Ork Warboss Quest! (Warhammer 40k) Game Thread II

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    We may want to practice our Exterminatus technique here, but I don't think it's honestly practical. The enemy has a vast amount of firepower to put to the task of shooting down any rocks we throw.

    Let's see what our resources and options are.

    We have the other planets of the system with however many Orks are on them. Our options with them are to set up a daisychain of starships or Roks to tellyport them to the planetary battlefield, or, if we're too short on ships to assign to that, we order them to start killing each other in place to build up extra WAAAAAGH! energy.

    We have 11,000 units of WAAAGH! energy. 3,200 Units was sufficient to pin a Tombship in place so it could be Rok'ed, but I think there is sufficient enemy firepower to disrupt a Rok being used as a projectile, and we're short one Hulk for traktor beaming. It sounds like a very risky proposition to me. An alternative suggestion I have at this time is to fire a bendy-beam Psylance, and vaporize all of the Necron Escorts and other light ships in one quadrant of the enemy fleet, so we can punch through to deliver the Primork and his boyz to the planet below.

    From there, we can begin boarding actions on the heavier ships using Ironklads, they're a new twist on things that the Necrons haven't met yet. We know they can defeat Tellyporta attacks, potentially. Tombships can either fight off boarding parties, or else they can phase out when boarded. Either way, they're neutralized for the here-and-now.

    It's a little too late to suggest the Zsinj Doctrine - Never Fight A Battle On The Enemy's Terms. Else I would've thought about it and offered that we just flip Traveler the bird and go travel on over to his employers' home tomb worlds to make him dance to OUR tune. Sorry.
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    I find that hilarious. Thanks. I'm putting this on favorites and playing it every time I see something stupid. Or even without any reason too. The sound of the impacts is...strangely comforting, weirdly enough.

    Back to the battle at hand, aside from the Waaagh disruptor, tombships are the priority here, and Rok'ing the tombships is a waste if the plan is to board them. If we're using the roks to shatter the tombships, we have to make sure the roks aren't disrupted by enemy counterfire.
    If we can't figure out a way to make that work, then let's go with this:
  3. inq101

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    We need to pull the 'crons away from the planet. That thing is covered in pylons and if we fight their fleet anywhere near it it'll be nasty.


    How good is Orkimondeat illusions? Could he somehow make the pylons to fire at their own ships? Or even just firing at EVERYONE in range?

    Or could he open a portal large enough to drop the Primork and his boyz onto the planet past the 'cron fleet? We wuz a Blood Axe furst, so we knowz da sneeke stuff like da bak ov me power klaw.
  4. Say Redflag.

    a) What kind of speeds to the ships in combat use and how much C could we potentially get out of one or how much would we need to reliably hit that planet to give it a nice little shake.
    b) Is the strong necron presence only on the dark side of the planet?
    c) How much could Orkimonde help with this?
    d) Could we use Orkimonde to find that Sucker and open a Warp Portal in his face?

    Our primary target should be to do as much damage as possible with as little resources used. I don´t give a rats arse about how much we can loot or get but this guy needs to die because he seems to be doing a long plan multi prong attack plan against us and the longer we fight him the worse it will get.
    If that means opening a warp portal in a Tombship to instagib it instead of holding it in place to bombard it waisting precious time whith the same Energycost I will be all for it.
    I also like the plan of massacaring their escorts first. We need to be constantly on the move and evolving with our plans to have that newcron fall.

    Ok, read again we had that planet discussion pretty much finished. Concentrating on the Fleet should be primary I guess. Either go for their escorts or the Tombships. We can use an old plan of Aran and simply accelerate Ramships with Tractor beams etc. and throw them at a Tombship when it is held down
  5. How about, instead of using Orkimonde to attack the fleet, we instead have him teleport ground troops and searchy bitz to the planet. Once there, they can go search for the inhibitor device.
  6. To a planet controlled by necrons and fortified extensively? Suicide, I say.
  7. inq101

    inq101 Have you seen the yellow sign?

    We have the Orkstartes and their Primork, so maybe not quite suicide. I did ask about a portal there, mainly to smash the pylons covering the planet.
  8. OK. Let´s see this from another perceptive. Which fleet is closer to the planet and which of those fleets might use orbital bombardment immediately to curb stomp any invaders?
    On the other hand, releasing few hundreds of Evangorkions there might actually lead to something..?
  9. 1) Though Orkimonde can make illusions and force people to shoot at allies at I never answer questions about how much Orkimonde can or cannot achieve with a set amount of power.
    2) See above. You also didn't specify how many boyz were to be teleported.

    1) Depends which ship. Ramships are the highest, with combat speeds several hundred times the speed of sound.
    2) You are approaching from the outer edge of the system so you can only see the dark side.
    3) No. Orkimonde can only affect what he sees.
  10. This assumes they stick close to the planet.

    Alright, here's a vague general(ish) plan:
    We cut the Roks loose to move under their own power(they have sublight drives, they just can't warp IIRC) and go to the system's asteroid belt and throw as many at the planet as we can, then time an assault with their arrival, a long range torpedo/lance bombardment, torpedoes being targeted at the ground-defenses, with the lances focused on the tombships.

    Also, aren't most of our ship's guns projectile weapons? If so, we can shoot those at the planet as well.

    Orkimonde saves his power for now. I don't trust those anti-psychic gubbins' the shiney boys got, I don't want to risk him 'eadbanging because of it.
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    Gork n Mork damn you SB for taking enormous stinking squigshits during our primetime for thinking all Orky...
  12. inq101

    inq101 Have you seen the yellow sign?

    Tims plan is probably the best we can hope for. Maybe we can use the WAAAGHlocks powers to hide some ships among the asteroids so they can get in close and sneak attack the 'crons.

    Red Flag, that armour plated hulk research option. Could it be applied to Roks?

    Actually, Land ov deff. How is it deployed? We need to use that on the planet to mess up the pylons.
  13. No. The War Hulk is a rearrangement of a Space Hulk's components into a more efficient configuration; thickest armor, best engines and biggest guns on the outside. Thus it costs no material.

    Land uv Deff is useless in space. It is deployed by large ground-based artillery units such as Great Gargants or above and super-heavy arties like Morkross Missile Massakra'er.
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    We can't use Land uv Deff yet anyways, because we don't have a sufficient means of deploying it without catching large portions of our own forces up in it's effect radius.
  15. Land uv Deff does this to people and coats machines in a similar way.
  16. inq101

    inq101 Have you seen the yellow sign?

    I was thinking of using it against the planet to devastate the planetary defences, knock out the pylons (that can kill our ships) and so take out the Necrons support.
  17. But you have nothing that uses it because there are no Land uv Deff torpedoes.
  18. Oi, youz gits is mucking about again!
  19. KlavoHunter

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    Using the asteroid belt as meatshields/additional orbital bombardment firepower/etc does sound like the best idea we've got going right now, along with a time-on-target barrage of bombardment shells and so forth. Then we've really only got the option to fight the enemy fleet so they don't turn around and kill our ground forces.

    Hauling a few nice asteroids along with our Hulks and ships to use as extra anti-ship munitions may be nice, as would be mass use of the Ramship Slingshot technique to help destroy cruisers. May want to also have them detonate their warp engines like we did against the Nightbringer.
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  20. So what is the plan? There doesn't seem to be much agreement.
  21. My plan, with Klavo's additions, seems to be our best bet.
  22. [X] Fling asteroids against the planet, timed on arrival with a torpedo and shell bombardment and the fleet's arrival into engagement range.

    The fleet splits up temporarily, moving into the cometary field, asteroid field and the rings of the outer gas giants. Debris is gathered by the Traktor Beams as the Smartboyz calculate the orbital path of the planet, predicted trajectory of the flung debris and all of that "brain 'urtin" stuff that the bosses just couldn't be bothered to deal with.

    Following behind the storm of flung debris, the ships fire their cannons and torpedoes at the stolen world. The Necron fleet moves into position and fires upon the incoming storm. Columns of lightning leap between projectiles, annihilating several at once while stasis fields projected by the Tombships freeze the deadly missiles in space-time. Though most of the projectiles miss the planet due to expected Orky error and carelessness, enough are on target that the Necrons cannot intercept them all. The dark side of the planet glows red as it is buffeted by endless impacts and a cloud of superheated dust is flung up from the surface, quickly growing to cover the entire world. The distraction afforded by this tactic allows the lance ships to fire freely upon the Necrons for a time, destroying a Harvest ship and damaging the four Tombships.

    Orkimonde reports that he is still being inhibited; the warp-nullifying device was not destroyed in the bombardment. With its ground-support rendered useless by the destruction and ejecta cloud, the Necron fleet takes an aggressive stance. The four Tombships, along with a handful of the Scythe-class Harvest ships, come together in a relatively dense formation and drive toward your ships. The remainder of the Necron fleet split into two wings and separate, swinging back to engage the sides of your fleet.

    Orkimonde has 11,500 units of Waaagh energy to use.
    Fleet tactics:
    [ ] Write-in.
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    Classic horns of the bull Manuver.

    Space is 3D. Attack from above or below.

    Better yet, see if Orkimonde can rip a portal between our fleet and the back of the necron one so we can get them from behind.
  24. Candlejack

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    Now you're thinking with portals.
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  25. Hmm. Splitting up allows them to flank us, but also invites defeat in detail. No doubt they expect us to charge the tombships, we'z more kunnin than that though. Maneuver to deny them decisive battle, use the 3D nature of space to our advantage, and if possible try and lure one of the Necron fleets away from the others and smash it.

    Also send our Roks at the planet when the necron fleets are far enuff away that they cant easily stop them.