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    A single twitch, a single command. A finger curls, followed by its three siblings and the thumb, forming a fist. A second command. Muscles tense and contract. The fist moves, cutting through air, cutting through dust. It embeds itself into the wall, bringing the rest of the arm up to the elbow. Metal creeks. Bolts and screws fly out from the wall, pelting blue hair and pale skin.

    There is a scream. The wall breaks. Metal tears like wet paper. As the smoke clears, as the debris falls around her, red eyes glow as the lights fail.

    Bullets fly. She does not even throw up the wall. Instead, they pierce her, through shoulders, through where the vitals organs would be on someone who identified themselves as human, but penetrative scans confirm that this is not such a creature.

    “Fall back!” one of the uniformed men yells, him and his dozen compatriots running back, muzzles flaring as they continue to fire, “Angel has escaped! Repeat, Angel has escaped! All NERV personnel: Ayanami has gone hostile!”

    Nobody Dies:
    This is (not) Undone
    Alarms blare. Red hexagons float, forming a steady wall of warnings that takes up one side of Central Dogma. Black gloves press against the desk as the Commander rises, adjusting her glasses and taking in the panic for a moment. “We're prepared for this, people,” she declares, “Pilots, prepare for interception! Seal corridors B-10 through E-10. Herd her towards Containment.”

    Fingers points to the assembled personnel on the deck, towards the lieutenants manning the consoles. “Have the bait waiting in B-9. Lead her to B-3. Are our bruisers ready?”

    Shouts of acknowledgement. Another screen pops up on the floating big screen display.

    “Groovy,” Misato says with a smirk, “Status of the girls?”

    “In containment and locked down.”

    Misato nods, folding her arms. “Excellent. Let's do this.”

    Skidding to a stop, black hair falls in his eyes. Looking down the corridor, he adjusts the dial on his white glove and switches the built in sensors in his plug suit contacts to infrared as the lights go out. There is giggling in the distance. There is motion down the corridor.

    Swallowing hard, Shinji Ikari sees the figure walking, stalking towards him. Bolts and screws pop out of the walls. Sheets of metal bend inward towards her as the white smile spreads across her face, from eat to ear as if cutting her head in two. He can hear admonishments, hear her laughter. On how she just wants to be with her little brother and that's not so wrong.

    “Crap,” he whispers.

    Turning, he kicks off his leg and runs. Synthetic musculature and exoskeleton built into the suit carry him faster than he should be able to run. Force shields built into the suit, originally designed to help him better deal with a giant robot being tossed around, deflect debris thrown his way by the humanoid whirlwind that follows him.

    He runs into the open, domed room. Originally designed as a trap for any intruder into the base, there are eight equidistant vents lining the ceiling. Skidding to a stop at the center, he watches them, waiting to see which one she will descend from.

    Instead, the wall on the other side of his entrance glows before dispersing in a storm of white light. She steps through, clad in her plugsuit, walking on the glowing steps of orange. Her eyes are pure red, her skin marble. Her hair flows around like like she was underwater, and great wings of light have formed from her back without shredding the material of her plugsuit.

    “Oh shit oh shit,” Shinji whispers, “Rei, you have to stop-”

    Her reaction is to grab him despite not moving. He is yanked into the air by an invisible force, levitating off the ground and yanked into her grip, her white hand grabbing the collar of his plugsuit and pulling him towards her smiling, laughing face.

    “Hey! Rei!”

    The girl looks up. A red boot slams into her face, pushing her back and making her drop Shinji. Hanging in the air, heel embedded in the marshmallow material that makes up Rei Ayanami, the red haired girl twists. Rockets built into the heel and back of her suit fires, and she launches herself upwards into a flip before landing in a crouch behind the sitting Shinji.

    “I should get out of the way, shouldn't I?” he asks.

    Asuka grins, flashing blue eyes. An orange sphere appears around her left hand, extending out into a blade. Her right hand glows similarly, forming into an oversized fist. “Good idea. This is going to get messy.”

    She leaps as Shinji rolls out of the way. The fist slams into the orange wall, the blade cutting through it and into Rei's shoulder. Spheres of force rip through the room, shattering the grates. Asuka moves between the waves, dancing between them before driving the blade towards Rei's chest. And stops, inches from her core.

    “Aaaaand time!”

    Fingers snap. A clockwatch stops. The red haired woman steps into the room as the holographic weapons disappear and Rei's appearance returns to normal. Well, normal for Rei that is. Adjusting the collar of her labcoat, Kyoko Sohryu walks into the room and looks around, glancing at the ruined grates, the dented walls, and the entirely missing wall.

    “Well, that was roughly five minutes, eighteen seconds between Ayanami being declared an Angel and subsequent termination.” She checks her stopwatch, smirking. “New record.”

    She glances at the wall, extending her hand to it. “Was it really necessary to destroy the entire wall?”

    Rei swings back and forth on her heels. “I like to make an entrance.”

    Shinji mutters, sitting up. Asuka grabs his hand, helping him stand with a smirk.

    “Are we done?” he asks.

    Kyoko nods. “Get changed,” she says, pointing two fingers at Asuka and Shinji, “In different changing rooms. Then get your duffles and get to the hangar.” She swings her stopwatch with a smirk, before wrapping the cord around her hand and pocketing it. “We wouldn't want you three to be late for Kei's wedding, after all.”

    With that, whistling, the head of Project E walks out.

    And another day dawns in Tokyo-3.

    In the year 2023.
    Chapter ^_^
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    Welcome back, man!
    BTW, is this the next chapter proper, or a preview of a future one?
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    Interesting. A timeskip of several years.

    We'll see where this goes, I suppose.
  5. OK, that's pretty interesting.

    You have my attention, Professor. Awaiting how this goes with great enthusiasm.

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    Wow didn't think I would see this update nice to see your back with this fic and can't wait to see more.
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    Okay Gregg, you're gonna have to walk me through this one, because I am lost

    Does this by any chance have to do with that "The Red Moon won't be coming for a long time" line?
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    Well, looks like this baby is back, and looks to be a better then ever.
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  10. Awesome snippet! Great to see ND back.
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    Nobody Dies has (finally) returned!

    except I'm not sure where you going with this Gregg - Is this the rebuild, or the orginal fic?

    and a timeskip?....looks like 'spoliers' : somone's got round to seeing the new movie

    glad your back on the job sir.
  15. Think it's the original fic. Could be wrong, though. Will keep my eye on it.
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    Damn it, I'm gonna have to re-read and figure out how this connects to the earlier chapters, aren't I?
  17. Is this part of the Rebuild NGE or is it an extension of the original?
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    As he ages, he figures he is starting to look a little more like his dad. Shinji Ikari considers this something of a good thing, as he tended towards his mother's more feminine appearance when he was a teenager. His jaw is never going to be as square as his father's, nor is he ever going to be mistaken for a bodybuilder. But, he considers, he has grown a bit. Both physically and emotionally.

    Standing in front of the half wall mirror, he leans against the sink and spots the first of his gray hairs on the side of his head with a sigh. That, he thinks, is the price of jockeying a giant robot powered by his little sister. Well, one of the results. The other result has wrapped her arms around his waist. From the lack of plugsuit, he can figure out she is as naked as he is.

    He turns, locks eyes with the blue eyes staring back at him from underneath the mess of red hair, and manages via piloting honed reflexes to catch her as she jumps on him and locks her legs around his waist.

    “Okay,” he grunts, bending knees to support their weight, “I thought Misato changed the passcode on the locker room door.”

    “She tries, but I'm a nerd,” she says between chewing on his earlobe, “I've looped the security footage and we have five minutes. Make it snappy.”

    He considers his options. This will no doubt lead to another lecture by Misato. And then Mom. And worse, Dad giving him props. Thankfully, this is NERV. And hence, there is always another option. An option that says


    They turn, and meet the red eyes of the hanging upside down Rei, who is already dressed in her NERV uniform and somehow hanging from the ceiling vent. Absently, Shinji drops Asuka. “Sooooo we should get going,” Rei says, “You'll have time to spoon at the wedding, 'cause I don't wanna have to tell Kei we were late because you were violating her AT Field.”


    “Stabbing the Lance of Longinius into her Core, which doesn't work cause she's not an Angel.”


    “Multiple Impacts.”

    Shinji rolls his eyes. “We get the message, Rei.”

    Rei smiles, showing all the teeth, and grabs Asuka by the ankle. It is because they are used to this that she doesn't scream when Rei drags her into the duct and back into the ladies locker room, and Shinji rubs his temples as he walks over to his locker.
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    Th-Thats Rei for ya. Not much else one can say about this.
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    I'm missing something. I thought ND left off with two Grigorie (sp?) "attacking," one in Berlin and one in Tokyo and with Armi doing his thing in South America and being on the move. There is a rather big bridge missing methinks. Or maybe I'm just tired and remembering things wrong.

    Anyway, welcome back.
  21. Maybe we'll see stuff in flashback-or at least info dumped. We'll need to see.
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    Looking good so far, anyway.
  23. I'm shocked that Rei is stopping Shinji and Asuka.
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    Romance dictates Kei's big day takes precedents. After or during the reception she'll probably be all for Babies, or maybe even looking for some fun of her own