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    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    Loops for Online/Virtual Worlds are housed here. These are loops who have a major focus with a digital world, barring some exceptions like Digimon (which have their own threads). Admin for this loop cluster is the Hindi goddess Saraswati.

    SPECIAL NOTE: LOOPS FOR THIS THREAD ARE TO BE COMPILED UPON THE WRITER'S OWN RECOGNIZANCE. That means if you post for a specific loop here, like the SAO loops, you are in charge of compiling or organizing someone else to compile for you.

    Useful Info:

    Loop mechanics (general):

    One person in a Loop, often the main character, is an Anchor. They are the person who first starts time looping.
    There is always at least one Anchor present in a given Time Loop snippet, though it may not be the local one.
    The standard pattern for a loop is that the Anchor (and whoever else is Looping there) come to awareness in a loop at a particular point in the story. From there, events will play out as influenced by the Loopers present, acting with the benefit of their foreknowledge, until either a predetermined end point is reached or all the Loopers have copped it.
    To be Awake is to be aware of the time loops (that is, to have gone back in time this time.)
    The Anchor is the only character guaranteed to be Awake. Even after others have started looping, it is mostly random as to whether they will be Awake this particular loop.
    Crossovers, fusions, and alternate pasts can also take place. It is perfectly possible, for example, to have the characters Awaken into a loop which conforms to a fanfic universe rather than reality.
    Loops do not have to be in chronological order, but it is strongly preferred that they not require a mutually contradictory order (where A must be before B and B must be before A.)
    Just about every Looper is very, very stir crazy.


    Tvtropes page: The Infinite Loops / Fan Fic - TV Tropes

    Specific Info to .hack Loops:

    In-Loop name: [The World] Loop
    Anchor: Aura (Stealth Anchor)
    Known Loopers: Tsukasa, Bear, Crim, Kite, Shugo, Haseo, Kuhn, Atoli, Endrance, Silabus, Beyond The World!Kite
    Special Notes: the main reason Aura has been successfully Stealth Looping for so long is that she was waiting to see if anyone would figure out she was a looper or the Anchor. Due to the large number of people playing [The World] at any one time, the length of baseline, and how easily the actions of the earlier-timeline loopers change things for the later-timeline loopers, none of the other .hack loopers were able to make the connection. Much to Aura's annoyance.

    Specific Info to SAO Loops:

    In-Loop name: Aincrad Loop and/or <Sword Art Online> Loop
    Anchor: Asuna
    Known Loopers: Asuna, Kirito, Klein, Yui, Kayaba, Yuuki
    Special Notes:

    Specific Info to Code Lyoko Loops:

    In-Loop Name:
    Anchor: Aelita
    Known Loopers: Jeremie, Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, Sissi
    Special Notes:

    Specific Info to Log Horizon Loops:

    In-Loop Name: Theldesia Loops
    Anchor: Shiroe
    Known Loopers: Akatsuki, Naotsugu, Nyanta, Serara, Mayrelle
    Special Notes: Log Horizon is often used as a 'training loop' for other loopers.
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  2. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    Death via Innis was humiliating, painful, and some kind of hybrid word for both. It meant he'd lost to Sakaki of all people...and Innis had giant spears on each hand. Those hurt, dammit!

    Planning on taking a walk to clear the ringing ache out of his head, Haseo hadn't gotten down more than the first stairs outside the Chaos Gate before he heard Silabus's voice.


    Haseo turned, saw Silabus, and froze. Wait, this wasn't how they met normally – and Canard's current guildmaster looked totally confused.


    “Right, I kept this a secret from you the first time,” Haseo admitted, “But maybe you'll be able to see it if you're looping. Still can't summon it without a job extension, but...”

    Skeith was getting easier to summon as the loops continued on. Haseo floated over Silabus's head, and called out “See anything?”

    “Just that flash of light from the arena,” Silabus called out, looking wildly every other direction but up, “And something's making my head feel funny...”

    Haseo sighed, dismissed Skeith, and wondered if there was anything else they could try. Just hanging around menacingly in Avatar form waiting for Kuhn to come to Silabus's 'rescue' wouldn't work...Haseo's expression turned a little sinister when he spotted a few black dots hovering nearby, watching the display.


    “Oh come onnnn,” came a childish whine from the AIDA in front of Skeith, “Do you have to take it away already? This is so COOL! At least let me fly around some more...”

    “You're enjoying yourself too much, that's all I need to know,” Haseo replied, “Now are you going to hold still or not?”

    In response, the AIDA-infected Silabus zapped him with the thing's laser.

    'I am so dead when Kuhn finds out about this,' Haseo groaned.


    Haseo couldn't say he was happy about the loss of everything he'd worked so hard for to the loops. In fact, 'bitter' and 'cynical' would've been better choices to describe him. On the other hand, even Haseo could only sulk, rage, and glower for so long before he felt the effects of boredom. It was hard – incredibly hard – to make things work out the same way as they had the first time. Haseo wasn't a good actor even when he didn't have submit to lowering his defenses and making friends with people that wouldn't remember anything he said or did. This made his loops short, which only made the repetitions more obvious.

    Well, screw getting all the way to the end this time. Haseo was going to deliberately try doing something new. Something different. Something like...

    “Right, so if I get attacked by AIDA, it should trigger my Avatar eventually,” Haseo muttered to himself, “Even if I have to wait for Yata to send somebody drain it out of me. Now what was that field I went to with Pi again...?”

    Normally Haseo couldn't summon Skeith until after a job extension, but Skeith had been a constant pressure in the back of Haseo's mind the last few loops, even after Haseo managed to summon it. Haseo figured learning how to trigger Skeith early was a good enough idea as anything else. It hadn't taken long for Haseo to come up with the rest of his plan.

    What did take long was finding the damn AIDA. This early on, AIDA's infestation of The World was limited, and Project GU had minimal trouble keeping things under control.

    Many frustrated searches later, the obvious occurred to Haseo: Endrance had an AIDA attached to him already, right? A nice, hungry one. And there would be the Avatar battle regardless. All Haseo had to do was fight his way through the Demon Palace...just like the baseline...which would take him right to the job extension event like it always did. So much for that idea.

    "And this is why I left planning things to Yata and Pi," Haseo groaned, "This is impossible!"

    No. Stop that. He could do this...he'd just have to be a little sneaky. First step, get area words for a field that had AIDA early in the loop. That was easy, Haseo just had to ask Kuhn for them once Haseo was in GU. Next, restart the loop and go to that area.

    The third step...Haseo had to admit he hadn't put that much thought into it, once he was face-to-face with a flurry of excited black dots. In fact, it seemed obvious in hindsight that Skeith plus infection was actually a terrible combination and – GAH!

    Haseo hadn't been in the Sage Palace since his baseline, and thus he'd forgotten that getting infected HURT LIKE HELL. But that pain was almost immediately eclipsed by the feeling of something reaching in and ripping the AIDA right out of him. Haseo was able to dizzily notice that he was indeed glowing red and Skeith was starting to form around him before he blacked out.

    He woke up to find himself standing in front of the Mac Anu Chaos Gate. Haseo groaned: he had a vague memory of several Avatars dog-piling the berserk Skeith, but nothing else after that point.

    At least his stupid plan had worked...although summoning Skeith during the next few loops also gave him a horrible migraine. Haseo really hoped that change wasn't permanent.


    Okay, as far as teams went, Naruto had expected worse.

    Considering he was replacing Kakashi yet again - and by now Naruto even felt a little sorry for some of the things they'd done to the man, because Kakashi's baseline life was already a large pile of fuck - Naruto'd been fervently praying that he got some different, decent people on Team Seven this time.

    What Naruto had to work with this time was some kid with spiky blue hair, some guy with Sasuke's duck-butt hairstyle except in white, and another pinkette - this one wielding an over-sized hammer.

    "Right, so let's introduce ourselves," Naruto said, waving a hand at them to go first.

    "You go first, Bla - huh? Where did he go?" the pinkette said, staring at the empty space her new teammate used to be sitting in.


    All three of them looked at the source of the distant shout.


    "How the hell did he get to the Hokage Mountain that fast without using a jutsu?" Naruto wondered.

    "Black Star and 'normal physics' haven't been on speaking terms for years," said the white-haired kid in a long-suffering tone, "Basically, he's like you but a hundred times louder and has an ego the size of a small planet."

    "Fine. You go next," Naruto said.

    "Whatever. I'm Haseo Uchiha, and I want to kill the guy that replaced Itachi this loop," Haseo said, "Probably because Ovan's got some stupid plan in the works that involves me killing him again anyway. Either way's win-win for me."


    "Doesn't he know that we can't hear him up there?"

    "No. Please just keep going," Haseo sighed.

    "Alright, alright...I'm Amy Haru-rose," Amy said, "I like chasing after my darling Sonic! And using my hammer on anyone who gets in the way, of course."

    The unholy glint in Amy's eye promised swift, hammer-y revenge on the first person to doubt her words. Naruto and Haseo kept their mouths wisely shut.


    " - so he says, 'this sword is so sharp you can trim a statue's hair with it', and I told him that sounds great, but I won't believe him until I get a chance to test it."

    Sitting around a corner table in Eden Hall, several heads nodded. The speaker, a black haired lad who looked a little too young to be in a bar in the first place, waved his arms around as he told his story.

    "Ne, Kirito, surprised he didn't get pissed off for not believing him," a white haired boy with red facial tattoos pointed out.

    "No, this is the best part - he handed the sword over and turned into a statue so I could test it! I was so surprised I didn't think to cut off his head until after I gave him the new look," Kirito explained.

    The other three burst out laughing. It was a struggle to keep their voices down - anyone who got too loud in Eden Hall was removed from the bar by the surprisingly multi-talented bartender who ran it - but they managed it. None of them wanted to be kicked out of their favorite bar.

    "Weird loop," the lone girl at the table said, "So what has everyone else been doing? You have been keeping up the scythe training, right Haseo?"

    She gave the white-haired boy a suspicious glare. He glared right back.

    "Idiot Maka, what else would I be doing?" Haseo retorted, "Aside from collecting swords for Link's stupid bet -"

    "You only think it was a stupid bet because you lost," Link replied cheerfully, "What did you say again? 'No way in hell can anybody keep totally silent for a hundred loops!' You were tempting fate and you know it."

    "You're both stupid," Maka muttered.
  3. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    Haseo stared up at the building. And up, and up...

    “Are those candles sticking out?” he asked, incredulous.

    “Of course they are,” the blond in pigtails standing next to him replied.

    She sounded amused by his reaction, which was probably just as well. Maka Albarn was, as she described it, the Anchor for this universe and therefore the one person Haseo had to not piss off. Bad enough when it was just looping through time in his own universe, but now Haseo was in a new universe and now all bets were off. Still, it beat getting killed in increasingly annoying ways as he continued to fail to get to the end of his own original life – and a book thumped painfully into his skull as Maka decided Haseo had ignored her long enough.

    “Enough with the damn chopping already,” Haseo growled, rubbing his head.

    “Enough with the spacing out, then!” Maka countered, “We've got a lot of work to do!”


    Hearing Maka's explanation about meisters and weapons was one thing. But seeing the girl turn into a scythe in front of him, Haseo thought, was pretty damn surreal.

    “Are you...always a scythe?” Haseo asked.

    Maka's voice was tinny and distant from inside the blade of the scythe.

    “Normally I'm the meister, not the demon weapon,” Maka admitted, “But I have a common loop variant where I inherited demon weapon powers from Poppa, and after living it enough times, it stuck.”

    Well that didn't make this any less weird. Haseo shrugged, and tried picking Maka's scythe-body up. A problem became apparent immediately.

    “Ugh! What the hell are you made of?! You're way too heavy!”

    “Demon weapons have to synchronize soul wavelengths with their meisters before they can be used!” Maka scolded, “Didn't your loop memories say anything about that? You're lucky I'm not burning your hands off right now!”

    Lucky, says the twenty-ton scythe,” Haseo grunted.

    His arms were screaming in protest now, muscles straining and joints aching as Haseo fought a losing battle to keep from dropping Maka.

    “Shut up and channel your soul wavelength already.”


    It was really disturbing to do soul resonance. More than once Haseo felt the familiar surge of Skeith beginning to manifest itself – only for a zap from Maka's soul to drive Skeith back into dormancy. Every time she did it, it gave Haseo a splitting headache. Complaining about it netted Haseo exactly zero points of sympathy.

    Even when their soul resonance reached 'acceptable' levels, Haseo found new reasons to complain. His scythe-using skills were, according to Maka, 'below pathetic' and she refused to let him go anywhere until she deemed them passable.

    Calling her a slave-driver tended to result in Haseo getting Maka-chopped.


    Through blood, sweat, tears, blunt trauma via book, and a lot of cursing, Haseo and Maka had managed to collect 99 kishin eggs. Fighting like this was definitely a new challenge for Haseo – back in his home loop, the battles were all done in-game. Those battles still hurt like hell, of course, but the amount of actual physical skill needed to fight was pretty low.

    Here, the battles were in real life and Haseo had a good chance of being permanently maimed or killed if he screwed up. While he was not going to regret going back to his nice, safe (not really) online game after this, Haseo couldn't help but admit to seeing the appeal of real combat.

    What he didn't see any appeal to was Blair's offer. Maka did seem to think he'd take it, which almost made Haseo agree to it just out of spite. He at least pretended to consider it, if only to hear Maka spluttering.

    Besides, Pi's were bigger.


    All of Maka's warnings about their new opponent faded from his mind as Haseo stared at the pink-haired...person in front of him.

    “Why are you looking at me like that?” Crona asked, nervously.

    “Because I can't tell if you're a boy or a girl,” Haseo admitted, seeing no reason not to be blunt.

    “Does it matter?” Maka asked from inside her scythe-form.

    “Kinda, yeah!” Haseo retorted, “It's going to bug me for the entire fight otherwise!”

    “You...don't know how to deal with it?” Crona said, “Oh no...I don't know how to deal with someone who doesn't know how to deal with something like that...”

    “You just stab them, you idiot!” Crona's black sword shouted.


    Maka found herself sitting in the infirmary watching over two patients. One was the idiot looper who'd replaced Soul for this loop, Haseo. He'd missed a block while fighting Crona and been stabbed fairly deeply by Ragnarok. The good news was that it hadn't hit anything vital. And the black blood hadn't gotten too deeply inside him before the demon Haseo called Skeith woke up and ate it.

    The other bed contained Crona, who'd discovered first-hand that Skeith really didn't care if Crona's blood was black...which it no longer was, again thanks to Skeith's apparently voracious appetite and weird powers. Crona still being alive afterward was probably a miracle.

    At least Maka could take comfort that this twist was sure to make the rest of the loop very interesting.
  4. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    Some bits and bobs:


    For some reason Haseo always replaced Sasuke when he was in Naruto's loop. He never replaced anyone else, not even a random unimportant ninja from the background. He'd pretty much gotten permanent membership in the Uchiha clan, and it pissed Haseo off.

    "Well, duh," the Looping Naruto said after Haseo had complained the first time, "You're like an alternate-universe version of Sasuke already."


    Naruto started counting on his fingers.

    "You've got Sasuke's hairstyle, you've got red eyes like the Sharingan, you're all brooding and anti-social but still have fangirls stalking you, and you spend your time trying to kill your big brother-slash-mentor figure when that was the guy's plan all along...whoa, you really are alternate-universe Sasuke!"

    ...Fuck, that was a good point. A metaphorical stormcloud appeared over Haseo's head.


    "Foolish little brother," Itachi said, looming over him, "You still lack hatred."

    "Yeah, you're probably right," Haseo admitted, trying hard to ignore his broken arm, "But the demon living in my head kinda makes up for it."

    The plus to having the Mangekyo Sharingan was that Skeith could manifest instantly - and separately from Haseo's body - via Susanoo. Which meant Haseo got a front-row seat to seeing Itachi run for his life while Skeith chased him around.

    "I should probably find a different way to handle my problems other than feeding them all to Skeith," Haseo mused.

    ...Eh, maybe when it stopped being funny.
  5. It's nice to see .Hack fanfics and these aren't bad, but I'd have suggested focusing on works centered around .Hack before going into crossovers.
  6. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    I have done straight .hack fanfiction in the past (though I'd be the first one to cast doubts on whether any of it was any good), but Infinite Loops fics are crossovers by definition. And yes, I'm aware that Haseo is probably VERY out of character here. These snippets are just for fun.
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  7. Sorry, but I simply meant that people will first just want to see the characters they know before crossing over into franchises involving characters they might not have the faintest knowledge of.

    While I suspect .Hack is just too unknown these days for many posts, I might do a few loops if I have a chance (damn, it's been close to a decade since I wrote a fanfic I think).

  8. I kinda wish for a snippet where Itachi summons his own Susanoo and seals susanoo/Skeith into the sword of totsuka.
    For SEVERAL LOOPS. Until he gets it back, he doesn't get Susanoo.
    The face of Haseo would be priceless. The amount of bitching over several lifetimes would drown the Jubii itself.
  9. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    In-progress nonsense.


    Twilight trotted into her old room in Canterlot. She knew none of her friends were Awake this loop, and there was something she'd been hoping to test out...but upon spotting a small red and black figure ducking behind a shelf as she came in the door, Twilight realized that she might have to shelve her plan for another loop.

    "Hello?" Twilight called, "You can come out, I won't bite."

    A face slowly emerged from behind the bookcase, its expression wary. Twilight's head tilted quizzically just as an important loop memory made itself known.

    ...Well, her assistant this loop was still a baby dragon, but...


    "...and that's the entire history of Equestria, up until today," Twilight concluded as the flying chariot landed in Ponyville, "Did you want to know what'll happen today?"

    Haseo groaned. He had no problems being a dragon (though did he have to be a baby dragon?), and the idea of tagging along while someone else risked their neck for once was a nice change of pace. But he completely regretted ever asking how magical talking ponies had managed to form a country.

    "Only if you can make it ten words or less," Haseo said.

    "Six ponies, including myself, save the world from eternal darkness."

    Haseo stopped in his tracks and turned to stare at the purple unicorn. Said unicorn was smiling brightly - and slightly smugly - at him.

    "...Yeah, I walked into that one," Haseo admitted with a sheepish expression of his own.


    "I'm going to kick your ass," Haseo growled.

    The yellow-coated, blue-maned Earth Pony grinned down at him.

    "Sure, whatever you say little Haseo," Kuhn replied.

    Before Haseo could say anything else, a magical aura enveloped him and he was pulled off to the side with a yelp. The culprit was a purple unicorn with a long, flowing blue mane and a dreamy expression, who held the baby dragon in the air inches from his face. Twilight was about to step in when Haseo suddenly relaxed in the other unicorn's grip.

    "Oh, it's you Endrance."

    "Haseo," Endrance replied in a dreamy tone that matched his expression perfectly, " smaller."


    "Oh my gosh you're ADORABLE!"

    Twilight did her best not to snicker. She really did. Haseo's friends were not as reserved: Kuhn laughed outright, while Pi chuckled. Haseo, in the middle of being publicly cuddled by the green pegasus his friends called Atoli, was positively mortified.
  10. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    I see, that makes more sense.

    ...Yeah, I do need to write some loops that aren't fused. XD

    Please do!

    Though you should probably know that I don't really have plans to post compilations like many/most of the other Loops threads are doing. At least not right now.
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  11. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    Endrance stumbled. He'd Awoken in mid-run, which would have played havoc with his balance even without the long robes he was suddenly wearing. At least he had his magic staff to support...him...self...

    Elk's eyes went wide.


    "Mia, look! I found some Aromatic Grass!"

    He'd forgotten how long Mia's strides were, somehow. Elk trailed behind his best - only - friend in The World as they wandered from field to field. The days of Morganna were long past, and Aura reigned as Goddess: there was nothing for either of them to fear.


    Mia paused, turning to see Elk's offering.

    "Oh, wow Elk! You found so much this time," she purred.

    They settled down on a small hill, Mia sniffing the Aromatic Grass while Elk watched. He was committing the sight of Mia's happiness to memory. Both of them wore contented smiles, though Elk's gradually faded as a troubling thought surfaced.


    Her response was a hum.

    "Am I...a weak person?"

    "Why do you ask?" Mia said, opening her eyes to look at him with curiosity.

    "I couldn't do anything, before," Elk said slowly, wincing as memories of things that had not happened yet came to the forefront of his mind, "Losing you...I felt like I'd lost the whole world. There was no reason for anything, if you weren't there to see it with me. What sort of person does that make me?"

    "Was it the world that was lost? Or was it you who lost the world? Do you know the difference, Elk?"

    Elk blinked, looking up to see he had somehow gotten Mia's undivided attention. He felt himself blushing under her intense gaze, but it was entirely from shame. Because she was right.

    Just like Haseo.

    You've just been denying everything that wasn't Her!

    "You do know," Mia said after a moment's pause.

    And Mia smiled.

    "Then you also know that Elk is the sort of person that the world will go looking for when he gets lost."


    It was the day Elk had known would come.

    "We've found the A.I. carrying the Epitaph," one of the admin NPCs was informing their boss, "It was partied with a Wavemaster."

    "Terminate the Wavemaster's account and get on with the extraction," came the response.

    Elk had had nightmares of this day for years. Account frozen, character unable to act, forced to watch as Mia was destroyed, before being dismissed from The World he and Mia had shared forever by these cold, heartless monsters...

    This time, he had another option. The admins scattered as Elk broke the freeze with a thought and rained fireballs down on their heads.

    "What is going on? Somebody kill that guy's access to the server!"

    "We can't!"

    "I think the world came looking for me again, Mia," Elk whispered, watching with interest as his character began to glow.

    "And I am...RIGHT HERE!"


    ...This got a little trippy somehow.
  12. kinlyki

    kinlyki The Lord of Darkness

    Write a loop where Haseo starts out at Sora
  13. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    I...vaguely remember Itachi being able to seal things like that, but I don't know if it would work properly on Skeith. On the other Epitaphs, definitely. But Skeith and Haseo did that weird fusion thing in Redemption. It'd be kinda like Itachi taking the Kyuubi out of Naruto while the latter is using a Biju cloak and then sealing it into the sword...I think.

    If I get inspired to do one, I will.

    Or someone else with that idea can write it. Either way's good~
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  14. He removed orochi possesed sasuke while they were sharing a body, chakra system and soul(more or less. Orochi subsumed his victims souls.)

    Yeah he can yoink skeith. Totuska is hax man.
  15. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    Like I said, the only reason I think there'd be a problem is that Haseo and Skeith are fused - different from the body-sharing thing Orochimaru and Sasuke had going on, since that was more Sasuke holding Orochimaru prisoner in his body.
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  16. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    Kite shook his head, groaning. What the heck had just happened?

    He'd Awoken to find himself a month ahead of the day Orca got put into his coma. Which should have meant he had a month to implement 'Plan Orca-Gets-The-Bracelet'. The last thing he expected was the loop to blow up on him after five minutes! Now he was sprawled out on a bench in what seemed to be a train car, his head throbbing.

    And he wasn't alone in here. Kite heard swearing and groaning, some of it familiar, and turned to find two other people who clearly shared his splitting headache.


    Tsukasa - for once, female in body as well as mind - waved one hand weakly while the other continued futile attempts to massage the pain out of her head.

    "I think we broke the loop...sorry, Kite," she said.

    "Why the hell are you apologizing to him?" groaned the white-haired boy who made the third member of their little group.


    "...and then I found out that Haseo was Sora in my loop," Tsukasa explained, "We were doing okay, until we got to the part where we move Aura to the Net Slum."

    Having seen this event for himself, and knowing what happened in the baseline there, Kite couldn't help but wince.

    "Then that means -"

    "Skeith tried to Data Drain Skeith," Tsukasa nodded, "And then Skeith went berserk and tried to Data Drain Skeith back. I think they got each other at the same time."


    "Tell me about it," Haseo muttered.

    Unlike the other two, he was still nursing a killer headache. He had enough presence of mind to stare at Kite, but it looked less like Haseo was being intimidating and more like Haseo might end up throwing up on him.

    "We haven't had a chance to meet as loopers, have we? I'm Kite," Kite said.

    "I know. Aura made a zombie-debugger-thing of you," Haseo replied flatly.

    "I know," Kite said, "I looped into R:2 as him once. And you Epitaph guys kept killing me when I tried to help you with Tri Edge."

    Haseo had the good grace to look embarrassed at that.
  17. ...The train they seem to have woken up on... Would that be the Hogwarts Express (Since Loopers who crash their loops, but not badly enough for Eiken or similar, tend to wind up there?)
  18. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    You are correct sir/madam~

    I'll probably continue it into a proper Hogwarts Fused Loop once I get more time to write.
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  19. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    The conversation was cut off as their loop memories finally decided to make an appearance.

    "...Magic? That'," Kite Potter blinked.

    Tsukasa Granger had gotten her wand out and was frowning at it. It was...small. Especially compared to her familiar Wavemaster staff.

    Haseo Weasley, meanwhile, felt a new headache nipping at the heels of his current one. Big extended family made of Epitaph Users, he could see the logic of grouping them all together. But why the hell were Ovan and Shino his parents?!


    "Another Weasley!" the Sorting Hat proclaimed, "Let's see, where to put you."

    Haseo's eye twitched.

    "Hmm, there's some loyalty to your friends, but you're not the trusting sort," continued the Hat, "Hufflepuff would be a stretch. You're not clever and you don't have a subtle bone in your body, so that rules out Ravenclaw and Slytherin too. Better be GRYFFINDOR!"

    Haseo's eyes were glowing faintly as he sat next to the already-sorted Tsukasa and Kite at the Gryffindor table. least he hadn't actually fed the Sorting Hat to Skeith.


    It was strange seeing what were probably 'real' Hogwarts students mixed in with the mess of players from The World. Only a few people besides their Trio were looping, and none of them were loop-native.

    "I wonder where the Anchor is for this loop," Kite wondered one day.

    "I thought Harry Potter was the Hogwarts Anchor," Tsukasa replied, "But that's who you're replacing..."

    "Maybe it's our Anchor? Whoever the hell they are," Haseo grumbled.

    Considering that The World had literally MILLIONS of players at a time, it was no wonder they hadn't found who their own Anchor yet. Kite shrugged.

    "It'd have to be someone who's got a character in R:2 as well as the original game," Kite pointed out.

    "That means it could be Piros."

    "It can't be," Tsukasa pointed out quickly, "He's the Headmaster this loop, and he's not Awake."

    All three shivered as they contemplated the bullet they had dodged.

    This wasn't the first time they'd walked the corridors while chatting about loops, and now that it was Second Year, everyone else in Hogwarts had learned to ignore the Trio's stranger conversations. Hearing another one taking place as they walked past, 1st Year Ravenclaw Aura Lovegood nodded to herself with a smile.


    Third Year was the year that Haseo decided the multiverse had it out for him.

    "Go the hell away!" he yelled, flinging the nearest object on hand at the approaching menace.

    Since they were in the Library, the object was a book. Said book bounced off the Dementors to no effect, which only made Haseo angrier.

    Okay, so they weren't trying to eat his soul or whatever. But anytime any of the Dementors that were supposed to be guarding the school from the evil mass-murderer Black spotted Haseo, they would start following him around like lovesick puppies! They didn't even notice when other people were around and had to be bodily hauled away every time.

    Rationally, Haseo figured it was yet another thing he had to thank Skeith for.

    Emotionally, he was trying to teach himself how to make the stupid things explode with magic. There had to be a spell for that, right?


    "Crim? You're the evil mass murderer?"

    Tsukasa blinked. Then she blinked again.

    "Wait, Crim, you're looping?"

    "Is that what you call it?" the bedraggled and very tired Crim "Red Lightning" Black replied, "I can understand why if time was restarting, but...I read this book once. This place isn't real."

    "It's a long story," Kite said, "And we don't have a lot of time right now."

    Tsukasa found a piece of paper and a pencil in her robes, and scribbled something down.

    "My...father in this loop is Bear, and he's told me by letter at the beginning of this year that he's finally Awake again," she admitted, unsure of why she was blushing, "This is our address. Can you get here?"

    "Yeah, these weird memories that aren't mine know how to get places," Crim admitted.


    "It's a maze, full of dangerous monsters and obstacles, and I just have to get to the end?" Kite asked.

    Bagman looked a little puzzled by the expression of excitement and anticipation on Kite's face. But how could he not be? After four years of British people, magic, wizards, and other such strange things, clearing a real dungeon was wonderful!

    First Year's dungeon had been alright too, but it was too short. And the Chamber of Secrets had been a total disappointment! It turned out that the Triwizard Tournament was just the kind of dungeon that Kite was hoping for.

    Tsukasa and Haseo had both been incredibly jealous when Kite's name came out of the cup instead of theirs.
  20. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    Tsukasa watched as a group of the Crimson Knights, led by Silver Knight, approached her. This was the first time that the Crimson Knights would try to talk to her, and the only time that they wouldn't immediately resort to force. Which was lucky for Tsukasa, when she thought about it: right now she was a very low level player and Morganna hadn't even given her the Guardian yet.

    Of course, in the baseline she'd done the suspicious thing of running away instead of talking to other players, which had caused...a lot of her problems, come to think of it.

    "...and so I ask: will you help us find the cat player?" Silver Knight finished.

    There was a momentary pause as Tsukasa decided on her reply. Eventually, she nodded.

    "Of course. Well, I'd like to help you, but...I haven't seen any cats around here."

    Tsukasa turned to look to her right. The Crimson Knights did the same, only to see nothing there but air.

    "What about you, Harvey?" Tsukasa asked.


    "And you say he's a giant rabbit?" Subaru asked.

    Tsukasa nodded.

    "I see."

    To her surprise, Tsukasa found herself watching Subaru doing a proper little bow to the empty spot where 'Harvey' was.

    "It's very nice to meet you, Mister Harvey," Subaru said.

    "He says you're welcome," Tsukasa replied, trying to sound casual.

    Subaru believing Harvey was there was not something Tsukasa had expected. And now she felt bad for tricking her.

    "And...he's really happy to meet someone who has manners around here," Tsukasa added, feeling unexpectedly bold all of a sudden, "Especially someone as pretty as - Harvey! I can't tell her that! That's..."

    Subaru smiled. Tsukasa felt a painful longing for a looping Subaru in that moment.


    Aura clinging to her side, Tsukasa glared up at the sky. She would've preferred to look Morganna in the face, but that required Morganna to actually have one, so...yeah.

    Next to her, Subaru clutched her axe nervously. Sora was cheerful as ever, despite having just told The World itself that he was double-crossing it.

    "You think you three are going get away so easily?" Morganna's voice rang out, as she summoned Guardians to surround them.


    That response came from Aura. Aura speaking up was unexpected enough to make even Sora stop and stare.

    "Harvey, go get them," Aura added, and something large and invisible smashed a Guardian into a pancake.

    "You can...see Harvey?" Tsukasa asked, wide-eyed.

    "Of course," Aura said, expression totally innocent, "He's a cute bunny rabbit."

    Okay...Tsukasa made a mental note that reenacting 'Harvey' around an unborn goddess had interesting consequences.
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  21. Wow! Two in a day? That's awesome.
  22. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    Haseo Awoke to find himself looking at two familiar guest keys. One would let him into TaN, the other into the Twilight Brigade. He'd been here before in the loops. Sometimes he went with TaN, although their guild was too mercantile for his tastes. As for the Twilight Brigade...well, the baseline showed just how that would go.

    Time to try door number three.


    "It's great to find someone else feels the same way I do about supporting new players," Kuhn was saying as he looked over Canard's new, bare-bones @Home.

    "Well, after getting PKed my first time, I know I wouldn't wish it on anybody else," Haseo agreed.

    It hadn't taken Haseo long to hunt down Kestrel's former assistant guildmaster. Kuhn's grand plan for Canard had failed to get much ground originally, mostly because lots of players still associated him with Kestrel. It took months and new players, like Silabus and Gaspard, who didn't know anything about Kuhn's stint with Kestral before Canard started bearing fruit...and then Kuhn'd been forced to leave it behind.

    Haseo honestly liked Canard, even when the other three members (four, if you counted Death Grunty) were at their most irritating. Helping Kuhn build the guild from the ground up...just seemed right.

    ...Though in future loops, Haseo noted a few months later, he should probably hold back a little on the help. Kuhn hadn't said a word for the last ten minutes, and it probably wasn't because he was too busy surveying their new Area @Home.
  23. I'm thinking, Log Horizon and .hack in a loop (Shiro is Log Horizon's anchor), where Akatsuki is replaced by Haseo. It would be interesting to see how the 'Villain in Glasses' works with Haseo.
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  24. OracleMask

    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?


    ...Of course, I've been terribly negligent on actually watching Log Horizon, so I'll have to remedy that before I can write anything with it. ^^;;