One Day as Jabba's Slave Girl

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    Okay, I've started posting this in, but I was really hoping for some more feedback. I noticed that there haven't really been many fan fics that went into detail about how Princess Leia got her infamous gold bikini, how she endured the experience of being Jabba's slave girl, and basically everything up until Luke showed up to save everyone. Starting from the point when she releases Han from the carbonite up until they're safely aboard the Millennium Falcon, this will be Leia's story. I've already got a few chapters lined up, so this definitely will cover a lot of content of which you don't see in the movie. However, this story will follow a believable plot of which could reasonably fit within the movie. I'll only make a few changes which aren't perfectly canon, but only if it enhances the story. This will also be rated teen, but be warned that the sexual content boarders on mature.

    I'm sure some Star Wars fans have imagined a scene when Leia was clad in her gold bikini and maybe what happened in the day or so after being captured. You might say this is the way I imagined it. This first chapter will have an impact on later events, so you might want to read the first chapter... the more interesting chapters start after this and will continue until the end, when Leia and Han discuss recent events.

    I'm also going to throw in a few realistic issues Leia faces with the gold bikini, especially taking into consideration some of Carrie Fisher's comments about it. Let's just say that Leia will have the same thoughts about it as Carrie Fisher had with the movie prop.

    Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated and will influence how quickly updates come. Praise is good, but I'm definitely looking for ways to improve the work. Enjoy!


    Nearly a year had passed since Cloud City, and Leia still felt trapped. Although she wasn't the one who had been imprisoned in a carbonite tomb, she often wished their positions had been reversed. She wished it was her that Vader chose to test in the carbon freeze chamber, and that Han would have been in her position. For if it were Han coming to the rescue, Leia knew that the scoundrel would conjure up some insane plan that no one in his right mind would attempt. And Han somehow would have pulled it off... as he always had.

    Unfortunately, Leia didn't have the luxury of waiting to be rescued, for the prison which trapped her was one of her own guilt. Despite her every desire to rescue Han from Jabba in the last year, after having failed to stop Boba Fett on two occasions, other matters in the galaxy emerged of which took greater priority. Still an important figure within the Alliance, Leia knew that she couldn't just drop her responsibilities so she could rescue one man. Much more was at stake than one life, even if it were Han's.

    But that did little to ease the pain in her heart. Leia couldn't remember the last time she had a restful sleep since that terrible day. His voice continued to echo in her mind. She could not escape that moment. Far from the uncaring smuggler she mistook him for on the Death Star, he turned out to be one of the most honorable people she would ever come to know. In its own way, that moment on Cloud City was the first time she felt a loss greater than of Alderaan.

    And despite her best hope that time could ease that pain, the sight of Han's likeness etched upon his carbonite prison only seemed to torment her further... some wounds didn't heal with time. For Han wasn't dead, but Leia sometimes almost wished that he were... so that she could accept his loss and then move on. To lose Han in that manner was like having a knife embedded in her flesh and having to leave it alone until she knew it was safe to remove it. And despite her better judgment, Leia felt that she couldn't wait any longer. The plan was for her and Lando to wait for Luke before either of them acted, but Leia didn't know how else to keep her sanity while she stared an opportunity right in the eye. She was determined to save Han the first chance she got.

    Leia knew that releasing him from the carbonite didn't follow the plan they all agreed to follow, but just being in Han's presence again seemed to overwhelm her mind. It became unbearable to just wait when she knew she could save him. So while everyone else slept, Leia graced the hallways of Jabba's palace.

    Hidden behind the guise of the bounty hunter known as Boushh, She carefully navigated a clear path from an exit all the way back to the throne room. With each passing step, her anxiety and her excitement grew. Having found no guards standing between Han and his freedom, Leia entered the throne room. Carefully scanning the chamber, she wanted to confirm beyond any doubt that their path was clear before committing herself.

    Suddenly she heard a loud clatter against the back of her helmet. To her shock and surprise, Leia realized she had run into a set of decorative chimes dangling from the ceiling. The helmet offered great visibility for the wearer in the low light and infrared spectrum, but its peripheral vision was horrible. She desperately extended her hand to grab hold of the pieces, as to stop them from rattling.

    Having realized her own anxiety, Leia froze where she stood. Fearing that the noise she had created may have drawn unwanted attention, the young woman braced herself for whatever came next. If those chimes had alerted anyone in the palace... she heard nothing. Very gently and quietly, she sighed in relief, only to turn her focus upon the dreaded block of carbonite suspended on the far side of the chamber.

    She took only the briefest of moments to acknowledge Han's presence, almost as if to silently tell him that she was there. Leia went for the control panel on the wall, lowering the block to the floor. When the carbonite prison hit the floor with a hard thud, it suddenly slammed into the wall with an even louder clash. Leia realized she had made a mistake, but had committed herself to saving Han. From the enhanced audio input of her helmet's ear piece, she heard commotion.

    Although she couldn't make out exactly she stirred up in that moment, the sounds weren't much louder than a normal conversation. Leia almost believed she heard repressed voices, whispering, and shushing noises from just outside the chamber... but she was determined not to let this opportunity get passed her. If they were quick, both she and Han could escape before anyone realized what had happened.

    Having been briefed by Lando on configuring the life support controls to bring the victim out of carbon freeze hibernation, Leia punched in the right keys and stepped away. She watched a screen which flashed red to indicate Han's heart rate... pulsing ever so slowly. Leia watched as Han's heart slowly came back to life, stimulated by the prison's life support system. Lando said that if the thawing process hadn't started within 30 seconds, that it would abort and put the victim back into hibernation.

    Watching as the screen pulsed ever so slowly made Leia's heart ache. If Han's vitals couldn't be restored within 30 seconds... her anxiety grew with each passing second. If the life support couldn't restore Han, then the only chance of safely reviving Han would have meant getting him to a Republic hospital. And that would have taken days. She eagerly watched in the hope that his heart would start beating on its own.

    After the seventh pulse, Leia saw only that green screen again. Just as she was about to close her eyes in despair, the screen turned red again, almost a full second before the last pulse. Her excitement only growing as the pulse rate steadily escalated, Leia sighed with great relief, for Han was soon to be free of the carbonite.

    Once the computer determined his vitals were stable, everything after that happened automatically. Leia stepped back and watched as Han's figure began to turn red, a sign that the carbonite casing had begun breaking down. Leia suddenly began to fear, as the red glow became ever brighter to the eye, that the thawing process might inflict serious burns upon its victim. Leia feared that the Empire might not have considered the injuries of the thawing process, as they merely sought a means to freeze someone alive.

    But as the red glow diminished, and the carbonite dissolved, there was Han... alive and well. As he seemingly jumped right at her, Leia caught him, lowering the Correllian smuggler to the floor. Although she had wanted to embrace him right there, Han actually proved so heavy that both he and Leia met with the floor. Sitting up, with most of Han's weight upon her legs, Leia held him in her arms at long last.

    It didn't surprise her to find him shivering, as his body temperature remained far below normal. From his disorientation, Han wrestled to get away. Leia wanted to assure him not to panic, having forgotten to remove her helmet. "It's alright, Han. You're free of the carbonite. It's disorientation from hibernation sickness, it'll pass."

    "I can't see." He expressed with great concern.

    "Don't worry. Your eyesight will return within a few days." She told him.

    "Where am I?"

    "Jabba's palace." She answered.

    With her head just behind Han's shoulder, his face rubbed up against the helmet. Unable to see, he instinctively extended his arm out in a vein attempt to identify his rescuer. Finding no one he recognized, Han naturally asked who it was.

    Leia smiled from under the mask with great anticipation. With her right hand free, she grabbed the helmet and leaned her head forward, somewhat letting gravity do the work of slipping it off. Setting the mask on the floor right next to her, Leia realized that they were both free. Leaning her chin upon Han's shoulder, she answered gladly. "Someone who loves you."

    "Leia!" he exclaimed, her voice like a glimmer of light at the end of a long tunnel. With her head so close to his, Han twisted himself around and shared a brief, but very intimate kiss.

    Leia wished so much to savor his lips for longer, but Han was just as quick to break the kiss. Despite how she felt in that moment, the young princess accepted that it genuinely wasn't the best time for love. She had waited for almost a year... and could wait a little while longer. Leia quickly slid herself back and wrapped his arm over her opposite shoulder. "Come on; let's get you out of here."

    Despite his weakened state, Han didn't need too much getting to his feet. It gave Leia something of a minor relief, as Han was too heavy to carry out all on her own. Unfortunately, just as Leia learned to smile again, her newfound pinnacle of joy quickly plunged into the most extreme depths of horror.

    Freezing where they stood, Han and Leia only heard the sound of a deep, dreadful chuckle that echoed throughout the chamber. "What's that?" Han asked.

    Billowing another laugh, they both came to the unpleasant realization that it was Jabba's voice, although it came as a greater shock to Leia. Convinced there could have been no way for her to miss a one-ton slug, nor any of his palace guards, it truly came as an unwelcome surprise to discover a hidden door installed behind Jabba's throne.

    Almost at the same time that the chamber lights came alive did a massive slab of stone slide open from behind the space where Jabba's throne resided. It was not long before at least a dozen palace guards poured in through the secret passage, preventing their escape. Only after Jabba's throne rolled in through the passage did Han turn to confront him... facing him as though he were able to see.

    "Jabba, I had to say that I was surprised when I realized you still had a bounty on me. I recall that my debt to you had been dealt with in full. That's usually when you're supposed to call off a bounty, isn't it?" Han began, somewhat absent of any deserved anger towards Jabba.

    Jabba snickered, seemingly proud of his terrible deeds. "Perhapse, but I'm not like most debtors, am I?"

    Han didn't care so much whether the bounty on his head were fair or not; the last thing anyone in the galaxy wanted was to be left on bad terms with Jabba. "It doesn't have to go this way, Jabba. I'm still your best smuggler... even when I lost cargo, you got back everything in full from me. You have nothing to gain from this. If you still had a problem, we could have worked it out."

    As Jabba began chortling at the Correllian smuggler's attempts at reason, his mind was already made up. "It's too late for that, Solo. Although you are a born smuggler, I'm afraid that both you and your companions have since interfered with my other affairs all too many times. I have a reputation to keep and it looks very bad for me if I were to just let you slide for it. Suddenly everyone else will be demanding much more than they deserve. My other clients will start thinking they're you... it's business."

    Han tried to confront Jabba more directly, but a pair of guards had held him back. "This is bad business, Jabba! Don't give me that!"

    Laughing, Jabba simply instructed his guards to take Han away.

    Despite being dragged away by two guards, Han desperately pealed to the only thing which Jabba seemed to care for... money. "Don't make another expensive mistake, Jabba! You know I'm good for it! You're throwing away a fortune here, don't be a fool!"

    After having just gotten Han back, Leia watched again as another example of evil and villainy exacted his wrath upon the man she came to love. Although he had been taken away, she had every expectation to see him again. For Han had many friends, one of whom was a Jedi. And although she had failed to free him, she knew their rescue operation was far from over.

    Unfortunately, that did very little to comfort Leia in that moment. She had anticipated that she'd be in Han's arms that very night, but all that had been deprived in an instant. Of all the thoughts racing through her mind in that moment, perhaps the one which affected her the most was a sense of disappointment. Leia had gotten so far ahead of herself that she let her personal feelings get in the way of her judgment. And rather than wait another day or two as one of Jabba's guests, she would have instead spent that time in a dungeon. And having lost her cover as one of Jabba's favored bounty hunters, Leia had gone from being an asset to a liability.

    But Leia didn't have much time to think about Han, nor even the next stage of their rescue mission. To her confusion, only Han was ordered to the dungeon. Leia turned her head around and wondered why she wasn't to accompany him. Jabba gestured to his guards and ordered them to bring her to him.

    With two guards forcing her forward, Leia certainly didn't expect to be lifted onto the throne in front of the Hutt. As the guards gave her to Jabba, she quickly realized that she wasn't destined for a prison cell. A part of her knew it was futile, but Leia denounced him. "We have powerful friends. You will regret this."

    Almost amused by her threat, Jabba just took her upon his throne and returned her warning with a sardonic reply. "I'm sure."

    It was then that Leia realized that nothing she could do or say would have any impact on Jabba. He clearly underestimated Luke's Jedi abilities, otherwise he might have headed her warning. Leia wished she could take comfort in knowing that Luke would soon be there to save them, but after having a slimy tongue brushed against her face, Leia shuddered convulsively. She really REALLY would have preferred that Jabba hadn't called her bluff.

    C-3PO may only have been a droid, but even he could appreciate Leia's feelings in that moment. "Oh... I can't bear to watch." Although he didn't feel emotion like an organic being, he knew that what Jabba intended to do would only hurt Leia.

    If the interest of the Hutt wasn't bad enough, Leia heard a small, sadistic laugh from a creature that Jabba kept on his throne beside him. The Kowakian monkey-lizard known as Salacious Crumb was little more than a pet that Jabba kept for the sole purpose of amusing himself at least once a day. Much like his master, Crumb had a sadistic sense of humor when it came to the suffering of others.

    Leia soon came to regret what she had done. If she had simply laid low and waited for Luke to arrive... but that was a mistake she couldn't take back. And she came to accept she had no means to escape the consequences that were soon to follow. What she dreaded most was facing the realization that her problems had only just begun.
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    Chapter 2: Exposed

    Okay, here's where the story gets REALLY interesting. I'll admit that I stretched a few characters a bit, but I really wanted to put Leia in a position where she falls into despair. Although she is a strong character, such a humiliating experience would be traumatic for anyone. Her despair in this chapter is just the initial shock, but she'll get a hold of herself.

    Not to give too much away, I think this particular chapter may violate the teen rating I gave this story. If this chapter goes too far, please let me know and I'll tone it down a bit. The rest of the story should be much more tame than this. If anyone can think of ways to improve on what I have, please let me know. I'm not one to reject a good idea just because it wasn't mine. I'll even extend credit for anything I change which came from a reviewer.

    PS: I know that Lyn Me isn't Jabba's servant in the canon SW universe, so please don't bite my head off because of it. If someone has a problem with it, I might be convinced to change her to an original character. I don't own Star Wars or any of its characters. Enjoy!


    Jabba was renowned for hosting some of the most lively parties in the galaxy. Often he'd just randomly throw one together because there hadn't been reason to celebrate in a long while. He made reasons to celebrate, to gather his friends, and to show off his power. Although many of his guests were already asleep after celebrating that previous night, Jabba demanded everyone in the palace be awoken and invited to his throne room for a special event.

    As the minutes went by, Leia could only watch as events unfolded before her. Having been put aside and ignored for the time being, Leia knew that Jabba was planning something very special for her. What Jabba called special usually turned out to be something of the most dreadful nature to others. Leia knew exactly what was going to come, and she braced herself for it. But she hated the waiting even more.

    It was something of an irony that in all the times she faced torture and death, Leia had never been violated as a woman. After being captured by Darth Vader, she endured at least a dozen torture sessions with him and an interrogation droid. No one had ever used sexual persuasion on her... probably because pain seemed a lot more effective. She dreaded the thought of spreading her legs and being violated, yet waiting for it to come seemed much worse. And when she wished him to just get it over with, Jabba was only too thrilled to oblige.

    After taking a moment to examine his new pet, Jabba found it difficult to get a full appreciation for Leia under that suit of armour. "I must admit you had a good disguise... would've fooled even me. But you didn't cover your tracks too well, princess. Now that everyone knows, you might as well remove that ridiculous disguise now. Why don't you let everyone see who you really are?"

    Bib Fortuna tapped Jabba on the shoulder. "Master, shall I have her fitted with more... proper attire?"

    Before he could answer, Salacious Crumb started screeching in his native language. Between Bib and Salacious, Jabba twisted his head to address Salacious. Crawling up the body of the great Hutt, the little creature took a position near Jabba's ear and whispered his suggestion.

    Leia couldn't make out anything the creature said, but they both started arguing over what to do with her. It seemed that Jabba wasn't all too interested in the idea, but then started chuckling. When Salacious looked at her, he laughed devilishly with anticipation.

    Jabba gave Leia another malicious look and then rubbed the side of her face, as if to comfort her. She shrugged it off, but Jabba twisted her around and sat her upon the cushion that had once belonged to Oola. Rubbing her shoulders as if to prominently show off his newest possession, Jabba finally answered Fortuna's question. "That won't be necessary, Bib. I have something better in mind for the princess, and I happen to be in the mood to celebrate. I would like for you to have all my guests in the palace awoken. Let them know that we'll be hosting another party... right now. Tell everyone that I'm personally extending an invitation and expect them to come. Those that miss this will be in for a great disappointment. For everyone here... this is cause for celebration, so celebrate!"

    Only after Jabba made such an announcement did many in the chamber break out cheering... although most had no idea what exactly the Great Jabba had been planning for them.

    Leia found herself on the verge of tears, but realized that she had too much integrity to just break down in despair. The act which lead to her capture was a mistake, but the young woman was determined to keep her mind on the task at hand. Han was still a prisoner and in need of rescue. Unfortunately so was she, but despite what had just happened, Leia was determined not to give up until both she and Han were in each other's arms.

    Although her situation changed drastically, she was still an important part of the mission. It did give her some small measure of comfort to know Han was safe, at least for the moment. And for what little time they had together, at least it was enough that Han knew she hadn't given up on him... somewhat alleviating the guilt she felt.

    As Jabba released her, he gestured his closest two guards to take Leia into the center of the room. For some strange reason, she actually felt quite confident in herself. After having withstood dozens of interrogation sessions with Darth Vader himself, she had no doubt that Jabba couldn't be any worse. And unlike her time on the Death Star, she wouldn't endure the ordeal alone.

    The guard on her right side just happened to be Lando. Upon seeing that familiar glint in his eyes, she somehow managed a smile. Even in the most dreadful of moments, just having a friend nearby... made it much easier to endure. The most that Lando could do was give her a friendly nod, as he couldn't risk exposing himself as well. As long as they had at least one person on the inside, Leia felt they still stood a good chance for rescuing Han.

    Once Leia had been moved to the center of the floor, Jabba laughed sadistically and then announced his orders so that his gathering audience could watch. "Guards, remove that silly disguise. I want to see my new servant for all her beauty."

    Everyone else in the throne room roared in approval, save two. Leia, for obvious reasons. Lando also couldn't say he was fond of the situation. As any human male might have, he certainly was interested in seeing Leia without clothes, but certainly not like that. Some thoughts were best left to the imagination.

    She and Lando briefly looked at one another, both equally uncomfortable with what they had to do. Leia originally figured that Lando was the kind who'd have been all to happy to oblige, but she then saw a look in his eyes that was completely absent of any enthusiasm. As the Gamorrean on the left began by removing the shoulder strap, pulling it over her head, Lando hesitated. Leia looked at him and nodded, silently giving him permission to proceed. Actually the movement of her head was more like trembling than actual nodding, but Lando saw she wanted him to follow through with Jabba's order.

    A more primordial part of him might have admitted that his heart pounded with anticipation, maybe even that those were the best damned orders he'd ever received. However Leia was a friend, and the last thing he would have wanted was to violate a friend. That certainly sapped all the pleasure from it.

    The bounty hunter disguise Leia wore consisted of an outer layer of thick armour protecting her chest underlined with a kevlar jacket. The metal backpack and the armour plates made up one piece that rested upon her shoulders. That was removed first and tossed to the floor. The jacket soon followed.

    Although Leia appeared to have a very delicate figure, even with armour, its removal gave a much clearer indication of how slender she really was. Although still fully clothed, Leia's ears echoed the growing approval of the spectators who came to watch as she was stripped of her garb. Her torment grew with each layer they removed. She wondered how such people could take great joy at her expense. Leia almost hated them almost as much as she hated Jabba.

    When the other guard sought to remove the final layer of her garment, he was far from gentle. She resisted the Gamorrean and pulled herself away. "Back off!" Leia screamed, delivering a powerful blow to the Gamorrean's snout.

    To her surprise, the guard didn't squeal in pain, as she had hoped. It was as if her fist didn't even hurt him, but it certainly made him angry. He went at her again, aggressively ripping away at her garb.

    Leia screamed and drew back again, this time tripping and landing on her butt just in front of Jabba's throne. From the commotion, Leia didn't realize that her rebellious attitude only proved all the much more amusing to Jabba. He had been laughing with that guttural voice she really started to detest.

    When he came at her again, Lando, determined to protect Leia, threw himself in front of the charging Gamorrean. And although he easily overpowered Lando, it was Jabba's hand that halted him. The room soon fell silent, broken only by the high-pitched laughter of Salacious.

    Jabba addressed his Gamorrean servant. "Now now, I don't want my property harmed... unless I'm the one to order it." Leaning as far forward as the Hutt could, Jabba had extended one of his short, stubby arms in a vein effort to reach Leia, who sat just beyond his reach on the floor. Frustrated that he couldn't grab her, Jabba sat himself back up and simply ordered Leia to stand before him.

    With her shirt torn across the midriff, Leia held it together as she stood up and faced Jabba again. Swallowing her pride, Leia just did as the Hutt demanded.

    "My my, you are a feisty one." Jabba seemed quite fond of his new possession, as he often enjoyed breaking new slaves. He certainly had higher expectations of Leia than he did from his previous slave girl, Oola. He also liked demonstrating his ability to control people, especially in coercing powerful individuals like Leia and treating them as he would a common slave. "If you should feel more inclined to obey my orders, then you may do it yourself. It's your choice, but those robes are to be removed... now."

    As Leia looked behind her, she realized that it was all about public humiliation. Jabba simply wanted to put on a show of his authority in front of his guests, which was what Leia had to do. Terrible as it sounded, Leia reluctantly accepted that he was in control... at least for the time being. And it wasn't like she really had a choice.

    Starting again with her belt, the gesture brought much excitement and cheer from the guests who'd gathered to see Jabba's new pet. Reluctantly, she continued by slipping off her boots and trousers. It was then that she twisted her head around and looked back at the audience, who's cheers and applause actually died down as more of herself became visible. It was then that she noticed that many of them weren't human. Apparently many didn't find alien species especially alluring. She didn't know it at the time, but the majority of them were applauding more for Jabba than for Leia. Somehow both his guards and guests held great reverence towards people who possessed the power to control others through fear.

    Watching Lando as he refused to take any pleasure in her humiliation, it gave Leia some small comfort to know at least one other person took no joy from her torment. Actually Lando was rather excited at what he saw, somewhat ashamed for taking any level of pleasure from such a sick display by Jabba. Lando most certainly wished Leia were somewhere else, but it didn't stop him from staring. It wasn't like he would pass up a chance when it presented itself... of course he displayed no satisfaction of any kind to Leia.

    Having removed the tattered remains of her shirt, she was down only to her undergarment. Obviously they had to go as well, but Leia needed a moment to prepare herself emotionally for facing Jabba in that condition. When he made a hand gesture, it wasn't hard to figure out what he wanted.

    She just sighed and then unfastened the straps to the top piece. It enticed Jabba to watch her bra fall to the floor, the lower piece following in short order. Brushing them aside with her foot, Leia gave Jabba a sour look and placed her hands upon her hips.

    Although completely naked, Leia didn't attempt to cover herself. She didn't want to give Jabba the sense that he had humiliated her. Although that was far from true, Leia maintained her dignity and allowed Jabba to gaze upon her. Only her body was left fully exposed, but she wouldn't let him see her mind as well. Leia displayed nothing to indicate her embarrassment.

    From the sound of Jabba's chuckling, he seemed quite satisfied with his new possession. "What a lovely human you are, my dear. You've exceeded my expectations... that's not easy." He waved his hand and barked out another order. "Now why don't you turn yourself around and allow my guests to have a look at you?"

    Rolling her eyes at him, Leia dropped her arms to her sides, rotated a hundred and eighty degrees, and her heart sank when she realized that she stood fully exposed before so many people. She subtly positioned her hands in front, just enough to conceal her crotch without making the gesture too overt.

    Lando probably felt more awkward than Leia, but certainly didn't pass up the chance to satisfy his curiosity. Seeing her like that... he hated himself for taking such a perverted pleasure, yet couldn't withdraw his eyes from something so beautiful. Leia certainly turned out to be everything he'd imagined.

    Everyone else roared their approval, but just as quickly fell silent as Jabba raised his palm. Just the movement of his hands seemed as commanding as his voice. "My friends, I would like you to welcome Princess Leia Organa. Daughter of former Republic Senator, Bail Organa of Alderaan. Heir to the once-proud Ancient House of Organa. Sole survivor of that house. Renowned leader of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Rebel. Traitor to the Empire..."

    As Jabba kept listing the deeds she was known for, Leia twisted her head around, realizing that Jabba had known about her since she first entered his palace. It allowed her some little comfort, knowing her sad attempt to free Han hadn't cost their mission. Unfortunately it also meant they grossly underestimated Jabba's resources.

    Her eyes on him, Jabba extended his arm and gestured Leia back to the throne. "Unfortunate that she destroyed my favorite decoration, I've decided to replace Captain Solo with someone better." He patted his hand upon the empty cushion in front, gesturing Leia to sit on it.

    Again, Leia reluctantly obeyed, climbing onto the throne, and perching herself upon the cushion. Not even allowed a moment to sit up straight, Jabba grabbed the poor soul and pulled her against his soft body. She struggled to escape his grasp, but even Jabba's feeble arms were strong enough to keep Leia firmly pinned where he wanted her.

    Cuddling her, placing his hand to rub the underside of her neck, Jabba nestled her in his arms. "I will give the princess a great honor. Since poor Oola had to be put down, I've been in need of a new personal servant. Twi'leks make great dancers, but I'm not looking for another dancer. I want a princess, and one just so happened to stumble into my little trap. I've arranged a celebration for this event, in honor of my new servant. Royalty certainly deserves a momentous ceremony... and I intend to celebrate all night." He then pointed to his musical group, who had since been setting up their instruments. "Start the music! Something exciting! Bartenders, break out the drinks! I don't want anyone in this palace to miss this occasion!"

    It was only then that Jabba finally released Leia of his slimy clutches. The young woman just sat in horror as deafening applause overwhelmed her senses. It got even worse when Salacious crept up from behind and latched onto her hair. Leia twisted her head around and brushed the obnoxious little creature away. He withdrew and got just beyond Leia's reach. "If you ever touch me again, you little gargoyle...!"

    As Leia extended herself in an effort to strangle Salacious, Jabba grabbed her to keep both his pets apart. As the monkey-lizard started laughing again, Jabba used his tail to whip Salacious off of the throne. Plopping onto the floor, Salacious began protesting. It was then that Jabba made it explicitly clear to him that he wasn't to touch Leia again... not without explicit permission.

    Salacious responded, but Leia again couldn't make out his language. When Jabba answered, she got some sense as to how her life was going to be from then on. "Yes, but this one is special. And your typical behavior won't be likely to provide any amusement with her. Besides, I have my own ways of harassing the princess, as you shall see."

    Curling herself into a ball, Leia brought her knees up to cover her breasts, wrapped her arms around her legs, and was desperate to block everything out. As Salacious laughed again and climbed back onto the throne, she started imagining the terrible existence she might have been doomed to live for the rest of her life. From her convulsive shaking and the tears in her eyes, there was little doubt she ever had a more humiliating moment in her life.

    Leia knew how to endure torture and she had grown accustomed to living with the threat of death, but she certainly never considered THIS. As Jabba pulled her back into his arms and brushed his grotesque tongue against her bare back, Leia wished more than anything to have been condemned to a cold dungeon. Even the company of a few guards seeking to make her scream in agony seemed more appealing than living in the abhorrent comfort of Jabba's arms.

    As Jabba's music group exploded into a song, it startled her into perking up her head, allowing Jabba another chance to grab her shoulders and pull the young princess against his body. Leia's breasts were left exposed again, but she made no attempt to cover herself again. In leaving herself exposed, Leia felt it showed more dignity than pointlessly conceal what little she could with her arms.

    Jabba hovered over her and stroked her abdomen, appreciating the delicate feel of her flesh. After having her clothes removed, Leia began to shake. Between Jabba's saliva and her own perspiration, her skin glistened under the lights. She began to quiver from the most bitter cold and gruesome captivity she's ever endured.

    The Hutt breathed very sensually at her presence, finding her terror most alluring. Unfortunately he had much more in store for the enslaved Leia. "Now now, princess. Royalty such as you deserves something more appropriate to wear than a suit of armour."

    Leia retorted, "Let me guess: nothing?"

    Jabba laughed, all while rubbing her shoulders to give her that false sense of comfort again. "No, of course not. I'm sure that a blend of silks and precious metals are more what you're used to, so that's exactly what you'll get. I've had one of my servants sent to fetch your new attire, something that even a princess would find suitable." He leaned forward and whispered into her ear. "Now why don't you thank me for being such a considerate master?"

    Leia twisted her head around and made an exaggerated, but very sour smile at him. She didn't believe a word he said, but she did exactly as what he ordered. "Thank-you."

    When she attempted to turn her head away, he took Leia firmly by the chin and forced her to look him in the eye again. "Thank-you, my Master." He ordered her to speak.

    This time, Leia spoke again with less hostility in her voice. She understood that Jabba genuinely was in control and that the best option was just to yield and do as he demanded. "Thank-you, my Master." From the sound of Jabba's breathing, Leia could only assume that it meant affection from him. His hand went from her chin and rubbed it along the side of her face. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath so that she didn't have to inhale the terrible fumes from his gaping maw.

    Jabba savored Leia and handled her very affectionately for a long moment. "You are quite a specimen, princess. I regret not taking you when you first stepped foot in my palace. I really wished you hadn't freed Captain Solo of the carbonite... I know not what to do with him now."

    Almost relieved that Jabba had brought up business, Leia saw an opportunity to get her mind back onto the mission... anything other than that! "You knew it was me. Why didn't you just capture me when I first walked in?"

    "I wanted to see how your plan was going to unfold. You surprised me in that you managed to release Captain Solo from the carbonite without killing him. Clearly you had some help with the life support controls of the carbon freeze matrix. By the time that I realized what you were doing... I wanted to see how your plan was going to unfold. But like I said, I expected much more from you, princess."

    She actually managed to smile with at least the vaguest hint of defiance. Leia was desperate to escape, even if she had to buy her freedom and everyone else's. "I don't suppose you'd be interested in talking ransom? You know we're good for it."

    Jabba rubbed the side of her face for his own enjoyment, stoking Leia and lightly pinching her cheek, the Hutt enjoyed taunting her. "Tired of me already? No, I think I'll keep you, princess. You see, I paid a considerable fortune to buy Captain Solo's life." Looking at the piece of carbonite on the far side of the chamber, Jabba was quite disappointed to see the empty indentation of which he felt Han belonged. "I wouldn't get off my throne to pick up a pile of money if it were left on the floor right in front of me... I mean if I actually could reach down and pick it up." He chuckled.

    "If credits don't matter to you, then why didn't you pay the 50,000 I demanded for Chewbacca?" Leia asked.

    The Hutt continued his sadistic chuckle and released Leia from his clutches, allowing her sit facing the crowd in front. He then went to stroking her hair and brushing a hand down her bare back. "I'm a Hutt. That's what we do. Most of my kind could only dream to build an empire as vast and wealthy as what I control, but when you reach the pinnacle of the galaxy... you lose an important piece of yourself."

    Leia twisted her head around as Jabba went about discussing his life of crime. For whatever it was worth... she sought to take any advantage Jabba allowed of her. She may have been a prisoner, but Leia was determined escape. And anything he revealed could potentially have been used against him.

    "I remember a time when I was only starting my new criminal empire, when reaping a mere 500 credits on a business transaction quite excited me. A very pitiful amount compared to most of the transactions I make today. As the years passed, I began assigning more and more tasks to other people and eventually I found I had more credits than I could ever spend in a lifetime... being financially secure, making even more profit was no longer fun. The only amusement I ever get from business anymore is when I cheat my adversaries. And that's exactly what I did to you, princess."

    Leia couldn't help noticing the irony of Jabba's greatest success ultimately siphoning all the joy he got from his criminal dealings. There was no sympathy at all; it just disgusted her. If Jabba had simply ceased his criminal dealings, he would still have had enough blood money for whatever guilty pleasures he desired, yet he seemed more interested in ruining other lives. Such a sadistic sense of pleasure being all that would satisfy Jabba... how could such a horrid creature exist?

    Leia turned her head away again. "So in the end, your criminal dealings have only made life miserable..." Brushing away his arm, Leia noticed Lando staring from amongst the crowd, and then covered her breasts. "...for everyone."

    Jabba chuckled again, somewhat at her comment; but more because he had another surprise waiting for Leia. He had sent Lyn Me, one of his twi'lek servants, to retrieve a special box and deliver it to the throne room. Lyn had since been standing by her master's throne with a box in her arms. She had been patiently waiting for Jabba to acknowledge her presence.

    Jabba finally waved his hand at Lyn and directed the twi'lek to give it to Leia. "Miserable? No, the last thing I would want is to make my faithful servants miserable. Which is why I had Lyn Me bring some more suitable attire for you, my princess."

    As Lyn set the box on the throne right beside Leia, the twi'lek just took a step back and awaited her master's next command. Leia just stared at the box and grimaced at Jabba's offering. She knew that whatever was inside... she wasn't going to like it. Unfortunately Leia couldn't help wondering if maybe there were something at least half decent inside. Her hopes weren't high, but whatever was inside seemed better than nothing at all.

    As she twisted her head around to look Jabba in the eye, he shrugged his stub arms. "Well even a princess deserves something better to wear than the air around her. This is a special outfit that even royalty such as yourself might be happy to wear." He chuckled and gestured to his twi'lek servant. "It's worth more than what I paid for Lyn. And if you don't want it, she'd be envious to have it."

    As Leia continued staring at the box, she realized it was better just to satisfy her curiosity and see for herself what exactly he wanted her to wear. The decorative casing in itself did suggest something expensive inside, and the box was rather heavy from what she could tell. Upon removing the cover and laying her eyes upon what had been inside, Leia found exactly what Jabba described. It was silk and adorned with gold... an outfit that only royalty could afford, but certainly not what they would ever choose to wear.

    Jabba laughed when he saw her expression.
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    That was dreadfully tame. I was expecting more... stretching... situations.
  4. Yea, standard intro. This has to get a lot nastier for you to get reviews, although that might end up with it taken down.

    Meh i liked the second chapter, although Jabba is more verbose than I thought.
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    Darth, forget the teen rating and let you dirty imagination run wild.:drevil:
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    I am in agreement with this, nothing new exactly, but still.
    Damn, Leia's little stay at Jaba's would have made for a pretty good tentacle related NC-17 story, now if only Jaba had tentacles.
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    Okay, so I've got a lot of people who think I should make this NC-17... can that even be done on this site without getting some major sanctions?

    I actually had two versions in mind when I started this. On, I've got quite a number of interested readers who complemented me for keeping this story within the limits of what George Lucas might have accepted. So there are at least a few who appreciate a plot they could expect from Star Wars. That's the teen version. The M version includes scenes I think are too graphic to post here.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll take that into serious consideration.
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  9. Would he even be allowed to post that link or even reference it here though?
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    When I first saw the scene of Leia with Jabba I thought there would probably be a lot of stuff that couldn't be shown. I just was never interested enough to go looking around on the net for the missing scenes.
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    Yes there have been many such fictions involving Leia and that infamous gold bikini, but if you've read any... you might notice how everyone suddenly goes out of character and then just go off in any direction the author can dream up. When that happens, it stops being the star wars universe and the characters you've come to know become completely different people.

    My goal here is to write a fiction in which the characters and world remain consistent with canon. If Leia, Jabba, Salacious, Lando, Han, and Luke aren't consistent with those you see in the movies... then I'm not doing it right. I want everyone IN CHARACTER from beginning to end. All I do is influence the plot and see where they go.

    Does that make any sense?
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    Chapter 3: An Outfit Worthy of a Princess

    Here's chapter three. Leia's infamous gold bikini in all its glory... I hope. I just wanted to write one chapter specifically for what's become an icon for star wars fans and geeks everywhere. The first half will have some significance to the plot, so there'll be more on it in the next chapter. So I don't spoil anything, I've put the author's notes at the end.

    An Outfit Worthy of a Princess​

    As the party continued, Jabba took a sadistic pleasure in using Leia as the star attraction for the evening. She was to entertain his guests. The Hutt took great pride in showing off his possessions. Most of the species who served as guards didn't seem to appreciate Leia's beauty as Han might have, but they did seem to appreciate the way Jabba liked to show off his possessions.

    Leia again stood in the center of the room as Lyn Me and Greeata, another of Jabba's servants, assembled her outfit. The outfit of Jabba's choosing took a surprisingly long time to be put together. As Leia looked down on the thing which served to adorn her womanhood, it seemed to bring back a piece of her childhood as well.

    The experience reminded her of another time when she had been forced to stand perfectly still while servants tended to her appearance. Maybe those were her aunts... Leia couldn't quite determine which ones a twi'lek and a rodian reminded her more of.

    But she pictured herself like a young and wild little girl... glowering as any child would in her position. Leia remembered how her aunts often clad her in adorable dresses... ones that she naturally hated. If that wasn't bad enough, the servants just kept tampering with her garb. What should normally have only taken a brief moment often took half an hour.

    As Lyn Me began braiding her hair into a ponytail, the memory only became more vivid. She remembered there had been one aunt who spent as much time doing her hair as it took the others to get those damned dresses on. At least a dozen times, her aunt stroked her hair with a brush, only to find another tangle. Leia remembered the way tangles hurt, and the way she reacted when her aunt found one. For better or worse, Leia was determined not to behave like that foolish young girl she once had been.

    For the simplicity of the slave bikini she wore, it proved remarkably difficult to assemble. It was absolutely unlike anything she'd ever worn in her life. Certainly it was just as aggravating to get into as any of her other garb... and that was where the similarities ended.

    If that wasn't bad enough, one of the servants brought in a full-sized mirror so that Leia could watch as she was transformed into a pleasure slave. Right down to the mirror, the scene was exactly like her childhood. It was like looking into a dark shadow of herself... how things had changed since those days.

    Instead of the innocent appearance of a young girl, Leia only saw an adult woman who had the look of a whore. Instead of the wealthy girl tended to by her own servants, she was reduced to the lowest social rank of them all... slave. Far from the adorable dresses she remembered wearing as a child, her gold bikini left little to the imagination. And for everything it left exposed, Leia couldn't even recognize herself anymore.

    Staring at that mirror into her past, it reminded Leia that so much of herself had been destroyed since then. Alderaan was gone. Her father and family murdered. Her family's fortune destroyed along with her home. And after all those years of service to the Rebel Alliance, she faced the very real possibility that she might spend the rest of her life in the hellish misery of Jabba's service.

    Against her every urge to hide it, Leia couldn't hold back a few tears. Looking at that mirror seemed a greater torment than anything Jabba has yet done to her. Upon opening her eyes again, Leia came to absolutely hate the sight of the woman staring back at her. An overwhelming urge to just smash the damned mirror entered her mind. And she would have done it, if only Greeata hadn't moved between them.

    The Rodian had set a pair of boots on the floor in front and guided Leia's feet into them. They were the only part of the ensemble that Leia may actually have liked. Jerva leather was not very tough, but it offered excellent thermal protection against the scorching surface of Tattooine. Also encrested with gold trimmings that trailed from the back of her shins down to just above her ankles, they fit just perfectly.

    Right down to the adornments for her hair, every element of Leia's new outfit seemed overly lavish. As Lyn finished braiding it, she flung the ponytail over Leia's shoulder. Both she and Greeata took a brief moment to fully inspect Leia one last time before presenting her to Jabba.

    To her disappointment, Lyn had inspected the lower piece of the outfit and found a major flaw. "I think this is still too loose. Help me tighten it."

    Greeata quietly replied, some concern in her tone. "It's already as tight as I could get it. She's really a tiny thing."

    Leia rolled her eyes back, absolutely frustrated. She'd lost a lot of weight over the last year, which probably wouldn't have made much difference around her waist in any event; but it certainly didn't help with making that ridiculous outfit fit any better. The bikini bottom actually was adjustable to accommodate a narrow range of dimensions, but its smallest size was just a little too large for Leia's waist.

    Lyn then wriggled the piece to test how well it would hold and then nodded at Leia. "It'll due for now. We'll get that fixed for you."

    Leia rolled her eyes back again. The last thing she wanted was to think she'd be there long enough to have that wretched outfit fixed so that she could wear it for the rest of her life. As far as Jabba was concerned, Leia was his for the rest of her life. For Leia, it was just a temporary role that she would have to play. Once Luke had arrived, it would all be over.

    As Lyn checked over Leia one last time, she smiled and whispered into her ear. "You look great. And don't be afraid, just do as the master requests and he will take good care of you."

    Her words did little to ease Leia's mind, as the last thing she wanted was to 'please the master.' Before she even had a chance to protest, Lyn and Greeata took Leia by the shoulders and rotated her to face Jabba yet again. Despite her every wish to turn away, they marched her before Jabba's throne.

    As his huge eyes fell upon her, Leia was utterly disgusted. The last thing she wanted in the galaxy was to be alluring to the Hutt. His nasty tongue wetted his lips, the sound of his breathing indicated excitement, and Leia quivered in horror.

    Hutts were well known for the way they dressed their servants to enhance their appearance, but the outfit Leia wore... it was like function didn't even enter the mind of the designer. Its only purpose was to adorn the body of its victim.

    Clasped to her breasts was a gold brassiere that was underlined by a layer of silk. It didn't conform so much to her body as that it was tasked to restrain her breasts. The elaborate gold frame in front was a sharp contrast to her back, left completely bare, save a pair of black laces which ran across from her shoulders to under the opposite arm. Those laces, which held the brassiere in place, were strung so tight against her flesh that they left visible indentations upon the skin.

    The lower piece consisted of gold plates covering her in front and back. Dipping below her exposed abdomen, the plates were suspended around her waist by conjoining metal loops that trailed just above her hips. The plates were so heavy that Leia felt as though the lower part of the outfit was determined to find the floor! And the metal had been so cold around the edges; it seemingly sapped all the heat from her body.

    Hidden from all but Leia was a cloth G-string underline that ran in between her legs, which was little more than a thong grafted to the underside of those gold plates. Leia found it absurd how such an expensive outfit couldn't provide more in the way for comfort. Actually it did give her some level of comfort to know that particular area of her body wasn't left completely bare.

    With Lyn and Greeata pushing her forward, Leia found the only thing holding that lower piece at her waist was a lot of hope. Despite the rigid nature of the outfit, it offered surprisingly good freedom of movement to her legs. Unfortunately Leia preferred not to stand with her legs close together, for fear of having that thing drop below her waist!

    Holding the loops at her sides to keep them firmly above her hips, Leia felt the interesting pattern engraved onto the front face of the gold plate in front. And she couldn't help noticing how much the pattern resembled parts of the female anatomy. She then realized the irony of wearing an outfit which portrayed a uterus and ovaries. It was as if the very thing meant to conceal her nudity symbolically exposed something deeper than what the eye could see. Despite whatever it resembled, Leia preferred Jabba's gold bikini over the air around her... but not by much.

    Another element of the outfit she disliked was the adornment clutching her left triceps. It was an armband that resembled a snake strangling its victim... a theme that seemed to fit quite well with what that slave bikini represented. Although it fit around her arm quite comfortably, Leia didn't like snakes... and she certainly despised slugs!

    Not everything about the outfit was rigid and uncomfortable. At the lower edges of the gold plates were a pair of veils made from Lashaa silk that flowed to just above her ankles. Somewhat resembling a split-skirt, they didn't conceal much beyond her inner legs... although the texture of the luxury cloth seemed almost inviting against her skin.

    As Leia found herself before Jabba, her legs spaced far apart, the young princess soon came to a chilling realization that the thing fitted around her neck was in fact a slaving collar... it seemed to resemble a necklace. Not until Lyn had attached a chain to a loop in front that it became abundantly obvious to Leia that Jabba intended to put her on a short leash. Before she had a chance to truly grasp the situation, the opposite end of the chain was placed in Jabba's waiting clutches.

    Clenching the chain and wrapping it around his left palm, taking what little slack Leia had been given, Jabba stared into her frightened eyes and laughed again with a low, sadistic excitement. Gently tugging on the chain, Leia drew closer to him. Before allowing her to sit on the throne in front, Jabba leaned as far forward as he could to whisper something into her ear. [Welcome to my service, princess. You belong to me now... your only purpose from this point on is to please me. Do that and you can expect to live a long, maybe even tolerable existence. Remember that I can dispose of you whenever I desire... or I could dispose of Captain Solo if you would prefer...]

    Leia lightly gasped, but then used her hand to cover her mouth. She realized that it was a mistake, and not one she made often. To make such an obvious display of concern, but it was a mistake she couldn't take back.

    Having seen that he had firm control over Leia, Jabba gently pulled her towards him by the chain, coercing the poor woman all the way onto his throne. Taking Leia by the collar and pulling her closer to him, she grabbed the chain and pulled in the opposite direction as best she could, but was easily overpowered.

    As Leia found herself trapped in the abhorrent arms of the Hutt, she turned herself away and closed her eyes. "I swear you'll regret this." she whispered.

    Author's notes:​

    I remembered seeing a drawing of a young Leia being dressed by her aunts as a little girl and thought about doing a drawing of her being clad as Jabba's slave. It would be sort of like the 'dark mirror' she thought about. I also know I made this and the last chapter a little less dark than readers may have wanted. Leia somewhat breaks down here(something not really in her character), but that will be addressed in the next chapter. She is just suffering from the shock of what's happened and needs time to get a hold of herself.

    I also do not really plan on introducing rape, although it will be a matter of great concern until Luke arrives. Like I said, I wish to keep this consistent with canon.

    PS: thanks to all who've read and reviewed.
  16. Well crafted and written story - although you are more generous with the Princeese modesty that a certain Mr Lucas - IRC Ms Fisher said she didn't get to wear anything under the bikini! ;)

    Are you sticking completely to cannon or changing anything - ie she frees herself or does not get rescued...........

    thanks :)
  17. Darth_Yuthura

    Darth_Yuthura Purple Evil Twi'lek

    A reply! I usually wait for at least one feedback before posting a new chapter. I do genuinely seek some serious advice/comments, but have since assumed no one on this site cares one way or another.

    I actually have gotten a negative review somewhere else and decided to act upon it. So far, the focus of the first three chapters was to humiliate Leia and make fun of her in a not-so-Lucas manner. I will be sticking to canon insofar as to bridge the gap between the time Leia is caught and when Luke walks into the palace. Likely I won't follow everything to the letter, but this won't drastically deviate from the original plot. I am going to introduce at least one original character, but that's only to enrich the story a bit more. I intend to have Leia really taking advantage of her position and interfering with Jabba's criminal dealings. She'll act exactly as you come to expect from Leia.

    I'm almost ready with my next chapter, but won't make any promises as to when I get it up. Thanks for reading/commenting.