[Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Fate/Stay Night] Holding Back the Sea Part 2

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    Making a new thread in response to the new rules.

    Holding Back the Sea, Part 1



    Chapter One:


    Chapter Two:


    Chapter Three:


    Chapter Four:


    Chapter Five:

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    Could you put up links to the chapters?
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    Sure; give me a bit, though.
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    One thing to clarify, is that there are two types of Heroic Spirits. Ones who's legends are fake, and those who's are real. Arturia and Assassin are specified to actually have done what happened in their legends and have the power they are supposed to. Herakles and Medusa are fake with specifics on Herks real life unknown. Medusa had the power, but the source is a lie and she's kind of screwed because her legend makes it so using it turns her into a monster that she never was in life.
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    I thought Herkales did what he was said to have done.

    Given that Team Awesome has cred with Saber and Irisviel, one can ONLY hope that Kiritsugu doesn't muff it up by being a dick; ie restrain his natural instinct to KILL! KILL IT NOW! on Waver Velvet. Especially since alliances are a good idea against OTHER alliances; like the hypothetical one between the masters of Berserker, Archer and Assassin.
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    Ryuugi I got 99 stories but I've finished three!

    Okay, links added to the original post.

    Now I'm gonna go back to working on the next chapter.
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    Ryuugi I got 99 stories but I've finished three!

    Holding Back the Sea
    Battle’s Aftermath

    “As a fellow king, I won’t take advantage of your weakness as others would. Let us part ways here, for now, King of Knights.”

    With those parting words, Rider had left on his chariot, leaving Saber behind.

    At his parting, Irisviel released the breath she was holding.

    It went without saying that the site of the battle was a ruin. Surprisingly, the thing Irisviel had been most worried about, the wave, had been surprisingly contained. The water hadn’t gone far past the beach and had a lot of it had receded quickly back into the sea.

    Even so, perhaps it was to be expected. A gathering of five Servant, where each had released at least one Noble Phantasm…perhaps they were lucky that things had been so contained.

    If that wave hadn’t been held back…

    Or worse, if Saber had actually used Excalibur…

    For this to be the first battle…had there ever been a War like this before?

    “Irisviel…I must apologize to you.” Saber finally spoke up, looking honestly ashamed of herself.

    “Ah?” Irisviel asked, momentarily surprised at the apology, before understanding.

    She was talking about when she had vanished…been summoned away by Kiritsugu.

    …It would be a lie to say that her disappearance hadn’t hurt her…for a moment, she had honestly thought she had been…

    “…What happened?” She asked quietly.

    “Kiritsugu had been nearby, watching the attack. The wave was about to hit and…Assassin was nearby.” Saber explained. “I had to fight off Assassin and save him from the wave?”

    Suddenly, fear was replaced with worry and it was Irisviel’s turn to feel ashamed of herself.

    “Is he okay?” She asked.

    “Yes,” Saber said. “And if nothing else, Assassin is dead.”

    “Ah.” Irisviel sighed in relief, the good news brightening her spirits. “That’s good, then. And also…don’t apologize, Saber. I am alive because of you.”

    Saber shook her head, dismissing her words.

    “As a Knight, I fight on the frontline for the purpose of protecting those behind my back.” Saber said, before picking Irisviel up in her arms. “We should leave; tonight was only the beginning.”

    Her false Master nodded.

    “Heroes from all eras,” Irisviel speculated. “None of them can be easily defeated.”

    Alexander the Great…the only person she could think of that had conquered more of the world was Genghis Khan. Having seen the power of his chariot, she felt that it could destroy an entire city in mere hours. He’d shown himself to be fearless and, in his own way, noble, and she could understand why his armies had followed him by simply being in his presence.

    She didn’t know Archer’s identity, but she knew, at least, to consider him someone extremely dangerous. In the face of his power, she would have simply died if Berserker hadn’t protected her. After seeing his Noble Phantasms, she felt as if she were even further away from knowing who he was then when he had first appeared. When he’d arrived in response to Rider’s call, she’d kept an open mind, knowing that he could be any hero but…after seeing his power…was there really any one hero who was like that?

    Lancer; the Servant had been subtly dangerous, in his own way, even if he wasn’t as frightening as Berserker and Archer. But perhaps he was dangerous because he was subtle? Next to the nearly inhuman Archer, Rider, and Berserker, she couldn’t consider him dangerous, even though she knew she should. Yet she knew that he, too, was a legendary hero, or else he would not have been summoned by the Holy Grail. Of all the Servants that had fought today, she still knew the least about Lancer.

    And then there was Berserker. She wasn’t sure what to think about him. He was dangerous, though; she knew that for sure. He’d conjured a Tsunami out of nowhere and kept it from spreading, and had fought Saber evenly all the while. She had thought him foolhardy for starting a fight with four Servants, yet…Saber hadn’t been able to beat him, even in a sword fight. Lancer’s surprise attack had failed against him, as well, and Archer’s monstrous bombardment had failed to even scratch him. The only one that had seemed to even hurt him was Rider, who had run him over with an attack that would have surely killed any other Servant in the same situation, but he’d seemed merely injured.

    She didn’t even know his identity for sure, and that was, perhaps, what bothered her most. Throughout the entire battle, he hadn’t once revealed it out. The moment his modern watch had unfolded into a shield, she’d suspected magic, which had been supported by his control of water, so she’d first thought of Caster. Yet he’d fought evenly with Saber and Lancer, more akin to a Knight class. He seemed immune to harm, and had fought with children of Zeus before, or so he’d claimed. He had summoned that monstrous black dog like a Rider..

    She assumed him to be Greek, but that opened up a number of possibilities that were…frightening. In the modern era, when people thought of legendary heroes, their minds went naturally to the Greeks.

    There was a reason for that.

    But there was one possibility that especially scared her, for it made the most sense. It would explain his control of the sea and incredible fighting prowess, as well as why he was a ‘Berserker’ class Servant.

    A man who possessed a bronze shield carved with images and had no need for armor. The son of the sea Goddess Thetis and the great-grandson of the King of Olympus, Zeus, through his father, and the Titans Oceanus and Tethys, through his mother; an invulnerable warrior that had earned his fame in the legendary Trojan War. A child that a Titan had prophesized would surpass his father, ending the competition of Zeus and Poseidon for his mother’s hand and a student of the great Centuar, Chiron.

    An ancient Greek hero that went down in legend, Achilles.

    She still remembered two lines that she had read so long ago.

    Sing, Goddess, of the rage, of Peleus' son Achilles
    the accursed rage, which brought pain to thousands of the Achaeans.

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    Great post. How rude Irisviel, not even recalling how Percy spared you and protected you (sort of). Seriously, why does Saber seem to have some kind of grudge against Percy? And has anyone else realized Irisviel is not a Master?
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    Because Percy is an ass. Let us be honest here... he was a complete ass to Saber, deliberately trampling upon her pride.

    And I believe only Percy knows this, and MAYBE Lancer/Kayneth
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    Really? I don't understand, when and how did he do that?
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    Mostly by not taking her seriously from the get go. It may not appear as such from our perspective (as we could see his thought process more or less), but he treated the fight with Saber rather flippantly and hasn't seemed to take any of it seriously yet.

    Basically, he's insulted her by holding back.
  12. biigoh

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    Pretty much.
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    Saber thinks that Percy is Achilles? Well, that does make some sense. I wonder how that will play out in their next encounter. I guess it depends on how much information gets out between now and then, but it would be amusing to see Saber immediately start attacking his feet in the next battle.

    I also wonder how other would react if/when they find out Percy is, in fact, a Greek hero from a modern time setting. Multiple potential timelines or not, its going to be one hell of wrench into any plans they might of had for dealing with him.
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    Actually, Irisviel thinks that, though she might share her suspicions with Saber.
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    And Kirigutsu as well making him SPECULATE! even more!:D:drevil:;7
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    I think the interesting part there is if she shares her suspicions about him being Achillies only for them to read that handy "everything you've discovered so far" book that masters seem to have and see one of his NP's listed as "Curse of Achillies". I mean it would *seem* like a dead give-away.
  17. What's funny is that if they think he's Achilles, they might feel a lot more comfortable as they will believe his heel is his weakpoint. But lo and behold, his weakpoint is somewhere else :3
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    Did they ever even use those books in Fate/Zero? I can't quite recall, but I don't think so.
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    I can imagine an entire fight scene between Saber and Berserker only for it to conclude with Saber managing to land a blow on Percy's heel.


    Saber: well...shit.
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    Why do I see many Lulz coming from Percy if that happens?;7:D
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    It's not really in character, but I can't help but imagine the explosion of Ham from Percy in such a situation. I can just picture a 15 minute "death" scene where he flops around clutching at his ankle, screaming in faux agony, only to stand up with a "Gotcha bitch". It'd be fun.
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    The irony is that given the circumstances, it's a pretty reasonable guess. Seeing something like that would certainly be amusing, heheheh!
  23. SOMEBODY needs to fucking die. I don't care who it is, as long as it's not Percy, Kariya or Sakura(main characters and all), but this entire thing seems to be a cop-out of the highest level.

    Also, Irisviel should recall that Percy saved her. So should Saber. Considering a number of people on this board insist that both of them, or at least Irisviel, aren't dicks, this is pretty dickish behavior.
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    He is also trying to kill Saber and Emiya. That, and I suspect they are in a bit of a post-battle shock.
  25. The Department of Redundancy Department is calling.

    Maybe change the last to 'impossibly localized' or contained?