[Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Fate/Stay Night] Holding Back the Sea Part 4

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    Making a new thread in response to the new rules.

    Holding Back the Sea, Part 1
    Holding Back the Sea, Part 2
    Holding Back the Sea, Part 3



    Chapter One:


    Chapter Two:


    Chapter Three:


    Chapter Four:


    Chapter Five:


    Chapter Six:


    Chapter Seven:


    Chapter Eight


    Chapter Nine:

    Chapter Ten:

    Chapter Eleven:

    Chapter Twelve:


    Chapter Thirteen:
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    Subscribing to new thread :)

    And even if this is unnecessary: Great Story, and I'm looking forward to updates when they come :)
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  3. There's no link to part 3 in the OP.
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    Another page, another part of this excellent story and the discussion on it.
  5. To the last comment in the old thread:

    Ea is the sword of a goddess, can't remember her name though- Wait it was the goddess Ea, she had a sword that she used to cut the indestructible stone giant's feet off.

    He also has Odin's Gungnir, which he uses to kill Herakles once in F/SN.

    So yeah, he does have some God weapon's in there.
  6. Barricade

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    Ea was granted to Gil, that's not a NP that was put into the vault by others for Gil, but one that Gil personally claims. Sort of how someone might own 20 firearms, but has one particular one that he considers 'his' above all others.

    Gil's Gungnir is the prototype for what would eventually end up in Odin's hands and later be elevated to a deity weapon.
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    From previous thread...

    And then Kariya DIES when he runs out of prana to sustain Percy like that first fight. And then Percy dies due to being a servant that needs prana to keep going.

    Which is a net result of whoever he's fighting being a win.

    Also, those powers are dependent on the status of God of Sea, no sea, no god-powers.

    He was in the sewer, and inside water (for a value of polluted water).

    Which STILL requires his status as a God of Sea. And if there's no sea... no sell.
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    Um ... he did that on dry land. It's explicit, that he called up a natural disaster subconsciously far away from any body of water.
  9. Mate, you aren't getting what I'm saying.

    Logically speaking the way PJatO and the Nasuverse both work, as I understand them, inside Rider's RM Percy has no powers other than his regular physical attributes and the CoA. He can't call storms, tidal waves, earthquakes etc unless Rider explicitly decides to place a 'sea' inside his RM when he forms it. Its not a question of being far away from water, its a question of the power source that supplies Percy with his powers not having any control over what happens inside Ionioi Hetairoi.
  10. Wasn't Iskander's goal to reach Oceanus though? So maybe the sea could be in there somewhere, just on the horizon or slightly out-of-reach.. unless there's a God that can call to it?
  11. Not really. Ionoi Hetairoi is a recreation of the plains that Rider and his soldiers marched upon in real life, and only the plains they marched upon in real life. That's how they're able to create a RM in the first place - the combined efforts and experiences of the entire army are what makes it possible. For all intents and purposes, the entire world of Rider's RM consists of a single battlefield that all members of the army fought upon in the past. It should only be possible if Rider and co. fought at sea in the past, and he decided to fight Percy on that particular battlefield.

    For previously discussed reasons, Percy's DoD shouldn't allow for him to count as a god inside a RM.
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    I'm not sure Rider could call up Oceanus even if he wants to.

    Reality Marbles are one thing, and one thing only. UBW is a field of infinite swords, IH is that infinite desert, etc.

    That's the major difference between it and Marble Phantasm. What you see is what you get. That world will stay the same, unless the physical laws that govern it result in change(UBW recording swords for example).

    Ioinan Hetairoi ain't changing unless ALL of the soldiers calling it up decide there's an Ocean.
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    There is the time Alexander turned the island of Tyre into the peninsula of Tyre just so he could conquer the city, which is one of his more epic battle plans.
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    Actually, that failed.

    He almost completed the bridge, but they rammed fireships into it and destroyed months of work. In retaliation, when the walls were finally breached by a more conventional amphibious assault, he had almost everyone either crucified, sold off into slavery or just killed.

    The plan was pretty awesome though, to be fair.
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    UBW creates a field of infinite blades/all the blades/weapons Emiya has ever seen. That does not stop anybody else spells.

    Ionan Hetairoi, creates a desert/landscape/battlefields that all the heroes/allies of Al-Iskander haver marched across with the heroes/allies summoned. This does not change an opponent.

    Percy can still use DoD. Also Al-Iskander once fought Percy in the sea using his Chariot, where does it that an ocean cannot be a battlefield.
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    The thing to ask is - do reality marbles block people from drawing on external sources of power?

    Like, if Strange was in a RM, would he be unable to call on the assistance of extra-dimensional beings/gods? If yes, Percy can't use Deception of Divinity. If no, he can.

    At least, that's the closest analogue I can find, considering that simply by 'drawing on the power of water' (even when there's no water body near him), he can still use his abilities.
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    I...Don't think so. For example, when Gilgamesh fought Iskander in the brief battle in his Reality Marble, he was able to use a full powered Enuma Elish, which suggests the prana flow from Kirei to Gilgamesh was not interrupted. And the flow is connected to the Command Seals, which are really high level thaumaturgy.
  18. You fail at basic logic and Fate/Zero so hard.

    Percy's DoD is not magecraft. It works differently. The way DoD functions, and it was laid out near the beginning of the story by the author, is that it tricks Gaia into believing that he is a god. But that means that it can only apply when he's actually present on Earth, within Gaia's sphere of influence. A RM is a small little pocket dimension that is formed by the person who uses it - its cut off from regular reality and Gaia's control. Thus, there's no way for DoD to work inside a reality marble.

    Furthermore, Rider does not create his RM by himself, all of his soldiers are involved in it as well. They didn't fight Percy on the shore, so they cannot recreate that battlefield, understand?

    Its not a question of external power sources here, but the fact that DoD is solely derived from Gaia, and Gaia cannot access, control or influence what goes on inside a RM in any way.

    But, for example, if Percy had a couple magic pearls on him, he would still presumably be able to call up a water source. I think.
    The problem isn't external power sources as a whole, but one specific external power source.

    EDIT: But at the moment, there's nothing to say that Percy will even fight Rider inside his RM. Gilgamesh killed him in canon, and its perfectly possible he'll do so here too.
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    Admitedly, thus far the fic is following quite close to canon with the exception that Percy is stealing any and every scene that he can.
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    Now, that's not exactly a bad thing. Yet.
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    No update. Me disappoint :mad:
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    That's alright. I forgive you.
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    I've been reading The Son of Neptune again, now I'm wondering what the NP stats (name/'title' too) of the Twelfth Legions eagle standard would be?

    If it was one of Percy's Noble Phantasm's when summoned as Saber, or Rider, of course.
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    For some reason I can't find the fourth volume of Percy and the Olympians, so I haven't read up to that part yet, what are you talking about?
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    Son of Neptune is book two of the second series.