Mexican Cartel Retaliates Against Civilians

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  1. Alamo

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    Ah Mexico
  3. Flying J

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    Id say do more to burn these little shits, but Im not sure what else Mexico can do. At this point its starting to become institutionalized.
  4. ACOG

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    Remind me why the war on drugs isnt literal yet?
    Is it just the fact it would be real war with mass attacks on civilians and so?
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  5. euph_22

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    This is news?

    It is very literal in Mexico, Colombia and elsewhere. We're effectively (and inefficiently) funding literal civil wars in these countries, and then partially funding the governments' response. If it wasn't so horrific it'd be funny.

    The reason the US doesn't view the "War on drugs" as a literal war, is because the vast majority of the fighting takes place elsewhere.
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  6. Jedi Matt

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    If only it was literal.
  7. Erik Tiber

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    This is very problematic. Will the Mexican government ever be in serious danger of collapsing from this?

    Rather than get into a 'who is more cynical' contest perhaps we could talk about the article.
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  8. euph_22

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    The Mexican government is in no threat of collapse. However there are wide swaths of territory along the border where the government has little effective control. Places where the police forces have casualty rates rivaling combat infantry units.
  9. Bacle

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    I really wish this was a surprise, but it's most certainly not.:(

    Wonder if we can take some of those nice drones we have away from the Mid East, and start tasking them on blowing the living fuck out of the cartels; it be a just as useful as blowing away Taliban.
  10. Darklyre

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    On the plus side, our drone operators are already well-trained in the art of targeting swarthy people, so there's very little retraining needed. We just need to get them to shoot at the sombreros and not at the turbans and we're set!
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  11. Fell

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    Man that's racist. It's Sikhs with the turbans. Muslamic rayguns wear Keffiyeh.
  12. Not all middle eastern people or Mexicans are swarthy. Many Mexicans look like what would be described as white frankly.
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  13. Bacle

    Bacle Just digging around

    Most people don't realize that many people in Northern Mexico have a decent amount of German ancestry mixed in with the Spanish and Native.
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  14. Voltron64

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    Zetas? Cause I can't think of anyone else that stupid in Mexico.
  15. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy?

    Mexico's gonna dissapoint, then. With current trends the next time the plants are taken down, the emergency crews will be killed. The third time the emergency crews will be behead and the various body parts used for symbolic statements.

    It has been standing policy with our neighbors for over 50 years that we will not engage in any military endevors on their soil. Even as gangs which these drug lords draw power from are gaining a foothold in the major cities.

    Bloods and crypts are better neighbors than M13. :(
  16. Hectonkhyres

    Hectonkhyres Why is there all this WORLD here?

    Indeed. At some key point you have to stop calling them a drug cartel and start calling them a terrorist organization, or an outright rebellion, that coincidentally receives much of its funding through the sale of drugs.
  17. Bacle

    Bacle Just digging around

    The cartels have only been gaining strength and the violence they bring has started to seriously spill across the border, so I think it's time we give Mexico a simple ultimatum:

    Get your house in order or we will do it for you.
  18. Hassam


    And then the US will bomb the place and leave it worse off than when it first intervened.
  19. Hectonkhyres

    Hectonkhyres Why is there all this WORLD here?

    If its done that way, it has to be done in private with their top leaders. Make them fold for their own best interests and make it look willing. Make it look like we have an invitation. It would be better if we didn't have to fight on two fronts.
  20. Alamo

    Alamo Moderator

    Because that worked so well last time...
  21. JKuz

    JKuz Solidarity

    Best way to get Mexico's shit in order is for the US to stop its inane War on Drugs, and fall back to more reasonable policies.
  22. Bacle

    Bacle Just digging around

    No, we would simply use surgical drone strikes like we have in Pakistan; kill off drug producers/drug distributors/cartel bosses/financiers/crooked cops/corrupt army officials and let the locals take back their lives and livelihoods from the cartels control.

    This would be the preferable way of getting it done.

    Only reason that campaign fell apart was because WWI sucked the needed manpower and resources away; if Pershing had had more to work with, the expedition may well have been successful.

    Bullshit; the only "drug" that is harmless enough to legalize for recreation is marijuana and most of the cartels make most of their money with meth and coke.

    Plus, the cartels will not give up or even lose out that much if we their product, they'll simply increase the number of kidnappings and extortion attempts; at this point they're entrenched enough that simply depriving them of some revenue will only make the situation worse in cartel influenced areas.

    Claims that simply abolishing the drug laws, like we did Prohibition, completely ignores the vast differences in the affects that hard drugs have on the user; simply regulating them will barely help this factor.
  23. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy?

    Military intervention in Mexico is not a good idea. Whatever happens in Mexico is their own buisness, but I want those drug tunnels, drug planes, drug boats, drug subs, and people trucks to stop. Last thing I want to see taking the boy scouts on a trip to the local national forest is yet another open air crack lab polluting the land.
  24. JKuz

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    Ok, go the opposite way, demonstration nuclear strikes on cartel bases. Walk nukes down the length of Mexico: US is finally safe forever. As a bonus no real 'murrican will ever have to worry 'bout losing his job ever again.
  25. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy?

    Well, seeing how this conversation has already devolved into nukes and slurs, there's but one reasonable recourse.

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