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    Making a new thread in accordance to the rules.

    Deep as the Sea, Part 1



    Chapter One:


    Chapter Two:


    Chapter Three:


    Chapter 4:

    Chapter 5:

    Chapter 6:

    Chapter 7:


    Chapter 8:
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    Well, the Greek and Roman divide thing makes sense in the DF-verse. Names have power, as has been said in both series, so changing the gods names meant the gods changed as well, when combined with the worship. The gods fundamental nature remained intact, but how they express it depends on what name they are using at the times, which changes how they express themselves to the world.

    It's like a less extreme version of Bob's personality changes in regards to his owner. The fundamental nature is the same, but how it's expressed can be radically different.
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    Still without named Dresden characters... I feel violated. :p
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    Ryuugi I got 99 stories but I've finished three!

    Deep as the Sea
    Getting Your Feet Wet

    The simple truth of battle was that no opponent was unbeatable. At best, there were certain opponents that you could not normally beat, but there were always ways around that. Certain weaknesses that could be exploded, circumstances that you could use to your advantage, or even the simple method of greater numbers; both Chiron and hard-won experience had taught him that no opponent was truly unbeatable.

    As such, Percy wasn’t arrogant enough to think that he was some special exception or that he could not be beat. He still had his Achilles Heel to remind him of that, didn’t he? And it did remind him, with a shock of near pain, every time something brushed against it. It was there as permanent proof that he was not quite beyond death’s reach.

    However…here, in the water, his body shielded both by his curse and his only weak point further shielded by armor of Celestial Bronze, he could almost forget that. And while the river wasn’t as good as salt water, but he could feel it nonetheless—the power that was his birthright as the son of Poseidon, flowing into him.

    The only way he could be stronger was if he were in the sea itself.

    It may have been unfair, but that was kind of the idea; this battle was on his terms and his alone, with all the odds stacked in his favor. He had only one weak point, which he’d defended as best he could, and it was in a place most wouldn’t think to aim in the first place. The field of battle aided him and hindered his opponents and the extent and nature of his powers was completely unknown to his enemies.

    So when he attacked Foster, it was without hesitation or fear. He had only two opponents and he could feel both of their positions in the water. Alston used a spear that was tipped with something like glowing ice and was about six feet long. Foster held a sword with a blade of four feet, which was strangely glowing as if it had been heated in a forge. As long as he paid attention to them while they were within range, he should be able to deal with them both, even at the same time.

    Even so, there was a reason he’d attacked Foster first.

    With extraordinary skill that even surprised Percy for moment, Foster recovered from the sudden flood, regained his balance, brought his blade to bear, and caught Riptide neatly upon it. But as someone who’d never met him before, he obviously hadn’t expected Percy to have as much strength as he did and he quickly forced the blade down into the water.

    The results were immediate. The moment the water met the heated blade it began to evaporate and expand to take up as much room as possible. Foster hissed as the steam touched him, but to Percy it was just another form of water—it wouldn’t have caused him any harm, even without his curse.

    Foster shifted, gritting his teeth. His shoulder slammed into Percy’s as he grasped his blade with both hands. Percy turned his face slightly to meet his opponent’s eyes, baring his teeth in challenge. As he expected, instead of taking one of the many easier ways to remove his blade, he tried to force it out of the water, insulted by Percy’s apparent lack of effort in countering his strength. Percy just willed the water around Foster’s blade to push it down harder in response, pushing more water towards it as it evaporated.

    And as a result, the same steam that hurt Foster quickly spread the clearing. Percy’s will defined its limits and kept it from thinning too much and soon the fog was so thick that it was impossible to see through.

    —Of course, in an area that was effectively full of water, Percy hardly needed his eyes. As Alston dove through the mist, Percy could feel the water touching the surface of his skin and his spear as an ‘absence’ of water. He could feel the water condense on the tip of his icy spear, feel as it was drawn back, and feel as it was thrust forward, aimed for his head.

    He raised his shield with time to spare, not even bothering to look away from Foster.

    The tip of Alston’s spear broke against his shield, spilling some type of fluid over it. In an instant, water began to condense at a tremendous rate, drawn towards the liquid; it covered the entire surface of the shield in a sheet of ice in the blink of an eye, taking Percy by surprise.

    He immediately decided Alston was the more important target. Removing Riptide and willing the water to release Foster’s blade, the sudden lack of resistance caused him to stumble back a few steps.

    But Percy was already in mid-turn, twisting with such force that his shield broke from Alston’s spear, which immediately began to grow a new point. The motion also forced his weapon aside, however, and before he could recover, Percy brought down his blade in a bronze arc. Alston had to quickly slide back, but his movements were hindered by the water and he didn’t manage to dodge completely.

    Riptide drew a neat line from shoulder to hip. It wasn’t deep, but he’d broken the flesh and blood that was such a light blue as to almost be clear immediately welled to the surface. Alston drew in a sudden breath and retreated several more steps.

    Percy continued his turn, slamming the elbow of his shielded arm into Foster’s nose, breaking it under the force of the blow. To Foster’s credit, he merely grunted and took a step back; it wasn’t even enough to keep him from lashing out with his blade.

    Turning a bit more, Percy caught it on his shield—or rather, on the ice that covered it. It melted through the ice like butter and reduced the resulting water to steam, removing it from a most of his shield. As Percy continued his rotation, he lifted the blade up and to the side, before thrusting under both shield and blade, catching Foster in the side, piercing armor.

    Coming full circle, he slid Alston’s spear to the side with his shield, careful to avoid touching the tip. As Foster drew in for another attack, he caught the still-burning blade on Riptide and held off both attacks for a trembling moment.

    “Stop,” He suddenly said, surprising both warriors. He glanced once at each of them and smiled. “Hammer time.”

    Two high-pressure torrents of water suddenly rose from beneath them, catching both Fae in the chest with enough force to make their armor groan before throwing them away in opposite directions.

    Cracking his neck, Percy smirked.

    “You can’t touch this.”
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    Huzzah! Hammertime indeed.
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    *groans* Ryuugi, that was just bad that last bit. Well and truly groan worthy.
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    And suddenly back at the hill Annabeth facepalms.
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    Remember, behind every great man, there's a women rolling her eyes.
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    that last bit was so so bad it was awesome.
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  10. ... I can actually see Percy doing that. Harry would approve.
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    I can see that.

    "I sense...A disturbance...Like one voice cried out...and then was silenced by thousands groaning."
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    ...Why do I suddenly think that Murphy and Annabeth are going to get along far to well?
  13. Murphy has some snark herself, to be fair.
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    And Annabeth has snark has well, so it all works out. Hell, people are probably going to think they are related. :D

    Harry and Percy are going to be best of friends, or bitterest of enemies. Probably both. :p
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    Loved it! :D
  16. I think you mean exploited.

    Totally true. Probably in the middle of talking with Travis and Connor, while not having any idea of why she's doing so. Probably just has a sixth sense for that by now.
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    Ryuugi I got 99 stories but I've finished three!


    It's good to see I can still make people groan.

    Lemme see...

    Depending on how big I make things, Harry will probably show up in...one or two more chapters?

    Most weaknesses can probably be exploded, too, but yeah.
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    Personally, I'm looking forward to when Harry meets the Hunters and/or Artemis. They'll be using him as target practice! :D

    Now I have the image of Harry running around away with arrows in his ass, while the hunters are chasing him down, and on-lookers are laughing their asses off.
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    Ryuugi I got 99 stories but I've finished three!

    I'm trying to figure out what reason the Hunters would have to go after Harry.

    Obligatory:...That you would know about.
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    I think it's a reference to the scene in Small Favor where Harry has Thomas take on his image and lead the Summer Fae on a chase through the city, which leads to him getting shot in the ass several times. Then again, I might be wrong.
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    Simple: most of the Hunters don't like males. Harry's Chivalrous/Chauvinistic attitude and behaviour will eventually piss them off. Then when they get an excuse, they will attempt to make him resemble a pincushion. Perhaps not fatally, but I definitely see them getting revenge for his attitude towards women, and whether it's positive, negative or neutral is irrelevant.

    The ass bit was just my imagination, due to funny image of him running around clutching his ass.
  22. To be honest, if Harry was really let himself go so far that he can't bring up a shield that would stop arrows, I think he'd deserve to take one in the arse. An arrow, I mean.
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    He might have meant "exploited by means of an explosion" :p

    I am definitely hooked.
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    Ryuugi I got 99 stories but I've finished three!

    Naw, the Hunter's aren't quite that extreme. They don't like guys, but they usually aren't that mean to them. Even they're normal meanness is more because they'll lose their status as Hunters if they fall in love, so complete avoidance makes things easier on them.
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    Then Ryuugi really needs to keep Harry away from the Amazons 'cause that won't be pretty...hilarious but definitely not pretty.