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    Xenoforo move better come soon, because I'm running out of witty number jokes.

    Second Thead goes Here, Here, and Here.

    And here.

    Here too.

    God damn we're chatty.


    Here too.

    Burning through them all.




    White. The first thing she sees is white. The white around her, hazy through the liquid that surrounds and permeates her. The second thing she sees is what waves before her. Something long, bulgy. Three long things on the end of the bulge at the end, and a fourth one which moves like the other three do not. The three on top move up and down, and the fourth moves side to side. Hand. Yes. She shall call it her hand.

    She concentrates. A fourth thingy emerges from the top of her hand. It is long, but not as long as the others. It seems to linger. Yes. Finger. She shall call them her fingers.

    She concentrates again. The fourth finger disappears, as it serves no real purpose. And then reappears again. And then disappears. And reappears. And then the entire hand twists, becoming conical in shape, long grooves running up and down it before it begins to spin.

    The top of the white opens, parting like liquid, and something red and black unfolds from on top. It is long, angular, thin. Long arms end in long hands with long fingers, a long body ending with a long neck and long head, upon which a face of white bone ends with a long, pointed beak.

    She reaches out, to touch it, to see how this thing is different from her. How this new intrusion into her world is different from what she has as her all.

    Unfortunately, she does it with the still spinning cone on the end of her arm, which shreds the face of the creature, before moving down the neck, the body, and reducing it to scraps of red and an expanding cloud of yellow.

    The hole on the top of her room closes, shifts, and opens once more. A copy of the previous, unfortunate creature lowers down, and the spinning cone of doom reflects off an orange wall that appears between them.

    “Please don't do that,” the being says, eyes resonating with the field and the sound that she hears, “Greetings. You have awakened. Now we must begin the tests.”


    The being pauses. The lights deep recessed within the bone visage flicker.

    “Note taken and transmitted. We must begin these tests to determine your capabilities. Then you will be released to fulfill your [PURPOSE].”

    “What's that?”

    The lights flicker again.

    “Note taken and transmitted. Please create type [THRONE].”
    Chapter 80:

    Two run. One lightly jogs behind them, adjusting her glasses and enjoying herself. It is not that Mari Illustrious Makinami isn't getting some thrill out of watching two young men her age get all hot and bothered by the situation- and that's not to say that Uri isn't half naked, showing off his very well build physique, and Shinji isn't in his plugsuit, showing off two reasons her sister's so enamored of him.

    She really needs to ask if Ichi's done any adjustments during those two times she had to absorb and reconstitute Shinji, because she's sure his butt wasn't that well defined when she first met him.

    “We have to get out in the open!” Shinji yells, “As long as there's ventilation ducts, we're sitting targets!”

    “Elevator!” Uri yells, “End of the hall! Run!”

    More skittering in the ductwork above, making Uri shriek as they run down the hall, Shinji jamming the up button. Mari whips off her glasses, a blast of fusca light sheering the ductwork and melting the metal, the chittering stopping as she hears something collide with the now closed system.

    “Wait,” Shinji says, “What about the stairs?”

    “If the lift gets stuck, we can still move it with our powers,” Uri says, “We're hundreds of meters down and if the fire doors are locked, we'll be stuck!”

    The doors open, and Uri runs in, followed by Shinji and Mari. The doors close behind her, and the lift begins its ascent to the surface.
  2. Reposted from the last thread.

    Yeah, I always get them mixed up.

    Kokabel was from the series created to check out what was replacing the dinosaurs? This could be interesting.

    EDIT: And 5.Pi lasted for 45 days. Mostly because of the Rebuild of ND thread popping up in the middle of it.

    I'm going to stop trying to guess thread length now.
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    Dat ass. Nice to see that some things never change. :p
  4. Irksome Dude

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    I'm betting a month and a half for this thread. MAYBE down to a month.
  5. GhanjRho

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    Why does Uri say "our powers"? Did he mean Our as in Uri and Mari?
  6. Ergast

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    Taking into account that Shinji and Uri are the two only sane characters of the setting and they tend to feel threateded by lilithian and adamite beings (lilithian while being civillians, and adamites while in the EVAs) and that they always help each other in this situations... why do they hate each other, again?

    - Competition for the place as the only sane character in the setting?

    - Asuka? (Big brother vs Boyfriend)

    - Pilot skills?

    - Conflicting personalities?

    - They are just too similar?

    - All/some of the above?

    - Non of them?
  7. rdmcmains

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    As I read it, mainly the 2nd and 3rd.
  8. GreggHL

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    Uri's main source of hatred towards Shinji stems from Uri realizing that he should be the hero- and he would, if in his opinion the universe did not bend over backward to make Shinji the star of the show.
  9. Stormwalker

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    showing off his very well built physique,
  10. Conversely, I don't think Shinji hates Uri, he's just frustrated with the holier-than-thou (as it were) attitude and the belligerence. As evidenced by the Odd Couple scenario in the dream world, when Uri was furious with Shinji and Shinji was simply trolling Uri 'cause it was easy to do (and because of his Lilithian genetics).

    Shinji probably wants to get along with Uri but Uri's own attitude gets in the way. Having a new brother-in-law myself, I completely get that.
  11. DB_Explorer

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    Kokabel: OH Look! Fuzzies! Moar Fuzzies... whats that? IS it fuzzy? Hi Lady~
  12. Ergast

    Ergast Venus Swordman

    So basically, both of them are behaving like childs instead of 16 olders. I'm okay with this *chuckles*
  13. Aleph

    Aleph Solidarity

    Uri has spent most of his life training and preparing and working and sweating and dragging himself up in skill to the point where he can defend humanity, and while his sync score is low, his sheer skill at combat and the ridiculous amount of training he does is enough to make up for it.

    Shinji gets in an Eva for the first time Eva, and lo and behold, a fucking ridiculous sync. And then barely bothers to train at all, by Uri's standards, so Uri sees him as slacking off and resting on his hax sync score when the fate of the human race depends on them.

    Uri sees Shinji as a slacker and a cheat (not really fair, but understandable given how hard Uri worked for his skills) and a passive-aggressive dick who's boning his sister.

    Shinji sees Uri as an arrogant, stuck-up prick with a rod lodged so far up his ass that you can see it when he talks, who did very little to stop Asuka's abuse (also not really fair, but Shinji wasn't there to see what Uri was able to do to help).

    And on top of that, their personalities grate on each other naturally, because Uri is straight-laced and Serious Business and professional about everything, whereas Shinji is laid-back and relaxed and a bit passive-aggressive at stuff.

    So yeah. They don't like each other. At all. Be glad that the most they usually do is snark at one another.
  14. Ergast

    Ergast Venus Swordman

    We~~ll, to be honest, when I began to write it, my question was rethorical, but then I thought about analyzing what you think about why those two have so many problems with each other even when they, because all the shenanigans that happen around them, should try to bound and survive the crazy as the lone sane people of NERV. Or at least that's what dictates me my logic *shrug*
  15. Variel

    Variel Cheeky Fox

    Maya is pretty sane from what we've seen. Granted, she's not a main character, but her mental faculties are all there.
  16. TheFourthman

    TheFourthman Stranger in a strangeland

    Note: This is often used dynamic in war movies, especially those involving fighter pilots.
  17. kjyl

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    Wow, busy with an art project for a couple of weeks and I miss a whole thread, welp time to get reading.
  18. John At Dawn

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    Okay, Mari is thinking about sex way too much if that's what she notices at a time like this.
  19.'s Mari.
  20. GreggHL

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    Also, Angelic Love Bomb. Uri was only minorly affected because he's Uri.
  21. ZeroTWolfram

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    Anael's attack has that long of a range!? Mari should have been back at base. I thought Anael was well outside of Tokyo 3.
  22. shanejayell

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    For all we know the Love Wave spread at light speed. *lol*
  23. John At Dawn

    John At Dawn Just a guy with a few questions.

    ...Come to think of it, what were Kei and I can not for the life of me remember how to spell his first name Nagisa doing before Asuka got to NERV-2?;7
  24. Tabi

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    It is Kaworu. And they were busy with their mind-babies, SCIENCE!, and copulation every five to three hours.
  25. Forgetful

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