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  1. I've done a little inventive reseach on Minbari ships for my fic. I'm posting the fruits of my labor here.


    Anyway, feel free to sugest stats for the various ships (or write up better descriptions).


    Valen'Zha Class Command Carrier

    Lenght: 3,998 Meters
    Mass: 357 Million metric tons
    Fighters: 95

    The fist incarnation of Valen'Zha Class Command Carrier is intended to serve as the ship of the Gray. The ship has been a long time in development, where Minbari engineers have struggled with the many issues facing a ship that size and mass.

    To provide additional protection to the council, while keeping the cost down, the Valen'Zha was built with dual hulls, attributing to the ship's already excessive mass. To compensate for that mass a new approach the gravimetric engineering had to be worked out, which also the Verelani Class Battleship drew benefits from.

    Equipped with all the latest Minbari technologies the Valen'Zha was always intended to be ready for the next Great War. The ship's builders have taken it as a personal failure that the ship could not participate in their campaign against the Earth Alliance, and have sped up development as a result.


    Velerani Class Battleship

    Lenght: 2,641 Meters
    Mass: 167 Million metric tons
    Fighters: 45

    Designed in conjecture with the Valen'Zha, the Velarian has benefited from many of the same innovations that went into that design. Intended as a replacment for the aging Shargoti class and to segment Minbari superiority for the foreseeable future the Velerani has already been pushed into the testing phase.


    Shargoti Class Battle Cruiser
    Lenght: 1,920 Meters
    Mass: 74 Million metric tons
    Fighters: 27

    In need of a ship with greater carrying capacity than the standard Sharlin, and with overruns in the Velerani project, the Shargoti design was put into service as a compromise.

    The ship has thicker armor, and greater fighter and cargo capacity than the Sharlin, but this comes at the cost of agilety - making the design inferior in many scenarios.


    Sharlin Class War Cruiser
    Lenght: 1,601 Meters
    Mass: 44 Million metric tons
    Fighters: 15

    Believed by many to be the most powerful ships in the Galaxy, the Sharlin is an impressive beast of a machine. Highly maneuverable, plated with almost impenetrable armor and the most powerful weapons in known space all contributes in making ships of this class revered throughout the quadrant.


    Ashinta Escort Frigate
    Lenght: 1,099 Meters
    Mass: 28,33 Million metric tons
    Fighters: 8

    Intended as a replacement for the Tigara, the Ashinta is basically a smaller version of the Sharlin. With ship production just now getting of the ground it will take quite a while before these are a common sight in Minbari held territories.

    (Alt. picture)


    Tigara Class Attack Cruiser
    Lenght: 1,216 Meters
    Mass: 26,84 Million metric tons
    Fighters: 6

    Despite their status as the most numerous fighter-carrying ship of the Minbari armada, they tend to be overshadowed by their bigger and smaller brethren - the Sharlin, and Tinashi respectively.

    The Tigaras was conceived shortly after the last shadow war. They were designed upon the Tinashi design that did serve in the Shadow war, but due to their limited experience with gravimetric propulsion the Tigaras were hampered with overly large fins. The results in an unbalanced gravimetric field and make the Tigras as sluggish as the much larger Sharlin vessels.

    Tigras are no longer constructed, and the ships are being phased out with Sharlins and Tinashi ships.


    Tinashi Class War Frigate
    Lenght: 869 Meters
    Mass: 8,76 Million metric tons
    Fighters: none

    A development of the Tinashi-Haza class deployed during the last Shadow war, the Tinashi is now commonly used as a patrol ship. Despite this status the Tinashi is still a mach for any other ship not fielded by the Minbari, and easily illustrates the Minbari military superiority to other races.


    Size comparison

    Images was found on www.sf3dmodels.boom.ru or goggle images.
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    An almost two mile and a half long dedicated carrier has only 95 fighters? Modern supercarriers are something like 300 meters long and they could carry 95 aircraft.

    Also, I could have sworn B5 ships didn't get into the multi-mile long range, not to mention that Minbari ships should be measured by the height and length, since a not insignificant amount of their size is in their height.
  3. Well, this is a B-space ship. 95 fighters is not a low number in that context :p

    The Drakh Mother ship is 59 Kilometers long, and the Victory class is 3,000 meters.

    Anyway, I got the size from using eye measure on the size chart. I didn't create these ships myself, I believe they are from a game (B5wars).
  4. Thanks, those were better than the ones I found.