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Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by GreggHL, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. Neon Prodigy

    Neon Prodigy Aha! Is this our chance?

    I think I see the problem.
    See what you just described sounds more like Tomo from Azumanga Daioh, but what you typed earlier was Tomoyo, like the character from Card Captor Sakura. Did you mean Tomo? Because that would make more sense (although the idea of Lilly sewing up fetish-y outfits for all the NERV staff and somehow filming them wearing the outfits still amuses me)
  2. Lain

    Lain The New No. 2

    Two generic anime women embracing. WHAT A TWEEST.

    TO be serious, now: is that SHinji (female) and Rei getting intimate. Bad Tabi! No incest for you!
  3. Tabi

    Tabi Supreme Abuser-Sensei Amicus

    Who says that was Rei? ;7

    Though the resemblance is rather uncanny.
  4. Neon Prodigy

    Neon Prodigy Aha! Is this our chance?

    Actually, I think that's Fem!Shinji and Fem!Kaworu

  5. Tabi

    Tabi Supreme Abuser-Sensei Amicus

    I fully support and endorse this statement. :drevil:
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  6. Forgetful

    Forgetful Nuka Chemist

    I'd certainly go afte Kaworu-chan; she's got better assets.
  7. Barricade

    Barricade A Perfectly Elegant ZA WARUDO!

    I'm wondering when ppl will notice that in the snippet I came up with, I gave Rei a working Katamari ball, stolen from the Prince.
  8. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword

    Rei: 'Course there is. There's totally different stuff you can cut off!


    Rei: Either way, there's aaaa~aalways the spleen. The most funniest organ ever!
  9. Neon Prodigy

    Neon Prodigy Aha! Is this our chance?

    Oh, we noticed. But the terror is too great to sink in all at once, it has to slowly build up until, finally, we come to terms with the idea.
  10. Seconded. Also, I went to Wikipedia to brush up on my Eva knowledge and NERV-1 is in North America last I checked. Nerv HQ is the one in Tokyo-3.
  11. Jonen C

    Jonen C F.M.D.G. Arbiter

    Tabi, if I ever ask you where you find this kind of stuff, can you tell me I wanted you to remind me I really don't want to know?
  12. The_Reptile_

    The_Reptile_ Afraid Of The Dark? Wise.

    But we all know that in stating that, you REAllY want to know.
  13. Seconded
    EDIT: I suspect that the "Rock" in "the week that rocked" refers to a type of music.
  14. Barricade

    Barricade A Perfectly Elegant ZA WARUDO!

    I don't think you have to worry much. Tabi just seems to be connected to 4chan's /b/ and /a/ forums mentally, along with possibly the Rule 34 site. Anytime a situation needs an image, he precognitively KNOWS to go to one of those locations and grabs an image from it.

    So you're fairly safe.
  15. Lain

    Lain The New No. 2

    Or, you know, has good Google Fu.

    Like this, for instance:

    Kaworu thinks he's getting lucky. Kei's waiting for the muscle relaxants she slipped in his yogurt to kick in.
    After they do, they're both getting lucky. Mind Game Ship FTW

    Dammit, why do I find the chemistry between those two so appealing!? Because it humanizes them? Because they're still oddly creepy while being (in their own S&M sort of way) sweet to each other? I've mentioned before that I was both intrigued and frustrated by Kaworu's enigmatic nature, and having him enter a relationship with someone who is equally furtive about her true intentions. How could someone like Kei (whose own weird childhood we know about) relate to Kaworu. this latest chapter (Kaworu coming to face his 'brother') might produce some family ties, which are notably lacking.

    Will the moe maid need her own character sheet before too long? What exactly IS wrong with her to make her (1) unphased by Kaworu showing her his birthplace and (2) so goddamn subservient?

    Also, am I the only one who thinks that Claire Makinami "travelling the world" is a big fancy euphenism for
    LOL, dead at the hands of SEELE
  16. Machina Ex Deus

    Machina Ex Deus Nightmare Brony

    He never said that it was Shinji's week which rocked.
  17. Lavanya Six

    Lavanya Six Alien Space Bat Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    So if Kaworu and Uri have different human DNA donors but still look alike... that means ADAM is the source of their bishonen appeal.

    (Or that Kyoko is related to Kihl! Oh My God, Asuka is Kihl's secret granddaughter! Or possibly his secret great-great-great-granddaughter!)
  18. Eric Sharp

    Eric Sharp Rescue ROVER

    The idea of Lilly being confused by the mere idea of clothing leaves a funny (and evil) idea in my head: Lilly does teleport Aoba into the women's shower area...

    ...minus his clothes. :drevil:

    Wacky Hijinxes Ensues.
  19. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Couple of things;

    1. Claire Makinami is alive. She'll be showing up soon enough. Something to keep in mind about this; Pieter has a little too much faith in human nature, and may come up with the bright idea of dinner with both his ex-wives and family. I believe the term would be 'bitch off'.

    2. Kyoko's a nicer person now, but still a bitch. Except that she's redirected her bitch powers to a more general level, instead of directing them at Asuka. She's finally realized the level of damage she's done to the girl, and while it will take a while to heal the damage, if it is possible, it can be done. Given, Misato and Yui will be more motherly to Asuka, while Kyoko's going to be more along the lines of a mentor figure.

    3. There is one truly evil character in ND. That would be Lorenz Kihl. EVeryone has their reasons for doing what they do. Yui wants to save mankind, Kaworu wants to help the Angels survive, even ADAM is directed by rage and pain. Kihl just wants to be God, though. Even Professor Ikari is going to be sympathetic when she shows up in the next few chapters. Albeit, yeah, still a mad scientist and something of a scary dick, but still not a monster like Kihl.

    4. There's several possibilities on what that gem is. One is that it's a piece of an Angel's core, given to Kihl as a gift set in his cane. Another is that it is his own core, and he is secretly an Angel. Another is that it's Tabris' core.
  20. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion Fell on His Sword

    Entirely possible. Remember, ADAM is a giant of light. And when you think about that, doesn't that just mean that his entire body is so covered with bishie sparkles that you can't actually see what's underneath?
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  21. I was wondering if it would be okay to post a snippet of an Omake idea that I had on the thread.
    EDIT: It only hurts to ask if you're asking Kihl or Rei (for different reasons).
  22. Jim Starluck

    Jim Starluck CO, ICS Vanguard

    ...wait, she? Are we not talking about SEELE 06 here?
  23. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    My bad. I meant he.
  24. GreggHL

    GreggHL Engaging hilarity engine/air oscillation booster.

    Feel free.
  25. fijkus

    fijkus Does this look like the face of mercy?

    So, if I'm reading this and the previous post made by right, SEELE 06's motivation is 'FOR SCIENCE!'?
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