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  1. This is the first chapter in a set of Time Loops in the "Innortal" setting, where the specific world focused on is MLP:FiM.

    For those who aren't aware, the Loops work like this:

    The basic idea is, one character (the Anchor, usually the main character of a fictional setting and here Twilight Sparkle) is looping back to the very first moments of their parent series every time either they die or some kind of time limit expires. They of course end up monumentally stir crazy given enough time.
    Eventually others start to loop as well.
    The reset is not always perfect. Sometimes a loop's history will be different to the "prime" loop, or canonical plot.
    "Crossover" or "Fusion" loops also occur, randomly. These can involve the home loopers having a guest, or the anchor for one universe spending time in another, or replacements of one character by another.
    Vacation Loops are where the Anchor (or others) decide/s "buck it" and lets off steam by doing whatever comes to mind. They get rather common as the Loopers get more bored.
    The Loops are intended as a format for crackfic, mainly. They're for a laugh, not necessarily to be all that serious...

    I've also done some Loops in the How To Train Your Dragon milieu, which is relevant here because two crossover loops with the Looping Hiccup are how the MLP cast get introduced to the multiverse.


    Twilight sighed.

    She was stuck in some kind of time loop. By now, the evidence was incontrovertible – despite what everything she knew about magic, even time magic, said.

    Every time the loop reset, she was right back here in the Canterlot library, just before trying to warn Celestia about the return of Nightmare Moon. It had taken her three loops to determine, experimentally, that nothing from one loop was carried over into the next.

    Except her memories.

    “Well,” she said, brightly, “If there was a better opportunity for study, I’ve never encountered it before. Spike! A book, please! Which doesn’t matter.”


    Nightmare Moon spread her wings, laughing as the inhabitants of Ponyville panicked. “The night will last forever!”

    After a moment, she noticed something on her left wing. A small red dot of light, that was moving towards her body proper even as she watched.

    A huge blast of rainbow hit Luna’s alternate form, as Rainbow Dash broke the sound barrier right before impact.

    Turned out that Dash didn’t actually channel harmony itself when she did that. But on seeing a thoroughly concussed Alicorn collapse to the floor, Twilight considered it at least progress.


    Another loop, another Summer Sun celebration.

    It was sort of cruel, beating up Luna like she was. But then, so far she’d been grateful for being freed from the darkness every time, no matter how strange the method Twilight used.

    This was shaping up to be an exceptional one, though.

    “Ooh! And that’s definitely an uppercut she’ll feel in the morning!” Pinkie shouted, from the balloon floating over what was left of Ponyville.

    “But Black Sooty comes back with a bolt of pure night, and – no, it’s splashed off his scales!”

    AJ shook her head as she adjusted the camera. “Gotta say, Twilight, this ain’t what ah was expectin’ to be the reason y’all asked for extra apples.”

    Twilight shrugged. “Dragons like Spike undergo an exceptional growth phase when their hoard is in danger. I was able to get him into the frame of mind with the apples and a load of other stuff, then when Nightmare Moon turned up I told him Rarity would be in danger if her plan went through, and, well…”

    Pinkie spread her forelegs. “Spikezilla versus Nightmare Moon! Round 1! Fight!”

    Spike spat out a blast of flame that turned the arrested dawn into daylight.


    “um… excuse me, miss nightmare, but, uh… do you want some tea?”

    Twilight watched in disbelief as Luna’s corruption flowed off of her like water and dissipated. “To think it took me this long to try Fluttershy…”


    Sombra, now, was more amusing. While she came at Nightmare Moon with barely a day’s prep time each new Loop, she could have as much as a year and a half when the Crystal Empire situation came up.

    Her former number one method had just been getting Rainbow to hit him at half again the speed of sound after loudly praying for divine intervention. The look on Sombra’s face for the split second before he bounced off the wall had been priceless.

    But now…

    “Thanks for your help, Gilda.”

    “No problem, general.” The griffin saluted, then chuckled. “Wasn’t sure what the hell you were thinking, but you were right. We did all want a bit of fun.”

    Two thousand griffins swarmed into the Crystal Empire’s palace, and then out again with a dozen of the largest carrying Sombra between them.

    “What do you want us to do with him, general?”

    Twilight considered. “Slap two power limiters on him and leave him tied up on Rarity’s doorstep with a bow. And a label saying ‘new model’.”

    “Evil.” Gilda grinned. “I approve. What next?”

    The unicorn shrugged. “I’ve heard this place has some good wine in the cellars. Comes of centuries of isolation, or whatever happened to it. I think we could consider them… spoils of war?”

    “That’ll piss off your brother.”

    “Well, he did forget to let me know about his wedding last week.” Again.


    “The Winter Wrap-Up in Ponyville is traditionally done without magic, Miss Sparkle.”

    “Oh. How do you do the clouds?”

    The Mayor blinked. “Pardon?”

    “Pegasi use magic to fly and move clouds. And the reason earth ponies are so strong is because of their magic. So is it going to be groundbound pegsasi and unicorns without use of their horns doing all the work?”


    “Because it might take a while.”

    “I’ll… see if I can talk to my subordinates…”

    Twilight felt like laughing beneath her pleasant expression. She hadn’t caught that the first time through, but it was a good point…

    What did she think this cutie mark meant anyway, shovels?


    Discord’s statue cracked, then shattered. Out of the stone ruins came the chaotic draconequus. “I’m back, baby! Okay, time to screw with Tia and Lulu and… whoever she’s got wielding the Elements this time. This should be fun.”

    A dot of purple light appeared on the ground next to him. Discord materialized a microscope, turned it upside down, and examined it minutely at a distance of eight feet.

    Then he threw the microscope away and looked at the dot of light. “Wonder what this is…”

    “Hate detected.”

    The voice seemed to come from everywhere at once.

    The purple dot was joined by a red one, and then a green one, to either side. Turning, he saw blue, pink and yellow. They thickened, becoming searchlight beams, which at least let him know where they were coming from – above.

    “Firing orbital friendship cannon.”

    Discord slapped his forehead, producing a fish. “Oh, bodkins.”

    “I feel kind of bad for him…” Fluttershy muttered.

    Twilight shrugged. “Now we’ve shown him we’re not to be trifled with, we’ll let him out again and see if we can make him behave. Okay, Rainbow, take the cloud down!”

    “You got it, Twi! Hah, I wish I’d seen the look on his face!”


    “Right, how did that spell go…”

    Twilight looked at the sky. It was only a few minutes from dawn, on the summer solstice.

    If everything went as it had first time, Nightmare Moon would arrive in just a few minutes to start going on about how the night would last forever. Honestly, it was getting a little boring.

    Twilight sometimes considered she’d gotten a little jaded. Well, what could the universe expect if it made her keep doing the same thing over and over?

    Anyway, this at least would be hilarious.


    As Nightmare Moon started her evil laugh, Twilight closed her eyes and focused.

    A faint touch to the Element of Magic… a spell from an ancient spellbook...

    “Not today, villain!”

    Nightmare Moon paused, looking around to the source of the loud voice, and saw a purple unicorn rearing back on her hind legs.

    “I will defeat you myself, in the name of Princess Celestia!”

    “You? You’re nothing but a child. Is this all Celestia has to stop me?”

    “Yep! Magic power, go!”

    At that point, Twilight’s spell triggered. Everything went white, and when it faded she had the Element of Magic on her forehead, and a familiar dress on her back.

    More importantly, though, she was once more Princess Twilight.

    “…what?” the Nightmare of the Moon managed. “But… what?”

    “That’s kinda cool.” Spike muttered. “When’d you learn that?

    “It was in the Star Swirl wing.” The newly ascended alicorn replied, before launching herself into the air and conjuring dozens of balls of lightning.

    A good old fashioned punch up would be just the thing.


    “Weirdest. Loop. Ever.” Twilight muttered, watching the plaid sky turning amber as the moon rose in the north.

    It was. For one thing, she wasn’t Celestia’s student this time – though that wasn’t all that unusual in and of itself. For another, she was viewed a lot like Pinkie Pie had been in the original loop.

    That would be because Pinkie Pie in this version of Equestria was the faithful student of King Discord, benevolent ruler of the surreal land of Equestria. And, furthermore, there was evidence that the dreaded Infernal Blaze was returning.

    “It’s like someone held the whole country up to a funhouse mirror…”

    She shook her head. At least there were some benefits. For one thing, things made sense around her – it was like she normalized the area nearby.

    “Right. I lay about even odds on either me being the Element of Laughter this loop, or the Element of Magic being one of the five necklaces…”

    “Fools! I shall destroy your pitiful ruler, and then restore my rightful Empire of the Sun!”

    Twilight raised a hoof. “Excuse me, miss Infernal Blaze, but… you’re kind of on fire.”

    “Of course I’m on fire! I am the goddess of the sun! I…” Infernal Blaze broke off, sniffed, and started screaming. “Oh me I AM on fire! Help!”

    “Lake’s over there.” Applejack volunteered.

    Infernal Blaze jumped bodily into the lake, which happened to be one of chocolate sauce. There was a splutch, a hiss, and a delicious smell.

    After a moment Celestia’s head came out of the sauce. “Towel please.”


    “So, Twilight Sparkle. Your friends have abandoned you. What do you say to that?”

    Twilight conjured a notebook. “Well, I am looking for a thesis subject…I think ‘the long term effects of chaos magic’ sounds good.”

    Discord blinked. “Pardon? You’re… not going to stop me?”

    “Eeeenope.” The unicorn began writing. “So, discordification of a pony involves inverting one of their key personality traits along its own axis. Do you take a guess as to what that is, or is one of your salient divine powers the ability to analyze that sort of thing?”

    “What?” Discord frowned, and turned the notebook into a bluejay. “You’re far too analytical, Twilight Sparkle. This is the realm of chaos!”

    Twilight glared at him, flared her horn, and a bubble of normality bloomed out from her to the size of a small room. The bluejay flew into it, turned back into a book, and fluttered over to Twilight to let her keep writing. “I know, that’s why I’m writing all this down.”

    “You… that’s a failsafe spell, isn’t it? How is that working?”

    “I cast the spell backwards.” She noted that down along with everything else. “Wild magic traits in area under influence… do not… always scramble a pre-scrambled spell. Thanks for the info!”

    She looked up at him. “If you’re not going to let me interview you, then don’t let me keep you. I’m sure you have lots of plans for redecorating.”

    Discord looked at her, then off into the middle distance at nothing, shrugged, and shot off towards Manehattan.

    “Right, that’s got rid of him. Now, where did the Crusaders go…”

    “Day eighteen… or thirty-seven, depending on if you trust the sunrises. Discord has apparently spent three entire days converting every single cloud in the country into an elaborate topiary sculpture. On a related note, it now rains nectar.” Twilight hummed, watching a parasprite playing tennis with Angel Bunny. “That one almost makes sense, really. Plants and nectar.”

    “I’m hurt.” Discord slid out of the pages of her book. “I’d hate to become too predictable.”

    “You kind of are, actually. I mean, there’d be no point turning the roads from flagstones into granite, it wouldn’t be funny.”

    “Really?” He snapped his claws, and an explosion of heat washed over them.

    Twilight held up another notebook. It was turned to a page with the words ‘and then Discord turns it into high temperature, nearly molten granite’. “See what I mean?”

    “Give me that!” He snatched the whole set out of her magical grip. “This is eight hundred predictions for how I’ll react to certain straight lines!”

    “Exactly. And I’ve been ticking off the ones you’ve done.” This time, Twilight held up a bingo sheet. “If you do two more, I get a full house.”

    Discord ground his teeth into flour, then blew flame on the flour to make some bread, pulled it into a baguette and ate it. “That is very annoying.”

    “Yep. Oh, and that’s another one off the list…” Twilight said, calmly. “I expected more from you.”

    “I can be unpredictable if I feel like it!” Discord said. “Go on, test me.”

    With a flash of purple, Twilight vanished. She came back two seconds later with some Poison Joke in a careful telekinetic grip. “Is this one of yours, by the way?”

    “Yes, last time I was out. Same with timber wolves and zap apples, I was quite the gardener…” The draconequus summoned a hoe with a flash of light and prodded the ground, which collapsed away under him. “Hm. That isn’t encouraging.”

    “Nice to see you’re keeping up old habits.” The blue plant was crushed by telekinetic force into a dense mass. Twilight next brought out a painting from a famous surrealist. “This is not a pipe.”

    “Yes it is.” Discord plucked it out of the picture, leaving behind a traffic cone. “I do like that pony’s art, though.”

    “Right. Anyway, want to try smoking the Poison Joke? That should do with your nasty case of predictability.” Twilight showed the bingo card again. She’d crossed off the last square when Discord pulled the pipe out of the painting.

    “Oh, go on then.” Discord rammed it into the pipe, set it on fire, and took a deep pull. From the wrong end, of course.

    Twilight held up her notebook one more time at the last page, with a triumphant grin. ‘Discord gets stoned’.

    “Oh, you crafty little…” Before he’d quite finished the sentence, Discord was a statue again.

    “Right.” Twilight frowned suddenly. “Now, where did the others go? I’m going to need them to help operate the Elements…”


    Trixie laughed as she cast two powerful age-altering spells on Snips and Snails, luxuriating in the power the Alicorn Amulet gave her. “See, Twilight Sparkle? Now Trixie is the greater unicorn!”

    “Maybe, yeah.” Twilight said, nodding. “Oh, is that an Alicorn Amulet? I read about those, they give you a huge power boost. Are we allowed those?”

    “Silence! Of course Trixie is allowed the Amulet, it took her many months of effort to obtain!”

    “Okay.” Twilight’s horn flickered slightly, and the Element of Magic appeared on her brow. “Hey, watch this!”

    There was a brilliant wash of purplish light.

    When it faded, Twilight checked her new wings over. “Hmmm, bit larger than last time. Maybe I’m getting better at doing this alone.”

    Trixie gibbered. “But… but… how? What?”

    “Well, I am the bearer of the Element of Magic.” Twilight shrugged her wings. “Turns out it comes with benefits.”

    “That is completely unfair on Trixie!”

    “Oh, hush. You’re the one who brought a magical superweapon to this duel first, don’t complain now it’s not the one sided battle you hoped it was.” Twilight conjured a spell circle fifty feet across, which shunted the two male unicorns away and sealed the two mares in a shimmering opalescent dome. “Now, I’d actually quite enjoy a duel for once. Are you going to chicken out, or give me a good workout?”

    Trixie replied with a fireball the size of a house. Twilight grinned, and started with four Marelin’s Magical Missiles and a Cone of Lightning.

    This would be fun.


    Applejack was a very confused pony. She’d gone to bed that night with everything normal, and the next morning… well, apart from anything else Big Mac asked her if everything was ready for the family reunion.

    She hadn’t known one was going on at all.

    To make things worse, there was no sign at all of her friends. More to the point, it was a completely different season than when she went to bed, and topping everything off was that Applebloom was quite visibly bored.

    She’d asked where her friends Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were, and ‘bloom had looked at her like she’d gone funny in the head.

    In fact, it was all so confusing she wondered if she’d tried bucking all the trees in the orchard again.

    And then the whole Apple family had shown up, and she’d spent the morning scrambling to keep up with details she didn’t know. Something somepony had said suggested this was years in the past, which couldn’t be right… but which made sense, from what ‘bloom was acting like.

    Then there was a loud bang, and a cloud of smoke.

    “Watch in awe!” a voice shouted from inside the smoke.

    “Ah, ponyfeathers. What all is Trixie doing here?” Applejack muttered.

    Then the cloud cleared, to reveal…

    The farm pony’s jaw dropped. “What th’ hay? Twilight?”

    “Indeed! It is I, the Great and Infinitely Knowledgeable Twilight!”

    The baby dragon next to her – Spike, clearly, Applejack realized – sighed and shook his head. “She’s been like this all morning. I have no clue why.”

    “So, Twi. Spill. What in Tartarus is goin’ on?”

    Twilight shrugged. “I have no idea. For some reason, I – and now you, apparently – keep going back to the dawn of the day we first met. I’ve been doing this for a hundred and thirty five loops, so I get kind of… stir crazy.” Behind them, Spike tried to eat too many apples at once, incidentally doing a nice job of keeping the rest of the Apple clan distracted from why Applejack was talking so familiarly with the strange unicorn.

    “So, what now? And ah could swear you were a Princess last time we met…”

    “Sometimes.” Twilight shook her head. “About fifteen loops ago, I went full alicorn right in front of Nightmare Moon tomorrow. It confused her so much, it was hilarious. Anyway, I think we should, well… learn what we can, keep ponies safe, try to work out why these loops are happening, and have fun. By the way, don’t be surprised if things are… different.”

    “Different how?” Applejack looked sceptical.

    “Well, I once started a loop to discover that I was actually the student of Queen Nightmare Moon. Just… take a moment to check your memory each time, okay?”

    The orange mare nodded. “Got it. Now, what do we do about Nightmare Moon?”

    Twilight grinned evilly. “I spent two loops learning everything Trixie had to teach me. She actually knows quite a lot about illusions. Now…”

    “…last forever!”

    “Ah can see why you said you were bored, Twi.” Applejack muttered. “Does she say that every time?”

    “Every time.” Twilight confirmed, and lit her horn for a moment. “It’s done. Go.”

    She raised her hoof. “Excuse me!”

    “What?” Nightmare Moon said, turning her gaze onto Twilight. “Do you have a question for your new empress?”

    “Yes, actually. It’s just… how, exactly, will we grow crops?”

    “…pardon? You interrupt me with farming?” The dark goddess’ eyes blazed.

    “Well, mortals – like us – kind of need food to survive. I’m sure you lost track of that a bit on the moon, but plants need the sun to supply them with energy – which they convert out of sunlight via chlorophyll and a source of water, as well as carbon dioxide in the air. That becomes glucose which is then converted into other sugars, like fructose, or just left as it is, and so that energy is stored in a form ponies can eat – so, without the sun, no food.”

    Even Nightmare Moon’s eyes had glazed over during that explanation. After a moment, she shook her head to clear it and pointed her horn directly at Twilight. “Such concerns are nothing to me! I will not be denied my rightful overlordship by such ridiculous problems as plants!

    At that point, an invisible Applejack bucked her in the chin so hard she went flying backwards through the rear wall.

    “Buck that.” the farmpony said, then turned to Twilight. “That work?”

    “Nicely, thanks AJ.” Twilight replied. “I’ll just go get the Elements of Harmony. Be back in a tick!”

    She vanished in a flash of purple.

    Outside, Nightmare Moon picked herself up from the wreckage of one whole side of the building. “What impertinent insect has the temerity to-“

    She paused. She could hear a voice talking.

    “Right, when my one starts to glow, just think about what I told you all to.”

    It was that annoying unicorn who’d been arguing with her. What was she talking about now?

    “So, mine’s Loyalty, right? Awesome!”

    “I think Laughter is perfect for me!”

    Those were new – and annoying – voices. Wait… she could swear that those words were… ominous.

    “Kindness, kindness… oh, I hope I get this right. Sorry, miss Nightmare Moon, ma’am, but it is for your own good…”

    “This is marvellous! It matches my cutie mark perfectly!”

    Oh. That’s right. Horsefeathers.

    Six colours of harmony hit her almost as hard as the earth pony had.


    Twilight grinned at the three other Loopers. “Right, you three, you’ll like this.”

    “What are you planning this time?” Dash asked. “Bet it’ll be fun!”

    “Yeah. Oh, actually…” she conjured four pairs of mirrored sunglasses, and slipped them over their faces. “We’ll need these.”

    Nightmare Moon finished her speech.

    Twilight promptly hit her with a Want-It-Need-It spell.

    “And that is what we call poetic justice.” The purple unicorn lectured, as several hundred ponies swarmed the stage to hug the startled Nightmare Moon.

    Pinkie giggled. “That is funny! Better than when you showed us Spikezilla!”

    “We love you!” somepony shouted, and then there was a crash as Big Mac managed to tackle Luna’s corrupted self.

    “Well, now ah wonder if he’s just easy to affect with spells like that…” Applejack said, frowning at her brother. “Or if he just has a crush on her like ah heard.”

    “I dunno.” Twilight shrugged. “Hey, want to try to work out what else the Elements can do? I bet you could tell if somepony’s telling the truth or not if you get a strong enough connection with the Element of Honesty.”

    Dash looked up, grinning. “What would Loyalty let me do?”

    “I don’t know. This calls for science!”

    14 (HTTYD crossover 1)

    “You are kidding.”

    The small green Toothless looked over at his (unusually, four-legged) companion through time and space. “Afraid not. This place is mainly populated by ponies.”

    As Hiccup – well, his memories said he was called Hocus Hiccup, which was even worse than normal – contemplated this, a cyan… pegasus?... came through the door.

    “Hey, Twi, what’s the plan for – you’re not Twilight. Where is she?”

    Hiccup rolled his eyes. “Never seen her before. Is she the local Loop anchor? I think I’ve replaced her.”

    “Don’t know what ‘anchor’ you’re talking about, don’t care. Where is she, buster?”

    Hiccup and Toothless exchanged glances. “Welcome to your first fused loop, then. Sorry, you’re not getting your friend – Twilight, right? – this loop. I’m taking her place for all intents and purposes.”

    The cyan pegasus looked suspicious for another second, then closed her eyes and concentrated. Hiccup felt some strange, deep magic pulse for a moment.

    “Okay, yeah, she’s not anywhere I can feel for some reason. I’ll believe you… for now. Until AJ can give you a look over, anyway.”

    “Another looper? Sorry, another time looping person?”

    “Yeah, she is. Oh, I’m Rainbow Dash – but you can call me awesome.”

    “Suddenly I’m reminded of Astrid.” Hiccup muttered to Toothless, who nodded in return.

    As Nightmare Moon proclaimed her eternal reign, Hiccup looked to the five native Loopers. “This happen every time?”

    “Like clockwork.” The orange pony – AJ – said wearily. “Last few times, Twi had us blast her with the elements mid-speech for the hell of it.”

    “Does it have to be that? Or can she be defeated another way?”

    “She can!” The pink pony said. “We usually use Spikezilla every twenty or so loops!”

    “Right. Toothless, you’re on.”

    The little dragon nodded, and ran forward. As the girls gasped, he swelled and shifted form into the twenty foot lithe predator from Berk, then took wing.

    “Fun fact.” Hiccup said, brightly. “Toothless’ breed of dragon is called the Night Fury. They’re nearly invisible in the dark, and they’ve evolved as ambush predators against other flying entities at night.”

    Blue flame shot through the air and erupted on something overhead. Wing! Two points!

    The next shot was green. Oh, cool. The postal magic can mix in with my fire… hey, Hiccup?


    I just found out how to teleport other objects at range.

    Hiccup winced in sympathy for any enemy they would fight in the future. Ever. Except possibly Aizen, who frankly deserved it.

    A green fire burned overhead for a moment, and a startled looking Princess Luna slammed into the ground horn first.

    Toothless alighted next to her, looking incredibly smug, and shifted back to his loop-native form. “I just teleported her armour right off her. Who’s awesome?”

    Pinkie raised a hoof. “Ooh, I know this one! It’s Dash!”

    “You know it!”

    Toothless looked slightly deflated. “Whatever. Regardless, Rider, that power is a keeper.”

    Fluttershy eeped. “Um… did you say, rider? As in, dragon rider?”

    “Yeah, I’m normally bipedal. Human, actually, if that means anything to… you?”

    All of them were staring at him.

    Rarity spoke first. “You mean Lyra was actually right?

    With a sigh, Toothless reached into Hiccup’s mane, connected to his subspace pocket and pulled out some projection equipment. “We’re going to have to give them the ‘welcome to the multiverse’ talk. Why is it always us?”

    “Ranma’s having a year off?” Hiccup suggested, then sniggered at the thought of how he’d take this universe. Wild horse indeed… especially since the gender ratio seemed about five to one in favour of female, here.

    Meanwhile, in an entirely different universe, Harry Potter watched with interest as Quirrelmort was used as a ping-pong ball by the unicorn he’d tried to kill.

    “And this is for basing your strategy on inadequate research!”

    Note to self, make sure this unicorn never meets Hermionie.

    A phoenix flamed in for a moment, then vanished towards Hagrid’s hut and the young dragon within.

    Huh. I thought he didn’t feel like Fawkes. And Norbert wasn’t female… wonder if that’s linked somehow.

    “So, how do we beat Discord this time?” Dash asked. “New guy, you got any ideas?”

    Hiccup mulled over everything he’d been told about the chaos entity. “Okay, I know. I’ll Befriend him.”

    “We tried that. Pinkie’s the only one who can do it reliably.”

    “You’re not familiar with Nanoha’s world. The word has a different meaning there. Toothless?”

    The rest of them looked over to the black dragon – and didn’t find him. Instead there was a small black octahedron.

    Stand by. Ready.

    Hiccup picked Toothless’ Device form up in a hoof. “Right, let’s go.”

    “Ah, hello.” Discord said, emerging from the stained glass window.

    Hiccup tilted his head, examining the magic. “Okay, this’ll work.” With a thought, he transferred Raising Dragon to his back, where it transformed into a kind of harness with a pair of gigantic cannons.

    Set up. Blaster-three.

    With a grin, Hiccup planted his hoof. The floor cracked, and strings music came from nowhere. “I always wanted to do this.”

    Firing Lock is cancelled.

    “Oh, I saw this…” Discord said, sounding nervous. “Can’t remember how it ended, though.”

    Cartridge load. Divine Buster.

    “Right, right, that was it.” The draconequus fled the palace through the window.

    Pinkie grinned. “I remember this video too!” Her voice changed slightly. “He’s going to blast right through the walls? Oh dear sweet mother of Celestia!”

    Said deity’s eyes widened, just before the gigantic eruption of magic demolished one of the load-bearing walls of her palace.

    “Owie.” Discord said, coughing out smoke.

    There didn’t seem to be much else to say.

    15 (HTTYD crossover 2)

    “…what the hell?” Twilight muttered, falling forwards onto her stomach. “Oof!”

    “What is it?” A voice that was at once familiar and not familiar asked. “Oh, huh. New looper this time.”

    “Looper?” she asked, trying to push herself back up again. It hurt. For one thing, she didn’t seem to have hooves any more. “Do you mean time loops?”

    “Yeah. You don’t look used to human body shape, hold on.” The owner of the voice grabbed her arm and pulled her up. She turned, barely giving her own new body a glance, and saw that the speaker was a green-eyed human. He reminded her (very slightly) of the human boy she’d seen last time, which had been only a few months long before something blew the entire country up.

    “There you go. Strange. According to this loop’s memories, you’re my twin sister. Well, welcome to Berk.”

    “Loop memories?” After a moment, Twilight realized what he meant. This version of her – Twit? Seriously? Worst name ever – had her own complete set of memories from birth. She remembered growing up on an island full of Vikings, being mocked along with her brother – Hiccup – for not being Viking enough, and their village being constantly attacked by dragons.

    “Wow, that’s unusual…” she muttered. “I feel like I know you now.”

    “Yeah, that’s how it works. I take it you’re relatively new to the Loops?”

    “I’ve done several hundred!”

    Hiccup shrugged. “I’m at over ten thousand, and some of the first generation Loopers have done several million. What’s your original name?” Seeing her surprise, he shrugged. “Berk is the only place that could possibly come up with a name as silly as Twit. I don’t doubt you’d rather use your real one.”

    “Twilight.” She answered, after a moment. “Twilight Sparkle.”

    “Oh, neat. I took your place last Loop. The others are fine, by the way.”

    “You did? Huh.” Twilight frowned. “So, I’m not used to other loops… what happens here?”

    “Dragon riding, basically.” Hiccup reached into his leather jerkin and pulled out… projection equipment?

    “I’ll give you the ‘welcome to the multiverse’ talk, if you haven’t had it already.”

    “Hi, Spike.”

    The purplish dragon gave a rumbling growl. It sounded peeved.

    “Yeah, they can’t speak.” Hiccup explained for her. “Toothless is telepathic now, but that’s the result of a Pern Loop. Fun place, if you ever end up there.”

    He frowned. “Actually, if it’s Spike there too, I wonder how the Loop would resolve that. Dragons and riders on Pern tend to be same-gender. Anyway, I’ve got a couple of harness designs that might work for him…”

    Spike roared.


    Twilight blinked awake, and did the near-instinctive check all Anchors and Loopers learned to do.

    Memory… normal time line. Nothing too unusual.

    Next, she felt the local magic to see if anyone else was Awake this Loop. None of the other Elements were active, meaning that Rarity and the rest were all their Prime Loop selves, and there was no sign of outside Loopers either.

    “Huh. Looks like I’m alone for once.” Twilight frowned. “What should I do…”

    “I won’t tolerate this anymore!”

    Celestia looked up from where Mrs. Cake had just overfilled her teacup. “What is it, my faithful student?”

    “You mock your subjects like that, tricking them into embarrassing themselves. It’s a terrible abuse of power!” Horn flaring, Twilight teleported away.

    “Oh, dear. I’m sorry, Mrs. Cake, it seems my student is a little… off, today.” Celestia apologized.

    “That’s quite alright, your majesty.” Both Cakes chorused. Mr. Cake continued, “We’re quite familiar with Pinkie, and it seems as though Twilight is just as highly strung sometimes.”

    Three hours later, Celestia was trying to work out what on Equestria had happened.

    There were thousands of ponies of all three breeds marching on Canterlot, with red flags waving, singing a rather grim song about how the flags were red because they were dyed with… blood, of all things.

    And her student was apparently behind all this, giving speeches about “the proletariat” and “the bourgeoisie” and so on.

    It seemed as though Twilight had invented what she was calling ‘communism’.

    “Right.” Twilight said as she trotted across the moon, reading by the light reflected off the planet below. “That’s communism ticked off the list. One more revolution and I’ll be able to write the best researched politics essay in history!”

    “That’s why you did all this?” Luna asked, sitting next to her. “I thought you were serious! It’s why I joined in!”

    “I was, sort of. It’s just, well, I’m actually in a time loop. I’ve already tried out at least fascism, anarchism – that one was fun, I basically gave Pinkie a megaphone and waited – a democracy, a direct democracy, rule by the short and mercantile republicanism. Communism seemed like a good idea.”

    “Yeah, brilliant idea.” Luna said, stamping on the moon’s surface. “If I hadn’t fired off that lunar survival spell, you would have exploded.”

    “Oh, shutup. I didn’t know that Celestia would get desperate enough to shove MY Element of Magic onto Trixie’s forehead and hope for the best.” Twilight stretched. “And you’re taking the idea of a time loop very calmly.”

    “Twilight Sparkle, I happen to think you’ve snapped. I’m just humouring you.” Luna answered glibly.

    Twilight turned. “You seem awfully sassy for once.”

    “We’re in private. It’s allowed.”

    So, how were those? I am receptive to suggestions for new Loops to do, both at home and crossover.
  2. Rufus Shinra

    Rufus Shinra Lexine Luthor Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Heh, it could be fun if done correctly... So I'll wait to see how it turns out, 'kay? ^^
  3. Harry Leferts

    Harry Leferts Solidarity

    I've seen how these all turn out so...

    With an odd sound, a blue police call box slowly materialized in the barren underwater desert deep in the abyss. A bubble then formed around it before a brown coated and maned Earth Pony trotted out and looked around before nodding. "Ah, there we go." He poked his head back into the call box for a moment. "I just need to do something right quick Derpy."

    A voice drifted out. "Okay Doctor, but we should hurry or we'll miss the Andromidieans singing." Her voice turned low. "And I got something to show my stud muffin..."

    The now identified "Doctor" stopped and blushed before he nodded. "Right, right." He walked over to a stone and moved it about half a foot before he nodded. "There, that should do it. That group of timeloops are finally done with." He then trotted into call box as the bubble slowly collapsed and with another odd sound, it once more faded out of sight...
  4. Rufus Shinra

    Rufus Shinra Lexine Luthor Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    That too. Oh, well, given what I heard about the Ranma loops (never read them, I don't know the series myself), that's quite understandable, but I also remember quite a few awesome snippets from some other loops' topics, like EVA.
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  5. Finagle007

    Finagle007 The perversity of Existence tends towards maximum.

    "Congratulations upon your graduation. Team One will be... Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity, jonin sensei Luna." Iruka proudly announced, with a wide smile on his face.

    "Yay," Fluttershy whispered, while Applejack and Rarity's faces lit up like the sun.

    "Team Two..." Iruka continued, "Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle, jonin sensei Celestia - WHAT THE-"

    With an almighty crash, a terrified and slightly burned Jiraiya came hurtling through the window, pursued by a furious (and damp) Celestia and Luna.

    "HOW DAREST THOU SPY UPON US WHILST WE RELAX IN THE HOT SPRINGS, VILE PERVERT!!" Luna boomed, Royal Canterlot Voice in full effect.

    "I'm no pervert, I'm a SUPER - YOW!! Watch where you point that thing!"

    "Oh, I am," snarled Celestia, her horn glowing brightly as she unleashed another bolt of sunfire at the (very, very doomed) perverted sage.

    "This is beyond troublesome..." Shikamaru muttered, Shino nodding in agreement.

  6. Not sure what that's supposed to mean.
    I do know that in someone else's set of side-Loops, it was The Doctor trying to fix it which caused another generation of Loops to trigger...

    Nevertheless, if it's a help then I'm not going to follow the Innortal route in one aspect. There won't be a focus on sexualized jokes - in fact, I feel uncomfortable writing that sort of thing at all. And while Twilight DOES have Alicorn Mode, it's basically going to be something to use when it's funny - that is, if your concern is overridingly high power levels.

    Think more like how in the Potter loops by Innortal, he keeps screwing with the Hogwarts teachers by coming up with reasons not to go there... or for that matter by defending himself in court.

  7. ...wasn't my original intention to actually accept submissions (I was going to leave it at suggestions as inspiration), but whatever turns out to work.
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  8. Finagle007

    Finagle007 The perversity of Existence tends towards maximum.

    Thank ye kindly.
  9. BadHabits

    BadHabits Full of rage.

    It's not a submission, but...I'd like to see some loops where the CMC are looping right alongside Twilight.
  10. Finagle007

    Finagle007 The perversity of Existence tends towards maximum.

    That sounds like a plan... for a FUBAR loop, that is... Hmmm, how would Twilight and Co. react to Lina Inverse or (shudder) Eiken?
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  11. No Eiken for the ponies. I said I wasn't comfortable with mature-themed stuff up thread a bit.
    For them, I think a "complete catastrophe" loop would be Gen 3. Much more evil...
  12. Here’s the couple that I’ve worked out since posting the last batch on and last week.


    Twilight teleported into Ponyville. “Right, let’s see…”

    Pinkie bounced over. “Hiya again Twilight! I’ll go get the others!”

    “Thanks Pinkie!” she shouted, after the receding earth pony. “You alright, Spike?”

    “Yeah…” Spike muttered. “But who was she?”

    Twilight shrugged. “I met her before, we stayed in touch.” Technically true… “Come on, let’s go over to that library we were assigned.”

    “What’s the plan for this loop?” Applejack asked.

    “Nothing much.” Twilight shrugged. “No big plan, anyway. As for the Summer Sun celebration, I think it might be Pinkie’s turn.”

    “Yay!” Pinkie started drawing a plan. “I think that if Rarity helps set it up it won’t make anyone suspicious… and I can order a big shipment from Canterlot… you’ve got some spare money, right Twilight?”

    “Yep.” Twilight nodded. “Dash, you’re the fastest. Mind helping Pinkie with getting that delivered?”

    Dash grinned. “Not at all!”

    “Right. Oh, what is your plan?”

    “Well, you know how Nightmare Night is all about appeasing Nightmare Moon with sweets?” Pinkie’s smile got wider. “I thought about thirty tonnes rigged up to pour on her when I pull the rope should work!”

    “…last forever!”

    Pinkie pulled the rope. The avalanche of sweet things crashed down on Nightmare Moon - and stopped, before flying sideways to cover Pinkie in confectionary.

    The other five Loopers started. “Pinkie!”

    “Did you think you could stop a goddess so easily?” Nightmare Moon laughed, then dissolved into sparkles of starry night which shot out the door. There was a crash.

    “Help!” Roseluck shouted from outside. “That horrible nightmare thing stole the library!”

    Twilight blinked. “Did Nightmare Moon just steal my house?”

    “Looks like.” Applejack said. “Come on, let’s dig Pinkie out before she tries t’ eat her way out.”

    Pinkie had swirls around her eyes when they got her out. “Owie… that must have been some hard candy…”

    “What do we do?” Fluttershy asked, as Pinkie shook it off and started popping caramel chocolates into her mouth. “That’s not normal, is it?”

    “No, it’s not. We’d better hurry and find her before things get worse.” Twilight frowned. “How can the rest of you do with manifesting your elements?”

    “Ah’m afraid ah need to have touched it first.” Applejack said. “Remember? We normally go collect them from the castle if we plan on blasting Nightmare Moon.”

    “Right. I’ll go get them now, just in case.” Twilight vanished.

    After about a minute, Rarity raised a hoof. “Shouldn’t she be back by now?”

    Dash focused on the secondary powers of her element. “She’s not harmed, I can tell that much. But she’s just not come back.”

    “What the hay?” Rarity said, shocked, pausing as she exited through the large building’s door. “What has happened to my boutique?”

    The others looked it over. There didn’t appear to be any change – certainly nothing that would promote such a strong response from the elegant mare.

    “Look at it! Just look! Fluttershy, you must see!”

    “Er…” Fluttershy trotted closer, squinting. “That dress in the window has… oh, my. That’s terrible.”

    “What’s terrible?” Dash asked. “It can’t be that bad, can it?”

    “It’s been re-stitched half an inch off the join line!” Rarity said, her eyes wide. “And the one on the left side has been dyed four shades too dark!” She burst into motion, galloping into the building.

    A high scream came from inside. “Nooo! They’ve all been ruined! What cruel pony would pair teal with chartreuse?

    The others exchanged looks.

    “Ah’m startin’ to suspect somethin’s up this loop…” Applejack muttered.

    Fluttershy sadly read the sign placed in front of her house. Dash peered over her shoulder. “What? ‘I have your animals, if you want them back pay the ransom of twelve hundred bits’? What kind of low-down, no good coward would do this?”

    “Ah thought it was Nightmare Moon.” Applejack pointed out. “What with her bein’ two steps ahead of us this loop an’ all.”

    Rarity was still mourning her dresses.

    Applejack took an uneasy look at Pinkie, who seemed to be on a sugar rush. Well, it could just be Pinkie being Pinkie, but her eyes looked just a little dilated…

    No, that had to be the sugar. Even Pinkie didn’t normally emit a faint musical hum.

    Big Mac caught up with them as they entered the Everfree proper. “Sis! Ah’ve been lookin’ all over for you. The trees…”

    “What?” Applejack asked. “Nothin’ bad happened, ah hope?”

    “That’s just it.” Big Mac shrugged. “They’re… lemons.”

    “Wait, what?” Dash said. “But you’re the Apple clan. Apples. Right? How could you miss planting lemons?”

    “They weren’t lemons yesterday.” Both siblings chorused.

    “How does that even make sense?” Dash was starting to feel like the voice of reason. It didn’t feel comfortable.

    “That’s just it, RD.” Applejack said. “It don’t.”

    Halfway to the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters, there was an explosion overhead. All five ponies’ heads snapped back, but all they saw was a series of expanding black rings.

    “I don’t like this…” Fluttershy said, looking around nervously.

    “Ooh!” Pinkie said. “A letter came down! Hey, Dash, it’s for you!”

    The indicated pegasus took it. It was thick paper, with an official-looking seal on the front.

    Holding it gingerly away from her, she opened it. When it failed to explode, she looked more properly.

    Dear Rainbow Dash

    We would like to inform you that you are our first choice for the position of Shadowbolt Captain, from over a hundred applicants.

    The position carries a very competitive salary, and all our members have expressed interest in working with you.

    Dash laughed, pausing in her reading of the letter. “Hah! Like that’ll get me. We did this before!”

    “Well?” Pinkie said. “What does the rest of it say?”

    “Huh? There’s more?” Pinkie pointed. “Oh. Er…”

    If you are unable to give this offer your time, we will of course have no hard feelings. In this case, the number two option for this position will be used, and hence the role will go to-

    “Lightning Dust?” Dash shouted. “That no-good two-bit careless… grah! Well, she’s not going to beat me this time!” She bunched up her legs to launch into the air, and got tackled by four ponies at once.

    “Stay good, Dashie!” Pinkie shouted.

    “It’s just another of Nightmare Moon’s tricks.” Rarity pointed out.

    “Um… I think it would be a bad idea.”

    “All right, all right. Sorry, okay?” One by one, her friends got off her. “Sorry. It just caught me by surprise, alright?”

    Twilight slowly returned to consciousness. She’d materialized in the room with the Elements, like normal, and then…

    Oh. She’d been hit on the head by a book. Judging by the impact, it was probably Edgar the Griffin’s Decline and Fall of the Romane Empire. The omnibus edition.

    She looked around. Still the castle of the royal pony sisters. In fact, this was quite near the main entrance.

    And there were voices coming from said entrance. The others were nearly here? How long had she been out?

    Even as she tried to work out what else was wrong, they burst through the door.

    “Nightmare Moon!” Dash shouted. “You better give Twilight back!”

    Twilight tried to turn, to see where Nightmare Moon was-

    “Hey!” Pinkie shouted. “Don’t pretend we’re not here!”

    Then Twilight realized what had been so off when she woke up.

    She’d been meticulously painted black and dark purple, her mane styled, her cutie mark painted over… she’d been dressed in armour which looked awfully familiar… there were fake black wings strapped to her, and she was wearing contacts.

    “Girls, wait!” she said, urgently. “I’m not Nightmare Moon!”

    “That voice trick isn’t going to fool us!” Dash said.

    Applejack nodded. “RD? On three.”

    Then somepony started laughing themselves sick. With a crash, a figure fell through a hole in the ceiling and slammed into the floor, still shaking with mirth.

    Twilight regained enough presence of mind to use some of the spells Rarity had taught her and recolor her coat to normal, then teleported out of the armour and summoned her Element of Magic.

    Everyone recognized the pony heaving with laughter over in the corner at once.


    “Ahh haa haa, hee hee, oh, my sides…” Luna finally contained her mirth enough to speak, and rolled onto her front before standing up. “Yes, it’s me... I assume there’s some kind of time travel going on?”

    Twilight nodded. “Time loops. We’ve all done a good few hundred by now.”

    “Well… ah, I needed that.” Another giggle escaped. “I pranked you all, for once! Ah, that was better than anything Celly’s ever done!” Luna shook her head, and tried to stay on topic. “Right. So – pfft… so, you all seem to have been doing this for a while.”

    Pinkie nodded enthusiastically. Twilight elaborated. “I’ve got no clue exactly how it happens, but it seems like I loop the most often and the rest of us are on-and-off. Somepony like you might be only around very rarely.”

    “We kin only hope.” Applejack said sarcastically. “Do y’all have any idea what I’m going to do with eight hundred lemon trees? Cuz I don’t.”


    Twilight Awoke in the library as usual. She felt for her magic, and found… not quite nothing, but a very different sensation to normal.


    Her voice trailed off as she realized something else was missing. More specifically, Spike was – normally, she Awoke with him in the same room of the library.

    Then the doors slammed open in a flash of pink magic. “Hiya Twilight! You’ll never guess what Celly told us to do!”

    At that point, the Loop memories returned. Ah, that’s right. She was Twilight Sparkle, an earth pony whose theoretical knowledge of magic was good enough to get her a scholarship into the Academy anyway. And her best friend was Pinkie Pie, the craziest unicorn in Canterlot.

    I’m going to need a freaking drink before this Loop is over…

    Twilight felt an eye twitch coming on.

    This wasn’t as crazy as the “King Discord” loop, but it was starting to get close. Fluttershy was an earth pony (which made a fair amount of sense), Rainbow Dash was a unicorn with an obsession with speed and weather spells, and Applejack and Rarity were pegasi.

    Everyone’s special talent was still the same, though. It had made for a thoroughly strange loop so far, especially when Dash managed to break the sound barrier in a sprint…

    The reason for the eye twitch was just because Pinkie had access to teleport magic. It would go away once she managed to repress the memory again.

    It was nice being an earth pony in one way, actually. She could finally properly study how much stronger and tougher she was now than when she was a unicorn. Of course, she’d tried examining the same thing when she was Princess Twilight, but alicorns had much stronger versions of all three kinds of pony magic.

    Mind you, the idea that earth ponies were stronger and faster than unicorns had had to compete with Rainbow Dash this Loop, and given up.

    Hmm, let’s see… what happened next first time around…

    “Hey, Twilight, can you come over to the library pleeease?” Pinkie asked, materializing in a flash.

    “Sure, Pinkie!” For a fraction of a second, Twilight tried to teleport, then felt like facehoofing. You’re an Earth Pony this loop, Twilight! “What for?” she asked, to cover her mistake.

    “Oh, I found a spell under ‘A’ in some old book, and it says it needs the Elements of Harmony to help with it! It’ll be super-duper-nice!”

    Ah, horsefeathers. This won’t end well.

    Discord applauded. “I never thought of making the moon into a disco ball! I have to say, Celly, I do approve of your choice of new princess.”

    “Shut up.” Celestia said, sitting down next to him. “I forgot how hyperactive she gets, okay?”

    Overhead, Princess Pinkie Pie shot past trailing a rainbow and making cat noises.
  13. Any and all Eiken loops are noodle incidents, no one may actually describe the terrible truth.
  14. It has been elaborated on precisely once - that was one of the ones Ranma had. He legged it while the recruiter for the Eiken club was fighting the recruiter for the Zanjutsu club (because no sane person wants to be fought over by the Eiken club and Kenpachi Zaraki)
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  15. Jormungandr

    Jormungandr The Midgard Wyrm

    Need some grimness to balance out the humour; some sour to temper the sweet.

    Anyone up for a, say, Doom time loop?
  16. That's kind of... not the point of these time loops.
    At all.
  17. Jormungandr

    Jormungandr The Midgard Wyrm

    Well, anime (blech!) loops have been done to death, crossovers included.

    Don't think I've seen one where Hell invades Equestria, bringing a looping Doom Guy along for the ride.

    "Do you have any idea how annoying it is to clean out the same moonbase each time?"

    Oh, and one with a looping Cadence - might be an opportunity for someone to create an actual character for her, Mary Sue love powers aside.

    (On phone at the moment, not desktop).
  18. It's certainly possible to do crossovers with grim settings, but the loops themselves are basically entirely comedy/crack. Just making that clear.
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  19. BadHabits

    BadHabits Full of rage.

    Glad to hear that. I've seen a few that tried to "serious up" the loop concept, almost always falls flat on its face. (And the less said about the ones that didn't the better -_-)
  20. In my HTTYD Loops, the two most serious ones were probably the very first one (Toothless Awakens, heartfelt reunion results) and the most recent one (They're in the Twilight setting, and break out the heavy weapons)

    As for Time Braid, which I think is being referenced... I enjoyed it, though I understand that a major part of it is in people being quite firmly out of their canon character and that it doesn't fit with the canon setting. That in mind, it has good high energy battles which I've used as an inspiration myself.
    (And that is all we shall say about it.)
  21. BadHabits

    BadHabits Full of rage.

    Actually wasn't referencing Time Braid. That one, what I could bring myself to read of it, wasn't horrible, but I have this thing where I don't much like to read fanfics that don't really feature the main character of the series in question.

    No, the one I was thinking of was a PH fic.
  22. I don't even know what setting PH is.
  23. BadHabits

    BadHabits Full of rage.

    PH is an author - Perfect Lionheart. He's rather...notorious...around here for coming up with good concepts and ides, doing them decently enough (at first) to get your interest before turning the characters into monsters while still holding them up as being heroes and acting as if they are completely justified in doing things like brainwashing women into being the "hero's," torturing people because they don't like the "hero," etc.
  24. Oh, him. Yeah, I know who you mean.
    I do read his fics, precisely for the worldbuilding and because (again) he can write a decent high level fight. Heh, I did a Naruto fic where I tried as hard as I possibly could NOT to bash anyone (the sole exception being Kakashi going off on one at Tobito when they meet again, because that makes actual in-character sense) partly as a reaction to his stuff... and with my MLP/Potter crossover (which I might post up on this site too, actually) I'm trying to do the same thing with that setting.
  25. Rufus Shinra

    Rufus Shinra Lexine Luthor Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Let's not talk about either him (or the Chatty one here), shall we?

    And if you (or anyone else) don't know who I'm talking about, ask me via PM.
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