tears trailing down his face. He had just started to toss energy tanks into a sack when an extremely clear memory error hit him.

    It showed what would happen if he went down this path. A life alone, slowly dying from the flaw in his power core. A rift with his father that could never be healed. Death battles with robots who should have been his dearest siblings. Becoming a villain. A living hell of his own making.

    He paused, and thought about the situation for a moment. His father hadn't quite sounded like someone who had actually meant to undertake that course of action. Maybe... Maybe his father wouldn't actually rewrite his mind over this? Maybe this... was a misunderstanding.

    Blues made his decision. He'd trust his father, the one who had taught him what doing the right thing meant, to do the right thing himself. And maybe he could have a real family this time.

    He turned around, and saw Dr. Light standing in the doorway to the room.

    "Oh, hi father," he greeted, relieved despite being startled. "I didn't know you were there."

    "Quite alright my boy," his father returned amiably. Still, something seemed... off. "I was just talking with a colleague of mine and I decided that fixing your power core couldn't wait. Please come with me."

    Blues followed his father, a bit confused at the sudden shift in the repair timetable, but staying with his decision to trust his creator. The off feeling didn't go away though. If anything, it grew stronger as they approached the lab.

    He obediently lay down on the table, and was a bit surprised when he suddenly found himself restrained.

    "What?" he blurted in confusion. The confusion only grew as his father opened the access in his head rather than his torso. "What are you doing?"

    "Oh," Dr. Light smiled in what should have been a kindly manner, if his eyes hadn't suddenly taken on an evil appearance. "Well, the fault with the power core is only a minor one you see."

    Blues didn't see, and as his father gathered up some sinister looking tools he realized that he really wasn't going to like what was about to happen.

    "The real problem lies in your programming," Dr. Light continued in that kind fatherly voice from the twisted evil face. "Far too free-willed. Completely unsuited to the contract. Building a new model would just take too long. Far easier to remove the unnecessary subroutines and continue with you. You understand, don't you?"

    Blues wanted to scream that he didn't understand, and to let him go, but his mouth refused to work.

    "Excellent," Dr. Light said in a voice not his own as he began the procedure.

    Blues tried to scream as he felt his mind being torn a|>@R7}+){"Pl0{_)^&:<>***************************



    Yggdrasil Log: Loop activation attempt 6 using tertiary Anchor candidate:

    Blues clutched his he@d in @gony. Wh@t fre5h h3ll w@s h3 be!ng thr0wn !nto thi$ t!me? Wh3n w0u1d th!s ni&47|\/|@R3 3|\||)0VY#rh76gYEF^********************

    Y:\ N
    Y:\ Y

    Attempt 1) King is actually kind of a badass if you think about it.
    Attempt 2) Inspired by the musical group The Protomen.
    Attempt 3) Comic Ra Moon is freaking scary.
    Attempt 4) Blues is stuck in a nightmare he can't wake up from.
    Attempt 5) ...........That's just wrong.
    Attempt 6) Did... did the Loop attempt just fail in less than ten seconds?

    Things just reached critical mass. Blues... Blues is going to be recovering from this for some time yet.

    If this doesn't get some form of "Cerberus" trope listed under the Mega Loops portion of the tvtropes page for The Infinite Loops, I will feel I have failed at properly conveying how messed up the Megaverse has become at this point.

    Anyone who's read the MLP Loops 45.11 and 45.12 probably knows what's coming.

    The Loop that caused the Crash.

    I just have to encrypt it first. It's a corrupted file after all.
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  10. Filraen

    Filraen Bastion of the Fourth Wall

    On a random speculation, I think no robot[1] would be candidate to be an Anchor here.

    [1] From the Mega Man era at least, from the games they don't seem human enough and probably don't have enough soul (i.e.: none) to anchor a loop (not sure if a soul it's neede dto anchor a loop though)
  11. Crisis

    Crisis Snips for the Snip Throne!

    There were a few coding gymnastics that needed to be done to make it possible, but rest assured that it is indeed possible.

    Basically, there was an error that the Anchor Candidates, while possessing full sapience, did not fully possess Free Will (which stable loopers must have). Normally, this would cause them to be passed over for Anchor Candidates that did fully possess Free Will, but none were available. So the assigned admin adjusted their Code, making it so they now possess Free Will equal to bots like X.

    Essentially, the 'soul in the machine' got upgraded to a full Soul in the name of getting the Loop functional. Not something normally done (or permitted), but this was a special case you understand.

    The adjustments are still on file, so expect some interesting loopers to result from that once this finally comes online.

    Or to make a long explanation short: I wanted Rock and his family to be looping, and by golly I'm going to get them looping. Make whatever justifications are necessary for your perceptions to accept this.
  12. Leonite

    Leonite The Kaminamuffin. Kaminacake if you prefer.

    Hey.... this is interesting. However Crisis, if you ever need any help ESPECIALLY when it comes to the ZX, Battle Network and Star Force side of things, I would be happy to assist you, as one loop writer to another.

    It kinda helps that every other "Era" has a clearly defined looper... sorta. X and Zero head up their own eras, or just count it as one big one, Volnutt is the obvious candidate for his loop, Lan and Hub are the obvious choice, as are Geo and Omega-Xis. The only problem comes when you hit ZX because, given everything, there are technically 4 possible anchors... unless you fuse ZX to the Zero loops and have the Biometals be the ones anchoring it.

    Actually, Zero technically brings in the argument that the only thing holding Rock, Blues and Roll back from being anchors is the three laws. Zero, if he's stable enough to anchor something, is at best a virus. He ISN'T a reploid like X, he just isn't 3 Laws Compliant... unless you argue that one of the things Bass stole in 7 were Zero's blueprints.
  13. Filraen

    Filraen Bastion of the Fourth Wall

    I do want too. So I throw some random in-universe reasoning (feel free to reject it): before Looping Dr. Light had a lifelong dream and masterpiece to achieve, howevwer the Loops had the irony of giving him an old body who wouldn't last much time even if the Loop wouldn't reset before the 30 years to have X's[1] conscience calibrated.

    So, since he had enough time (an eternity of being old) he started making the calibrations cumulatively; it was a long work (double the time in loops at least: he had to rebuild the machine parts every loop) but when he finished he had a template for Rock's personality. So Rock gained free will/sapience/whatever needed and was allowed to Loop.

    [1] Because I see X, like Zero, being good enough for an Anchor.
  14. Leonite

    Leonite The Kaminamuffin. Kaminacake if you prefer.

    X IS good enough to be an Anchor. He has free will, a soul (somehow) and so on. the problem that Rock has by comparison is that he's much more limited

  15. Tempo awaken oddly. By the look of things. She was active in.. She saw Dr. Noele LaLinde, her creator

    Tempo asked, “Are you my mother?”

    Dr. LaLinde answered, “In a way, I am.”


    Sometime after the report that Dr. Wily had been captured by Mega Man and the six Dr. Light’s Robot Masters -- Dr. Lalinde got a decent check. Not as large as Dr. Light might be see -- but it wasn’t “chicken feed” as the humans might say. That mean it was getting close to the event of the accident. Tempo hidden her urge to make a grin that would make Dr. Wily look sane as she and Dr. Lalinde come to the same idea -- modifying Tempo into Quake Woman..


    It was the time for the Advanced Robotics Trade Show
    -- A.R.T.S. Tempo grinned -- successfully coming up with the way to avoid that so cave in. She wonders who was going to argue about robotics with Dr. Light and what might happen to Emerald Spears.

    Dr. LaLinde and Tempo saw Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack talking to each other.

    Dr. LaLinde said “Dr. Light, I been looking all over the floor for you. This is the result of ‘Project Tempo”: Tempo a.k.a Quake Woman.”

    Tempo reveal a grin. It was not a nice grin. The grin had more teeth than the Osmond family.


    “I’m bit unnerve by that female green bot.”

    “...And I thought that you wanted to get back at the robot since while under Dr. Wily’s control Elec Man toasted one of your eye.”

    “Let’s leave, call the 911 and leave anonymous tip about the bombs, and lay low out of sight for a few years.”


    The A.R.T.S. went pretty well, despite anonymous 911 call that had bomb squad finding unactivated bombs all over the A.R.T.S. Rock recalled something else -- Tempo a.k.a Quake Woman had emotion durning the A.R.T.S. He got clued in when Tempo make that tooth grin.

    Rock asked, “Can I chat with Tempo in private for a second?”

    Rock and Tempo transported away from the A.R.T.S building and landed by a tree on hill overlooking Dr. Light’s lab.

    Rock asked, “So you looping, too.”

    Tempo remarked, “Yes.”

    Rock stated, “Make a mental note: just warm me next time that you are awake. That might not be for another few loops.”


    (Tempo’s First Loop. Archie Comic has yet to fill us on the full on the accident that caused baseline Dr. LaLinde to remove baseline Tempo’s emotion chip. The tree Rock and Tempo transported to is the hill’s tree from the start of Mega Man V for the Game Boy.)

    Feel we to fix formats, grammar and spelling issues.
  16. Leonite

    Leonite The Kaminamuffin. Kaminacake if you prefer.

    Well seeing as I have a free moment, mind if I do so?

    Anyway, what is above are my edits, although these are just basic ones I found after a skim over.
  17. Filraen

    Filraen Bastion of the Fourth Wall

    Of course, and both are creations of Dr. Light. My point is, as long as Dr Light is looping he can get good enough at robotics and programming to add "free will, a soul (somehow) and so on" in Rock just like he did on X.
  18. Sweet jegus this is dark.

    Hoping at least that they get some therapy loops very early on.

    ...also hoping the corruption isn't too bad for the Zero and ZX/ZXA series. Those were the first Mega Man games I got...
  19. masterofgames

    masterofgames Pretending to be normal

    I want to see Bass as the anchor! How many loops start out with a bad guy as the anchor? I can see him flipping out a bit once he gets some experience.

    "And another thing! You named me after a fish! A FISH!"

    "It wasn't for a fish, it was for the musical theme that Thomas..."

    "Oh stuff it Wily! You gave me FINS! I've seen what I could have been named. You had plenty of musical names to choose from! I'm editing my files to label my I.D. code as Forte!"

    "What!? But how... Nevermind, not important. Fine, Forte it is. Not like it makes a huge difference. Now, why don't you and Treble..."

    "GOSPEL! God, what is WRONG with you and keeping your robots from having any sense of dignity!?"
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  20. [Dirty Harry-voice] Go ahead, make your day! [/Dirty Harry voice]
  21. Leonite

    Leonite The Kaminamuffin. Kaminacake if you prefer.

    Quite honestly I refuse to think it'll be that dark for Lan and Hub. Aside from anything else it's In-Canon that the two are linked and Hub kinda ends up being the ultimate embodiment of goodness and light by the end of BN5, Sorta.

    Of course, if they start looping... well, if Lan and Hub meet Rock, they can debate how being in strange adaptions that are animation based can suck. (as they'll be the only two who have cartoons/Anime's aside from Geo... who will complain that it's more random than Lan's, is too short and doesn't even make it to the Noise incidents.

    Also, Tiger People.

    Actually, now that makes me think of Rock, Geo, Omega-Xis, Lan and Hub/Megaman.EXE in a bar somewhere, making an "Oddest thing you've encountered."... and tuning it into a One Upping contest


    "Strangest thing I've ever faced?" Rock asked. He smirked. "Easy, Lion Men."

    Rock, Lan and Geo, each of them in civilian garb, were sitting at a diner. Rock was slowly nursing an E-Tank, Geo doing the same with a cola... and Lan was currently devouring a plate of curry along with a milkshake when he wasn't talking. The fact he had managed to get curry still mystified his fellow anchors.

    "Oh please." Lan stated. "Cat virus that turned navi's into cat people, got into the real world and fought our Rush - who's also a virus that can enter the real world - in a giant monster battle."

    Geo chuckled. "Evil Mu Yeti, Condor and Loch Mess monster." He countered.

    Rock frowned.... he seemed to be processing something. "The Bob and George loop."

    Lan and Geo glared at Rock. "That's just playing dirty." Lan muttered.

    Omega-Xis smirked. He was in his wizard form, so he was solid for all the world to see... it was just that sort of loop. "I'd bring up Luna turning into data, but that still doesn't work."

    Megaman.EXE grinned, in his miniature holographic form. "What about that one loop that had the Anger Impact chip?" He suggested.

    "That was more hilarious than odd." Lan pointed out. Indeed the imagery of constantly defeating their oponnents by firing angry Duo face lasers at them was funny. Just not that odd.

    Geo hummed... then looked at Lan. "The internet turning into a sentient monster?" He asked.

    "And then merging both worlds... eh, yeah, I'll toss that on." Lan said.

    Rock just grinned. "Alright then... Dr. Willy actually being an alien once."

    Lan growled. "Curry made by teamwork!"



    "Robots de-evolving into apes!"

    "A trojan horse virus turning a navi into a literal trojan horse!"

    "Check please!" Geo yelled.
  22. Leonite

    Leonite The Kaminamuffin. Kaminacake if you prefer.

    The only problem with anchoring Bass is... that he isn't there for 6 of the games. Even with Comic continuity that isn't good. Blues, on the other hand, only misses 2.
  23. Filraen

    Filraen Bastion of the Fourth Wall

    Actually, if my memory is right, Blues is older than Rock.
  24. Leonite

    Leonite The Kaminamuffin. Kaminacake if you prefer.

    Yes, but Anchoring is part age and part importance. Roll, due to being related into more incidents, is technically more important than Blues.
  25. Filraen

    Filraen Bastion of the Fourth Wall

    Well, I personally think the best choice for an anchor here is Dr. Light.
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