Pepsi at one time had the 7th largest submarine fleet

Discussion in 'Non Sci-fi Debates' started by Robo Jesus, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. Robo Jesus

    Robo Jesus Your Mechanical Messiah

    This might belong in the War Room, but I don't think it belongs there just yet...


    Thank Doctor What over at alternatehistory for this thread and its random history info.:D:p
  2. DonBosco

    DonBosco 11th century refugee

    Now we know why Taco Bell won the Franchise Wars.
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  3. AveryFreeman

    AveryFreeman Erlernen Sie Ihren Platz

    Damn it, where's Coca-Cola and it's Panzer groups?
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  4. Lord Castellan

    Lord Castellan In the presence of warships

    They gave a food stuffs company warships in exchange for SODA?
  5. The Last One

    The Last One Angel of Cynicism

    They gave a foodstuff company scrap metal still in the form of warships in exchange for soft drink.
  6. DSV

    DSV The Lone 'Quest Modeller

    And /thread.
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  7. Magus Zanin

    Magus Zanin Unfortutate Wageslave

    I'm slow today, it took me 3 seconds to remember what you were talking about. :(
  8. Reaper_93

    Reaper_93 SB's Fav. Dungeon Master

  9. AveryFreeman

    AveryFreeman Erlernen Sie Ihren Platz

    Capitalism Ho!
  10. FreudianSlip

    FreudianSlip B.B. is watching you


    Nearly prophetic isn't it?
  11. AveryFreeman

    AveryFreeman Erlernen Sie Ihren Platz

    This is relevant:

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  12. Zorlon

    Zorlon We shall all be Plushies Temp Banned

    Pepsi couldn't make more money selling the submarines as submarines then by selling them for scrap?
  13. Shockz

    Shockz Red like roses

    ...Any record of who they sold them to? I wouldn't be surprised if they actually did sell them intact to some third-world shithole and publicly claimed they were scrapped.
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  14. silentcrusader

    silentcrusader Leaping couch, Silent potato

    Its worth it because its PEPSI!
  15. areoborg

    areoborg Would you like to make a contract? Moderator

    And this is why Pepsi is better than Coke. :D
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  16. SpaceDoge

    SpaceDoge Shadow Cabal Dogmonaut

    Way to necro.
  17. SeaDart

    SeaDart Solidarity

    Stolichnaya is garbage anyway.
  18. SuperS4

    SuperS4 I need a new witty Custom Title. Thoughts? "Special"

    As cool as this is, I don't quite think it needed to ne necrod.
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