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    Amuro Ray awakes rather abrubtly right after falling from his bed, he's rather disconcerted and for a good reason...

    'W-what happend? Where am I? The last thing I remember is trying to push half of Axis back into orbit when the Pyschoframe sistem went overloaded...' Amuro was thinking trying to recall any other memories but so far he just remember pulling an all-nighter for an electronic personal proyect of his...

    "HARO, HARO, GOOD MORING AMURO, HARO!" the sound of his old personal pet robot Haro brought his attention, now looking at his surounding this doesn't look like a medical bay from any Federation ship, let alone Neo-Zeon, in fact: This is his room in his house at Side 7!

    "H-how is this possible! I-It Can't be!" he tries to find a calendar around on his room until he find one posted in a wall, date on it marked September 18 of UC 0079, somehow he's just in the past!

    "How could this be!" He said while examinating his features eaxaustively in the mirror of his house bathroom, he is back to when he had fifteen years old! it was as if everything he lived was a dream but he was sure it wasn't! What he lived during all those years felt too real to be just a dream!

    'If I'm somehow in the past... there's the chance that I may be able to avoid many things, like Lalah's death or-'

    "Amuro, are you in there? It's me, Fraw Brow! Didn't you heard the evacuation order? we have to head to the shelters!" Damn, he forgot that it was Fraw who went for him, she should have been tinkering a microchip weilding with the microscope right now instead of looking at his face in the bathroom.

    "One Moment Please, I'm in the bathroom, just let me get dressd in a minute and take Haro and we'll be ready to go" Amuro replied her

    "Oh ok, I'll be waiting on the living room then" Fraw said with a small blush on her face, sure she had seen his neighbour and friend Amuro in only boxers and sport shirt when sometimes but is still embarrasing how forgetful he tend to be when he spend most of his time in his room doing electronic things and stuff.


    Some Time later after getting dressed, preparing a backpack with some clotches and a few electronic components, tools and taking Haro, Amuro was driving the route he vagely remember taking, as much as he hate the idea of going to war, he knows far too well the role he played during the One Year War.

    "So a warship is docking today?" 'That must be the White Base arriving today, I better have to get a hold of the Gundam's Manual before heading to its location, hopefully this time I won't blow up that Zaku II nuclear reactor' Amuro asked Fraw, however his mind was somewhere else

    "Yeah, and because of that everyone in the colony needs to be sent to the shelters for safety procedure" Said Fraw brow enjoying the air in her face and the sight of the forest they were passing by, unknowing that in a few more minutes... her life will change completely.


    HE MADE IT! He made it! He had managed to get into the Gundam's cockpit! Just after a brief encounter with his father telling him to head to the White Base, almost crashing with the suply car that carries the Gundam's manual and retrieve it from the wreckage, he had finally made it in time as one of the first Zakus is heading to his location, He's ready for this battle, he will defeat them like the last time, he have more experience now after being veteran of three large scale conflicts, however this time, he will now intend to capture the Zakus instead of destroying them!

    Straping himself to the still warped in plastic seat of the mobile suit, Amuro set the manual between his legs, while he doesn't need it anymore, he need it as an avail explaination of how did he managed to properly operate the Gundam, actually now thinking about it maybe if he add to the explaination some videogames may even be more credible in regards of his combat experience though.

    "Amuro Ray, Gundam, LET'S DO IT!" And with that battlecry, Amuro aimed the head towards the aproaching Zaku and pressed the trigger...

    Gene was practically having fun by wreaking havoc upon the feddies, so far he had managed to damage their infrastructure and also racking up kills with impunity, while sure he have just disregarded a superior officer order and make said commanding officer follow him in his rampage, if he manages to destroy completely this so called Project V that are aparently mobile suits, he will surely get a two rank promotion at least!

    However his musing were cut short as he noticed the head of one of those mobile suits move, someone had managed to get inside that thing!

    "I better destroy it before it mo- Oh shit!" Gene said as the surprise attack from the white, blue, red and yellow machine as this began to rise from the ground, exausting lots of vapor as a sign of the cooling system starting up and its visual sensprs began to glow red before turinig yellow, as a show of its activation being complete.

    "Danm I missed!" 'Veteran of three wars and I still missed... I guess it can't be helped, this is supossed to be my first time piloting a mobile suit after all' Amuro mused to himself while aligning the Gundam into a combat stance, with one eye on the radar and another to the screen, and his Newtype sense at active as they were at the Second Neo-Zeon war, Amuro took advantage of the after effects of his surprise attack.

    The Gundam moved with such ease, cutting short the distance between the statrled Zaku, grabbing it from muzzle, pulling it twoards him while rising the left knee to hit the cockpit.

    "What the FU-ARGG!" Gene was practically stunned, the new federation mobile suit moved really fast, and even before he try to aim his Zaku's 130mm machine gun, the feddie grabbed quickly the head of his machine pullied him towards and delivered a knee hit so bruttaly strong that it busted all his screens, now he was practically blind, then he feels as if he is forcefully pushed hard to the ground and then he hears the sound of something practically melting metal as sparks and bolts start flying around all his consoles for a couple of secconds, his mobile suit is now dead, he can't move anything, he need to escape, he tried to open the cockpit hatch but that doesn't work either, he's now practically imprissioned in his own mobile suit.

    Amuro had just pushed damaged Zaku to the ground, then he took with Gundam's right arm a the Right Beam Saber and without wasting time he stabbed the Zaku with it on the chest, completely avoiding the reactor and the cockpit but completely damaging the movement of the unit.

    "Gene!, That's it Feddie, you're dead!" Denim rushed to the federation's new mobile suit, brandishing his heat hawk that have been stored on his Zaku's shield, just when he jumped to attack it from above, the Federation Suit crouched down a little and move forward, practically ramming the lower half of his suit, thus making him to completely flip over and fall face up to the ground and just when he tried to stand up again, he saw the looming figure of the white unit, the v-fin antenna and its yellow eyes made it look like an demon awakened from its slumber, seeking retribution and ready to destroy anything in its path.

    Dennim almost pissed himself when he saw the Beam Saber rise, and fall stright to the chest of his Zaku, the screens frritzed, sparks and bolts flew across the consoles and controls while the sound of melting metal and a short circuit were heard, his mobile suit now lay dead, he miscalculated his attack aproach and now he's being held prissioner inside the cockpit of his own mobile suit.

    'Well, that's two, one more to go but I better help around to get the whatever wasn't damaged to White Base' amuro thought to himself, not trusting to say anything out aloud, he knows that cockpit can record the whatever the pilot said, and wouldn't be good if he start talking about stuff that wasn't supposed to happen...

    And so, Amuro Ray began his new adventures into the loops.
  2. Huh. I was actually having an interesting thought about this earlier today. I'm not all that familiar with loop mechanics, so apologies if this doesn't work.

    Because of the vague nature of how exactly the Correct Century is a merging of every gundam timeline, what if every loop in the other timelines accumulates underneath it, resulting in the CC getting progressively more cluttered as the new technologies developed in the loops get added to it (that is to say, those from the most recent cycle of loops appears alongside those from previous cycles), and an accompanying boost to the Turns as those technologies are adopted into them?
  3. This is a question for the miscellaneous thread. But the short answer is, assuming the baseline wasn't like that, no.
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    Wing Zero 032 This is no Zaku, boy. NO ZAKU!

    Well, acording to the ressearch I did regarding the Correct Century, is not "All" the other timelines merging into one but a far-off future of that replaced the Universal Century (in which is actually known so little during the lapse of Turn A Gundam that is named in the series as "The Dark Histroy" instead)
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    A gundam loop....

    That's the first I've seen of one. Is Amuro the first looper or is he horning into Char's territory or something?

    Also, loops that involve a war tend to be cenotaphs to butterfly effects, so please keep that in mind when you escalate
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    Char as anchor could be much more fun. He has way more chances and ability to screw around with events, than Amuro ever had.
    Or as alternative, Bright as anchor,playing OYW for No Losses achievement. Well, after he spends some time swearing, realizing he is mere ensign and ha to deal with all that shit again.
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    I'm basically absolutely sure Char as an anchor would end really badly for everyone involved. He's not exactly what you would call stable on his best day, and on his worst day... Char's Counterattack, enough said.

    But to elaborate, you need to understand something: Char is an almost irredeemable asshole. He's a deceptive, manipulative, immature man who has a constant and enduring fear of taking personal responsibility for anything at all ever. Char lies to EVERYONE, especially himself, about EVERYTHING. Garma, Haman, Lalah, Kamille, all of his interpersonal interactions are based around the lies he has constructed around his identity and personality.

    He is a man who refuses to acknowledge that he is lost and without real purpose, and on top of that, won't try and seek out, or even consider, a new path. He just wants to be in his miserable little hole forever, and drag everyone else down with him.

    Anchor Char would turn into an MLE the moment he hit a fused loop.

    Now, regarding how long Amuro can serve as an anchor, because I REALLY dislike the idea of Hathaway being involved in this shit at all: By the time CCA rolls around, Amuro isn't even thirty years old, and there are a LOT of ways to derail the Universal Century plot so that the Axis Drop never happens. All he has to do in order to keep the loop going until he dies in some other way is to punch the cockpit of Char's Zaku into a pit of shrapnel.

    If Char dies at Side 7, things go RIGHT the hell off the rails for literally everyone.

    The challenge for Amuro is dealing with how much things change. And while events won't stay the same every loop, the general outcome won't really change: The Federation will remain corrupt and eventually fuck themselves into complete impotence, and the people of Space will always resent the Federation for one reason or another. And as I have previously stated, the situation with the Universal Century is going to result in an extremely bitter and cold Amuro when he starts showing up in fused loops.

    He won't be as bad as Char would be, but he still won't be a particularly cheerful person for anyone to deal with at first.
  8. Are they one universe or a set of linked loops?
  9. Wing Zero 032

    Wing Zero 032 This is no Zaku, boy. NO ZAKU!

    Allright everyone, For the Universal Century from the One Year War to the Second Neo-Zeon war will be anchored by Amuro this period of the universal century (that does not mean that that other characters from this period would not loop, nor him looping in place of another anchor beyond his original timeline anyway, remember that death is not required for a loop to finish, even if Amuro completely advert the second Neo-Zeon war, he will awake back to UC 0079 after going to sleep at the time he was supposed to die), then again Hathaway may start anchoring as soon as the minovsky cloud generated by Nu Gundam disipates, will anchor for Gundam Unicorn and finally Hathaway's flash (there's a lot of potential derailment if Hathaway gets help to get over Quess) then we could have the whole F-90, Siloute Formula, F-91, Crossbone Gundam and Victory gundam to hammer out who will be their anchors

    While Amuro may or not become bitter because of the loops that will depend if he just simply give up or not, he may be able to see the situations in many angles, hell he may even try to locate the real lapace box right after the war, there's a lot of possibilities to take into consideration, hell even looping as Char or in his place.

    To Conceptualist: Tecnically while this will thread will take all the gundam universes (feel free to post whatever you like as long as is Gundam! However if is about Gundam Wing there's the thread for it but you can post it here as well anyway if is crossovered with anothre gundam series.) I was talking about the questrion if the Correct Century is a far-off screwed up Unversal Century future, sorry for the mix-up
  10. Personally I can't wait to see a Loop wherein Anchor Kira Yamato goes "Fuck it, you people want to be complete bastards? Then I will pay you back in full!" and proceeds not to remove his no "killing limitation" but exploit all of his knowledge gained from the Loops to thoroughly fuck over Blue Cosmo, Rau and Dullindal. Because they have a lot of skeletons in their closets and bringing them out into the open when there are already people who don't like them would be a very interesting thing to see happen.

    Before most of them died due to Zaft there where quite a few "Anti Blue Cosmos" officers, the guy who supported the Gundam Project being one of the more influential. Giving them a chance to destroy Blue Cosmos and by extension Logos with public support would be interesting. I doubt that the "enhanced" program and Logos's maneuverings would go over well in the earlier stages of the Bloody Valentine's War. Especially since it looks like it was set up by War Profiteers who are trying to control the Earth Sphere.

    Rau, is Rau. When people find out the shit he has done in the past as well as just how unstable he is then he loses his command position.

    Revealing that Dullindal has access to Artificial Womb Technology that can help fix the "defects" plaguing Coordinator reproduction and that he is withholding it so that he can push his godawful Destiny Plan will tank his political career. And then there is his association with Rau.

    Unlike UC there are various factions who would jump on the "Villains" of Cosmic Era and dismantle there plans if they got wind of them. Sure many of them are selfish bastards who only want to make things better for themselves, but they are still much better then the alternatives.

    Sadly though Patrick Zala can not be dealt with in this way.

    But Kira can still fuck up most of his enemies without firing a single shot, if he plays his cards right.
  11. Wing Zero 032

    Wing Zero 032 This is no Zaku, boy. NO ZAKU!

    And for that he would need to be looping for a while, I like your reasoning about how Kira could beat Murata Azrael, Gilber Durandal, Lord Dijrilb and many other by tactical use of evidence, however this would require time for it, why don't you write about it or start on how Kira began to looop to begin with.
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  12. [/wall of text]
    I think someone stole all of your periods.
    Thank you for explaining. But your wall o' text was a little confusing. Just to clarify, it is a linked loop where one loop goes on, and then ends. In a later section of the time line a nother Loopt a curse. like the star trek linked loops, or something like that?
  13. Space Battler's!
    I am issuing a call to arms to all of the infinity loops threads. Grand LordCirce has had a brilliant idea!
    All loopers welcome, just as long as their foes come as well.
    Come to the miscellaneous loops thread to help! We will write, it will be awesome, for the muse is with us!
  14. I don't know much about these Loops but I will say that I hope this continues. I was expecting a comment by Amuro saying how slow the Gundam moves since he last piloted it considering he's got all his skills.
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  15. Grand LordCirce has issued our marching orders!
    All draftees to his army of Awesome are too go to this link, immediately!
    For the Muse! Charge!
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    Actually, for fun, I'd say that a SEED anchor that would most likely be VERY unconventional would be Lowe Gear. Given that the guy is the McGuyver of Mobile Suits.... I wonder what he'd manage to build with a few loops under his belt, and even worse after a few fused loops.

    God helps us if he actually ends up in G Gundam. Between NANOMACHINES, SON! and the Trace System, combined with the fact that if you go by Astray R, he IS a master swordsman in his own right....
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    arthurh3535 Writer

    Gah. Lowe Gear is a horrible plot device moral mouthpeace that should be shot out of a cannon at fractional C speeds.
  18. yeah, id rather have Mu be the looper than him personally.
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  19. Sadly the whole "Mind Rape" thing that happened in Destiny disqualifies him for that. As for the other "main characters" in SEED Spinoffs....... well they are not exactly what one would call "stable". Gai Murakumo is kind of a dick, and Carnard Pars has "issues" to say the least. As for the rest....... they are even more unlikely to qualify.

    But aside from that I wonder how much of a pain Librarian Works and their Carbon Humans Program will be in Fused Loops. Essentially being able to mass produce "Copies" of expert pilots in a similar manner to how Full Frontal was literally made a Char Clone would be a serious pain in the ass. Imagine having to deal with Carbon Human Copies of Char and Amuro at the same time, each one piloting upgraded versions of their "final" mobile suits the Sazabi and the Nu Gundam. Or worse more then one Carbon Human Copy of Master Asia at a time.

    Yeah I can see them being a rather large annoyance in the future.
  20. SAMAS

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    You deal with Patrick Zala by letting him be the one to expose Logos and Blue Cosmos. Or just point him in their general direction and let ZAFT loose. I think a specific target that is primarily responsible (and easier to kill) for the death of his wife could go a long way towards calming him down.

    Of course, if you loop back far enough, you can also try either getting Mrs. Zala off Junius Seven or stopping that missile. That would be a lot more certain to work.
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    I vote that Gundam Build Fighters is the Safe-Mode Loop for the various Gundam Loops. It is one of the rare few Safe-Mode Loops that everyone likes. For one thing it helps the various Loopers who constantly fight wars to have some actual guaranteed peaceful downtime, and they can still sharpen their skills in various mobile suits in fun little sparring matches without any chance of actual harm happening.
  22. Reydrago

    Reydrago imaginative dragon, experimental writing skill

    do it some of the more pacifist pilots will enjoy the chance to pilot without risking anyone's life
    by the way can you replace SeeD cast with megaman X cast
  23. Shikaze

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    Actually, Mwu as a looper could be fun. And the fact he's THE newtype in the seedverse could help for choosing him as an anchor. The other choice would be Rau ( or Prayer (who's in WORSE biological condition than Rau).
    It would also explain, with a few loop under his belt, why he can make the impossible possible. Pet theory : the positron shot he blocked with a mobile suit ? Newtype shield, as in the Beltorchika's Children novel, and is the point of awakening.
    Another fun idea with him : Awaken him... when he awake as Neo. And watch him bash himself in the head due to the bullshit that is Destiny.
  24. Again the whole "Neo" thing which had him be mind fucked into a terrible position disqualifies him from being an Anchor. Because Loops seem to try and stick close to the Baseline events, with Variants occurring less frequently. So again the "Mind Rape" thing is not something that is conductive to his position as an Anchor as at any time he could "wake up" and would likely be executed by his superiors or experimented on, which is really not good for him and the Loops long term if Mwu is the Anchor.

    Other potential candidates also have their own issues. Athrun and his waffling back and forth between different parties would likely lead to some very bad decisions in early Loops. Cagalli while interesting is hampered by the very connections she has, as these really affected her character in Destiny as she started out the series trying to "do what was best for ORB".

    Honestly the best Candidates for Anchor in SEED are Kira and Lacus due to their importance to plot and willingness to put aside differences and work with others. Kira get's my vote because "Main Characters" are the ones who most often end up as Anchors because so much of the plot (that we see) revolves around them.
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  25. Or you can nominate Captain Ramius to make some better decisions via looping.
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