Plant that produces both Tomatoes and Potatoes launched in UK

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  1. Ryan

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    Should these become available in the US, I'd love to plant some of these in my Aquaponic system, but the potatoes don't seem to get along very well with the media. Meaning that I'd be forced to work with... gasp... soil!
  2. TheyAin'tNobody

    TheyAin'tNobody Fuel Injected Suicide Machine

    Huh. It's Irish and Italian then. Probably a lot of arguments when the relatives come over for Plant-Thanksgiving.
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  3. Preda

    Preda The Great Chained Wonder

    One man's unholy godless abomination is another man breadbasket, no?
  4. Darkandus

    Darkandus Pretentious Jerkass

    Potatoes are technically South American immigrants to Ireland. :p So, even more cultural fun.
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  5. Smugs

    Smugs Time Lord Incarnate

    You say Tomato, I say TomTato.
  6. ...I want one! :D
  7. Atlantean Relic

    Atlantean Relic Staring at the Wave

    I thought the issue with these thing was keeping potato poisons out of the tomatoes?
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  8. Whirlwind21

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  9. UberJJK

    UberJJK Solidarity Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    B-But that is genetic engineering. It's simply done through artificial selection rather then more advanced alternatives.
  10. euph_22

    euph_22 Arbiter

    Tomatoes are from Mexico.
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  11. Onimech

    Onimech Snazzy Custom Title Here

    We've been nothing but up front about the tumors!

    You can't say that it wasn't clearly mentioned on the maze here on the back of the kid's menu

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  12. Fell

    Fell The Fattest Santa Temp Banned

    So THIS is what idiot hippies mean when they call something "Frankenfood."
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  13. Vezon

    Vezon Assorted Maniacs, Inc.

    That's true of any tomato you grow at home, because you let them ripen on the vine instead of picking them green like farms have to.
  14. Kagh't

    Kagh't V 2.5

    Yeh, that's just normal horticulture, grafting one root-stock onto another plant. Most grape vines are done like that. Kudos for getting it to work with tomatoes and potatoes though.

    If you think WITCHCRAFT!"!!!!111!! EBILS!!!! then pipe the fuck down and go do some gardening.
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  15. StormBlade

    StormBlade In a true family there is always room for one more

    As long as they don't try and crossbreed the actual vegetables again, the last time was toxic.
  16. Astramancer

    Astramancer Lord Squishy for Congress

    Nope, they're actually doing grafting, not breeding. It's a mullet plant, tomatoes on top, potatoes down below.
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  17. RRoan

    RRoan Rocket Queen

    Do you also think that limb transplants are examples of genetic engineering?
  18. Darth Invictus

    Darth Invictus Queensguard of House Targaryen


    Wonder what we'll get next? A tomcumber? A Turnot?
  19. euph_22

    euph_22 Arbiter

    Tomato-basil. The Tomasil!
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  20. Banana/ Cocoa, the Cocana. :p
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  21. KnightErrant

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    I would prefer Corn and Sweet Potatoes.

  22. Ironanvil1

    Ironanvil1 Looking for Dinsdale

    Chips, and the ketchup to put on them, from the one plant! Truly we live in an age of wonders!
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  23. Hand Crafted as in "By hand we attached a tomato plant to this potato plant," not as in "We cross-pollinated these plants by hand."
  24. LoofahBoy

    LoofahBoy Maximum roadkill

    Bleh, it's just a stem-graft; nothing new there. Now if they could genetically engineer a seed to do the trick, then you'd have the beginnings of a goddamn revolution.

    Imagine: A plant that grows both bacon cheeseburgers and XBox Live point cards! And all you gotta do is water it with Mountain Dew.
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  25. Call me when they make Tomaco.