Ok guys, you all are familiar with the procedure (ZnT #39)

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  1. Stormwind

    Stormwind Yuusha Destron

    For those who are not - would Master Basher kindly repost it here?

    Alternatively, int can be found in the previous thread.

    For those who don't like reading through discussions - snippet index thread cna be found here.
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  2. Jomasten

    Jomasten The fanfics I've read...it haunts me

    Seriously guys?! We have not even gone a hundred pages in the last one. But whatever. Am not complaining.
  3. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator


    Good Evening, HeadMaid here, Cleaning up after our last "failed spell".

    This is a continuation of the Zero No Tsukaima Story Ideas and Snippets thread, like our Previous Thread, and the ones that came before it.

    Of course, there are many other threads that are related to this one since ZnT makes up a lot of traffic for the Index. Therefore there are many threads where Zero No Tsukaima discussions can go. Please post in the relevant thread for your planned discussion or go to the thread that suits your purposes best:

    ZnT Snippet Index Thread - An index of snippets, use this to find older snippets from other threads. Do not post in this thread, it is read-only unless you are an indexer named Robo Jesus or are a Mod. See note below.

    Zero no Tsukaima Story Thread Index and Updates - For any Update Notifications and stories that have "moved out" of these threads, or just were never a part of them. Please only post in this when your story moves out of the ideas thread, you create a new ZnT fic thread, or if you update your ZnT fic.

    ZnT: Back to Basics #5 - Current Light Novel/Canon discussion thread, to discuss non-snippet related canon questions. One of the greatest resources for a ZnT fic writer.

    ZnT Recs and Fic Discussion thread - A thread that may be made soon, depending on if we need it. Discussions of Fics, Recs, and the Fandom/fanon belong here, as well as more off-tangent discussions that don't belong in any other thread.

    This Thread - Story ideas and snippets go here, as does discussion of the said snippets. If discussions veer too much off of the central theme of "Snippets/ideas" then please move your discussion/debate out of this thread. We may ask you to do so, or do it for you if you ignore our warnings.

    Note - Report all broken links in the Story/Snippet Index thread here or by PM'ing an Indexer.


    With the introduction of threads out of the way, let's talk rules and conduct.


    First off, if you have not read these sets of rules you should not even be posting on this forum:
    SB Rules, SB bible version
    SB Rules, Recovered Original version
    NSFW Rules for CrW/Index

    Violations of any of these rules can be reported without warning. (Though a warning would be nice...) Repeat violations (multiple violations within a reasonable amount of time, up to, say, a week or a month) will be reported without warning.

    Now for the rules of this thread-
    (Note: there will be some overlap with the above rules. These are community enforced rules, so it is your duty to report and warn.)

    1) No spam/Posts without thoughtful content - Use the likes instead if you only have something like "Yes", "I Agree", or "Cool Idea" to say. Otherwise you'll be spamming.
    1b) Double Posting - unless it was a good amount of time (hours) since the last post, or if you're posting a snip, don't do it. Some times when it is acceptable: Multiple snippets that are unrelated to each other/different, A Non-snippet post and a snippet post, and if you posted the last post 2 hours ago and you are going to post something different from is in the last post.​

    2) Don't be a idiot/dick - This is basic advice in general, but please use some thought and caution when posting/replying. We are also not here to hold your hand throughout the thread. If someone gives you constructive criticism, do not get upset at it. These people are trying to help you improve, and they can't do that with mindless praise or agreement.
    2b) On the other hand, cut it out with the mindless praise/agreement. Put more thought into your replies so that authors can improve/get better feedback. "Me likey" is nowhere near as informative, helpful, or appreciated (unless you're a Perfect Lionheart type writer, and then we don't want you here) as "While I liked the overall tone of your snippet, there could be some contradictions with established canon down the line, and [...]"​

    3) Don't argue with mods, and don't argue with the rest of the thread after the consensus is to stop.

    4) No One-liner story ideas. Posts like "(Insert Character Name Here) gets summoned. What happens?" fall under this catagory. Don't expect us to pick up the slack for an Idea that you cannot even form or articulate properly. We can't look into your head and see the scenes you imagined. [What Is a One Liner? - Click Here to Find out]
    4b) Also: Make it clear who is summoned and from what series, or what changes has been done. Once again, we can't read your mind.​

    5) Label your snips and ideas. Please... actually, no, just Label your snips. Do it. Wondering how to do it or what is the proper way of labeling? Keep reading. There's a whole section on it. Also, when you suggest a cross/idea, please at least tell us where it is from.

    6) Use the Proper Thread. Updates notifications go in the updates thread, and Canon questions go in the LN thread. There is some leeway for, say, Canon Questions that relate to a snippet you just posted, but in general try to post in the proper thread and stay on topic.
    6b) This also covers "matured snip series" that have "moved out" of this thread. Do not post updates to them here. Omakes, AU snips, fansnips and other such "derivative work" have some leeway. But don't post story updates here.​

    7) No "challenges" - Don't demand that we write a snip or story for you please. Jokingly doing so is fine, but outright demands is frowned upon.

    8) No Dogpiling - After they've been warned/chastised once, like SuperS4 and Hollewanderer said, Chill out, and walk away. Don't make the Mods step in again, please.

    9) Trim your quotes - More of a suggestion than anything but there is no need to quote a snip in its entirety.

    Once again, any violations of these rules can be reported to a mod, and repeat violations WILL be. Other punishments, like halting the indexing of your snips, or even removing your work from the index may also be implemented.

    You, the thread participant, are also empowered to Warn others and remind them of the rules. I (or others) may quote the offending posts and explain just how is it in violation of these said rules. This is done as a service. If you don't want to listen, you don't have to. Rules questions can be directed to me in PM and in thread.

    Rules can be edited/added as the thread demands.

    Writing Snippets - Suggestions, conventions, rules, and more [ To Come Once Finished ]

    (This section is under construction as I obtain more opinions and information, as well as write up the articles/passages)


    1) Once you have many snippets related to each other posted, you may want to consider moving the snips/story to its own thread. Post a link to your story's new home both in this thread and in the Update Thread in order to show your fans that you've moved. Further posting/bumping through this thread is frowned upon, though, as that's why we have the Update Thread.

    2) Your snippet should have a substantial length, too. Anything shorter than the Acchi Kocchi-Io snip quoted later in this post is pretty much too short. General rule of thumb: It has to be 150 words or more, basically a minimum of a paragraph or two essay-wise.

    Upcoming Articles :

    Summoning Scene - When and how to write one. (Rule of thumb - if there is no major divergence from canon during this scene, don't write it) Example of a good one : http://forums.spacebattles.com/posts/8246209
    VOIDHAXX - What is it really? Answer: usually AUTHOR LAZINESS. If you resort to it even moreso than canon, you're doing it wrong.

    --- KaPe's definition of "Voidhaxx": http://forums.spacebattles.com/posts/7873415/

    See labeling snippets.


    Labeling Snippets


    Why you should do it : It makes indexing your snip a lot easier, and it makes it much more accessible to the reader (believe it or not, some people do NOT know what [Generic FPS Name Here] or ["Masterpiece" of literature here] or even [Insert Generic Anime Name Here] is. Label your snips so that they can get some background information if they wish so, and so that We, the Indexers, can index your snip later.

    How to Do it:

    It's clear that "Why Isn't this guy the Windalfr" is the title, as well as that it is an Acchi Kocchi crossover. It also makes it clear that Io is the summon, as well as this is part one of a series. Please have at least this much information in your labels, and have the labels apart from the rest of your snip, as shown. It makes things much easier for everyone.

    For crossovers, the bare minimum amount of Labeling/tags we will accept would be:

    [Name of Crossed Series] - [Snip number]

    Much preferred is:

    [Other Descriptors/labels] [Name of Crossed Series] - [Summon's name] : [Title of Snip] - [Snippet Number]

    As it gives the reader, and the indexer, much more information of what the snip is about/like.

    For non-crossovers, (what we label as "original flavor") be sure to label it with the correct tags, and to note any changes.

    Other Tags/labels/descriptors:

    "Different Saito"
    "Alternate Universe"
    "[Character name here] Centric"
    "Original Character/OC"
    "Reverse Summon"
    and so on...

    More examples and explanations can be added upon request.

    Snips that are not labeled properly will have embarrassing things listed instead, like Barbie, Gay German Porn, I'm An Idiot, or even just left unindexed.

    You, as the author, will also have all of my disapproval.

    Note: there may be some "posts without content" around every 20 pages or so, done by an indexer with the text "Post for Indexing purposes".

    Also: Be nice to the indexers. We do this service voluntarily. Feel free to bring up any problems with the index/labeling of your snip, but do remember to mind your netiquette, will you?

    Now that you've made it through this post, honored guest, I, and the rest of the Servants of this House Thread, wish you a happy stay filled with wondrous stories.

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  4. Rodyle

    Rodyle Anti-Fascist

    Mod made the call because of reasons.
  5. silentcrusader

    silentcrusader Leaping couch, Silent potato

    One bigass argument ruined the last thread? Then in that case, why was the You are trollikiin, internent born, not closed then? Lord Raine and a bunch of other people were having a much bigger confrontation than the one with Ars.
  6. SmallTips

    SmallTips Ally of convenience

    Ass is a repeat offender.

    Is anyone doing the indexing? I am.
  7. thor2006

    thor2006 thor

    Who is indexing the last thread?
  8. Lilithium

    Lilithium Argh, why are some people so cute?

    Yeah so I'm back now. That is part of the Good News. Somewhat less good is that dad didn't have a heart attack, just a anxiety attack. Bad News? Dad may have cancer.

    I won't be posting any pictures or snippets for a while. Also Madokami still loves you, even if you made her scowl at you.
  9. SmallTips

    SmallTips Ally of convenience

    Apparently, me.

    I'll have it ready in maybe an hour. Or two.

    Unless someone already did it.
  10. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    I can lighten the load a bit if you want.

    And I'll edit my post to hold the rules and stuff, is that alright with everyone?

    (Also: Would a ZnT Fic Rec/Discussion thread be a good idea, as a place to shunt our not-as-on-topic posts and stuff?)

    Lol. It was so goddamn contrived on my part, I come back with internet access and begin catching up on the thread, when I realize that it's locked as I try to post my brand-spanking-new GW2 snippet.
  11. SmallTips

    SmallTips Ally of convenience

    Do 60 - 90, if you will, please.

    Make sure not to choke.
  12. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    No prob.

    That was the span of posts from when I was in the hospital, right? And during my trainride home. I haven't seen most of them yet, so I guess it'll be a good way for me to catch up on the thread.
  13. Darth Artemis

    Darth Artemis The Villain in Glasses

    My dad just got out of surgery having a cancerous tumor of some sort cut out of his kidney last week. You have my sympathies.
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  14. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    Oh yeah, SmallTips, just to tell you/remind you - you're doing the Post links right? Not the "permalinks" generated by the site itself, but the actual link to the post itself, right? So it looks like : http://forums.spacebattles.com/posts/8243959/ in the url field, right? Because if not, and people/mods delete posts, then the permalink generated by the site may break, especially if it is the first post on a page.

    Getting this link is also one of the main reasons Robo Jesus and other indexers don't like indexing closed threads: It's much more tedious, as the link is easily gotten if you just hit reply.

    A great workaround for non-prolific writer-indexers (Indexers that don't write a ton of their own snips) is to use the Like button - right click and hit "copy link address" and then paste it into your working doc, making sure to take the "like" at the end off. Of course, since you can't like your own posts, indexing your own snips is the same pain in the ass, but it still works quite well.
  15. SmallTips

    SmallTips Ally of convenience

    Uh, no, no i haven't.

    Can I just ask Robo Jesus or someone else to take over for pages 20-40, then?

    You will excuse me while I ventilate my rage over Ars by editing postlinks. Thank you.
  16. SmallTips

    SmallTips Ally of convenience

    Pages 40-60

    Atreidestrooper – DEAD SPACE, Red Marker (1)
    Atreidestrooper - MuvLuv Saito (1)
    Biigoh – EXALTED- Fairfolk (1, 2)
    Felix3D – GUILD WARS FUSION (1)
    Felix3D - ACCHI KOCHI, Ao (1)
    Felix3D- SHINNA DARK, Prologue L (1)
    Iceblocks – SINISTAR (1, 2, 3)
    Jomasten – League of Legends/LoL, Annie, Skarner (1)
    LGear – ELEMENT ZERO (X)
    linkhyrule5 – BOND, 007 (1)
    Lithium – ORIGINAL, KEKEKE (1)
    Mike313 – ERAGON, reverse (11)
    Nms – MINECRAFT (2)
    staplesdex2 – LOVEHAMMER, Serenity (1)
    stormwind – WARHAMMER, Tankred (1)
    Terrace – Doctor Who, Final (1)
    Thagguy – DARK SOULS, Gywn (1)
    Thesevenwielder – TOUHOU, Reisen (1)
    Zelinko – TOUHOU, Parsee (2)

    If I am missing any, please check if they were in pages 20-39 and hand me the post link. Thank you.
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  17. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    Here. I'll take it over, no probs. I'll also do the Rules/Intro post, but it'll take me a while.
    I remember my bro said he did a snip on page 59 or 60.

    Here it is: (Just write the author as me, that's what we do for his snips anyway). http://forums.spacebattles.com/8180338 (Acchi Kocchi, Io)

    Anyway, HeadMaid is going back to tidying up.
  18. Robo Jesus

    Robo Jesus Your Mechanical Messiah

    Uhm, there is that PM Conversation thingy SmallTips can throw those links in. I've been busy and had shitty internet connection for a while, but so long as the links are in that PM, they can be added to the main Index no problem. And you guys CAN invite others into that conversation PM thingy. I left it open for just that purpose. :shrugs:
  19. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    Cool. I'll add him later, but a conversation can have a max of 6 participants at a time, so once he's there, we can't add anyone else.

    Looking back, I think we still need to index thread 37's 160 to 184 or something like that, so I'll do that too. Expect them to be posted in the conversation.
  20. Winged Knight

    Winged Knight Crazy man with a wolf on his head.

    Looking back through the various indexes, I've noticed my Alex Louise Armstrong snippet in thread 37 has not been listed. Was it deemed too short? Everyone seemed to like my little dose of silliness, so perhaps it's worth being set into the index. If it's felt to be too short, though, I'll not raise any fuss.
  21. Robo Jesus

    Robo Jesus Your Mechanical Messiah

    Huh. Nah, it's long enough. Just probably got missed. I'll add that in real quick.
    EDIT; It's been added.
  22. Felix3D

    Felix3D Meido Maou [Mod?] SuperModerator

    Currently pages 20-40 and 60-90 are "In progress". I haven't gotten to the 20-40 slot, and am just making my way through the 60-90 one right now.
  23. Zelinko

    Zelinko IT'S FAIRY TIME!

    That's actually part 2. The original was linked to in it. I just didn't label it as Part 1 As I usually do.
  24. Winged Knight

    Winged Knight Crazy man with a wolf on his head.

    Thank you kindly. I appreciate it.

    Wait, so it just hadn't been reached yet? My apologies, then. I didn't mean to nag anyone.
  25. Robo Jesus

    Robo Jesus Your Mechanical Messiah

    Huh, so it seems. Still, that conversation should be the main place to throw those links so that they aren't easily missed by myself or the others. Should I die, you guys will need to work out who takes responsibility for dealing with that stuff.

    kk. I've got some time today, even if my blood sugars feel like they're in the 500+up range.
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