No Gods, Only Guns (ME/Borderlands) Thread 2: Don't Stop Bulleting

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    For those just tuning in:
    Chapters 1 through 12 in the Archive.
    Chapter 13-1: Scientific Ventilation (Liara)




    Minigun fire tore through priceless asari artwork, burning and dissolving it, the lines of rounds chasing the flaming wings of Lilith or the darting shape of Feron, when they weren’t blasting away at all the other insects that were trying to scratch the paint of Nassana the Fucking Invincible.

    “I am going to melt you down!” she screamed, “And put you in the tiniest jar I can find!”

    “Okay,” Conrad said as he hugged the remains of a wall. “I’m kind of worried with a threat like that.”

    “Why?” asked Garrus. The turian had taken cover nearby, watching another gallery and periodically shooting any Eclipse or Loader who approached in the face. “Its kind of nonsensical, really.”

    “Well, its not the content but the intent,” Conrad replied, and fired a couple of bursts at the lunatic CEO’s battlesuit. “I think Nassana has been, well, dipping too deep into her own keg, I guess.”

    “Oh, right,” Garrus replied in understanding. “You mean she’s been gene-modding herself?”

    “Well, Maliwan was responsible for a lot of the human genetic-”

    The outside wall twenty meters away blew apart in yet another screeching impact, a victory in the Hyperion orbital gunners’ quest to knock down every flat plane in the Dantius Towers. Two Hyperion Loaders began to unfold themselves from the crashing debris and flying sparks.

    A resounding crack sounded over the ehoing rumble of impact and constant howl of gunfire, and one of the Loaders toppled immediately, a leg flying off. The seocnd managed to fully stand up before two rapid bursts struck it in its cyclops eye, shattering it and the machinery behind. The Loader stumbled back a couple of steps, and then crashed onto its back and went still.

    “Impressive,” Garrus mused, plugging the first Loader in the optics as it tried to push itself up. “Where did you learn to shoot?”

    “Oh, here and there,” Conrad said as Bloodwing finished ripping the Loader apart. “I learned to use a gun after that raid on Mindoir, a years ago.”

    “You lived on Mindoir?” Garrus asked, and turned to shoot someone else, likely in the face again.

    “Yeah, but-”

    A nearby wall blew apart, and the battlesuit containing the psychotic CEO stormed through the gap, spraying flaming and corrosive rounds in multicolored lines of destruction.

    “I am going to throw THE BIGGEST RAVE on top of your corpses!”

    “So,” Garrus yelled as they ran for fresh cover. “Asari psycho?”

    “The evidence fits the theory!” Conrad replied, firing wildly behind him. They ducked into another gallery, red and green barrages slashing toward them. A golden beam of light added a burst of its own color to the madness, slashing through walls, krogan, and Eclipse and coming to a halt against Nasanna’s barriers.

    “Oh, great, Constructors,” Garrus muttered.

    “Let them come,” a deep krogan voice replied, and the pair looked up to see Warlord Okeer standing against the wall as well, switching magazines for his Torgue-Urdnot rifle. “Most of her guards are dead. Her shields are nearly depleted. Once she dies, Hyperion can have this building.”

    “Yeah, killing her is going to be the hard part,” Garrus said, sneaking in a shot against the battlesuit’s shields as it turned to shoot at the Constructor.

    “-think you have the lasers? I am ALL THE LASERS.”

    “But that thing doesn’t even have lasers on it,” Conrad protested.

    Reality blew apart a few meters away, arcs of blue-white electricity whipping about, and Lilith emerged. Fire surged around her shoulders, and she held her Maliwan launcher in her hand for a heartbeat, before dismissing it back to digistruct space and replacing it with a shock submachinegun.

    “‘Sup,” she said with a nod to the others, and fired a couple of bursts from her position in the battlesuit’s general direction.

    Rockets careened past into the battlesuit, prompting another scream of rage. Conrad leaned out to fire a couple of shots as well. The first missed, but the second glanced off the suit’s shields.

    Naturally, that was when they collapsed, and being a Maliwan suit, the nova system was… impressive.

    A fiery blast erupted from the battlesuit, expanding and scorching everything in the room in a torrent of red-gold fury. The few Loaders and krogan in the room with nassana were hurled away to crunch against intact walls, their remains set ablaze.

    Conrad and Garrus were sent stumbling back, their shields taking the brunt of the detonation, while Okeer had to crouch, and triggered his armor’s emergency fortification systems, wreathing his armor in silvery light. Lilith took the entire blast on her shields, and came out the other end shaking her head in annoyance as she reloaded.

    A dark form tumbled past, trailing smoke, and rolled across the floor. Feron kicked himself back up to his feet, discarding the twisted wreck of metal that was his launcher, and he jabbed an Insta-Health needle into his arm as he ducked close to where the others were recovering.

    “Out of ammo already?” Lilith asked, and Feron nodded.

    “At least her shields are down,” he replied, and crouched lower as Nassana screamed in inarticulate fury and started spraying bullets in their general direction.

    “If they’re down,” Conrad said quickly, “then I think we can bring her down quickly!”

    “How?” Okeer asked, his tone eager. “Does it involve prying open her armor and breaking her back one vertebra at a time?”

    “Maybe?” Conrad said, his tone uncertain. Lines of corrosive and incendiary fire sliced past overhead, hammering their cover. “Most Lightsuit variants have a vulnerability, inherent to Maliwan engineering. I think if we-”

    A bright red incendiary tracer deflected off a nearby chunk of debris, and slammed through Conrad’s unshielded temple. It burst out the other side, leaving a blackened gap.

    He fell to the floor in silence.
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    Capitalism Resurrection Mechanics Ho? :eek:

    Awesome work you are doing here.
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    They killed Conrad!
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    WHAT!?! :mad: You make a Conrad that pretty much everyone likes and then you kill him!?!.....good show Peptuck.
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    To be fair, I planned for this to happen since I pretty much started the story.
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    ....CONRAD, NO!
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    Conrad you were mildly useful
    you may be missed
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    In other news, Nassana is an asari psycho. Who knew?
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    Well, the lack of mask and Buzz Axe was a hinderance. Now we have an Asari Psycho in a fuckhuge mech.
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    Calling it now, he's gonna have some brothers whose names start with an 'A' and a 'B'. One is going to get eaten by a thresher maw, the other is going to get a lot of close calls.
  12. Since it was mentioned she put the remains of her enemies in jars.
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    And said mech will drop so much loot that it would make a Tenno squee.
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    Well, yeah. Didn't you hear the narrator?

    Ergo, she is a Raid Boss and will have some BADASS loot.
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    well tenno do subscribe to the Torgue school of cunning aka blow down the door with a rocket launcher and a loki while a rhino pops out a vent to hammer the target flat with a hammer
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    In response: LOOTGASM!
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    Awww... Ninjaed...
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    Well, maybe the New-U system works.
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  23. A moment of silence for the great Conrad Verner.



    In any case, this is chapter is freaking awesome and I look forward to seeing more.
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    Should have seen it coming really toque did say there was too many characters
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    Its Hyperion tech though so. . . .