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    Early Christmas present here.

    For the last month or so, I've been going through the Recommended Stories thread mk I and collecting all the recommendations that were made in there. The following posts contain about 95% of the recommended material (a few seem to have been lost to the Internet) ordered by universe with a link and a very brief summary.

    I'd like to point that there are stories in this list that suck badly IMO, but I have included anything and everything (including at least a few NSFW/NC-17 stories, although these have been marked as such in all the cases that I have detected). If you realize that I've missed something, say so and the list will be updated ASAP.

    In case I do the same thing with another one of the big recommendation threads (Naruto, Harry Potter) this initial post will contain the internal index for this thread.

    Have a nice read!



    A Song Of Ice And Fire/Game Of Thrones Fic Rec Thread (posts 1-2500) - Post 231


    Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfiction Recommendations (posts 1-503). Stories/authors. Post 202.


    Battlestar Galactica Crossovers? Stories/archives/authors. Post 128.


    Xander Stories. Stories/archives/authors. Post 124.
    BtVS Fanfic Recs. Stories/authors. Post 158.


    Dresden Files Ideas, Discussion, Crossovers And Recommendations #1 - Post 235.


    Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Whatever Recommendation (Only) Thread (posts 1-2500). Stories/authors. Post 135.
    Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Whatever Recommendation (Only) Thread (posts 2501-end). Stories/authors. Post 201.


    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #1. Stories/archives/authors. Post 38.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #2. Stories/archives/authors. Post 41.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #3. Stories/archives/authors. Post 42.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #4 (posts 1-1000). Stories. Post 43.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #4 (posts 1001-2000). Stories. Post 69.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #4 (posts 2001-3000). Stories. Post 70.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #4 (posts 3001-4000). Stories. Post 71.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #4 (posts 4001-5000). Stories/authors. Post 72.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #4 (posts 5001-6000). Stories. Post 74.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #4 (posts 6001-end). Stories/authors. Post 91.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #5. Stories/authors. Post 94.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #6. Stories/authors. Post 116.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #7. Stories. Post 130.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #8. Stories. Post 147.
    Harry Potter Fic Recommendations #9. Stories. Post 148.
    Harry Potter Discussion (Formally Recs). Stories. Post 156.
    Harry Potter Discussion, Ideas, & Recs #2. Stories/authors. Post 157.
    Harry Potter Discussion, Ideas, & Recs #3. Stories. Post 184.
    Harry Potter Discussion, Ideas, & Recs #4. Stories. Post 186.
    Harry Potter Discussion, Ideas, & Recs #5 - Post 229.


    Mass Effect Fanfic Recommendations (posts 1-970). Stories/authors. Post 133.


    My Little Pony Fanfiction Recommendations #1. Stories/archives. Post 106.
    My Little Pony Fanfiction Recommendations #2. Stories. Post 119.
    My Little Pony Fanfiction Recommendations #3. Stories. Post 126.
    My Little Pony Fanfiction Recommendations #4. Stories. Post 151.
    My Little Pony Fanfiction Recommendations #5 (posts 1-2500). Stories. Post 160.
    My Little Pony Fanfiction Recommendations #5 (posts 2500-end). Stories. Post 174.
    My Little Pony Fanfiction Recommendations #6 - Posts 232 & 233.


    Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations MK I. Post 35.
    Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations MK II. Post 36.
    Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations MK III (posts 1-2000). Post 75.
    Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations MK III (posts 2000-end). Post 90.
    Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations MK IV. Post 92.
    Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations MK V. Post 114.
    Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations MK VI. Post 142.
    Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations MK VII. Post 152. By Fictiondevourer.
    Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations MK VIII (posts 1-1500). Post 159. By Fictiondevourer. WIP.
    Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations MK VIII. Post 175.
    Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations MK IX. Post 227.
    Combined Naruto Fic Ideas, Discussion & Recs #1 - Post 228.
    Combined Naruto Fic Ideas, Discussion & Recs #2 - Post 234.

    RANMA 1/2

    Ranma 1/2 good and/or classic recs. Stories/authors/sites. Post 93.
    Ranma 1/2 Fic Recs Thread II. Stories/sites. Post 121.
    Ranma 1/2 Fic Recs Thread III. Stories/authors. Post 185.


    RWBY Ideas, Discussion & Recommendations (posts 1-5000) - Post 230.


    Recommended Stories MK I. Stories/archives.
    Post 2. From 1984 to Battlestar Galactica (BSG).
    Post 3. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BTVS) to CSI.
    Post 4. From Danny Phantom to Guyver.
    Post 5. From Half Life to Indiana Jones.
    Post 6. From Kim Possible to One Piece.
    Post 7. From ORIGINALS to SeaQuest.
    Post 8. From Stargate Atlantis (SGA) to Star Trek (ST).
    Post 9. From Star Blazers to Zelda.

    Recommended Stories MK II. Stories/archives/authors.
    Post 76. From 24 to Alien vs Predator.
    Post 77. From ALTERNATE HISTORY to Azumanga Daioh.
    Post 78. From Babylon 5 to Battletech.
    Post 79. From Bewitched to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    Post 80. From Calvin & Hobbes to Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
    Post 81. From Doctor Who to Farscape.
    Post 82. From Fate/stay night to Harry Potter.
    Post 83. From Hellsing to Neon Genesis Evangelion.
    Post 84. From Oh My Goddess to Snow White.
    Post 85. From Space: 1889 to Star Wars.
    Post 86. From Supernatural to WALL-E.
    Post 87. From Warcraft to Zelda. Includes author recommendations.
    Post 88. Appendix to General Recommendations II. From ALTERNATE HISTORY to James Bond.
    Post 89. Appendix to General Recommendations II. From Kim Possible to Zelda. Includes author recommendations.

    Recommended Stories MK III. Stories/archives/authors.
    Post 109. From 28 Days Later to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    Post 110. From Calvin & Hobbes to Gundam.
    Post 111. From Halo to Narnia.
    Post 112. From Naruto to Resident Evil.
    Post 113. From Rosario + Vampire to Wheel of Time. Includes author recommendations.

    Recommended Stories MK IV. Stories/authors. Post 117.

    Recommended Stories MK V. Stories/authors. Post 125.

    Recommended Stories MK VI. Stories. Post 131.

    Recommended Stories MK VII. Stories. Post 134.

    Recommended Stories MK VIII. Stories/authors. Post 149.

    Recommended Stories MK IX. Stories. Post 153.

    Recommended Stories MK X. Stories/archives/authors.
    Post 176. From 1984 to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Includes archive and author recommendations.
    Post 177. From Call of Cthulhu to Dragon Age.
    Post 178. From Dragon Ball Z to Final Fantasy VIII.
    Post 179. From Final Fantasy X to Leverage.
    Post 180. From Lone Wolf to Miles Vorkosigan.
    Post 181. From Misfits to ORIGINALS.
    Post 182. From Persona to Sailor Moon.
    Post 183. From Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei to Zelda.

    Recommended Stories MK XI. Stories/archives/authors.
    Post 203. From 40k to All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Includes archive and author recommendations.
    Post 204. From ALTERNATE HISTORY to Disney - Tinkerbell.
    Post 205. From Doctor Who to Future Diary.
    Post 206. From Girls und Panzer to Invader Zim.
    Post 207. From Joan of Arcadia to My Little Pony.
    Post 208. From Nanoha to ORIGINALS.
    Post 209. From Pacific Rim to Star Trek - Voyager.
    Post 210. From Star Wars to Zorro (El Zorro).

    Comic Book Resources' All-Purpose Fanfiction Thread. Stories/archives/authors.
    Post 187. From ALTERNATE HISTORY to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    Post 188. From Code Geass to Doctor Who.
    Post 189. From Dragon Ball to Harry Potter.
    Post 190. From Haruhi Suzumiya to Megas XLR.
    Post 191. From Multicrossovers to Oh My Goddess.
    Post 192. From One Piece to Ranma 1/2.
    Post 193. From Rurouni Kenshin to Zelda. Includes author recommendations.

    StarDestroyer.Net's Fanfiction.Net: The Good Bits. Archives/authors/stories.
    Post 194. From 40k to Bleach. Includes archive and author recommendations.
    Post 195. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Cthulhutech.
    Post 196. From Daria to Gunslinger Girl.
    Post 197. From Halo to Lord of the Rings.
    Post 198. From Love Hina to Power Rangers.
    Post 199. From Ranma 1/2 to Star Trek.
    Post 200. From Star Wars to Zelda.

    The Fanfiction Forum's [General] Recommended Fanfiction. Archives/authors/stories.
    Post 211. Archive and author recommendations.
    Post 212. From 1984 to Bakemonogatari.
    Post 213. From Bastard!!! to Breath of Fire.
    Post 214. From Brimstone to Devil May Cry.
    Post 215. From Diablo to Evangelion.
    Post 216. From Exalted to Firefly.
    Post 217. From Full Metal Alchemist to Harry Potter.
    Post 218. From Haruhi Suzumiya to Lord of the Rings.
    Post 219. From Love Hina to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    Post 220. From Nadesico to Naruto.
    Post 221. From NCIS to Powerpuff Girls.
    Post 222. From Power Rangers to Rurouni Kenshin.
    Post 223. From Sailor Moon to Star Wars.
    Post 224. From Strawberry Marshmallow to Type Moon - Tsukihime.
    Post 225. From Underworld to Zoids.

    Your Favourite Fanfic. Stories. Post 226.

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    The Race Invades The World Of 1984
    World War Series Xover. Tosev 3 isn't exactly what the Race was hoping for, but Fleetlord Atvar will ensure that the planet is conquered. Big Brother is about to get a Big Shock.


    A Kommandos Life
    Imagine, if you can, an Ork with a sense of ethical values. If you find this idea interesting, read because this is his life.

    A Monster In Paradise
    Lion King Xover. Oneshot. NOT a crackfic. It features Orks invading Simba's Pridelands, but it actually kind of works.

    A New Age
    ST Xover. The battle of sector 001 causes an anomaly that transports a number of combatants to territory of the Imperium of Man. Turns out that resistance is not futile.

    Berserker Hell
    Winnie the Pooh Xover. A Chaos Marine is punished with the worst fate that the Blood God could imagine.

    Charge Of The Pythian IX
    Oneshot crackfic. FOR DE EMPURA! WAAAAGGGH!!!

    Do The Daemon Primarchs Still Hang Out?
    100 % crackfic. The traitor Primarchs (and some of the loyalist ones) gather in a bar in a daemon world to tell tall tales and have some fun.

    Elsewhen, and elsewhere
    ST Xover. The battlebarge Sword of Lycurgas is transported through the Warp and back in time.

    God Emperor Of Faerun
    Forgotten Realms Xover. When the GEoM attempts to teleport into Horus' flagship, something goes horribly wrong and he ends in a world untainted by Chaos, but haunted by the shadow of evil gods.

    Crackfic. A world is raising a new regiment of PDF. They are big, they are green and they are mean, but sure as hell they aren't Orks. Or so claim the local authorities.

    Rise Of The Tau
    After six centuries in stasis, some Ultramarines wake up to find a galaxy dominated by the Tau and an Imperium close to utter destruction.

    Star Fox 40000
    Star Fox Xover. A new mission for Star Fox results in the collision of two different societies. First in a series.

    The Emperor Works In Weird Ways
    SG1 Xover. One Space Marine Battlebarge + Snakelike aliens with delusions of godhood = Lotsa boom.

    The Tale Of Haroldus Potter
    HP Xover. Harry Potter is reborn in the distant future, only to be recruited by the Inquisition.

    Two Galaxy's Saga
    SW Xover. Shortly after the end of the Vong War, a fleet from the GFFA is transported to a different galaxy, one where only war exists and peace seems to be a fool's hope.


    Moms Moms A Father Goose Offshoot.htm
    Gilmore Girls Xover. Sydney Bristow is spending a few days in Stars Hollow.


    1790 America ISOTed 400 Years Back To 1390
    The United States become the greatest superpower in the world. Some Ameriwank.

    2025 USA ISOTed To Peshawar Universe
    A future version of the United States ends in the universe of Stirling's "The Peshawar Lancers". Some Ameriwank.

    Alternate History
    Active AH board with a large number of scenarios and timelines that have been suggested and completed over the years. The Alien Space Bats section contains the scenarios involving fictional universes.

    Alternate History Wiki
    The wiki of offers the possibility of finding the most interesting scenarios quicker than the main board.

    Been Winning So Long, I've Lost It
    A somewhat dystopic timeline where the USA behave even more harshly during the War On Terror.

    Changing The Times
    Archive that contains a number of AH scenarios.

    Dystopic Return Of Magic
    Towards the end of the 19th century, the Seelie and Unseelie returned to the mortal world after a long absence with truly devastating effects for human civilization.

    New England July 26 2006 To July 26 1979
    The six states forming New England are transported through time.

    Shattered World: A Devastating Alternate Second World War
    Stalin launches a pre-emptive attack against Nazi Germany that eventually results in the use of a vastly increased number of atomic weapons against the Axis.

    The United States Of Ameriwank
    A messenger from the future gives George Washington an ominous message and some hypertech to ensure that the United States will become the greatest power in Earth.


    Intersections At Right Angles
    LOTR Xover. A mysterious relic transports the robotic avatar of the Andromeda Ascendant to Middle Earth, just in time to join the Fellowship in the trip to Mordor.

    Out Of Legends
    SGA Xover. An attempt to navigate an unknown slipstream route leaves the Andromeda in the Pegasus galaxy and about three thousand years before its time, just when the people in Atlantis need some help against an incoming Wraith armada.

    The Child
    Andromeda Ascendant gets the proverbial baby on the doorstep.

    -Armored Core

    Reality Flux Armored Core And Bolo
    Bolo Xover. Armored Cores are the ultimate warmachines, aren't they? Guess again.


    A Compass That Doesn't Point North
    Oneshot. Long Feng, formerly true ruler of the mighty city of Ba Sing Se, is going to where no Earthbender has gone before. The heart of the Fire Nation itself, where Azula hopes to use his talents to further her own schemes.

    Northern Water Tribe
    AU. Fancomic. The Ocean Spirit spares the life of Admiral Zhao, but wipes out his memory. Will Zhaoka of the Northern Water Tribe prove to be a better man than his former self?


    Seven Guns For Naraka Prime
    A colony in the edges of space hires seven mercenaries for protection against raiders. Will these warriors be enough when something much more deadly than mere bandits is revealed?

    Soul Of Silicon
    Humanity is about to face the Xenomorphs yet again and even with the help of a combat android, the odds are far from good.

    Surviving This
    Sacrifice Theory
    Subtle Threat
    A trilogy of stories dealing with one of the human characters in AvP who manages to survive, only to encounter more Predators afterwards.


    AU. A series of stories beginning with the resurrection of Sheridan, following his demise at the end of the original series.

    A Dark, Distorted Mirror
    AU. Multi-book series. Earth was destroyed by the Mimbari and the Shadow War is about to begin. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    A Strange Twist Of Fate
    Wing Commander Xover. A fleet from the WCverse is transported to the B5verse.

    A Very Big Weapon
    nBSG Xover. Oneshot. The Cylons meet a Vorlon enhanced redhead.

    Babylon 5 Vs Star Wars
    SW Xover. A Imperial task force is stranded in the Babylon 5 galaxy and while communications with their home galaxy are restored, they begin conquering the new neighbourhood.

    Changed Circle
    AU. After undoing the genetic tampering done by the First Ones, humankind develops in short order advanced technologies unknown to the rest of the races in Known Space.

    Chronicles Of The Crusade I The Gateway
    Chronicles Of The Crusade II The Long Road
    SG1 Xover. At the height of the Drakh War, a ship called the Daedalus arrives from another universe and saves Earth.

    Cold Dish, Served
    ST Xover. The apparition of a ship from the ST universe triggers a Mimbari attack against Earth, which is destroyed as a result. Original version can be read here:

    Conspiracy Theory
    AU. A series of stories where the Mimbari have enslaved humankind.

    Crossover Corral
    Marvel/LOTR/The Sentinel/Dark Angel Xover. Marcus Cole does have some really interesting ancestors.

    In The Nick Of Time
    AU. One-shot. A dark interpretation of the personalities of some of the core characters of Babylon 5.

    Parallels/Along Pathways Of Shadow And Fire
    AU. Sheridan is transported to a mirror universe where B5 doesn't exist and the Shadows are still around.

    Sel's Fan Fiction
    Also (first story only)
    A series of novel-length fics detailing the adventures of Susan Ivanova after she leaves Babylon 5.

    Shadows And Dust In The Pattern
    ST Xover. Kirk's Enterprise and a civilian research vessel are transported to the B5 universe, as part of a vast conflict that happened long ago and is about to begin again. The Wheel of Time has turned full circle.

    Stealing Across The Styx
    One-shot. Garibaldi knew that one day Talia Winters would come back. He was right.

    Still Not In Kansas
    ST Xover. Voyager tries to get home by jumping through a wormhole. Instead, they end in the B5verse during the worst of the Shadow War.

    The Best Of Both Universes
    ST Xover. A fleet of advanced starships arrive from beyond the limits of known space and greatly upset the status quo in the B5verse.

    The Deep Sleep
    After getting bumped in the head, Garibaldi gets to spend a while in Medlab imagining himself as a Private Investigator in Earth during the mid-20th century.

    The Long Trial
    The events of Babylon 5 starting before the Earth-Mimbari war, as told from the perspective of an original character that turns out to be a human-alien hybrid of unknown parentage.

    nBSG Xover. The RTF makes contact with forcers of the Earth Alliance.

    Through A Mirror Darkly: A Reflection
    ST Xover. The Terran Empire from the Mirrorverse invades the universe of Babylon 5 during the Earth-Mimbari war.


    1910: A Space Odyssey!
    H.G. Wells/Cthulhu Mythos Xover. The British Empire now spans much of the solar system. Alternate history steampuk with sci-fi elements. You need to be a forum member to read this thread.

    Torakar Of Mars
    Original characters have adventures in the fictional universe created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Now with 200% more lesbians (although it is stated that this novel treats the relationship as romantic, rather than erotic).


    New World Order
    New World Order II Seekers In Shadow
    Ancient secrets have been discovered in a distant world in the Periphery. As a result, the Inner Sphere is about to change forever...

    Ngo Saga I Kowloon Overview
    Ngo Saga II For The Liberty Of Others
    Ngo Saga III Awards And Rewards
    Ngo Saga IV Standards And Decisions
    Ngo Saga V Never Coming Home
    Ngo Saga VI For The Good Of The Nation
    A story about a planet in the Lyran Comenwealth that decides to have a reasonably sized military and the horrible things that happen to them as a result.

    The Misadventures Of Darius Davion I Darius And The Hound,770.0
    The Misadventures Of Darius Davion 1.5 Darius And The Happy Occasion
    The Misadventures Of Darius Davion II Darius At The Coronation
    The Misadventures Of Darius Davion III Darius And The Heartbreaker
    About the Flashman-style adventures of the titular character in the Inner Sphere.


    Full Metal Berserker
    FMA Xover. A swordsman cursed to wander the land fighting demons finds himself transported to a world of alchemical magic.

    -Blake's 7

    Achieving Escape Velocity (NSFW)
    Doctor Who Xover. Oneshot. Leela and Cally team up to deal with some Federation troopers. There Be Lesbian Sex. NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

    Don't Come The Cowboy With Me
    Oneshot. Cally deals with an old enemy.

    ST Xover. Kerr Avon runs into a plot device that drops him in the Delta Quadrant just in time to be picked up by the USS Voyager.


    Companion piece of Frozen Sky, containing the POVs of other characters, during Hitsugaya's rise to the rank of Captain.

    Frozen Sky
    The story of Hitsugaya Toushiro, youngest captain of Soul Society and genius shinigami.

    Chibi-Rukia has a new home, but learning the new rules is going to take some time.

    Hush Little Baby
    Oneshot Vignette. Post Mundo Hueco speculation.

    Karmic Injustices
    SW Xover. Oneshot. Yoruichi and Urahara discuss one of their past lives.

    Mixed Spirits
    Doctor Who Xover. The Fifth Doctor finds himself in Hueco Mundo, inside the body of Ichimaru Gin. And an Arrancar wakes up in the TARDIS inside the body of a Gallifreyan. They will clash in Karakura.

    No Rest For The Wicked
    SG1 Xover. Oneshot. Daniel Jackson is the reincarnation of a very powerful Shinigami.

    Notes On A High School Scandal
    Oneshot. Rumor has it... results in people at Karakura believing that Ichigo and Rukia are involved with each other.

    Project Tatterdemalion
    AU. What if the Hollows were the result of an infection caused by alien DNA?

    Oneshot crackfic. Urahara has to dodge Ceros in an apron.

    Remember The King
    Oneshot crackfic. Aizen is ready to claim the throne of the heavens, but he might have understimated the true power of the Heavenly King.

    Setting Sun, Rising Moon
    As Ichigo prepares for death and transformation into a full shinigami, he also prepares for some personal challenges that he will face in Soul Society. Lotsa flashbacks.

    Shinjuku Wild
    AU. Ichigo is investigating a number of strange murders in Shinjuku, but solving the case is likely to prove difficult... considering that he has never heard a word about Shinigami or Hollows.

    Sunday Morning
    Shaman King Xover. Oneshot. Rukia meets in the supermarket a pretty weird girl who seems to have spiritual powers.

    The Neversleeping Winds
    Oneshot. A number of persons break Rukia out of Death Row.

    The Stories He Could Tell
    Oneshot. Twenty facts about Chad.

    The World's Worst Rescuers
    Oneshot crackfic. They are in enemy territory, outnumbered and outmatched. But do they want the kind of help they are about to get?

    Stray Cat Strut
    xxxholic Xover. Ichigo gets early training from Yoruichi.


    Big Boys Don't Cry
    A Bolo has an extremely disturbing experience exploring the memory banks of an enemy warmachine, before the last war against the Melconians.

    Johnny Reb/Air Force One
    A series of BOLO stories centered around a truckstop called the Wolverine in the USA after the Wars. Downloads in self-extracting format (they seem to work as advertised, no virus detected after downloading a couple of these).

    Kepper Jack's BOLO Poetry Society
    Verses written by BOLOs in the tradition of human warrior-poets.

    -Breath Of Fire

    I Keep On Walking
    Oneshot. Drabble. Ryu ponders about his fate as the Destined Child.


    A First
    Oneshot that explores an oft overlooked detail in the Cylon resurrection mechanism. Mature themes.

    A Journey's End
    Four years after the destruction of the Colonies, Galactica encounters a warship of a technologically advanced human nation called the Terran Hegemony.

    AJ's BSG Page
    Contains different stories and crossovers about the series.

    Babel Rebuilt
    B5 Xover. Boomer is rescued by G'kar and Lyta Alexander. Shortly afterwards, the ISA and the survivors of the Colonies prepare to deal with the Cylons, although Count Iblis might have something to say about this whole business.f

    Battlestar Ajax
    nBSG. The Ajax is simulating a failure of the computer network when the Cylon attack starts and the ship manages to survive the day.

    Battlestar Galactica 2003 Fanfiction Archive
    nBSG archive. AU section contains stories that mostly involve other surviving RTFs.

    Battlestar Galactica Past, Present, Future
    Old series. Stories set prior, during and after the destruction of the Colonies.

    Battlestar Galactica Since 1995
    Large archive for BSG stories and crossovers. Covers both the old and new series.

    Battlestar Group 41
    The Galactica encounters two additional battlestars in the Ionian Nebula and shortly afterwards locates an Earth that is divided by a Cold War between the Soviet Union and the USA.

    Battlestar Farscape 2.0
    Farscape Xover. Galactica gets a visit from a representative of another group of survivors of the Twelve Colonies that managed to escape from the Cylon genocide with the help of a man called John Crichton.

    Be Careful What You Wish For
    The Others Stories
    The Colonial survivors reach the space of a Terran Empire that is willing to help them. For the right price.

    Caught By The Bolo
    Bolo Xover. Model Six Cylon meets AI controlled supertank who doesn't like how 'genocide' sounds. One-shot.

    Faoi Dheireadh
    They might have found Earth, but that's not going to be the end of their problems. Not by a long shot.

    First Contact
    Multi Xover. The Cylons (particularly Sixes) seem to be having a series of Very Bad Days all over the multiverse.

    Homeworld Bound I
    SAAB Xover. The exhausted Colonial refugees prepare for a final stand against the Cylons, while Earth defends itself against a new, powerful enemy.

    Lost Kin
    nBSG. The Fleet encounters the people of Earth.

    Oh Frack!
    SG1 Xover. Oneshot drabble. Irony is a bitch.

    Red In Tooth And Claw
    Halo Xover. The Galactica encounters the rests of a human built spaceship floating through space. What secrets and risks does it contain?

    Rising Star
    Multi Xover. An alien power called the Hegemony (AKA The Scifi Conglomerate) comes to the help of the Twelve Colonies.

    Saved By The Bolo
    Bolo Xover. While exploring a gigantic warmachine discovered in a devastated planet, Starbuck discovers that not all machines are enemies of mankind.

    Spearhead: When Hope Is Lost
    SG1 Xover. Cylons, meet the Tau'ri.

    Starbuck's Odyssey
    SG1/Highlander Xover. Starbuck, Cy the Cylon and an immortal Jaffa have adventures exploring other worlds through the Stargate.

    Stumbling Towards The Dawn
    Dahak Xover. The survivors of the Twelve Colonies finally reach the borders of a "Fifth Imperium" ruled by Earth. Poor, poor, poor Cylons.

    nBSG. Oneshot. There has been some kind of unauthorized activity in the flight simulators and Saul Tigh plans to find out who is behind it.

    The Finales Overture
    Also The Finales Overture.htm
    SG1 Xover. The Colonials find Earth, but not the way they expected to.

    The Road That Will Take Me Home
    Firefly Xover. Galactica encounters the Serenity.

    The Smuggler's Game
    Deals with a different group of Colonial survivors and describes some of the non-Battlestar ships serving in the Colonial military.

    Wing Commander Battlestar Galactica Universe
    Wing Commander Xover. The survivors of the Twelve Colonies reach the Gemini sector, where they make contact with the Victory.
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    Murazor Chief Encyclopedist Amicus


    A Complete Lack Of Respect For The Law
    Smokey and the Bandit Xover. One-shot.

    Act Of Last Resort
    Bananaman Xover. Oneshot crackfic. Rupert Giles is forced to call upon a terrible power to battle Glorificus.

    Alexander, God Protector Of Mankind I Gods Of War: Ascension GODS of War Ascension Final Edit Directors Cut.htm
    Alexander, God Protector Of Mankind II Gods Of War: Spartan Reborn GODS of War 2 Spartan Reborn.htm
    GoW Xover. YAHF. For some reason, Ethan Rayne decides to put a disguise of Kratos of Sparta for Halloween. And, of course, Xander Harris picks it.

    All Geared Up All Geared Up.htm
    Transformers Xover. Oneshot. Xander Harris is one of the background meatbags who gets to see the final battle between Decepticons and Autobots in the 2007 movie.

    A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.htm
    SG1 Xover. Oneshot parody of BTVS/SG1 cliches.

    Anyanka, Vengueance Again
    Multi Xover. Crackfic. Anyanka becomes the vengueance demon of Scorned Recyclable Items and is sent to do work in different parts of the multiverse.

    April 10, 1997
    April 10, 1997 II The Sum Of Their Parts
    Daria Xover. Faith undergoes hypnotic therapy while on prison. This results in an unexpected revelation.

    A Reborn Wanderer
    Kenshin Xover. Xander Harris gets the powers and abilities of Kenshin Himura.

    Are You Ready? Are You Ready.htm
    SG1 Xover. Cassandra Fraiser is activated along with the rest of the Potentials. The overprotective people in SG1do not like this new development one bit.

    A Sarcophagus In Sunnydale A Sarcophagus in Sunnydale.htm
    SG1 Xover. An ancient Egyptian sarcophagus is discovered in the house of a recently deceased collector. O'Neill and Jackson go to check possible signs of Goa'uld presence and meet a nice group of students of the local High School.

    A Year In The Life
    Also downloads
    SG1 Xover. Loki didn't just make a young clone of O'Neill, but messed with the DNA of everyone in SG1+ Janet. And Xander Harris is the result of a previous experiment.

    Blackadder's Imperfect Fifth Blackadder s Imperfect Fifth.htm
    Blackadder Xover. The adventures of Edmund Blackadder, master vampire, and his oafish minion Baldrick.

    Black Sunrise
    Noir Xover. Dawn Summers dresses up like Kirika during Halloween. Things get interesting. Highlander elements in later stories of the series.

    Bodyguard Buffy Bodyguard Buffy.htm
    SG1 Xover. Buffy becomes the protector of doctor Daniel Jackson.

    SG1 Xover. Jack O'Neill is Xander Harris' biological father.

    Brothers In Arms
    Marvel Xover. Xander Harris knew Gambit before Sunnydale.

    Buffy Z
    DBZ Xover. Xander is a Saiyan.

    Changing The Death Toll Changing the Death Toll.htm
    SG1/SW Xover. Buffy and mini-Jack end in the Jedi Temple during ROTS sent by the Powers to save as many Jedi kids as possible.

    Changing The Death Toll II Live In This World Year Zero Live in this World Year Zero.htm
    SG1/SW Xover. Sequel of Changing The Death Toll.

    Compelled - The Buffy/Angelverse Reshaped
    AU. In this series, Illyria goes back in time with plans of changing history and joins the Scoobies in their struggle against the First Evil who requests help from other powers of evil (such as Wolfram & Hart).

    Cordylosophies Cordylosophies.htm
    SW Xover. Cordelia Chase lives in the Jedi Temple since the Force/TPTB decided that they could have fun putting her in Coruscant, much to the dismay of the Jedi Council.

    SG1/Farscape/Andromeda/Marvel Xover. The SGC finds a device in Merlin's cave that makes people exchange minds with their counterparts in different dimensions.

    Counts Of Blood Counts of Blood.htm
    The Muppet Show Xover. The Master is visited by his dear old friend, Count Von Count. Do not read, unless you want to see your childhood memories under a very disturbing new light.

    Dawning Light Dawning Light.htm
    Anita Blake Xover. Dawn jumps from Glory's tower and ends in a different universe, where she finds a new family.

    Dawn Summers, Marine
    Also Dawn Summers Marine.htm
    SG1 Xover. Dawn wants a life of her own, but to get it she will have to keep a careful balance between her supernatural past and her alien future.

    Diary Of A Mad, Blue Woman
    After the battle against Wolfram & Hart, Illyria begins a journal.

    Disappointment Disappointment.htm
    SG1 Xover. After meeting the Asgard face to face, Anya has to deal with her old Viking belief system.

    Divine Justice Divine Justice.htm
    SG1 Xover. Dawn contacts Doctor Jackson for help in the translation of some Watcher Diaries. Eventually, the worlds of the alien and the supernatural collide.

    Every Silver Lining Has Its Cloud Every Silver Lining has its Cloud.htm
    Forgotten Realms/Ranma Xover. Sunnydale is sucked by Acathla's portal, although the town ends in the Forgotten Realms, instead of a hell dimension.

    Excedo Inferi I To See Once More The Light Of The Stars
    AU. First in a series. Buffy is forced to send Angel to Hell to save the world, but she decides to follow her beloved.

    Facing The Heart In Darkness Fic-A-Thon&filter=all
    A Watcher is sent to Africa to study the man who could become the greatest threat for the new Watchers Council, one Alexander Harris.

    Family Tree Series I-II Family Tree Series.htm Family Tree Series Part 2.htm
    XMen Xover. It turns out that Magneto is one of Willow's long lost relatives.

    Fragile Existence Fragile Existence.htm
    SG1 Xover. Clone!Jack goes to Sunnydale to watch over the strange things happening there. There, he befriends Dawn Summers.

    Father Goose Tales I Father Goose And The Black Knight Father Goose and the Black Knight.htm
    Law and Order Xover. A series of abductions prove that Cleveland isn't quite as dull as it is supposed to be and a creepy one-eyed man living with a bunch of underage girls is the main suspect.

    Father Goose Tales III Secrets Secrets A Father Goose Tale.htm
    SG1 Xover. The Slayers find evidence of Goa'uld in Earth who have learned about the supernatural. Who are they gonna call?

    Father Of Mine Father of Mine.htm
    SG1 Xover. Jack O'Neill is the son of Xander Harris. Nuff said.

    Guardians Of The North
    The Family Ness Xover. Oneshot. Some old friends of Giles prove useful to handle a group of particularly vicious vampires.

    Happy Ever After Happy Ever After.htm
    ST Xover. Andrew makes a wish while watching TV.

    Harmony: An Average, Everyday... SuperGoddess? Harmony An average everyday SuperGoddess.htm
    Marvel (Thor) Xover. Harmony Kendall goes disguised as Amora, the Asgardian Enchantress, and she kind of modifies Ethan Rayne's transformation spell.

    Harry Potter And The Shell Of The God-King Harry Potter and the Shell of the God-King.htm
    HP Xover. Luna Lovegood becomes the new body of Illyria during the battle of the Department of Mysteries.

    Heirs Of Armageddon Heirs of Armageddon.htm
    Weber Xover. Spike is a traitor working for the First Evil. As a result of this, the Scooby Gang ends in the Dahakverse.

    Hero For A New World
    SG1 Xover. Buffy has work to do at Stargate Command.

    Hired Help Hired Help.htm
    NCIS Xover. Oz Osbourne joins the team, because Abby needs help.

    Honor's Slayer Honor s Slayer.htm
    Honor Harrington Xover. Buffy kills Angel, has to leap inside Acathla's portal to save the world and finds herself in the distant future.

    I'll Have An Apocalypse And A 2x Armageddon To Go I ll Have an Apocalypse and a 2X Armageddon To Go.htm
    SG1 Xover. YAHF. Strong SuperXander elements in this one.

    In The Genes In the Genes.htm
    SG1 Xover. The Slayers might be the key to saving the Asgard from genetic collapse. Pity that they don't seem particularly inclined to help.

    Iron Gear Iron Gear.htm
    Marvel Xover. YAHF. Xander Harris now has the memories of a multibillionaire supergenius who drinks too much. Thank you, Ethan!

    Jedi Harris
    SW/SG1 Xovers. YAHF. Xander Harris goes as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Discovers that the Force is real.

    Jedi Harris II The Terran Jedi
    SW/SG1 Xovers. YAHF. Sequel of Jedi Harris. Xander gets involved with the Stargate program.

    Lacking An Anchor
    DC Xover. Willow tries to teleport Xander away from danger. Xander eventually lands in a new universe full of superheroes and supervillains.

    Lesser Children Lesser Children.htm
    SGA Xover. John Sheppard gains a baby sister called Dawn.

    Living History
    Some time travel goes wrong and people who wanted to hit 2008 Moscow, land in 2003 Cleveland.

    Lone Flower
    Bleach/Marvel Xover. Buffy tries something Japanese for Halloween. Now Ethan gets to deal with a pissed Shinigami. Pity that someone had to wear a Phoenix costume.

    Marching Orders Marching Orders.htm
    SG1/The Day After Tomorrow Xover. Mother Nature is pissed and there is no standing in her way.

    Martian Manhunter Martian Manhunter.htm
    Veronica Mars Xover. Veronica ends in the Buffyverse with knowledge of what's coming her way and thinking that she has no chance of stopping it.

    Master Harris
    Halo Xover. YAHF. Xander Harris goes as the Master Chief in the Halloween episode.

    Mayor Buffy
    AU. Buffy becomes mayor of Sunnydale in season 4.

    My Daughter... The What? My daughter the what.htm
    Law and Order Xover. Buffy heads to New York with Dawn to find her real father.

    My Messed Up Family My Messed Up Family.htm
    XMen Xover. Joyce is the daughter of Victor Creed and Mystique. Nuff said.

    DC/Marvel/Doctor Who/SG1/Hercules... The changes that Anya Jenkins made to reality had far greater consequences than she ever imagined.

    Neighbours From Hellmouth I Just Passing Through
    SG1 Xover. George Hammond has to make an embarrasing report about the strange group that managed to breach the security of Stargate Command. First in a series.

    Noble Souls, Rising From Disaster
    One-shot. AU aftermath of "Not Fade Away"

    No Longer Required No Longer Required.htm
    LOTR Xover. Ethan Rayne sends Buffy to Middle Earth, where she is captured by minions of Sauron and jailed until Gandalf breaks her out.

    Normalverse I Far Beyond Normal Far Beyond Normal.htm
    Normalverse II Return To Normal
    Also Return To Normal.htm
    SG1 Xover. The First Evil won, but Buffy is not about to let things end like that and is now looking for allies.

    Our Own Gary Mitchell
    Oneshot. A Star Trek marathon makes Xander remember the fate of a lost friend.

    Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire.htm
    Anita Blake Xover. Buffy jumps through Glory's portal and when Willow tries to find her, they find that she is alive... elsewhere.

    Parent Trap Parent Trap.htm
    The Addams Family Xover. Putting his sleeping parents in costume during Halloween is something that Xander might come to regret.

    People Buffy Summers Never Dressed Up As People Buffy Summers Never Dressed Up As.htm
    Multi Xover. YAHF. A collection of ficlets where Buffy tries costumes that turn her into different fictional characters with varied results.

    Petals In The Wind
    Petals Scattered
    Bleach Xover. Sequels of Lone Flower. The shinigami return to Sunnydale making a couple of unexpected revelations... and in doing so discover that there is something extremely fishy going on with The Powers That Be.

    Point Of View Points of View.htm
    Oneshot. Xander breaks up with the Council after the destruction of Sunnydale and begins working as a rogue demon hunter, but he is eventually forced to team up with one of the new Slayers to stop a deadly cult.

    Redhead Hogwartian
    HP Xover. Willow runs away and with Whistler's help finds Hogwarts, where she is supposed to learn about Salazar Slytherin.

    Angel fell in his defiant last stand, but Illyria survives only to find herself alone in a world where humans are now aware of the supernatural.

    Repossesed Repossessed.htm
    Highlander/Hellsing/HP/Gargoyles Xover. Xander Harris gets the memories of an older version of himself during Halloween and goes looking for adventure.

    Search And Destroy! Search and Destroy.htm
    Hellsing Xover. YAHF. Ethan discovers that putting a costume of Integra Hellsing in his store was a bad idea. And Buffy now has a voice in her head that can give her all sorts of interesting information about vampire-hunting and the arcane.

    See Noir Evil See Noir Evil.htm
    Also see noir evil
    Xander is believed to have killed a number of his close friends, is insane after spending a while under the custody of the Initiative and is seeing dead people.

    Shoveling Shoveling.htm
    MASH Xover. One hundred drabbles about Xander and Benjamin Franklin Pierce.

    Slayer-X Slayer X.htm
    XMen Xover. Buffy's death at the hands of the Master had consequences for the Scoobies that no one had predicted.

    Snake Charming Snake Charming.htm
    SG1 Xover. Cordelia Chase gets infested by the Goa'uld Ishtar, but the brainworm soon enough learns that Cordelia's body is not for sale.

    Son Of Quagmire Son of Quagmire.htm
    Family Guy Xover. Oneshot. A Quagmire disguise for Halloween has unforeseen consequences.

    First in a series. Angel uses magic to give every vampire in the world a human soul. Now, he only has to convince the Slayer that vampires are no longer the enemy.

    Star Wars Episode I The Phantom's Menace
    Star Wars Episode II Attack Of The Chosen
    Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of The Witch
    Star Wars Episode IV Hope Reborn
    SW Xover. Buffy and Willow end in a galaxy far, far away after being sucked through a dimensional rift at the end of season 5.

    Strong Strong.htm
    Lois and Clark Xover. Lois Lane is in dire need of some strength, just as Willow begins activating the potential Slayers all over the world.

    Subcontractor Subcontractor.htm
    Veronica Mars Xover. Cordelia Chase hires Mars Investigations to track down a number of survivors of the Sunnydale disaster that are scattered all over the world.

    Suiting Up Suiting Up.htm
    Metroid/Tenchi Muyo Xover. YAHF. Xander Harris goes as the former partner of Samus Aran for Halloween. At the same time, the Chaos spell is drawing the attention of the greatest scientifical genius in the universe.

    Sunnydale Spark Sunnydale Spark.htm
    Girl Genius Xover. YAHF. Ethan adds a bunch of costumes from the webcomic Girl Genius. As a result, Xander and Buffy become active Sparks.

    Two friends watch the dawn together.

    Surfing With Spike
    While looking for information in the Internet, Buffy accidentally finds a way to connect with the Internet of the real world...

    Swords Of Light Trilogy I Immortality's Gift
    Swords Of Light Trilogy 1.5 Interludes
    Swords Of Light Trilogy II Heart's Desire
    Highlander Xover. Suppose that Buffy became one of the Immortals when she died in The Gift.

    Tabula Avatar Series Index
    Tabula Avatar Tabula Avatar.htm
    FR Xover. The Scooby Gang ends in the Realms during the events of Baldur's Gate 2.

    Tacos And Tea Parties
    AU. Winifred Burkle is a little girl when she is kidnapped and taken to the demon world of Pylea to become a slave.

    Teal'c's Wish Teal c s Wish.htm
    SG1 Xover. Teal'c gets a wish that comes true. SGC gets to deal with Xander Harris and Faith Lehane.

    The Change I The Fire That Died The Fire That Died.htm
    Dies The Fire Xover. The Scoobies face a different form of apocalypse when all existing technology just stops working one day... NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Mention of rape, prostitution and other mature stuff.

    The Child Of Rao The Child of Rao.htm
    DC Xover. Xander Harris becomes a Kryptonian.

    The Empty Grave I A New Journey
    The Empty Grave II A Tomb By Any Other Name
    The Empty Grave III The Mausoleum
    SW Xover. Vader is looking for a new apprentice and considers that a powerful witch consumed by darkness looks like a promising candidate.

    The Ghost In The Team
    SG1 Xover. The amulet binding the soul of William the Bloody to Earth isn't sent to Wolfram & Hart. Instead, it ends amidst the mail of one Doctor Daniel Jackson.

    The Gift
    SW Xover. Buffy is transported to Vader's own Star Destroyer. The Sith Lord isn't amused.

    The Horseman
    Highlander/Firefly/SG1 Xover. Cordelia makes a different wish and Xander and Willow get sent fifty centuries to the past. There, they meet a couple of fellows called Methos and Silas.

    The Journeyverse
    Archive for the different stories in a crossover universe (including SG1, Predator, Gargoyles and many more) centered around a Super!Xander.

    The Kindred The Kindred.htm
    Charmed Xover. The Scoobies team up with the Charmed Ones to prevent the creation of a new Hellmouth in San Francisco.

    The Price Of The Wish
    AU. Cordelia thinks a bit before making her wish to Anyanka and things get even more complicated as a result.

    The Right Technology
    Wallace & Gromit Xover. While trying to open a training school in England for the new Council, the Scoobies meet a weird amateur inventor (with a weirder and suspiciously intelligent dog).

    The Rise Of The House Of Potter (NSFW)
    HP Xover. Dawn Summers falls out of a dimensional vortex while 12 years old Harry Potter masturbates. He accidentally ejaculates onto her breasts. No. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. Mature themes, obviously. NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

    The Scarab
    SG1 Xover. An alien brainworm with delusions of godhood is operating in Sunnydale. He obviously has no idea of who he is dealing with.

    The Wonderland Subject The Wonderland Subject.htm
    Also the wonderland subject
    Marvel Xover. Xander Harris is lured to a cave in Africa. In the cave, he falls down the Rabbit Hole. Then, he comes back a bit changed.

    Things That Matter Things that Matter.htm
    Noir/Dark Angel Xover. Spin-off story of the Black Sunrise series. An assassin is hired to kill Max.

    Trick Or Treat Trick Or Treat.htm
    SG1 Xover. Xander Harris gets infested by a Goa'uld in the night of Halloween. SG1 is interested. The Scoobies are worried.

    Truth, Justice And The American Way
    Smallville Xover. Willow is now married with one Clark Kent. And she is pregnant, too.

    Uncle John Uncle John.htm
    SGA Xover. John Sheppard discovers family he didn't know he had.

    Unexpected Paths I Second Convict Unexpected Paths 1 0 Second Convict.htm
    Unexpected Paths II Second Chances Unexpected Paths 2 0 Second Chances.htm
    Unexpected Paths III Sudden Chaos Unexpected Paths 3 0 Sudden Chaos.htm
    SG1 Xover. Robert Makepeace meets a very interesting person in a prison transport and gets a second chance.

    Virtue Of A Warrior Virtue of a Warrior.htm
    AU. Faith doesn't go against Angel and simply runs away. This time redemption and forgiveness will have to come from within.

    Water Hold Me Down Hold Me Down (BtVS; PG-13)&filter=all
    A magic ball drops Xander in an alternate universe where there is an older version of himself and a still alive Anya who have joined in marriage.

    Way Of The Wolf I Wolf Lair The Way of the Wolf I Wolf Lair.htm
    Way Of The Wolf II Wolf Pack Way of the Wolf Part II Wolf Pack.htm
    SG1 Xover. The Powers have new plans for Oz Osbourne. Plans that are galactic in scope.

    Welcome To Hellmouth Park Welcome to Hellmouth Park.htm
    Oneshot crackfic. Description of a Buffy amusement park.

    When Hellmouths Collide
    Xena Xover. The Scoobies get sent to the Xenaverse, where they must team up with the local heroes to stop a great evil.

    Whips & Leather Whips Leather.htm
    DC/Indiana Jones Xover. YAHF. Xander uses a costume of a whip-wielding archeologist, while Cordelia Chase wears the trademark outfit of a feline supervillainess.

    Wonderous Stories
    Uncle Xander tells a story. Buffy/Xander pairing.

    World Of Shadows
    League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Xover. The Scooby Gang tries to survive in a world dominated by the powers of darkness led by Dracula himself. Various minor crossovers.

    Worth Fighting For Worth Fighting For.htm
    SG1 Xover. Faith wakes up one morning with a gap of three years in her memories. Also, she is now Faith O'Neill.

    Worthless Worthless.htm
    HP/SG1 Xover. Many minor crossovers. A plot device allows Xander and Dawn to gain the powers of a buttload of fictional characters.

    Wrath Of The Eagle
    Buffy leaves once more.

    Xander Harris: The Iron Tau'ri Xander Harris The Iron Tauri.htm
    Marvel/SG1 Xover. YAHF. What exactly was Ethan Rayne doing with a copy of Tony Stark's armour? Never mind. The SGC can use the help and the tech.

    Xander Mercenary Xander Mercenary.htm
    Xander Mercenary II The Sequel Xander Mercenary - the sequel.htm
    Schlock Mercenary/SG1 Xover. YAHF. Xander Harris disguises himself as Kaff Tagon for the night. Tagon's spaceship follows him.

    Xander's American Journey [Oh The Places He Goes!]
    Many different crossovers in this series about the adventures of Xander Harris during his post S7 trips through America.

    Xander The New Death Xander the New Death.htm
    Discworld/Hellsing/HP Xover. Xander gets a Grim Reaper costume and begins speaking in ALL CAPS.

    A fanfic archive for Xander-centric works. Strongly anti-slash. Not so strongly anti-femslash.

    Also Xata.htm
    ST Xover. YAHF. Q feels that a poorly chosen costume could be the source of a great deal of amusement and Xander Harris becomes the Xanderbot.

    -Calvin & Hobbes

    Oneshot. After remembering the bestest friend he used to have in the world, a grown-up Calvin puts his daughter to sleep.

    -Chrono Trigger

    Flames Of Vengueance: Symphony Of Chaos
    A war against Lavos' species, centuries after the end of the game. Unfinished sequel of The Planeswalkers.

    The Planeswalkers
    When Lavos emerged in 1999, the humans didn't just roll over and die. Some fought and this is the story of some of these fighters. First in a series.

    Twins Of Destiny
    Finished sequel of The Planeswalkers. Two different men may hold the keys for the history of an entire world.


    Silver Gray I Sylvia Short Sword
    Silver Gray II Sylvia Trick Sword
    The Claymore Sylvia and the human Tyrin are forced to work together in a quest that will reveal many secrets about their world and their own fates.


    Oneshot. John Constantine would rather not consider who has healed his injuries.

    -Cowboy Bebop

    The Agent Orange Collection
    A mid-sized collection of Cowboy Bebop fics.


    CSI Death By Chocolate
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Xover. Grissom's team have to investigate the murder of Charles Bucket.

    Running Blind
    Danny Phantom Xover. A kid who has escaped from home and a crime scene with involvement of the supernatural. What is the connection? One-shot.
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  4. Murazor

    Murazor Chief Encyclopedist Amicus

    -Danny Phantom

    Past Perfect
    Oneshot. Clockwork thinks of lessons learned and things yet to come.


    Daria Von Doom
    Marvel (Doctor Doom) Xover. Turns out that Daria is actually the biological daughter of Victor Von Doom, infamous supercriminal and tyrant of Latveria.

    Doctor Who Gives A Damn
    Doctor Who Xover. The Doctor lands in Lawndale to make some repairs in UNIT equipment, but he is eventually forced to team up with some of the local residents to battle the nth Dalek attempt at invading the world.

    Daria has always been a smart person, but now she is getting smarter. And she can't stop it. What does this mean?

    Long Trek Home
    ST Xover. Daria and some of her friends are hit by the Random Anomaly of the Week and find themselves in the brave new world of the future.

    Sick, Sad, Millennium
    40k Xover. Daria Morgendorffer reappears in Lawndale after spending six years as a commissar with the Cadian Imperial Guard in the lovely Milky Way of the 41st millennium.


    A Thousand Years Until Revenge
    A thousand years have passed since the first Super Saiyan was exiled from planet Vegeta. Now he is about to return.

    Contradicting Mission
    Gohan finds himself in an unpleasant situation.

    DBV I The Unnatural Saiyan
    DBV II The Buu Ordeal
    DBV III Preperation
    DBV IV Zerg Wars I Invasion
    DBV V Zerg Wars II Swirling Destinies
    DBV VI Afterlife Adventures
    DBV VII Fragile Peace
    Starcraft Xover in parts 4 and 5. The adventures of Verto, a normal person, that has been transformed into a Saiyan through genetic tampering done by Freeza's scientists.

    Dragoness Eclectic's Dragonball Z Fan Fics
    Archive with a number of DBZ stories, including a novel-length fic that has Raditz returning from the Afterlife.

    The Last Warrior/The Full Circle
    AU. After the Androids Saga, Trunks goes back to his future and meets a half-saiyan from an alternate reality where Goku is the overlord of Earth and a high ranking lieutenant of Vegeta.


    Cat Tales
    Archive for the Cat-Tales, a series of Catwoman-centric fics about the city of Gotham and its most unusual residents.

    Dr Light Ongoing Series
    Kimiyo Hoshi, the good Doctor Light, has to deal with some trouble involving over-ambitious yakuza.

    Not Quite Counting Sheep
    Superman and Batman are seen sleeping in the same bed and everything goes downhill from there. Not a slash fic.

    Probationary Member
    The JLA has a potential new member, codename "Kinesis", but her public job in the adult entertainment industry might be a cause for concern.

    Twenty Truths
    Oneshot. Some interesting factoids about the private life of the new members of the Justice League.

    Veritas Veritas.htm
    Lois And Clark. The Large Hadron Collider is revealed to be more dangerous than predicted when a plane full of passengers from 1993 lands in the post 9/11 real world with the assistance of Clark Kent.

    You Know My Name
    Batman is busy trying to stop the Joker's latest murderous rampage, while the mobsters of Gotham compete against each other for dominance over the criminal underworld.

    -Death Note

    Power Play
    Naruto Xover. The Yagami clan has ruled the Land of Fire for a hundred years, since the founder of the dinasty gained power using an artifact of terrible power. Now, their time is coming to an end.

    Willingly And Unwillingly
    Picture of Dorian Gray Xover. Light Yagami meets a strange westerner going by the name of Dorian Gray who has a most unusual request to make.

    -Devil May Cry

    What's Cooking?
    It's Dante's birthday and his ladyfriends try to cook something special for him. We wish him the best.


    The Road Less Traveled
    Follows the storyline of Diablo II.


    Reality Flux: Bolo And Digimon
    Bolo Xover. Title is self-explanatory.

    See The Sky Again
    The British government tries to take over the Digiworld, but the kids plan to fight against them with the help of a new member of the team.

    Times To Be
    ST Xover. One of the digidestined seems to be having some small trouble with temporal mechanics and causality paradoxes.

    -Dirty Pair

    The Lovely Angels Forever
    Also (direct file download in gz format)
    For thirty years, the WWWA has been using clones to replace its agents and now the director is beginning to wonder if the last iteration are really the same Dirty Pair that he once knew.

    -Doctor Who

    Alternative Escape
    Blake's 7 Xover. Avon is a relative of the Doctor.

    Doctor Who: Phoenix
    Sicilian Opening
    AU. The first fic is in script format.

    Eyes On A Moon Of Blindness
    The Ground Beneath Her Feet
    Underworld Xover. The Doctor gets involved in a war between vampires and werewolves in eastern Europe, allowing him to meet someone special from his own past.

    Fanfic Therapy
    Several small drabbles involving many different fandoms. The longest drabble involves a crossover with Avatar the Last Airbender that shows the Master meeting Princess Azula of the Fire Nation. They find each other kind of interesting.

    Terminator Xover. Earth is ruled by the Master and his minions, but Martha Jones holds the key of their defeat. She just has to stay alive for a whole year and with the help of Derek Reese she can do it.

    Making Friends
    Oneshot. The Tardis is alive... and it likes it when its passengers are polite about what they want.

    Mary Sue In Dalek Land
    Drabble. Even omnicidal monstruosities from outer space have feelings and dreams...

    Mentor Daleks I Children Of The Mentor
    Mentor Daleks II Made For War
    AU. The war between Kaleds and Thals in the planet Skaro leads to the construction of a race of mutants called Daleks designed to be the ultimate weapon in the conflict, but destined to become guardians and protectors.

    Temporal Mechanics And Jake
    BSG Xover. A dog survives the destruction of the Twelve Colonies thanks to the Doctor, but he has some headaches when he keeps meeting different versions of the Doctor and his Companions.

    The 13th Alien
    Ben 10 Xover. Ben unlocks another form stored in the Omnitrix. And this one is real nasty.

    The LadyLike Arts
    Oneshot. Romana is doing some work behind-the-scenes to ensure that the Doctor's Companions stay alive as long as possible.

    UNIT Night Wolf Beginnings
    HP Xover. Night Wolf is a special division within UNIT tasked with the possible uses of alien technology and magic for the defense of Earth. Semi-prequel of Sorcery, UNITed, Independence, Space.


    Where Have They Come From?
    Half Life Xover. Doomguy gets to visit the lovely facilities of Black Mesa during the Xen invasion.

    -Dragonriders Of Pern

    A disaster causes the Earth Alliance to lose it's only source of numbweed, forcing earth to send a starship to Rukbat.

    -Dresden Files

    Holy Wars
    Dogma Xover. Harry Dresden meets a girl called Jessie Sloane. Then, he discovers that the girl has secrets and that he might get killed because of said secrets.


    Daria Of The Drow
    Daria Xover. Take the Daria characters, turn them into typical drow, drop them in the Planescape setting and you get this fic.

    Death And Taxes
    Baldur's Gate. Sarevok and Imoen are partners in the finest detective agency in Athkatla.

    The Fall Of The Order Of The Star
    An ancient order has grown corrupt and its time is about to end, but a servant girl might become its hope for rebirth.

    Baldur's Gate 2. Two allied Bhaalspawn follow the game storyline, starting with Irenicus' dungeon.

    [St]ranger Things Have Happened...
    Oneshot crackfic. Drizzt Do'Urden meets Aragorn, son of Arathorn.

    -Elder Scrolls

    Oblivion Books
    An archive for all the "books" of TES4 Oblivion. Particularly recommended are items about Sheogorath and the Shivering Isles section.


    From White To Black
    AU. Part of a series. The story of King Galbatorix told from another POV.


    After The Vault
    A girl leaves a vault located in the central region of the former USA. How can she survive in this post-apocalyptic world?


    Crichton Vs Predator: In The Belly Of The Beast
    AvP Xover. The crew of Moya are trapped in a derelict prison ship along with a group of Peacekeepers and an invisible alien hunter.

    Farscape: Above And Beyond
    SAAB Xover. Jool and Chiana are captured by an unknown alien species and find that humans that may come from Crichton's future are also prisoners in the cell next door.

    FARSCAPE: A Plague Upon The Galaxy
    Andromeda/SG1 Xover. Crichton causes an accident attempting to create a stable wormhole and instead creates a number of accidental interdimensional wormholes connecting several realities together.

    Farscape Fanfiction
    Webpage with a couple of Farscape fics. Now in Wayback Machine edition.

    Farscape The Lost Warrior I
    Farscape The Lost Warrior II
    Farscape The Lost Warrior III
    BSG/SG1/Doctor Who Xover. The Colonials have finally found Earth, the Goa'uld are at war with the Peacekeepers and the Cylons just want to kill everybody. Crichton and SG1 will have to rally the forces of good (and moderate evil) for a stand against the evil killbots.

    Off The Chart
    SGA Xover. The crew of Moya meets the fine folks of SGA-1 in a random world in the Pegasus galaxy.

    On The Wings Of Destiny
    B5 Xover. Ranger Crichton ends in the Uncharted Territories, but the Interstellar Alliance isn't about to abandon one of their own.

    SG1 Xover. An Stargate is discovered in an independent planet of the Uncharted Territories. SG1 comes through just as Crichton is visiting the planet.

    The Road Home
    AU. A wormhole takes John Crichton to an advanced, futuristic version of Earth.

    Unrealized Peacekeeper Part 1 Learning The Ropes,2331.0.html
    Unrealized Peacekeeper Part 2 Hanging By A Thread,2333.0.html
    AU. John Crichton's arrival to the Uncharted Territories goes a bit differently and he eventually becomes a Peacekeeper officer.

    What The Frell Did You Do This Time Erpman?
    SG1/ST/SW/40k/BSG Xover. John Crichton punches a hole through the space-time continuum and ends in another universe. Then, he does it again. And again.


    Spinning the Zodiac Brave Story from a different perspective.

    Death's Children
    Oneshot. Ramza gripes, Delita broods, and some corpses rot.

    Oneshot. Attempt to figure what was going on at the end of the game.

    Dying Again And Again
    There is no cold harsher than the cold embrace of death.

    Legacy Of Honor
    Five years after the Lion War, there is a new struggle ahead for Ramza & company.

    Oneshot. Worried about dreams and death, Marche spends his first day in Ivalice with Montblanc.

    That Horrible Moment
    Story focused around the random characters you have at the beginning, with major characters of the game being reduced to supporting actors.

    The Ending Of A Revolution
    Oneshot. A tale of brother and sister.


    Dead Man's Logic
    Somebody gets to ride the Phantom Train with Kefka Palazzo.

    Visions Of Peace
    AU. An Imperial Civil War may bring forth the collapse of civilization, despite the best efforts of the heroes to avoid such a thing.


    Mr. Sith Goes To Washington
    Crackfic with Cait Sith as main character.

    Planet's Protector
    SG1 Xover. A discovery in the abandoned laboratory of Professor Hojo will take Cloud far from his home. Slash pairing.

    Put Your Lights On
    AU. Sephiroth is a dad.


    Closer To Home
    Oneshot. A what-if scenario concerning Squall Lionheart and a younger Ellone.

    Forever May Not Be Long Enough
    Speculative fic concerning a theory about one of the heroines and the ultimate enemy in the game.

    Exposing things that were not meant to be known might not be a good idea.

    Ultimecia: A Hero Lost In Time
    Time is but a never-ending cycle, isn't it?


    Blue Sun Down
    SW Xover. Shortly after leaving Miranda, the fine crew of Firefly are about to run into the biggest secret in the damn 'verse.

    Bonds Of Brotherhood
    BSG/Zoids/Earthsiege Xover. After a year away, the Firefly returns to Blue Sun space with some really powerful new friends. The Alliance should prepare for some serious trouble.

    Browncoat, Green Eyes
    HP Xover. The Alliance tries to use SuperHarry as a living weapon. Harry objects.

    The Colbert Report In The Firefly 'Verse
    The Colbert Report Xover. The news about the Alliance experiments in Miranda that created the Reavers are obviously a fake.

    When I Was Somebody Else
    Epic length post-Serenity fic, featuring all the members of the crew except Book.

    -First Wave

    Children Of Light
    Roswell Xover. The Pod Squad meet one Cade Foster who is being followed by a number of Gua operatives..


    Rage Of Swords
    AU. The Elric brothers revive their mother, but the consequences are dire.

    Substitute Teacher
    Gakuen Alice Xover. Roy Mustang, notorious pyromaniac, replaces one mister Narumi in the Alice Academy.

    The Truth Of Alchemy
    Cthulhu Mythos Xover. A professor finds an old book and discovers what is the source of the seemingly magical power of the alchemists.


    A young human woman manages to crack some of the walls that Demona has built around her heart. NOT a romance story.

    Pokemon Xover. Brooklyn of the Manhattan Clan gets trapped in TVland after some accidental magic cast by Alexander Xanatos.

    Silver Bullets
    Hellsing Xover. New York has a vampire problem and the clan cannot handle it. Who are they gonna call? Hellsing, of course.

    The Wild Thing The Wild Thing.htm
    Family, friends and enemies of the Manhattan Clan discuss the relationship between Goliath and Elisa Maza by e-mail.

    -Ghost In The Shell

    Love And Sprockets
    Oneshot. The Tachikoma are up to something.

    -Girl Genius

    Agatha Heterodyne And The Excessively Hirsute Canine
    A small town is having Spark related trouble, but when Agatha offers to help... she learns that the Heterodyne heir is already working on it.

    Boy Genius
    Back To The Future Xover. Emmett Von Braun is a Spark and a relative of Agatha Heterodyne to boot. These are his adventures.


    The Naming Of The Horror
    Oneshot. Kind of a Mythos Xover. There is something buried beneath the high school...

    -Golden Sun

    A World Apart
    Isaac goes to another world in the beginning of a desperate journey to save two.

    Persistence Of Memory
    Oneshot. Angsty. Isaac has an accident and Mia takes care of him.


    Archangel's Amazing Adventures
    Magical Knight Rayearth Xover. The invasion sets out for the Southern Continent and the Magic Knights break off from the fleets for their own operation. Street fighting in Tzen occupies the eastern forces, but the Imperial Air Force shows up to the west...

    Gundam SEED: Movie Madness
    Parody of several famous movies interpreted by the characters of the Gundam series.

    Jokers I Legend Of The Jokers Wild
    Jokers II Flight Of The Jokers Wild
    Battletech Xover. A taskforce from another dimension ends in the Gundam SEED universe, greatly changing the course of events.

    MSG 0079: A Day To Remember
    Oneshot. Concerning the events of the One Week War.

    MSG In Vain Doth Valour Bleed
    The 10th PzK and the Titans nearly turn Hameln's Remembrance Day into its Armageddon, as Kaempfer battles Barzam on the bridge across the Weser, while the Church's plan to stop Mellenthin reaps a bitter harvest.

    SDF2 Prometheus
    Ranma/Tenchi Muyo/Robotech/ST/B5 Xover. After the Robotech war, Earth launches exploration ships tasked with the discovery of new worlds.

    The Inferno That Is Chicago
    Battletech Xover. Side story of the Jokers series that starts during the siege of Chicago.

    Yardwork (featuring Heero Yui)
    Oneshot. Heero is married and living in the suburbs, but all is not well in his little world.

    -Gunsmith Cats

    Chasing The Dragon
    Bean Bandit goes against the Eight Dragon Triad in sunny California. Adult content.


    2020 Vision
    AU. An attack and a system failure causes Sho Fukamachi to face his own past self.
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  5. Murazor

    Murazor Chief Encyclopedist Amicus

    -Half Life

    Accessing GLaDOS Memory Logs
    Oneshot. Portal from the POV of GLaDOS.

    One Thousand Deaths
    Portal: A New Slice
    Portal fics. Portal from the perspective of Chell.

    The Black Mesa Incident
    Novel length fic that describes the events of Half Life, Half Life Opposing Force and Half Life Blue Shift from before the experiment to the destruction of the Nihilanth.

    The Hazard Suit
    Oneshot crackfic. Gordon Freeman complains about the design of his hazard suit.

    Welcome To City 17
    Sequel of "The Black Mesa Incident" that deals with the events of Halo 2, beginning with Gordon Freeman's awakening in an Earth that is under the dominion of the Combine.


    Combat Evolution
    AU. Reconstruction of the battle of New Mombasa using modern military doctrine and technologies.

    Far Flung Hope I The Beginning PERMENANT HOME
    SW/ST/MoO/Gundam/XCom/Alien/40k Xover. The Halos aren't just doomsday weapons, but enormous gateways that are ready to link a dozen galaxies for the next stage of a vast experiment.

    Far Flung Hope II The Great War
    Sequel of "Far Flung Hope The Beginning". A vast interstellar war between the Sentient Coalition and the Covenant Hegemony is about to begin.

    Halo 3 Collapse
    Continuation. Earth and the Elites must ally against the remnants of the Covenant, but both sides find that it is hard to forget the fallen.

    Halo The Secret Spartan
    BLADE, ONI operative and prototype of the SPARTAN project, has to deal with Master Chief and the rest of the bunch, despite her reluctance.

    Halo The Secret Wars
    SW/ST/SG1/SGA/AvP Xover. Badly written fic that puts aggressive factions from different universes against each other in a deathmatch inspired by the videogame SW Battlefront.

    Oneshot. Cortana hides a secret from the Gravemind while she is being tortured.

    The Murderess
    The Covenant may have created the agent of its very destruction.

    The Rift
    ST/SW/Starcraft Xover. The fates of many universes will be decided by a few individuals displaced in time and space.

    The Scattering Of House Ecaz
    Dune Xover. A Great House fleeing destruction crosses the boundaries between universes and arrives just in time to help the UNSC in the war against the Covenant.

    The Secrets Of Rapture
    Bioshock Xover. Twenty years back, an industry tycoon disappeared with billions of dollars. Now, a vast undersea facility has been discovered in Earth. What is the connection?

    Tomb Of Glass
    Prequel for Halo 3 Collapse. Trapped between Covenant and Flood, the people of Coral have a desperate escape plan.


    Seras 2066
    Seras wakes up in the not too distant future to find a very different world. And thus, story repeats itself...


    First Time
    Dexter Xover. Oneshot. Sylar is forced to face his crimes...

    Doctor Who Xover. Oneshot. Attempting to go to New York, Hiro ends in the Tardis and has a chat with an old friend who doesn't know him yet.


    Homeworld 2: Wrath Of The Gods
    Homeworld 2: Interstellar Odyssey
    Victory against the Vaygr was only the beginning for the Hiigarans. Now they must face an ancient threat that once challenged the Progenitors themselves and that now might consume the entire galaxy.

    -House, M.D.

    Mind Over Matter
    XMen Xover. An accident activates Robert Chase's latent mutant abilities. How will his friends, co-workers and boss deal with this?


    A Matter Of Force
    SI AU. After a car crash, a normal guy is reincarnated as Anna Potter, twin sister of Harry Potter. Much insanity. Countless cameos. Some Super!Harry (and Superduper!Anna).

    Ascension Of The Scorpion Sorcerer
    Super!Harry is angry with Dumbledore and decides to take control of his own destiny. Gorey.

    A Stranger In An Unholy Land
    AU. A spell in a duel between Voldemort and Dumbledore sends Harry to a different world where he is Voldemort's chief lieutenant.

    A Year With Q
    ST Xover. Q loses a bet and has to go to Hogwarts as an American exchange student.

    Bungle In The Jungle: A Harry Potter Adventure
    AU. Harry feels betrayed. Harry begins training as a curse-breaker. Harry discovers a lost magic city in South America and almost dies in doing so.

    Culture Shock
    The Culture Xover. Harry Potter is taken from the Dursley's doorstep by agents of an hyperadvanced alien society and raised off-world. The Harry Potter that eventually comes to Hogwarts is a very different person.

    Demon's Feign, Merlin's Pain
    Dresden Files Xover. A somewhat insane Harry Potter is summoned from a cell in the Department of Mysteries to the Dresdenverse by a bunch of wizards attempting to raise a demon.

    Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of Wizards
    AU. Harry is sent to Azkaban after being framed for a murder. What happens when he is proven to be innocent?

    Echoes Of Power I Anger
    AU. Harry Potter disappears when he is still a young boy and benefits from years of training under a family friend. When Voldemort returns, he will be facing a better trained and extremely sarcastic teenager.

    Evil Be Thou My Good
    Hellraiser Xover. Oneshot fic.

    Flying Without A Broom
    Crackfic. Harry Potter gets stoned out of his mind.

    Fusion Of Destinies
    Metroid Xover. In his fifth year in Hogwarts, Harry Potter meets a woman who remembers nothing of her past. Together they will have an enemy of galactic proportions.

    Grey Maiden I Philosopher's Stone
    Grey Maiden II Slytherin's Heir
    Grey Maiden III Servant Of Darkness
    AU. Slytherin Harry.

    Harry Farscape Potter
    Farscape Xover. The Lovegoods try to send Harry to the Moon with a magical spaceship, but an accident throws Harry a bit farther away from Earth.

    Harry Potter: An Ancient's Journey
    SG1 Xover. Harry is preparing for his first year in Hogwarts when he is unexpectedly kidnapped by an alien genetist called Loki who seems pretty excited about the opportunity to study an "advanced human" to further his genetic research.

    Harry Potter And The Hero's Path
    AU. Harry discovers magic early to protect himself from the Dursley family.

    Harry Potter And The Last Horcrux
    AU. A year after the end of HBP, Harry Potter and his friends have managed to locate all but one of the Horcruxes. But the last piece of Voldemort's tortured soul will present the greatest challenge.

    Harry Potter And The Nightmares Of Futures Past
    After defeating Voldemort, Harry Potter goes back to 'make things better', but things get complicated very soon.

    Harry Potter And The Sisters Black (Mediaminer)
    AU. After being captured by Voldemort, Harry accidentally casts a spell that turn Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange into his property. Porn ensues. NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

    Inevitable Inevitable.htm
    Anita Blake Xover. Harry encounters werewolves near St. Louis. Shortly afterwards, Anita has to deal with visiting Death Eaters.

    Luna's Hubby
    AU. Young Luna wants to get married, decides that Harry Potter would make a suitable husband and kidnaps him.

    Mastermind Hunting
    AU. Albus Dumbledore fails to keep Harry under proper watch and when the Dursleys move to America they lose all contact with the Boy Who Lived. When Harry returns, he will be powerful beyond his wildest dreams, after a number of unpleasant encounters with assorted dark wizards and muggle secret services all over the world.

    Only Enemies
    AU. Harry Potter and Bellatrix Lestrange are transported to a different world during the Final Battle. For some reason, they declare a truce in order to enjoy what the other world has to offer.

    PMS Or How On Earth Did Harry End With Him?
    Girl!Harry. And the pairing is SeverusxHarry. In the immortal words of Vegeta, the Squick is over nine thousand in this one.

    RSeries I The Philospher's Stone Retransmuted
    RSeries II The Chamber Of Secrets Reopened
    RSeries III The Prisoner Of Azkaban Returns
    RSeries IV The Goblet Of Fire Rekindled
    AU. Ravenclaw!Harry. Retelling of the HP Saga with small deviations of canon that build up over time.

    Slytherin Rising I Sleeping Death
    Slytherin Rising II Slytherin On The Wane
    Slytherin Rising III Enemies Of The Heir
    Slytherin Rising IV The Year Of The Cat Rising/
    AU. A more sympathetic Slytherin House.

    Something Grim This Way Comes
    Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Xover. Mandy and Grim to go Hogwarts. Oneshot.

    Sorcery, UNITed, Independence, Space
    Doctor Who Xover. In the middle of a journey through the UK, Harry meets a muggle Brigadier and discovers some startling facts about the universe.

    The Birth Of Evil
    Oneshot. Harry Potter always was smart, but Dumbledore didn't foresee that he would eventually become a highly succesful (and wildly popular) Dark Lord.

    The Book Of Dobby: Per Arcana Ad Astra
    AU. The Ministry boots Harry out of Hogwarts at the start of OotP. He plans his revenge with Dobby's help.

    The Chimera More Snake Than Lion (Ficwad)
    AU. Understimating Dark!Harry can be a very serious mistake now that he is planning to take over the Wizarding World. Mature content.

    The Cousin
    HP Xover. One of the ancestors of Harry was involved in preparing the magic spells that bound Alucard to the Hellsing bloodline.

    The Denarian Renegade
    The Denarian Knight
    The Denarian Lord
    The Denarian Omakes
    Dresden Files Xover. A young Harry Potter finds an ancient silver coin that contains the spirit of a fallen angel that offers him power and freedom from his abusive relatives.

    The Horror! The Horror!
    Crackfic. Harry goes to Africa and begins a business selling potions ingredients. Much hilarity ensues.

    The New Order
    AU. Harry becomes a wanted criminal after being captured by unmarked Death Eaters.

    The Power Of The Quill (NSFW)
    NOT SAFE FOR WORK. A 'marriage' fic. Allegedly funny for its first few chapters.

    The Snake Who Lived I Philosopher's Stone
    The Snake Who Lived II The Chamber Of Secrets
    The Snake Who Lived III Prisoner Of Azkaban
    AU. Slytherin Harry.

    The Wizard Of Gotham
    DC Xover. Harry Potter is abandoned in Gotham City by the Dursleys after failing to make a business deal with Wayne Enterprises. Poison Ivy adopts the poor kid.

    To Fight The Coming Darkness
    Post-OotP AU. Susan Bones becomes the main ally of Harry in the fight against the Dark Lord after the murder of her aunt.

    With Sword And Head Held High
    Highlander Xover. For five hundred years, the wizards of the McGonagall line have attempted to kill an undying demon. Now it's Minerva's turn, just as the creature prepares to end the hunt forever no matter the possible cost.

    -Indiana Jones

    Back From Yet Another Globetrotting Adventure, Indiana Jones Checks His Mail and Discovers That His Bid for Tenure Has Been Denied
    Oneshot. A parody of what real archeologists/historians would think about the activities of doctor Henry Jones Jr.
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  6. Murazor

    Murazor Chief Encyclopedist Amicus

    -Kim Possible

    The Road Not Taken
    Kim gets hurt during a routine mission, but she survives with the help of Shego. Story rating says PG-13, but the pairing Kigo and this story is in an archive called "Slash Haven Archive". You have been warned.

    -Kingdom Hearts

    Another Day In Paradise
    Post-KH2. The war is over, but the battles of everyday life might prove more difficult than the Heartless ever did.

    Oneshot. The darkness hidden in the depths of Sora's heart has fun whenever it manages to escape from its prison.

    Broken Chains, Forgotten Friends
    Oneshots from the perspective of the KH1 cast when Sora's memories are being manipulated.

    But That Was In Another Country
    Good doesn't always win. Yuffie remembers what happened before Traverse Town.

    Duty Calls
    For the world to be saved, there must be a hero. But what happens when it is the hero who needs saving?

    Post-KH2. They found a way back, but they have changed.

    An accidental release of Antiform, while attempting to Drive along with his best friends, scares the Keyblade Master.

    Moonlith Path
    Oneshot. Darkness, shadow and light. Which of the three did Sora choose?

    No Ordinary Boy
    Oneshot. Sora and his return to a besieged Hollow Bastion.

    Testing Destruction
    Oneshot. Angsty. Things are now worse than they used to be.

    The Way You See Things
    Oneshot. Sora's reflection about how he is unlike the people he grew up with.

    Twenty Truths About Sora, Kairi And Riku
    Oneshot. Some facts about the core characters of Kingdom Hearts before and during the games.

    What It Was Like
    Oneshot. Sora refuses to talk about the outside world with his old playmates.

    Whispering Shadows
    Oneshot. Sora hears voices in the shadows...

    -Knight Rider

    A Leap For A Knight
    Quantum Leap Xover. Sam Beckett leaps into the body of Michael Knight. Now he has to protect the past to preserve his future.

    The Safest Town In America
    Dukes Of Hazzard Xover. FLAG is looking for the town with the lowest criminality in the USA.


    Unnamed Lensman/Culture Fic
    Culture Xover. The folks of the Galactic Patrol have decided to invade the Cultureverse to save the Culture from their evil (?) AI Overlords. Pity that the Culture doesn't feel like being saved.

    X Files Xover. Lieutenant Dana Scully of the Galactic Patrol is assigned to the crew of a small ship commanded by Lieutenant Fox Mulder in a mission to find out the truth about a most unusual case of drug smuggling that might be just the tip of the iceberg for something worse...


    Et Fili
    Oneshot. Kain considers his relationship with the first born of his lieutenants. NOT slash.

    Legacy Of Kain 6: Restoration Of Nosgoth
    After his battle with the Elder God, Kain prepares for a last war that could save or doom the lands and people of Nosgoth.

    Melting The Ice
    Kain takes in Marina, a young vampiress, spawned by a childe of Vorador. Somewhat Mary Suish OC, but not terribly so.

    The Latter Days
    Kain returns to the devastated future to discover that the ruins of his empire are being invaded by the Hylden.

    The Name Of The Dark Father
    WoD Xover. Moebius the Timestreamer and Azimuth the Planer have a plan that should get rid of Raziel and Kain for good. Meanwhile, Julian Luna, Prince of San Francisco, is about to experience a very stressing week.

    Oneshot. Kain allows his mind to wander, between sunrise and sunset.


    An Autumn Fair In Halabor
    A group of wandering elves led by Gildor Inglorion visit a fair in a small town of Gondor.

    Narnia Xover. Peter Pevensie finds a new challenge in Middle Earth.

    Rare Ould Times
    WOT Xover. An enigmatic people called the Seanchan arrive to Middle Earth from the West to help in the fight against Mordor... But does Middle Earth want their help?

    ROG On Vacation
    Highlander Xover. A duel and a quickening close to a weird group of ruins, drops Methos in Gondor during the reign of Aragorn Telcontar I. The story has a sequel that adds a BTVS Xover.

    Rurouni Kenshin And The Lord Of The Rings
    Kenshin Xover. A certain redheaded ex-assassin meets a wizard called Radagast and joins the fight against the forces of evil.

    Serpent In Paradise I The Fellowship Of The Serpent
    Serpent In Paradise II The Two Powers In Paradise 1 &
    By AEMI
    A character from the real world is transported to Middle Earth. It's just that she didn't want such a thing and is very vocal about voicing her displeasure.

    Take These Broken Wings
    Escape Velocity: Nova Xover. A master and a slave crashland in a remote world. Is freedom worth the price demanded?

    The Game Of The Gods
    Morgoth is released from his prison to play a game against Varda. He attacks the fabric of reality with Mary Sues, while she counters this with good ol' realism.

    The Tenant From Staddle
    Some gifts are more trouble than they are worth, as Frodo learns when he discovers that Aragorn has turned him into a landowner. Deals with the aftermath of the War of the Ring.


    Captain America: Sentinal Of Liberty
    The story of Steve Rogers, supersoldier and hero.

    Down The Rabbit Hole
    Multi Xover. A fleet of interdimensional refugees ends in the general neighbourhood of Earth, alarming the resident superheroes.

    Identity Crisis
    Oneshot. Spiderman was unmasked stopping an out-of-control train, but fortunately not all heroes must wear masks.

    Doctor Doom, tyrant of Latveria, marries one of his (female) minions. Some mature content.

    The Doctor's Take
    Doctor Doom has a chat with Reed Richards and Tony Stark about their plans for the superhumans of the world.

    -Mass Effect

    Mock Effect
    Script format parody of Mass Effect


    AU. First in a series. A sinister twist for the ending of Revolutions.

    What The Hell Happened Here!
    Farscape Xover. John Crichton returns home with a fleet to find that something has gone horribly wrong in Earth and that he is the best hope of the Zion human resistance.


    Whispers In Time
    The story between Megaman and Megaman X told from the POV of several different characters.

    -Megami Tensei

    Oneshot. The hero hears odd things.

    -Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    The Melancholy Of Kyon
    For a number of reasons, the girls are falling in love with Kyon. Haruhi is not amused. The universe might be screwed.


    Tactical Idiocy Action: Metal Gear Solid
    Parody of the MGS series.

    The Last Days Of FOXHOUND
    A humour webcomic that uses the characters of the FOXHOUND unit as its core cast.


    AtumComa The City Hidden In The Nexus
    Darkstalkers/Girl Genius Xover. After being chased out of Konoha by angry shinobi, Naruto ends in a world where he gains a great deal of power before returning home.

    Chunin Exam Day
    Groundhog Day, now with ninjas. Naruto is trapped in a neverending timeloop. He gets gradually more powerful and collects an harem.

    Fetish? What's A Fetish?
    Naruto is about to learn something that will change his life. He is going to get sex ed.

    Great Ninja Onizuka
    Great Teacher Onizuka/Azumanga Daioh/Fist of the North Star Xover. Eikichi Onikuza becomes the foster father of Umino Iruka in the aftermath of the Kyubi attack.

    Naruto: Lord Of Spines
    Starcraft Xover. Naruto is transported to the Terran Confederacy and recruited for the Ghost program. There, he meets a girl called Sarah.

    Not Home Anymore
    WoW Xover. An attempt to capture Naruto ends when Itachi turns an immobilizing jutsu into a "send people to other world" jutsu with a couple of wrong hand signs. Meanwhile, Naruto gets to meet the elfs of Azeroth and their ilk.

    Prove The Pervert Wrong
    Jiraiya will not teach Naruto, unless he renounces to bring back Sasuke. As a result, Naruto has to train himself.

    Oneshot. Darkfic. After becoming Hokage, Naruto finds a way to create new Sharingans for the ninja of the Hidden Leaf.

    Relentless Flow
    Oneshot. The fight between Lee and Gaara happens earlier than in canon.

    Tempered In Water
    AU. The battle against Haku ends differently, thus changing the life of Naruto. FemHaku.

    The Book Of Naruto
    Naruto has been considered a monster, a nuisance, a friend, a comrade... But a god? That one is new.

    The Legend Of Uzumaki Naruto: A Beginnning
    The Legend Of Uzumaki Naruto: Soul Of Fire
    WoW Xover. While training under Jiraiya, Naruto finds him a small jewel that transports him to a world called Azeroth.

    The Night The House Of Cards Was Built
    A young Naruto wins a high stakes game against some of the most influential residents of Konoha.

    Within The Pale White Light
    Halo Xover. A number of ninja of the Hidden Leaf wake up in a world that is being invaded by troops of the Covenant.

    -Neverending Story

    The Day After Tomorrow Xover. Oneshot. Bastian Balthazar Bux discovers that sometimes stories do end.


    Beginnings And Endings
    AU. Misato arrives late and Shinji has to live alone in Tokyo 3.

    Changing Darkness
    SW Xover. An empire led by Thrawn discovers post-Second Impact Earth in Wild Space. Agents are sent to explore the primitive dirtball and learn more about the ongoing conflict between humans and some strange biomechanical WMDs. There Be Porn. NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

    Chicks Dig Giant Robots
    Oneshot crackfic. Gendo Ikari is the greatest dad in the world in the opinion of his son Shinji. After all, he has ensured that his kid gets to live with hot women and lets him drive giant robots causing large amounts of property damage.

    Children Of An Elder God
    Cthulhu Mythos Fusion/Xover. Instead of the original Angels, in this AU NERV was created to defeat a number of Lovecraftian creatures that are awakening.

    Years after the end of the war against the Angels, Shinji Ikari returns to Tokyo 3 after Misato calls him asking for help.

    End Of Evangelion May Cry
    DMC Xover. Dante Sparda and friends show up just before Third Impact.

    Eternities War
    Shinji returns from the Plain of Eternity to discover that bad has gone to worse.

    Evangelion Seed
    Gundam Seed Xover. The arrival of the Angels might have forced peace among humans, but how long can even this enemy keep the hounds of war leashed?

    Eva R
    Unofficial fan continuation/virtual season of NGE.

    Fane Of The Firebird
    Revolutionary Girl Utena Xover. Described as following the Utena storyline with a number of NGE characters and heavy influence of the mythology of Evangelion.

    hackEVA: Catharsis
    .hack Xover. Shinji is chosen to be one of the test players for a new MMORPG. As a result, he manages to escape the boundaries of his former existence.

    Higher Learning
    AU. The apparition of a new character in the lives of the Children changes things (largely for the better).

    I Was A Teenage Dummy Plug
    SI. An otaku wakes up inside the body of one of the replacement Rei clones. NERV isn't terribly thrilled about it.

    NGE Theatre
    By WDCain Man
    A series of stories where Shinji is raised by characters from different anime, comics, movies, and video games.
    Evangelion - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 48,181 - Reviews: 3 - Published: 1-28-13 - Shinji I. - Complete
    DBZ/Street Fighter/Twisted Metal/Marvel Xovers. Shinji is raised by different people.

    Metal Gear Solid: Children Of Evangelion
    MGS Xover. An aged Solid Snake gets involved with the NERV project.

    Neon Exodus Evangelion
    XCom Xover. Fusion of Evangelion and the first XCom game, plus a number of minor crossovers.

    Scenario No Yui
    AU. Unit 01 contains the soul of Gendo Ikari and Yui is commander of NERV.

    Shinji And Warhammer 40k
    40k Xover. Shinji grows up with a few pre-Second Impact 40k models as his best friends. When Gendo summons him to Tokyo 3, the consequences of this become evident.

    Taking Sights
    AU. After Third Impact, Gendo Ikari gets his own chance to go back and change things for the better. But things do not go as planned this time around, either.

    Teineina Tenshi No Teze
    Ranma Xover. Ranma Saotome tries to make a new life for himself in the NGE world.

    The Case Of Lorenz Kihl
    Third Impact doesn't go as planned for the man best known as SEELE 01.

    The Gospel Of Malachel
    Continuation. At the end of the Angel War, an OC character from Asuka's past shows up in Tokyo 3, while the Powers That Be prepare for Instrumentality.

    Thousand Shinji
    40k Xover. Before going to Tokyo 3, Shinji is trained by Khnemu, a sorcerer who worships the Chaos God Tzeentch.

    Thousand Shinji II The Open Door
    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya/ST/SG1/Nanoha/OMG/Forgotten Realms... Xover. The new gods of Chaos led by Tzintchi want to have fun and sending folks to explore the multiverse sounds like a good idea.

    Together We Stand Book I
    Together We Stand Book II Divided We Fall
    Together We Stand Book III Carpe Diem
    Also (two first books only)
    How would things change for Tokyo 3 if Hikari were to fall in love with Shinji?

    AU. Tokyo-3, 2018. The Angel War never happened. NERV doesn't exist. And Asuka is beginning to think that something funny is going on.

    Vandread Xover. Centuries after the Angel War, Shinji Ikari is found floating in space inside a stasis pod.


    Children Of The Night
    Hellsing Xover. Noir has to kill one Integra Hellsing. It turns out to be more complicated than initially predicted.


    Neon Ray
    Oneshot. About friendship and motivations.


    Dire Fates
    Hellblazer Xover. Watch the pretty fireworks as John Constantine becomes a pawn in a game to break the balance between Heaven and Hell.

    -One Piece

    The Six Phases Of A Project
    Bleach Xover. Oneshot. A case of mistaken identities has annoying consequences.
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  7. Murazor

    Murazor Chief Encyclopedist Amicus


    God has betrayed humanity and granted Satan dominion over Earth and all its creatures. But it's not as bad as it sounds...

    Ghost Girl
    The story of a girl forced to become an assassin. Extreme levels of violence and language.

    Hunter Patrol
    Novel written by John Joseph McGuire and H. Beam Piper.

    Song Of The Valkyrie
    It's the 41st century and a new ship is being launched to serve as the testbed of many new technologies. Things don't go quite as expected.

    So You Want To Rule The World
    Crackfic. Handbook for supervillans interested in world domination, written in the style of Soon I Will Be Invincible.

    Project Gutenberg
    An archive for literature no longer protected under copyright law. Includes a fair amount of Golden Age sci-fi/fantasy that is now considered "of public domain".

    A man with no memories of his past finds himself floating in the middle of the ocean...

    Space Viking
    Novel written by H. Beam Piper. Heavy in space battles and somewhat hard sciencey.

    The Lady, Or The Tiger?
    The Discourager Of Hesitancy
    Short stories written by Frank Stockton in the 19th century. Open ending.

    To The Core
    A group of unstable mercenaries with unusual abilities join an expedition being sent to explore the distant core of the galaxy.

    Uller Uprising
    Novel written by H. Beam Piper. Allegedly inspired by the Sepoy Mutiny + nukes + aliens.


    Dateline: Belgium
    The world reacts to the destruction of the Smurf village.

    Revenge Of The Dough Boy
    The Pillsbury Dough Boy goes on a killing spree.

    Wormhole MUD


    Pokemon MASTER
    AU. Darkfic. Story set in a post-apocalyptic Pokemon world. Hailed as one of the very best stories in its entire fandom. M rating.

    -Posleen (Legacy of the Aldenata)

    The Yeomen Of England
    The Posleen land in Great Britain. From there, it's business as usual. Membership in required to read it.


    The Husband Of The King
    Post-AWE. Oneshot dealing with Will Turner after he finishes his ten years as captain of the Dutchman.

    -Princess Tutu

    Pas De Deux
    Oneshot. Two characters dance when the story has already ended.


    An Empire Reborn
    SM Xover. Ranma is the next King of the Moon and the Senshi are the enemy.

    Dragon Lady Of Macross
    Robotech Xover. Ranma leaves Genma after the fun with the Cursed Springs and joins the space service.

    MGS/SM/NGE... Xover. Ranma joins a really special anti-terrorist force. Hilarity and lots of deadly violence result.

    Gunslinger Moon
    SM Xover. Amnesiac talking cat, BFGs and Nerima team up to forever change the Sailor Moon franchise.

    Heir To The Empire
    SM Xover. The heir of the Silver Millenium meets the heir of the Anything Goes school.

    SM/OMG/Tenchi Muyo/SW... Xovers. While attempting to write fanfics, a couple of slightly disturbed Ranma fans end trapped in the head of one Ranma Saotome. From there, they will guide their new host in a quest for ultimate power.

    Macross Onehalf
    Robotech Xover. Japan, 2009. Ranma Saotome joins the UN Spacy and becomes part of the Defense Force.

    Master Of Orion of Orion
    SM Xover. Ranma Saotome becomes the proud owner of a talking Moon Cat.

    Ranma And The Doctor
    Doctor Who Xover. The fight against Herb destroys the Unlocking Kettle. Ranma may well be stuck as a woman for life, unless the last visitor to Nerima can offer a solution.

    Ranma Master Of The Cards
    YGO/Slayers Xover. Thanks to Akane, Ranma is stuck with the Millennium Puzzle. Now what is the best martial artist in the world supposed to do?

    Ranma Yu Gi Oh
    YGO Xover. Ranma must travel to another world to become the King of Games.

    SM/OMG/Forgotten Realms Xover. A slight technical problem results in Ranma Saotome, Usagi Tsukino and Keichi Morisato ending in Faerun. The Realms will never be the same after this.

    Rune Soldier Ranma
    Rune Soldier Xover. A wish transports Ranma Saotome to the world of Record of Lodoss War.

    Strained Harmony
    SM Xover. Ranma Saotome begins working as the nanny of a young girl with poor health.

    The Dark Lords Of Nerima
    SM Xover. Ryoga finds a weird looking woman in obvious need of help and rescues her. Turns out that the poor lady is a rogue energy-draining youma and now both the Senshi and the Dark Kingdom think that Ranma and Ryoga are a new enemy group.

    The Goddess Dilemma
    OMG/Soul Calibur/Tenchi Muyo/SW/ST Xover. SuperRanma goes jumping through the Multiverse.

    The Great Crossover Crisis
    OMG/Pokemon/Slayers... Xover. Several Ranmas of several different dimensions get to meet as a result of a mistake of the divine.

    The Journey
    RIFTS Xover. The latest outbreak of crazy leaves several members of the Nerima Wrecking Crew in a strange and extremely dangerous world.

    The Kingpin Of Japan
    By WDCain Man
    Genma made the mistake and took Ranma to train in South Town. Geese finds them and raises Ranma to become the world's most powerful crime lord.
    Crossover - King of Fighters & Ranma - Rated: M - English - Crime/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,677 - Reviews: 5 - Published: 1-29-13 - Ranma

    The Return
    SM Xover. Ranma Saotome is one of the Senshi. She lives in Canada. And she is a succubus now.

    The Road To Cydonia
    XCOM Xover. Ryoga Hibiki gets abducted by Really Evil Aliens and things take a turn for the nasty for the denizens of Nerima, Tokyo. Fortunately, a bunch of crazy martial artists aren't Earth's last line of defense against this particular threat.

    The Saotome Gambit
    Battletech Xover. The Nerima Confederation is about to fall under the power of the Furinkan Combine led by House Kuno. The Inner Sphere will be changed forever.

    WAAAGH Ranma!
    Warhammer Fantasy Xover. Ranma is the victim of another spell gone wrong and soon afterwards finds himself as the chieftain of a tribe of green-skinned orcs in a high fantasy world.

    -Read Or Die

    A Secretary's Complaint
    Crackfic. Wendy has some words with her boss regarding the new series... of events.

    The Evil Villain Henchman Exchange Program
    SW Xover. Crackfic. The Special Operations Division gets one Mr. Vader in exchange for one Ms. Wendy Earheart.

    -Record Of Lodoss War

    Chronicles Of Murphy Book I
    SI. A historian from the real world shows up in a world of knights and wizards, where his understanding of warfare through the ages might change everything.

    -Red Dwarf

    The Killer Sock
    One-shot crackfic.


    Legend Of The Megaroad
    Legend Of The Megaroad II
    About the fate of the Megaroad after losing contact with Earth.

    Macross Frontier: 24 Minutes
    Using the storytelling style of the 24 TV series, this fic explains a crisis in 24 chapters that cover 24 minutes of real time.

    Robotech Vs Transformers: Revenge Road
    Transformers Xover. Humans get involved in the civil war in Cybertron.

    Semper Fi: The UN Marine Corps
    AU. The Macross Saga retold from a different point of view.

    From the point of view of a civilian reporter.

    -Rurouni Kenshin

    Clean And White
    Bleach Xover. Kenshin feels that his master might be in need of help and finds himself facing strange monsters called Hollows.

    Mending Songs
    Bleach Xover. Sequel of Clean And White. Kenshin helps a shinigami that has been exiled from Soul Society to recover his powers.

    Out Of Time
    An accident during a trip leaves Kenshin thirteen years in the past, during the bloodiest days of the Revolution, while his younger self gets to see the future.

    -Sailor Moon

    Destiny's Child
    Ranma Xover. A slighly different curse has kept Ranma Saotome trapped in the body of an eternally young girl for centuries. Could things get any worse? Of course they can. His curse is actually the reincarnation of a certain Senshi of Silence.

    SI. Kind of Spiderman Xover. A fanfic writer ends trapped in the world of Sailor Moon for several years, getting some cool superpowers over time and some nasty enemies among the yakuza.

    Sailor Hellblazer
    Hellblazer Xover. Presenting John Constantine as a magical girl. Nuff said.

    Sailor Nothing
    An original work who has for main character a typical Japanese magical girl (with strong SM inspiration) who really, really hates the magical parts of her life.

    Ten Times The Doctor Met Sailor Pluto (Plus One More)
    Doctor Who Xover. Different incarnations of the Doctor visit the Gates of Time and chat with their Guardian.

    The Misery Senshi Neo-Zero Double Blitzkrieg Debacle
    Daria Xover. Daria has to replace Sailor Mercury when the Senshi are forced to fight against a terrorist organization.

    Vengeance And A Half
    Ranma Xover. There has been an accident, the timeline is a sorry mess and Akane Tendo has been killed by the Outers... Shit, meet fan.


    Atlantis DSV
    Archive that contains several episodes and plentiful background material for a virtual season of the Seaquest TV Show that presents the UEO and Macronesia engaging in open conflict.
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  8. Murazor

    Murazor Chief Encyclopedist Amicus


    An Insiders Knowledge Of The Gateroom
    Humor fic dealing with the insights of one of the anonymous Bridge Bunnies of the Atlantis expedition.

    Dog Days
    John Sheppard is having a bad, bad day. Add Ancient madtech and a doctor who is fond of terriers to get a really bad day.

    AU. After the Asurans and a group of rogue Ancients initiate a kill-a-thon against the humans of Pegasus, the SGC decides to protect Earth by sending Atlantis to yet another galaxy with John Sheppard at the helm.

    For A Pocketful
    Farscape Xover. D'argo Sun Crichton is kidnapped and ends in the city of Atlantis. Soon, the kidnappers and his parents show up looking for him.

    Encounter At Dawn
    nBSG Xover. Despite a screwed up First Contact, the Atlantis expedition and the Colonial survivors will have to team up in order to handle the combined threats of the Cylons and the Wraith.

    Memoranda From The Edge
    Private messages between different members of the Atlantis Expedition. Crackfic.

    Of Duty, Atonement And Redemption
    Explores the consequences of McKay's failure with Project Arcturus.

    SG1 Xover. After three years without contact with Pegasus, SG1 arrives with the Daedalus just to discover that the Atlantis Expedition has been taken over by the NID.

    The Lost Colony
    Numb3rs Xover. The Eppes brothers are needed to decypher an artifact.

    The Puddlejumper Diaries
    The Ancients were peerless technologists... and with some of their creations there is more than what the eye sees.

    Walk Out Of The World
    Firefly Xover. One-shot. Webarchive link provided, following removal of story from the original archive.


    A Life Interrupted
    4400 Xover. Samantha Carter disappears in 1998 and six years later she reappears with 4399 other missing individuals in a frozen lake. First in a series.

    A New Frontier A New Frontier.htm
    ST Xover. The Enterprise-E enters the Bajoran wormhole and ends in the SGverse.

    A New Life
    JAG Xover. After being declared MIA, O'Neill and Carter return to Earth, where the NID gets interested in their twin babies. Some old friends from the JAG will have to help clear the legal mess.

    A Quantum Mirror Story
    The Janet Fraiser of a doomed dimension comes through the Quantum Mirror.

    Are We There Yet?
    nBSG Xover. Galactica makes contact with the SGC commanded by General Jack O'Neill.

    Best Laid Plans I-VIII
    Highlander Xover. The Ancients created Immortals to protect Earth from possible Goa'uld invasions. Obviously, things didn't exactly turn out as planned.

    Birds Of A Feather
    The Sentinel Xover. Daniel Jackson is Blair Sandburg's long lost brother.

    Cat's Eyes
    Highlander Xover. Daniel Jackson has trouble with a translation and requests the help of Adam Pierson.

    Changing Of The Guard
    Highlander Xover. Methos learns of the existence of the Stargate, just as the SGC learns about the existence of Immortals and begins considering the possible uses of this knowledge.

    Consequences Of Actions
    Consequences Of Actions II
    B5 Xover. The Daedalus-class USS Achilles has an accident in hyperspace and reaches the B5verse during the Earth-Mimbari war. Poor, poor Mimbari.

    Crumpets Aren't My Style
    HP Xover. Jack O'Neill tries to save a kid from masked weirdoes during a visit to England. Then, he discovers that magic is real.

    nBSG Xover. Earth finds a space station belonging to the Ancients that opens the way to a brand new universe.

    Distorted Reflections
    Jeremiah Xover. While looking for the Lost City, the team ends trapped in an alternate, post-apocalyptic Earth where all the adults were killed by a disease fifteen years before their arrival.

    Earth Abides
    E-Ring/Stephen King's The Stand Xover. The time has come for Earth to become the battlefield in the eternal struggle between Good and Evil.

    Family Realities
    Three kids come through the Quantum Mirror. Jack and Sam have to deal with their UST.

    SW Xover. Sam Carter discovers hidden powers in a galaxy far, far away.

    Here, At The End Of All Things
    Terminator Xover. Oneshot. After nuclear apocalypse, Daniel and Sam have a chat in the ruins of Stargate Command, while they prepare their departure.

    In Between
    Highlander Xover. Daniel was meant to become an Immortal, but his resurrections with alien technology have messed things up.

    Oneshot crackfic. Cameron Mitchell tries to get Teal'c to use a wider vocabulary. Doesn't go terribly well.

    Jack's Memorial Jack s Memorial.html
    O'Neill remembers some lost friends. One-shot.

    Monkey Screaming
    Monkey Screaming II Mirror Image
    Monkey Screaming III Silk And Chains
    The clone of O'Neill isn't adapting well without SG1 in his life and eventually the rest of the team request the Asgard to make young clones of themselves.

    Memoirs Of A Chevron Guy
    Crackfic. Some extracts from the journals of Walter Harriman, the Chevron Guy.

    Farscape Xover. A broken gate in a remote world forces SG1 to join an alien in the search for a lost astronaut.

    Reboot Reboot.htm
    When the victory of the Ori seems a certainty, Earth activates a desperate plan of apocalyptic proportions.

    Seven Chevrons Of Nine
    ST Xover. What if O'Neill hadn't stopped Jolinar from going through the Stargate?

    Smite 1701
    SW Xover. During season 7, the people of Stargate Command find a Star Destroyer of the fleet of the Galactic Empire floating in the outer solar system. This turns out to be both a great opportunity and a cause of much puzzlement.

    AU. SG1, now with 200% more boom.

    Stargate: Trinity
    B5/ST Xover. The first trip of the Prometheus ends in an alternate universe. It is going to be a looong day for Jack O'Neill.

    The Black Magician
    Highlander Xover. SG1 makes a discovery, when something from Methos' past reappears unexpectedly.

    The Devil Must The Devil Must.htm
    An aged Paul Davis orders the destruction of the SGC during a conflict against the Eastern Coalition.

    The Glory Of Their Days
    S9 AU. The Ori are invading in force, but Earth intends to stand firm. Also, Space Romans!

    The Hawk And The Dove
    MacGyver Xover. Some of Angus' enemies make a severe mistake and accidentally kidnap one general Jack O'Neill.

    The Medusa Stone
    Highlander Xover. Daniel Jackson is having trouble with the translation of an artifact, but historian Adam Pierson has offered his help...

    The Thirteenth Colony Series
    BSG Xover. The Colonials find the thirteenth tribe.

    The Unlikely Road Taken
    AU. Militarized SGC has to help one of its new allies.

    AU. B5/BSG/ST Xover. Stargate now with 300% more boom.

    Virtual Season 9
    AU. Collection of stories that form an alternate Ori-less season 9 for SG1.

    Warrior Peoples
    AU. SG1 encounters an advanced society created by an unusually nice Goa'uld who seems to be fascinated by Earth's pop culture.

    What Is That Thing?
    Lilo & Stitch Xover. SG1 captures for questioning a couple of sisters who have been hiding an alien in Hawaii. Hilarity ensues.

    What You Already Know I Evolution
    AU. First in a series. This time around, Daniel Jackson isn't exactly as he was before his Ascension and this difference will change everything. There is an alternate version of the story with "shipping" elements.

    Who's Afraid Of The Big, Bad Q?
    During the Ori invasion, a bored superbeing from another universe shows up at the SGC offering to help...

    XSGCOM: Goa'uld Defense XSGCOM Goa uld Defence.htm
    XCOM Xover. Two organizations created to fight against different alien threats join forces. The Goa'uld are sooooo screwed.

    Younger Than The Dinosaurs
    O'Neill and his clone get to see what life is like for each other when their minds are accidentally connected.


    Shadowrun Paid In Blood
    Peaches believed that he had left shadowrunning behind. He was wrong and now he will have to pay a price of blood for his mistake.

    Shapcano's Shadowrun Stories
    Archive of several novel-length fics.

    -Sky High

    War And Peace In Mind
    Being the son of a supervillain in a school full of superhero brats ain't easy, as Warren Peace knows all too well.


    The Incredibly Dense Mind Of Lois Lane
    After working together for a few years in the Daily Planet, Clark wants Lois to know his secret. But he plans to let her discover it. Those in the know have lots of fun.

    -Sorcerer Hunters

    Green With Evil
    By WDCain Man
    Carrot has gone insane after being abandoned by his team and tortured. Now he lives only to murder those he hates most: The Sorcerer Hunters.
    Sorcerer Hunters - Rated: M - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 14,461 - Published: 1-28-13


    A Good Look In The Mirror
    TOS Oneshot. The mirror James T. Kirk has much to consider after his brief stay in another universe.

    Alliance Royal Armada
    Mirrorverse. After the fall of the Terran Empire, the Romulans prepare to defeat the Cardassian/Klingon Alliance in their bid for dominion over the entire Alpha Quadrant.

    Among The Naked Stars
    AU Klingons end in a post-Voyager Alpha Quadrant.

    A fleet of powerful warships arrive from an alternate universe and declare their intention of building an empire in the Alpha Quadrant.

    A New Way
    After the Borg Unicomplex is destroyed, a back-up created by the Borg Queen makes plans for revenge and galactic conquest.

    Another Piece Of The Action
    Green Hornet Xover. The Green Hornet and crew are abducted. Centuries later, they are discovered in space by Kirk's Enterprise.

    A Universe Of Change
    B5 Xover. At the end of Yesterday's Enterprise, both the Enterprise C and D try to go through the rift. They end in a new universe, instead of going back to the past. And the new universe isn't a welcoming one.

    A Whale Of A Time
    Oneshot. Aftermath of STIV after Captain Kirks leaves for the future with a couple of whales in his ship.

    Best Of Both Worlds Alternate Ending
    One-shot. Parody AU of the episode of the same name.

    Chains Of Command
    AU. Captain Janeway is injured in the Caretaker Array and Tom Paris is forced to become acting commander of the Enterprise.

    Clash Of Federations
    B5 Xover. An accident opens a dimensional gateway between the Sol System of the Earth-Mimbari war (B5verse) and the Sol System of the Romulan War (STverse).

    Commander Blackadder Starfleet BuPers
    Blackadder Xover. The Blackadder line strikes back. Now in space!! Written in script format.

    Destiny's Child 2.0
    SG1 Xover. A vessel of Starfleet encounters an anomaly and is transported to another universe just in time to save the world of Tollana from Goa'uld attackers.

    Do It Again
    Do It Again II Farpoint Revisited
    Do It Again III Quality Of Growth
    Q creates an alternate timeline to repeat his interactions with the crew of the Enterprise, beginning with the Farpoint mission.

    Endeavour I Elysium
    Endeavour II Vigrid
    Endeavour III Ragnarok
    Endeavour IV Icarus
    Endeavour V Pandora
    Endeavour VI Acheron
    Endeavour VII Grendel
    Endeavour VIII Medea
    ENT. A series of fics about the birth of the Federation and the devastation caused by the Romulan War.

    Enterprise Rewrite
    AU. One-shot. Enterprise told in a different way.

    Firing Solution
    VOY AU. After an accident costs Tom Paris his career in Starfleet, he goes looking for adventure to the rougher spots in the Alpha Quadrant.

    First Contact: Sabotage
    Oneshot. Zefram Cochrane sabotages his own spaceship in an attempt to avoid becoming an idol for later generations. The Enterprise has to force the First Contact scenario to avoid a change in the timeline.

    Free Enterprise
    The Ferengi steal the Enterprise and sell it to the Romulans. Although Starfleet considers the ship lost for good, the crew disagrees and decide to get her back.

    Jane Kirk's Enterprise: Sacrifice
    One-shot. Captain Kirk is born as a woman.

    Judgement Day I Dead Letter
    Judgement Day II It's Always Fun Until Somebody Loses
    Judgement Day III Te Morituri Salutamus
    Judgement Day IV One Of The Living
    Judgement Day V Go Down, Moses
    Judgement Day VI Let Me Entertain You
    Judgement Day VII The Partisan
    A series of one-shots involving characters of TNG, DS9 and VOY.

    Memoirs Of A Starship
    Oneshot. The ST adventures as seen from the perspective of the Enterprise-E itself.

    No Beast So Fierce
    B5 Xover. Enterprise meets singularity, Enterprise is transported to the Babylonverse, Vorlons fear repeat of the Thirdspace incident.

    Only Human
    AU. Q's powers aren't restored at the end of Deja Q and he has to learn to be a normal human.

    Original Star Trek ISOT
    Kirk's Enterprise goes back in time to 1969 and cannot return to its original timeline.

    DS9. First in a series. The Defiant goes back to the time of WWII. Doctor Bashir gets to experience the Holocaust first hand.

    Pax Romana
    The Nova Romans of 892-IV have left their world with plans to create an interstellar empire. A science ship of Starfleet might become their first victim if no one does something about it.

    Reality: The Borg War
    When Starfleet gets reports suggesting a massive Borg offensive, they activate 'Star Wagon', a contingency plan that includes recruitment of trekkies from the past of an alternate reality. First in a series.

    Reboot The Chase
    SG1 Xover. Turns out that the Stargate program is but a forgotten part of the history of Earth before the rise of the UFP.

    Reflecting To You
    AU. The mirrorverse T'Pol ends in the main timeline after "In A Mirror Darkly".

    Scorched Earth
    DS9 AU. Garak-centric. Follows the possible consequences of a successful attack against the Founder homeworld.

    Sapient NOT Sentient!
    TNG. Oneshot mocking the grammatical inaccuracies present in many episodes of the series.

    Shaken, Not Stirred
    DS9. Continuation of the episode "Our Man Bashir".

    Star Trek And Star Wars I The Merging Revised Edition
    SW Xover. The Galactic Republic and the civilizations of Star Trek will have to get used to the existence of the new order that has been created in the galaxy they share now.

    Star Trek Enterprise: The Open Door
    AU. Enterprise rewritten without a Temporal Cold War.

    Star Trek: Non Federation Timeline
    AU. The Warp drive is developed in a divided Earth and the United Federation of Planets is never formed. Britwank warning.

    Star Trek: The Breen War
    Starfleet has to fight against the enigmatic Breen.

    Terran Empire I Reap The Whirlwind
    Terran Empire II Unity
    Mirrorverse. A Terran Empire that has become galactic in scope discovers the secrets of interdimensional travel.

    The Best Of Both Worlds
    SW Xover. Two galaxies distant in space and time are connected during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Meanwhile, the gods themselves worry about the fate of the universe.

    The Borg Vs The Empire I The Death Star
    The Borg Vs The Empire II The Invasion
    SW Xover. A Borg vessels ends in a remote galaxy, where it witnesses the destruction of a planet by the ultimate weapon of a Galactic Empire.

    The Final Reckoning I Ultimate Vision
    The Final Reckoning II The Woman Unknown
    The Final Reckoning III Focal Point
    Q decides to challenge Picard with a series of tests that shall either destroy him or turn him into a living god.

    The Make Of A Captain
    AU. James T. Kirk is the leader of a pirate organization about to face the flagship of Starfleet, the USS Enterprise itself.

    The Prodigal Daughter
    VOY. Somebody is very interested in Marla Gilmore, formerly of the USS Equinox, after Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant.

    Things Starfleet Officers Are Not Allowed To Do
    Different Starfleet officers in different time periods read "one of those lists" and consider what might have caused some of the prohibitions.

    To The Journey
    nBSG Xover. Voyager encounters the Cylons and Colonials just as the battle of the Ionian Nebula is beginning. After the fireworks end, the Colonials and Voyager decide to pool resources in their journey towards distant Earth.

    Where No Klingon Has Gone Before
    B5 Xover. Q puts the Klingons to the test by sending one of their fleets to the opposite extreme of the galaxy.
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  9. Murazor

    Murazor Chief Encyclopedist Amicus

    -Star Blazers

    Footprints In Time
    Oneshot. A travel to the 18th century during a battle against the Comet Empire has an unexpected consequence.

    Star Blazers Rebirth
    Twenty five years after the end of the original Starblazers series, Earth is being threatened again and the Argo may be the last hope of humanity.


    Oneshot. Home can be found where you least expect it to be.


    A Line In The Sand
    AU. When Anakin tells Mace Windu that Palpatine is the Sith Lord, Windu orders him and the rest of the Council to prepare the evacuation of the Temple, while he goes against Sidious alone.

    AU. After Vader turns against Palpatine to save a slave he has grown to love, Anakin Skywalker becomes a prisoner of the Jedi Order. Imprisoned beneath the Temple, Master Dooku will become his only ally in hard times.

    A New Sith, Or Revenge Of The Hope
    Short piece of analysis that puts the original trilogy of SW films under a completely new light.

    Another Vader Redemption Fic
    Crackfic. Anakin is redeemed after a rather embarrassing accident.

    A Shrouded Path
    AU. A redeemed Xanatos is to train Anakin Skywalker, as per the dying wishes of Qui Gon Jinn. Obi-Wan gets a different Padawan.

    A Squelch Of Empires
    40k Xover. A wormhole now connects the Imperium of Man and the Galactic Empire. Both sides want to conquer the other, but first they must explore the brave new world in the other side of the rift. Includes characters from the Hull 721 fanfic and the Ciaphas Cain novels.

    Before Fear Leads To Anger
    Sixth Sense Xover. Kenobi's first solo mission in a primitive planet called Earth puts the ghost of his teacher in contact with a most gifted child. Original site is down, but the individual chapters of the story can be recovered using the archives on an old Yahoo group.

    Cage Of Darkness
    AU. Vader's fighter crashes. The Dark Lord is captured and healed by the Rebel Alliance, making him an enemy of the Empire... But can a Sith truly become an ally in the fight for freedom?

    Coming To Terms

    ST Xover. A dimensional portal opens between two galaxies separated by oceans of space and time. Written by Mike Wong of fame.

    Dark Mirror
    The New Republic has to face an invasion from an extradimensional Galactic Empire. One ruled by Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade.

    De Imperatoribus Galacticis
    Chp 0-21
    Chp 22
    Chp 23
    Chp 23.5 The Apotheosis Of Miat Temm
    Chp 24
    Chp 25
    Chp 26
    Chp 27
    ST Xover. Imperial forces have conquered the Alpha Quadrant, but lost contact with their home galaxy years ago. When they return, they discover that the galaxy is being invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong.

    Domus Publica Invention
    Archive for the SW fanfiction of Julius Sykes. Includes a novelization of Dark Empire titled The Test Of Wills.

    AU. Luke is captured in the Death Star and taken to Coruscant to be trained as a Sith. But can a farmboy survive amidst the schemes of the Imperial court? Pro-Imperial POV.

    Early Redemption
    AU. Luke and Leia go back in time to save their father from the Sith. Doesn't go terribly well.

    B5/Tenchi Muyo... Xover. The Vorlons and Shadows react sooner than expected, forcing the people of the Interstellar Commonwealth to abandon their home universe. They end in a galaxy far, far away.

    Fall Of The Sith
    ROTS AU. Does Darth Windu sound appealing?

    Fall Of The Sith II Edge Of Darkness
    AU. Sequel of Fall Of The Sith.

    Far More Than Rubies
    History repeats itself in the Lars homestead, but this time there will be a different ending. Identified as Padme/Luke in the blurb, although this seems to be an identification of the core characters rather than an indication of romantic pairing.

    Final Flight
    Oneshot. The last mission of Wedge Antilles as commander of Rogue Squadron.

    Forbidden (NSFW)
    NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Luke/Vader incestous slash. Resurrected Qui-Gon! Evil Kenobi and Leia! Allegedly well written and very original.

    Force Of Destiny
    An old deception is revealed. Vader has to reconsider his loyalties.

    Gods Of Dark And Light
    SG1 Xover. Strange priests with powers beyond those of Sith and Jedi arrive bringing the message of the strange gods known as the Ori.

    Heart Of The Darkness
    AU. Vader raises Leia.

    Heaven Falls: A Jedi On Earth
    SG1/Roswell/X Files/ST Xover. After the near-destruction of the Jedi in Ossus, a single Jedi and one of Darth Krayt's Sith end in a primitive extragalactic world called Earth. And more will follow...

    Hull no. 721
    A story about the crew of a Star Destroyer in the time between ANH and TESB.

    In The Hands Of Time
    In The Hands Of Time II In The Hands Of The Force
    Mara Jade is sent back in time to kill Padme Amidala before the birth of the Skywalker twins. The Skywalkers follow her.

    Into The Black
    Firefly Xover. River Tam is having funny dreams about a man in black, just as Firefly is witness to the destruction of a world by an unknown "Empire" from beyond the limits of Known Space.

    Jedi And Luck - Like Oil And Water
    Oneshot. Whenever there is a Jedi around, Trinn feels that he is about to run out of luck.

    Jedi Glory
    Mace Windu survives his defeat and returns to the Temple, where he orders an evacuation that saves many Jedi.

    Keeping Faith
    AU. Thrawn survives Rukh's assassination attempt in Bilbringi, but can even the greatest Grand Admiral stop a New Republic flush with the success of a major victory?

    Legacy Of The Red Sun
    Legacy Of The Red Sun II The Empire's Revenge
    Legacy Of The Red Sun III The Last Son Of Krypton
    DC (Superman) Xover. Obi-Wan Kenobi finds a baby, last survivor of a dead world called Krypton, in the desert of Tatooine, shortly after the accidental death of Luke Skywalker. In due time, the baby will be known as Kale Naberrie of Naboo.

    Legacy Of The Red Sun IV Children Of The Red Sun
    DC (Superman) Xover. A loving wife, children and peace... Kale Naberrie, called Kal-El by his biological parents, has everything he ever wanted, but his days of joy are about to end now that a race of extragalactic technophobes known as the Yuuzhan Vong prepares to invade the galaxy.

    AU. Anakin becomes a Sith apprentice earlier than in OTL.

    Misunderstood II Exile
    AU. Sequel of Misunderstood.

    Misunderstood V2
    AU. Rewrite of Misunderstood.

    Momentum Of Fate
    ROTS AU. Instead of seeing the death of Padme, Anakin receives a vision of the destruction of the Jedi Temple.

    Never Too Old To Love
    AU. Kenobi survives his duel against Vader and falls in love with Leia Organa.

    Only Right
    Darth Caedus is successful in his attempts to claim Ben Skywalker for the Dark Side.

    Overtime, Major Overtime
    Dead Like Me Xover. Oneshot. The Reapers in Coruscant have a very busy day when Palpatine activates General Order 66.

    Paradoxial Padawan
    AU. Ben Skywalker is transported to the past, where he is raised as a Jedi of the Old Order. When his parents manage to bring him back home, they get a big surprise.

    AU. After death, Vader finds himself in a world of the dead where he will have a chance to get absolution. First, however, he has to find Padme...

    AU. The Naberries, devastated by the loss of Padme, go to Kamino to order a clone... When Vader discovers this, he decides that he also wants a second chance.

    AU. Vader learns of the survival of his family and turns against Sidious.

    Earth is invaded by the Galactic Empire. Story told from the perspective of some US troops.

    NJO AU. First in a long series that begins with the "resurrection" of Anakin Solo.

    Sanctuary Of Time
    AU. After a Vong victory, Jaina and Ben go back in time to prevent the fall of their grandfather.

    Saviors From The Past
    AU. Anakin Solo runs away from home, is captured by a Darksider and gets to meet a bunch of formerly dead Jedi (including his grandfather) who have been resurrected as part of the Darksider's master (?) plan.

    Scars Of Mustafar
    ROTS AU. Anakin defeats Obi-Wan and Amidala lives, but all is NOT well in the new Galactic Empire.

    Shadows In Starlight
    Kenshin Xover. Obi-Wan Kenobi survives his duel against Darth Vader and goes looking for his original family in a remote world called Yamato, where a Force sensitive former assassin tries to avoid his bloody past.

    Shadows Of The Future
    AU. Kenobi loses in Mustafar, but gets a second try when he is somehow transported to a Naboo ship headed for Coruscant with a young kid from a desert world onboard.

    Shattered Knight
    KOTOR. Epic length fic that follows Revan after the destruction of the Star Forge.

    Shroud Of The Shadow
    AU. The spirit of Qui Gon Jinn manages to touch Anakin, just as he is about to strangle the life out of Padme in Mustafar, and decides to reject both the ways of the Jedi and the Sith.

    Some Other Future's Past
    AU. The Jedi refuse to train Anakin and Padme keeps him around as a royal page in the court of Naboo.

    Star Wars: Galaxy Under Siege
    AU. The Vong invade shortly after the battle of Endor, causing terrible losses and forcing Empire and Rebellion to work together against the invaders.

    Star Wars: Rise Of The Machines
    AU. General Grievous regains his sanity during the battle of Coruscant, learns the truth about the Sith conspiracy and decides to take power in the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

    The Angel Of Alderaan: Remixed
    AU. Mere moments before a world is wiped out of existence, Darth Vader makes a surprising discovery. Padme lives and she is in Alderaan. And this changes everything.

    The Children
    The Children II The Pure Sith War
    Revan and Bastilla have kids. This is the story of their adventures.

    The Colliding Of Empires
    Perry Rhodan Xover. The Galactic Empire of SW makes contact with the Solar Empire of the Rhodanverse.

    The Dark Side's Beloved
    Stephen King's Carrie Xover. Oneshot. A Force user of unheard of power appears in Coruscant one day.

    The Father
    Ten years after the death of Padme Amidala, Darth Vader still suffers remembering her. However, his last and best hope is waiting for him in the most remote corners of the galaxy...

    The Final Flight Of Green Squadron
    Oneshot. During a battle that will decide control over a critical planet in the Outer Rim, the captain of an ISD is preparing his revenge.

    The Last Jedi
    AU. In the future, Force sensitives are killed as a threat to galactic peace. When the time comes for a young boy to be slain, the last Jedi -his mother- steps in.

    The Legacy
    AU. Vader identifies Leia as his daughter while she is still a child.

    The Shadow Of Vader.
    AU. The tale of Darth Kenobi.

    The Twilight War
    ST Xover. The UFP of Captain Kirk is allied with the Galactic Republic. The UFP of Captain Picard is allied with the Confederacy. The Clone Wars just got a lot more interesting.

    The Unexpected Path
    AU. Mace Windu has to take Anakin Skywalker as his padawan. Obi-Wan Kenobi has mixed feelings about this.

    The Unity Saga
    ST Xover. A saga in six parts about the tale of two galaxies and one destiny.

    To Betray A Traitor
    ROTS AU. Count Dooku turns against his master during the battle of Coruscant with unforeseen consequences.

    To End All Wars
    KOTOR/Halo Xover. Darth Revan and his Sith show up in the Milky Way during the battle for Installation 04.

    Trials Of The Chosen Ones
    Matrix Xover. Anakin Skywalker is plugged into the Matrix during the Clone Wars.

    Vader's Kids
    Crackfic. Darth Vader gets to raise Luke and Leia and his own, but when they grow up, they don't become exactly what their father wanted them to be.

    We'll Let Fate Decide, Eh?
    AU. The ghost of Qui Gon trains Anakin in Tatooine.

    Written In The Stars, Or Not Written in the Stars or Not.htm
    BTVS Xover. Oneshot focused about the consequences in "the other side" of the Halloween episode of Buffy.

    Yoda's Shadow
    When the Emperor dies, Vader makes a wish... And the Force grants it. Now, what is the Jedi Council going to do with the couple of strangers that just showed up out of the blue.

    -System Shock

    Free Radical
    Novelization of the first System Shock game.

    -Tales Of Symphonia

    Through The Sky We Fall
    Corruption and fall of an angel.

    What Must Be Done
    40k Xover. After the rebirth of a world and ten years of war, an ancient evil has awakened and a lesser evil will be needed to fight it.

    -Tales Of The Abyss

    The Last Emperor
    Oneshot. What would have happened if story hadn't been changed?

    -Teen Titans

    Twisted Hearts Triangular
    Robin is halfway between two women that he loves dearly. How can he choose, when doing so would hurt one of them?

    Operation Tamaranian Freedom
    A coalition of several nations, including the United States, invades the Tamaranian Empire to force a regime change in the name of democracy.

    -Tenchi Muyo

    Tenchi Muyo: Darkened World
    40k Xover. The members of the Masaki household are sucked by the dimensional anomaly of the week and dropped in a wartorn world of the IoM.


    Far Flung Hope The Greater Good
    40k/Halo Xovers. Side story in the Far Flung series. New forces become involved in the conflict between humanity and Skynet.

    She's A Small Wonder
    Small Wonder Xover. Oneshot darkfic. Cromartie meets one of the testbeds of the technologies that eventually resulted in the creation of the Terminators.

    -The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    Analysis Complication
    Oneshot. What is this weird emotion that Yuki Nagato has been feeling lately, when she thinks about Kyon?


    After Action Review
    SG1/BTVS/nBSG/GIJOE... Xover. Different reactions to the ending of the Transformers movie both in Earth and beyond.

    Matrix Bound
    One-shot. Dinobot II in the afterlife.

    Scream To The Stars
    One-shot. Last log entry from Armada Starscream.


    Oneshot. Vash renews his old vows and takes a new one.

    -Vampire Hunter D

    The Last Vampire
    In the far future, D kills the last of the vampires. Now, what is the hunter supposed to do when there is no more prey to hunt?


    I Hate You
    Naruto Xover. Naruto has been jumping dimensions for a few hundred years now and now its time to meet the Vandread people.

    Vandread Halo
    Halo Xover. An hyper-advanced AI and a supersoldier end in Taraak/Mejere space just as the cold war between both planets is heating up.


    Blood Under A Full Moon
    First in a series. Combines elements of the Vampire RPG and the Kindred The Embraced tv series.


    A Different Beginning
    AU. When Moiraine finds Rand, he can already channel and he is the only one to leave with her and Lan.

    A Knot In The Pattern
    By TheLast Chronicler
    AU. At thirteen years of age Rand al'Thor, the unknowing Dragon Reborn, is taken and gentled by the Aes Sedai. Yet even stripped of his ability to channel the One Power, the Pattern demands a Dragon, and it will have one.
    Wheel of Time - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 6,314 - Reviews: 28 - Updated: 11-7-10 - Published: 10-5-10 - Rand A.

    Altered Destiny
    AU. Rand al'Thor is identified as a channeler when he is young, taken to Tar Valon and gentled.

    Altered Destiny: The Will Of The Wheel
    AU. A rewrite of the original "Altered Destiny". A small change might just doom everything that is a part of the Pattern.

    The Other Winternight
    AU. Moiraine doesn't arrive in time to help against the Trolloc attack in Emond's Field.

    The Turning Of The Wheel
    AU. Rand is gentled while he is still a boy. The author has stated that this will be a Rand/Aviendha without Elayne or Min.

    The Use Of Power
    SM Xover. Ami Mizumo, Sailor Mercury, is stranded in the world of the Wheel of Time for the foreseeable future and she decides to join the fight against the local darkness with all her knowledge of modern science at the service of the Light.

    Wheel Of Anime
    WoT with its characters replaced with people taken from many different animes and mangas (and, for some bizarre reason, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman).

    Wheel Of Time Book 12
    This fanfic is meant to be a possible version of what the final book in the WoT saga will be like.


    The story of the XCom program from its creation to the end of the second alien invasion.

    XCom The Unknown Menace
    First in a series. Novelization of XCom UFO Defense.

    -X Files

    Etched I-IV
    Alien Xover. Agents Mulder and Scully are about to meet some unpleasant extraterrestrial lifeforms.

    Etched 2 Partnerships I-II
    Alien/JAG/Tom Clancy Xover. A sequel of "Etched" written by a different author.

    The Gossamer Project
    Large fanfiction archive for the X-Files fandom. Covers most story genres, including crossovers.

    The Truth Is Out There - But Who Knows
    Doctor Who Xover. Odd weaponry is used in a gang battle and the only witness is an even odder man who asks to be called "the Doctor", forcing the SFPD to request the help of Mulder and Scully.


    One Art
    Highlander Xover. Stryker had Methos under his control thanks to the serum seen in XMen 2. What are the mutants going to do with him now?

    XMen: Friends Of Humanity
    First in a trilogy. The Friends of Humanity become the dominant power in Earth, forcing the mutants to abandon the planet entirely.


    Hiding In His Shadow
    Oneshot. Midna feels fine hiding in Link's shadow.

    Moments I
    A series of vignetes starting with the end of Twilight Princess. Link/Midna pairing.

    Moments II Cincinnatus
    Link's loyalty is put to the test when a new menace threatens Hyrule.

    Moments III Prophecy
    As Zelda prepares a modernization of her kingdom, Link struggles between duty and honour.

    The Golden Power
    A divine power that only mortals may use. An epic tale of the human and the divine.
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    Okay... All the more reason to get that 'Recomentdation website' I'm working on into a Beta stage... :p
  11. Aranfan

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    This "Changed Circle" thing seems to have an interesting premise, but I'm not sure I want to read Furry!Babylon5 without being sure of its quality. Does it live up to its source material in complexity and depth?
  12. Warringer

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    Oh come on...

    My stuff has at least some quality... :p

    Well... Aside from the fact that I'm getting a little carried away towards in the last chapters... And that I got distracted by other stories...
  13. Cpl_Facehugger

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    Thank you very kindly, Murazor. This is highly convenient.
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    Thanks allot its saves the time of going through countless pages. Found a good few stories that i havn't read before.
  15. Aranfan

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    I haven't actually read any of your stuff War, and after a little research it looks like English isn't your first language. That doesn't necessarily mean anything (I've heard that it isn't Bpen's either) but frankly the premise is such that the fic can only be either awesome or crap. I just want some outside confirmation that you're pulling it off.

    Edit: I don't want to read Uberfurries in SPACE!
  16. Murazor

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    My own opinion of Warringer's work is that he could really use a beta (his writing isn't very polished) and that he should take it easy with the number of crossovers... He is better than average, even if English is his second language, but that's not saying much.

    For example, The Way Home includes stuff from nBSG, B5, Tenchi Muyo, Harry Potter, 40k and a few other things that I cannot even begin to identify (although I think that the race of humanoid ninja dragons with Japanese culture are his own creation). Heavy anime influences, in the whole.

    In other words, if you cannot stand some random silliness that wouldn't be out of place in the Ranma 1/2 manga, you are unlikely to enjoy his works.

    EDIT: By the way, thanks for the kudos!
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  17. Damn it, now I have another 20 fics on my reading list. :p
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    To my defense... I started out by writing Ranma 1/2 fanfics. :p
  19. Well can't you at least finish one fic at a time instead of making several at once and then leave them half-way done ? It's torture !!
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    I discovered a few more chapters of this in an old Word document. After the CoAs are done for the year (since I'd rather not disqualify myself), I'm going to post them.
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    Awesome effort Murazor!

    Much appreciated
  22. Incredible! Thanks, Murazor, you've made my day.

    (Perhaps someone should sticky this. It's certainly as big or bigger than the other fanfic lists up there, and all in one place.)
  23. i see a disturbing lack of any Mighty Morphing Power Rangers fics :rage::mad:... kidding!:)
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    Lemme get my lesbian twincest Power Rangers fic in order again and I'll submit it for consideration? :)
  25. Quote:
    Originally Posted by Mage_Man.1842 View Post
    i see a disturbing lack of any Mighty Morphing Power Rangers fics ... kidding!

    Originally Posted By JoeHundredaire View Post
    Lemme get my lesbian twincest Power Rangers fic in order again and I'll submit it for consideration?

    What was that saying about getting what you ask for? BTW dose it come with pics your sister dew. those totally rule.