Pacific Rim

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    Yea, maybe :) Doing a treatment isn't the same as it being approved, so it's no sure thing, but it's no bad sign either.
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    The amount of fucks the Japanese marketing campaign is giving towards promoting this movie is depressing compared to how little happened in the USA.

    Also. anyone have that gif of striker eureka acting like a punk?
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    Holy crap that trailer got me pumped to see the film and I don't speak Japanese and I've already seen the film.
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    She's kinda adorable.
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    This just up on

    Pacific Rim Debuts at Number 1 internationally.

    Yes. We may yet get that sequel and GDT can kick all those other action SFX pretenders (Bay, Jackson - who's been lackluster in Hobbit) to the curb.

    Hopefully the new wave of super blockbusters are run by Neil Blomkamp and GDT.

    I've been spending an inordinate amount of time wondering about the lack of commercial success of Pacific Rim. I haven't loved a film this much since ..... since ...... the Star Trek reboot or District 9.

    I think problem with the movie was the marketting was crap. My wife made the comment the trailers were boring and shes a huge action nut - her favourite movie is Aliens. She didn't want to see it till I dragged her along. Two of my 30-something mates who grew up on anime with me didn't even know the movie was out.

    GDT is a well known director but his name means nothing to the mainstream.

    I reckon they should have stumped up the few extra dollars for a actor with some star power to drag in the initial audience. The geek males were always going to see it. I reckon they needed to drag in some people from the female demographic. The expensive option would be to haul in Ryan Gosling or some other current heart throb for one of the bit parts.

    The cheaper but more clever option would be to wheel out Sigourney Weaver or Glenn Close and put them in the role of either Herc or Pentacost. Some female kick ass fu** yeah would drag in the girls without making the geek male crowd cry.

    Alternately they could go all Starbuck like and change Chuck Hansen into being a cocky, kick ass female fighter jock. Put some sorta semi popular 20-30 something female into the role. With an unlimited budget you woulda crammed Angelina Jolie into the role. That coulda worked. May have created some decent triangular love tension too. I reckon this would have assured success at the american box office.
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    I'm almost entirely sure the biggest problem was domestic marketing. And not just the trailers. Just an overall lack of promotion. Even on the opening weekend, you didn't see any big posters or card board displays for the movie. This is a movie that Warner Brothers just wasn't giving allot of exposure in the USA. And that more than explains the difference in performance in the USA compared to internationally.

    And not sure that star power is really the big issue here. Lone Ranger had star power, comprehensive marketing...and it's managed to make a weaker box office than Pacific Rim, which had no star power really, and beyond mediocre marketing. This is a movie that really SHOULD have been able to perform strongly on it's own merits as a film if it had been promoted better.

    The exception of course is internationally, where it seems to have been presented better.
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    I've heard speculation that Warner Bros. deliberately sabotaged the domestic marketing to prevent essentially laying the ground work for a major franchise for Universal when Legendary goes over to them. Is that possible or just paranoia?
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    It's entirely possible. Warner Brothers only was vested in 25% of the profits for Pacific Rim, and the nature of the marketing certainly raises suspicions, especially since previous Legendary/Warner Brothers collaborations have had very good marketing campaigns.
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    Good news guys:

    Total Box Office: $178,582,523 on a budget of $190 million.

    Domestic may be pitiful, but it still is growing and bringing in cash while foreign is rocking!

    Domestic: $68,282,523 (38.2%)
    Foreign: $110,300,000 (61.8%)

    And this is without release in major markets like China, Japan and Brazil. We still have a long way to go everyone! :):D

    From box office mojo:
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    Well, what are the odds a US action movie with a Japanese main character set in Hong Kong is going to do well in any of those places?
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    I'll believe it when it is in actual production and filming. No way they're going to authorize and fund a sequel with it still to be see if it actually makes a profit rather than just recovering the budget plus change, and more likely to be waiting for Godzilla to be a succes or not.
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    Absolutely this. It'd be cool if PR gets a sequel, it had a lot of features I liked and I absolutely approve of the genre, but don't get your hopes up.
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    If PR 2 gets made I want to see Mecha-Otachi. :p
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    Is that by the same artist who did the Crimson Typhoon cyborg...?
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    William Gibson tweets:
    "If you haven't seen Pacific Rim, go see why it was #1 internationally, this weekend. While having no Big Stars at all, which is amazing."

    "I don't think I've ever rooted for a blockbuster-budget film before. I find my real vitamins in smaller films, usually."

    As well as a couple re-tweets from others, mentioning the international thing a few timess.
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  20. Hideo Kojima tweeted what could easily be interpreted as "IF YOU DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE, YOU ARE NOT JAPANESE". :D

    Pretty sure they won't have any funding issue when they open in asian markets. ;)
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    His tweets
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    It seems like it.
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    I was sure that Striker Eureka was whooping his ass. So much so that Slattern punked out and called for help. That solidified it for me that Striker Eureka was the true badass of that fight.
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    Slightly too much waif. And by waif I mean naked skin. And possibly too many red glowy lines.

    I do approve of the fusion between the Jaeger and pilot.