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  1. I've got some problems with the color=transparent bullshit, how do you turn it of and what do you need to do to mark the end? It just disappeared on me and a huge post that I spent hours working on is completely invisible.
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    Hidden Stuff
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  3. And how do I make it visible again? The part just disappeared (as in I can't see it even if I highlight everything).
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    If you're not doing something silly like using the rich text editor for creating and editing messages (See:, you should just be able to see the tags and change them.

    I have no idea why selecting the text in a posted post doesn't make it visible for you. It's probably a difference between your browser and mine.
  5. Yog


    Multiple personalities disorder was faked in Scorpion's disciple. Sorry about my mistake here.

    The story with inner Sakura doing the kawairimi has been deleted by the author, I think. I encountered it three years ago, I beleieve, it was quite fun at that time with kitsune!Naruto and some rather crazy stuff that wasn't cliched (for me) at the time, like cursed seal being a demonic technique and Naruto giving Hinata one. So, again, sorry about this, but no link.
  6. Two Naruto ideas that I cant get out of my head:

    #1 Permanent Kage Bunshin technique!

    Young Naruto fumbles the Kage Bunshin and produced a permanent clone. A living exact replica of himself. Same everything excluding the 9 Tailed beast. The clone still has a seal but the demon chakra is divided into the clones. The technique works on other inanimate objects like kunai, etc.

    Problem is that you cant dispell it! If the bushin clone dies it leaves a body but the memories gets transmitted back to Naruto Prime.

    Now que Mizuki and kills alot of the clones!

    #2 Kuchiyose: Edo Tense

    Naruto: Wow I can reincarnate anyone with this technique! Hmm who to reincarnate... Ah the 4th Hokage!

    Naruto uses the Kuchiyose: Edo Tense to reincarnate Minato. But the Death God intervenes and punishes/eats Naruto. Minato now free of the Death God possess Naruto's brain dead body and experience Naruto's life 1st hand. Que revenge/angst/dark tags with Minato striking back at Konoha!
  7. Striking back at it for what?
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    That's, "cue," not, "que".

    Also, normal shadow clones also transfer memories and he was fine.
    Um... I'm pretty sure that what happens if you try to bring back someone who's been taken by the death god seal is that the technique doesn't work because it can't find the target.

    Also, WTF.
  9. Sounds like a terrible revenge fic. Not to mention that those two idea's are both require lots of willing suspension of disbelief on their own, when you stack them like that it just becomes shit.
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    This was already done in a oneshot, but it was added remembering how does it feel to die to explain why it was a prohibited tecnique.
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    Can I introduce you to the Inner Ino?

  12. A) anime only.
    B) had no plot-relevant effects
    C) only appeared once.
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    I wonder if Sasuke is going to Tsukiyomi Sakura at one point and Inner Sakura will come and fight?
  14. Back when Itachi was a villain, this was a fairly popular way to kill him off.

    But for current canon... I'd say the odds of Sakura getting another substantial fight scene at all are pretty damn slim; the odds of her getting a second shot at Sasuke are practically nil. (At this point, I don't expect her to have any significant impact on the remaining plot, other than being part of whatever the "rest of the cast" group manages to do when they reach Naruto's big fight and perhaps her eventual hookup with Naruto or Sasuke at the end of the story.)

    Although, if Sakura shows up at the big Madara/Tobi fight, reveals that she injected herself with Hashirama's DNA that she extracted from the White Zetsu she autopsied, and starts throwing out ridiculous Mokuton bullshit, I will laugh and laugh and laugh.
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    Pushing off from (explanation in and sailing into the bizarre crack event horizon (you have been warned)...

    Resisting the urge to wipe his sweaty, dirty palms on his pants, Sasuke ran down his mental mission roster one more time to make sure that he wasn't forgetting anyone. Naruto: downstairs pouring a tenth bowl of ramen down his throat. The Client: downstairs gawking at Naruto and his ridiculous appetite. Sakura: on the other side of the door in front of him, finishing up the quick shower that the client had offered her after they'd finished turning over the fields. Kakashi: ...probably watching him right now from a vantage point that Sasuke couldn't detect.

    Shivering slightly, Sasuke tried to put that thought out of his mind so that he could concentrate on The Scenario. While he was forced to admit that Kakashi had been unexpectedly supportive once he'd figured out that Sasuke was trying to get Sakura to fall for him, sometimes it felt like the lazy-eyed jounin was taking too keen an interest in Sasuke's courtship methods. Kakashi had even showed up at his house one night with an arm full of alarming orange books for "research."

    Still, it was the bath encounter in Icha Icha Tactics that had inspired Sasuke's current play - though he'd already established that Sakura wasn't nearly as resistant to his charms as Ino was, so he didn't need to go too far. When the opportunity had presented itself Sasuke had quickly engineered a toned-down version of the scene where Sakura would be permitted to catch a glimpse of his toned, shirtless, sweaty manliness as he entered the bathroom, "not realizing" that Sakura was still in there.

    He'd already taken off his shirt and applied the oil where his muscles weren't glistening enough, but the timing was the important part. If he didn't want to get pounded into the tile floor and marched through the streets naked courtesy of Sakura's ridiculous body control technique he had to walk in on her when she was at least semi-decent. Unfortunately, it was extremely hard to tell what was going on on the other side of the bathroom door; it just was so quiet. He'd heard the shower turn off ten minutes ago and then nothing. What could she possibly be doing in there?

    Feeling the moment start to slip through his fingers Sasuke made the call and reached down to twist the doorknob, trying to suppress the mild blush that he needed to save for when he saw Sakura (or rather, when Sakura saw him). If Sakura was naked or on the toilet or something he would beat a hasty retreat and yell at her that she should lock the bathroom door or something. (She had locked it, of course, but it had been a simple matter to silently break the lock mechanism so that it would still open.)

    Swinging the door wide, Sasuke was confronted by a startling expanse of pink-tinged pale flesh. Sakura was standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror, her eyes screwed shut in apparent concentration. Sakura's eyes opened in a look of shock as Sasuke entered the room, but at this point Sasuke's gaze was already traveling south again. He'd seen something for just a moment as he was looking over her profile, something that did not compute. Sakura seemed to sense his change of attention and she twisted in place to face away, but there was an excruciating sound of meat striking wooden counter top as she did so and suddenly the pink-haired girl was hissing and doubling over in pain and-


    "-so Ino-chan's grandfather brought me to this creepy lab when I was nine and-"

    "I don't need an explanation, Sakura. It's fine - really!"

    "Saaaasuuukeee-kuuun! I- I just want you to understand-"

    "I don't want to understand! We don't need to talk about this ever again!"

    "Hmm... Feeling a little threatened Sasuke-kun? I can't blame you, I guess."

    "Shut it, cyclops! This is all your fault! You and those stupid books!"

    "You've been reading his dirty books? Hah, maybe I should call you pervert instead of bastard!"

    "Sakura's the pervert! She got a- it's so- and it was- AAARGH!"
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    :eek::( why would you do that
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    Bravo Bra~vo Alhazred23.
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    See, I read that and all that I really took away was a couple of laughs and "Sakura got a broken technique- all it took was having a dick."

    Truly, you have captured the metaphysics of the Naruto-verse.
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    I always liked the idea of Inner Sakura possibly making Ino have an Inner too.
  21. I realize this is not quite what you meant but it might be amusing if Inner Sakura gets transfered to the mind of Ino. Not mind control or anything like that just having a Inner Sakura as a voice in Ino's head and her reaction to that.
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    There are females with 'broken techniques' in Naruto; what they lack is agency -- they almost never get to really move the plot along except as support characters.
  23. Reminds me of this line of images (shown for ease):












    And of course MULT-INNER SAKURA!

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    Eh, I'd still like to see a story that has Sakura (Or Ino, in this case) having a form of a power boost in the Inners.
  25. I'd like to see a story in where Itachi has very obviously overestimated his little brother's mental fortitude and his great Mindrape no Jutsu plan backfires. A Sasuke that rejects reality in favor of his older brother still being his hero, seems like it could lead to interesting divergence.
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